Hello! Okay, this may sound weird but I would like to introduce to you a personal project of mine called The Kooky Project. It is a side project of mine since September 2013 and its basically an online shop.

The only difference is that with every purchase an item will be donated under your name to a school/ orphanage in need in rural parts of Malaysia. It has been doing quite well on its own but I fecided that I should be more hardworking and start running its social media.

So I just started The Kooky Project’s instagram, redo its Facebook and link all of it to its own tumblr!

All of it @thekookyproject

Yup. Ok thank you for reading this. LOL.

all the favourites are gone and I can’t be happier for these vintage pieces creating new adventures. man, I wish I live in a warehouse filled with ‘em. #thekookyproject (at MaTiC, Tourism Malaysia)