This is by far, the gayest book I have ever red. I want my own Tiny Cooper..oh well I’m the girl version of tiny cooper.(lol)
It’s a recommended read for readers. A perfect birthday gift for teens and teens at heart.
It’s good to encourage children to read a “real” paper book rather than have it on smart phones. Not because I prefer it, but because getting hooked on paper books helps authors to create more creative reads and influence more people.

I know it’s pricey. Been there and still here mentality. A real book, once you smell it gives you the honor of having it finished. Much the same with an ebook minus the smell of a newly bought book(new or preloved)

Let’s read. Kung nakakabasa ka ng chismis ng friend mo there is no reason you can’t finish a good book in one sitting.

#willgraysonwillgrayson #juanverde #johngreen #bookie #bookfreak #booknerd #bookworm #wormingabook #reader #funtoread #kudostomyreadingteachers they taught me to read and enjoy it.
Next read: boy meets boy.