“I gotta admit, it’s nice…”

I finally finished this, I swear to god if I didn’t force my forced myself to do this I would have never finished this.

They are my OT3 and BroTP, like how can they not??? They would do this stuff all the damn time, just invite themselves into armins bed and just suffocate him between their chests. And in the morning they’d wake up and make breakfast and have it in bed, while they watch cartoons on armins TV,

I just love them so much ;w;

Scar face style B) they’re probably watching a romantic comedy that Eren picked out. Then Mikasa’s movie is a really gory horror movie, and then armins is like fucking planet earth or night at the museum.

I actually really like drawing pillows, lol idk why. This was a doodle that turned into a full blown line and colour, the lighting was very difficult, and i still think I could do better, but I’ll get better :)

Here y'all go, some Jearmin nighttime cuddles,

Lol imagine when Armin said jeans stinks, if Jean just stopped and was like “wow. Rude” and got his blanket and pillow and slept on the couch because he’s a big brat, hahaha

Feels good to be back


Armin being bashful when him and his baes are about to get down and dirty, I needed to draw something so the you guys can know im not dead hahah.

Armin would be total blushy and moe when Eren undresses, but he’s reduced to a puddle of mush when Mikasa starts to unbutton her shirt. IM IN LOVE WITH MIKASA’S FACE, she looks so coy, like “Armin, you’ve seen my boobs how many times.” tbh whats the ship name for this???? ive seen so many

okay, but the poses were super hard to do, im still getting used to drawing on my tablet and its painful omg, 


jearminevents jearmin week, day 1: Sleep talking!

I tried to up,lad this, but I guess it didn’t go through?? Anyways, Jean would be totally freaked out but totally psyched even tho just like, seventeen. And jeans talking to Marco about it, “MARCO, HE WANTS TO MARRY ME, ” “Jean, it was just a dream. He probably doesn’t even remember-” “I CAN FEEL IT IN MY BONES, THAT BOY IS GOING TO BE MY BRIDE” “”. And armins just really confused on why Jena is making him watch all these wedding reality shows on tv.