Finally saw #TheJungleBook yesterday! It was so good 🐯
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The Jungle Book Official US Teaser Trailer


I wish I could say that Disney commissioned me to do a poster for The Jungle Book, but that’s far from a reality and a dream I do hope comes true some day. For now, I just made myself my own client while the movie was still going on, I am glued to the seat, soaking in the visual treat Jon Favreau has to offer, the crispness of Ben Kingsley’s Bagheera, the overwhelming emotion that bubbled up in the very first 5 minutes of the movie and the far reminiscence of my childhood days in which I am perched on a wooden stool, at the end of the drawing room, watching Doordarshan on a Sunday morning. So much going on but the fan boy in me still managed to think of a poster idea even before the movie has ended. 

Enthusiasm ran high, clients were being laid-back, what better time to pull out a sheet to make a poster. Not a small sheet but an A2 sized paper. I have never done inking on such a big scale. I guess I love inking quite a bit, so the challenge was taken on even when the slippery grounds of enthusiastic spirits running low still kept crawling in. I always hurry up with pencils which is not a good thing but I am neither a great penciller and too lazy a colourist. I just do all this because I get to ink. It’s like a rush of emotions, you either burn with it or it keeps burning you day by day. You don’t want many things to be bothering you, like a personal project that took so long that it could never even walk, forget running. So I pulled out long hours and made this up in two and a half days. My back and the back of my knees hurt badly after it. Have you seen farmers bending down, using their sickle to weed off the grasses in the field for long hours? It’s a loaded comparison but you can use some of the physical pain from there to imagine the aching legs. Deep inside it felt good though. To do what you love replenishes you. 

Back to the poster, I honestly get tired by the time I reach the colouring stage and it always takes me a few hours to understand this again and again – Colouring should not be an after thought in your inked work. You have to play down a few elements to really rise up to do what you do well. I am getting a better hang of this now but you have to really sharpen your skills to internalise it. 

I haven’t thought of getting prints made but if you feel like buying one then drop in a line at 

Thank you for reading!

PS- I have posted a video on my blog before this one, in case you would like to see some of the inking process.

Freunde :D neues Video zum #TheJungleBook ist online :D #Disney und haben mich eingeladen, in Tropical Island gegen andere Youtuber in “Hunger Spielen” anzutreten :D (Ich würde wohl früh das Zeitliche segnen XD) 😂 Checkt das Video mal auf meinem Channel aus (falls ich Bock habt :D)

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