Pagani Huayra “The King”.
The Italian Transformer “Powered Straight Outta Affalterbach”.
The Mercedes-AMG M158 V12 biturbo engine exclusively handcrafted from me for the Pagani Huayra “The King”.
Mercedes-AMG One man, one engine Handcrafted by Michael Kübler @f1mike28 in Germany Affalterbach.
Driving Performance is our Passion! Mercedes-AMG the Performance and Sports Car Brand from Mercedes-Benz and Exclusive Partner for Pagani Automobili.
Mercedes-AMG Handcrafted by Racers.
Picture by the very talented: @andrewlinkphotography

Hear on the wind how the pendulum swings;
Feel how the winter succumbs to the spring;
Over the palisade morning will break;
Rise up to meet it, oh sleeper awake!

Gather the soldiers, the heir to enfold;
Crown him & give him a scepter to hold;
Sound every horn as the columns extend;
Up to the hill where the king will ascend!

Look to the sky where the sign will be shown,
Heaven & earth & the king on his throne,
Look to the sky where the sign will be shown!

—  “Caesar” (The Oh Hellos)

In light of recent events I am wondering…….

WHY have I never read any rumours about a possible McReedus affair?

WHY is there absolutely NO info about Melissas love life/private life at all?

It’s weird in a way,isn’t it? Maybe I am just the one that didn’t get the memo?Why was there never speculation about McReedus? It is evident that they have a very close friendship,there are tons of pictures of them loving at each other,they hang out in their free time.AND not to forget,there is a chemistry between these two on and off screen,that is simply from another galaxy.I sometimes wonder if it is even possible to have THAT strong chemistry without a certain sexual tension between the actors as well……

Why is there no gossip about that? Is it because Mel has grey hair and isn’t considered attractive in the common sense of the word?Is it because for society,wether Carol nor Melissa have even a slight possibility to be Daryls/Normans love interest because she is older and has grey hair? If there would be evidence about a connection like that,lets say with a woman like Diane Kruger playing Carol,I bet the internet would explode with gossip and affair rumours.This is all bullshit.Please fill me in,I don’t understand that at all.

However,these two fit together,caryl or mcreedus,imo there is something there,there is something going on.I can’t point my finger on it,but….

Maybe I am just all over the place today,but I would love to have someone explain this to me.

I just woke up & I’m hyperventilating!!!

So it’s not even 9 o’clock and my heart is so full of butterflies I can’t believe it. I know. This is not confirmed.And there is also another version of Daryl asking HER for dinner.But I see it like,if there are different versions,the basis of this tidbit might very well be true.OK?!

But anyway,if this is true,it would be just perfect.It would be CLASSIC.This actually makes so much brilliant sense no matter who asks who.

If Daryl asks Carol,this would be the highest level of cute EVER,because it confirms he has managed to get “over the wall”and even brings himself to do some serious,oldschool,classical wooing.Just imagine our rough,grumpy,clumsy Daryl doing this.We were barely able to handle his attempted chivalry of the waterjug scene,guys! This time it might be a CONSCIOUS EFFORT and no awkward fumbling and stumbling around like before.We NEVER hoped to see something like that from Daryl.It would be fresh and surprising as fuck.

If Carol actually invites him over for dinner,this is maybe even better. Because this confirms finally again that her feelings for Daryl,(that WE knew were always there,but she didn’t show them really since ‘consumed’)are STILL as deep as his feelings for her.She makes an effort to keep him in the house a little longer. CAROL,who basically wants to be ALONE. And we know she is a great cook. Daryl knows,too.And it’s classic just like the other version. Because the old saying is: 

“The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”

We know this is not really the case with Caryl,but it adds to it. And maybe this is one of the reasons why it is especially emphasized that Daryl has to eat dog food at the sanctuary. To make THAT CONTRAST to a dinner with Carol.

IF this is true, no matter which way around,it is a STRIKE OF GENIUS and I will bow to Gimple this one time.

Because imo, nothing could be more adorable than to add that classic,oldschool vibe to an otherwise totally unconventional pairing with an extraordinary history and evolution.

Totally unexpected for me and quite simple a mindblowing good idea.

If anyone needs me I’m on cloud nine for the rest of the week.Bye.

So,Carol and Daryl filming together at the creepy house…..🍾🍾🍾

And you know what catches my interest in particular?

Filming is supposed to start in the late afternoon and run well into the night.

Perfect setup for a little cozy romantic atmosphere here……😏😏😏

Bring the candles!!!🕯🕯🕯🕯🔦🔦🔦🔦🔥🔥🔥🔥


1.The tightness of this hug is incredible.

2.Daryl melts himself into Carol,he even arches his back and leans back,so Carol is the closest to him that is even physically possible because she is lifted off the ground and her whole weight has to press into Daryl’s body.

3.It is a fact that Carols and Daryls bodys MUST touch from head to toes here.There can’t be just one part that isn’t connected.

4. I still don’t understand how anyone can mistake this hug for a platonic one.You can see and feel the Caryl hug runs soul-deep on a whole other level,and even if you don’t get this vibe,we also have the DIRECT COMPARISON to a platonic friendship-hug (with Rick) and a familiar sibling-hug ( Sasha and Tyreese) within the following minute of this scene.

5.So,Caryl on🎈🎈🎈