It was horrifying.

As an outgoing officer of the Mass Communication Society, I was tasked to tally the votes for the new circle of officers for AY 2012-2013. I was there, casually scribbling on the whiteboard, writing the names of the candidates for MCS President. I heard familiar names and confidently wrote them on the board. I was writing ‘Gloria Diane’ when someone nominated ‘Rene Joshua V.’.

The message didn’t sink in immediately. My mind took a while to process what had just happened (thank you, Monosodium Glutamate). I seriously wanted to go batshit crazy on the whiteboard, wanting to mutilate that person’s tonsils and vocal cords and hear his muffled pleas for mercy as I slowly cut off his tongue. Lucky bastard he is that I didn’t see him.

Anyway, I was frozen. I could not find the power to write my name on the board as my limbs were uncooperative. I didn’t have a choice, they called on the nominees on stage. Dragging my large thighs (as illustrated in the photo), I stood in front of the whole Communication department with Joey, Ate Gloria, Kuya Kevin, and Jaro. We were then required to give a SpEeCh on why they should vote for us.

I gave a sappy don’t-vote-for-me-because-I-can’t-handle-the-responsibility themed speech and everyone bought it, thankfully. It’s one of those moments when I was happy with losing.

In reality, I just don’t like the thought of having INC/NFE marks plaguing my grade slips ever again. It’s a relief that I managed to escape the deathly grip of being an officer. Nonetheless, I wish the new batch of officers luck and I hope they have a grand time rushing the end-term report~

it’s 4am. sleepin over at jay’s.

Man, having two events on the same day, on a saturday, awesome. :) 1st it was the UBELTMU. Kahit mainit, I enjoyed it naman. :) I made some awesome new friends. Had a pic with my favorite bloggers. (ung pics na kay tahlliy e.) then un… just had a great time :)

Then pagkauwi, ligo ulet at diretso kina Jay, para sabay sabay kami pumunta sa birthday celeb ni Kevin (thekevinator).

My highschool batchmates were there too. Kakamiss din sila, lalo na pagdating sa jamming. fudge. Ang galing. Just like old times.

Galing ni Kuya Dan. Hands down sa pagigitara. fudge :)

And there’s this guy I met sa party. His name was Mark. damn. Pinarinig ko lang sa kanya ung composition ko na “Feel So Good”, and then out-of-no-where he started rapping. LIKE WHOA! haha. Kaboses pa niya si Kanye West. damn. (turn on) haha.

He actually made a new rap just for my song. Sana nga macover namin before he goes back to baguio which is on Tuesday, I guess? We’ll work it out.

and then there’s this guy, Peps ata ung name niya, late siya dumating sa party pero when I heard him sing while playing the guitar, ugh… EARGASMS MAN! :p kakainlove. haha. yiiieeee.. oh well, I didn’t get his number though. Sayang. pero grabe, I love his voice. :3 I kind of like, stared at him for awhile while he sang. :) haha kilig.

oh well. so un lang.

Thank you guys for making my Saturday so awesome and so DOPE! :)