The list.

Inspired by alittlechocolate & thekimenator, here is a list of things I am loving this week.

1. Listening to C say “i lub u toooooooooooo”. Can’t get enough!!
2. My phone- I just chatted for nearly 2 hrs- an hour each with a good friend and a former boss/mentor. Both convos leaving me happy & excited about future prospects.
3. Chocolate Pretzels from Trader Joe’s- delicious!
4. Books & Magazines- Finished two this week and eager to start a third. I probably won’t read again for a month after that! 
5. Friends- new and old who show their kindness with an unexpected Starbucks gift card, or a shopping run to a favorite NYC store to scout for duds for C!
6. Planning for a visit at the end of March with good friends & their babes!!
7. Taking C to an Itty Bitty Ballerina’s class that was too adorable for words!
8. Kiehl’s Whipped Body Butter Cream
9. Spring on the horizon and more daylight!
10. A relaxing weekend - early dinner tonight, movies, errands/grocery shopping, cooking & maybe a Museum or two?