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it was 2 am and kirito just came back from his really late exercises to regain his use to the real world.

“ tadaima ” he murmured as he thought everyone was asleep.

he crept into the kitchen to go fetch a bottle of water, twisted the cap and gulped it as he walked towards the living room where he would rest to watch some late night news. 

“ i wonder whats up? ” he skimmed through the channels, lowering down the volume so that no one would be awake.

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What if one day you found out Asuna lost in a duel that leave her limp in a motionless state with bruise and wounds over her, let just say she enter a tournament without your consent.

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- kirito found asuna in battle wounds -

kirito moping around home until someone had knocked the door, kirito stood shocked in awe, speechless… and began to tear when he saw his dear beloved asuna in battle wounds.

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“ na-na-NANI ? ASUNA what happened ” kirito yelled in tears grasping her with his arms tightly holding her against him…

still grasping her asking these continuous questions concerned of what happened to her.

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