but see that argument is flawed because it’s subjective truth. it is a belief that can be easily defended but that isn’t to say that it is law because the millions and millions of believers in god who would believe the completely opposite subjective truth.

also my argument for disliking the god delusion is richard dawkins himself. dawkins practices a form of atheism that i would call in-your-face-atheism which doesn’t really aid the conversation just hurt it. i’m a christian through and through, but i find christians who view themselves as superior or feel like they need to convert everyone to be a gravely misinformed interpretation of the bible. i do agree that upon solicitation it is ok to explain my reasoning for believing in a higher god and going to church and so on. but as christians, too many of us get into the habit of asserting our views as right without hearing anyone else. however as has been illustrated over the past few years to me is a growing trend of atheists who practice the same folly. instead of living peacefully in coexistence respecting differing opinions, atheist like dawkins do the same thing that hateful christians like rick santorum do. they take something that isn’t wrong just different  from their own views and say that they are right and the other is wrong.

saying that i’m a christian might seem like my argument is counterproductive, one might be tempted to assert that i wouldn’t like any atheist writers because i only wish to perpetuate my own preconceived beliefs but you would have me pegged incorrectly. i was an atheist for about 3 years of my life, and i always found arguments by the likes of christopher hitchens to not only be informative but also balanced. yes he was controversial and i’m ok with controversy, but i’m not ok with a view that dismisses another’s.

it might turn out i’m wrong in the end and that there is no god or that god is quite different than i’d been taught or hell joseph smith was right (ha!), but i don’t think that. i believe in a god because it’s better to believe that there is a higher power in many situations than to not. still if you are an atheist, you are who you are and i won’t randomly come up to you and condemn you for what you believe. beliefs are important and i more care that whatever beliefs you have you carry them with conviction. on a side note, there is typically a disconnect when it comes to reading materials written by someone who believes differently than you. if you are a christian, read hitchens god is not great because it’s important to know that you are strong in your faith. most people avoid these kinds of works and then their faith folds under the slightest buckling pressure. the same goes for the other side of the spectrum. if you are an atheist, read c.s. lewis’s mere christianity because before you make judgements regarding if there is some higher power, you better be sure that there isn’t. too often both sides enter the argument with notions from reading a joel osteen book or watching an interview of ricky gervais. neither one of these will make you an expert on anything but they will give you a quick fix, let’s stop doing that.

lastly i will quote the agnostic carl sagan whose quote is one of the biggest reasons why i became a christian again and either way that you take it i hope it helps provide some sort of deeper meaning to you, “An atheist has to know a lot more than I know. An atheist is someone who knows there is no god.”

if you read all of this, good for you and i hope it was informative.