Blaine looked around the empty apartment and at the few boxes. His father had told him that he could have the apartment (which was nice if it wasn’t for what he said after that) but that he would have to buy his own furniture, ‘cause they didn’t want anyone to catch his disease. He sighed. Well Kurt would probably be happy about furniture shopping.


That thought immediately cheered him up. They would live together, hopefully the whole summer, he would show him the beautiful places in New York that he loved so much…when he had the time to.

Another sigh escaped him, just as the phone next to the door rang, it was the phone that the portier used. He went over to it and answered it. 'Yes?’

'Mr. Anderson, there’s a Kurt Hummel here for you.’

'Ah yeah John, send him up.’

He hung up and a smile spread across his face. Their adventure was starting!