So, I’m reading this Hiddlesworth fanfiction called “Too Busy Running For Our Lives” by TheJotunPoleDancer and (rather impatiently!) awaiting the final chapter.

Personally, it’s really great read, and if you’re into a psychotic Tom Hiddleston, I’d encourage you to read it with an open mind.

This is by far the most enjoyable fic I have ever read that has kept me wanting more from the first chapter.


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My Questions from thejotunpoledancer

Your questions:

1. Your Favourite Fan Fiction (you read it, don’t lie)?

falling like a flip of a coin by paxlux

Run Program: DUM-E by Amuly

I am SUPER picky about fanfics and these two are ones that have stuck out to me. Falling Like A Flip of A Coin is easily my favorite fic that I’ve ever read, and might be one of my favorite pieces of literature I’ve ever read, in terms of short stories. It’s just so fantastically written I just can’t. 

Run Program: DUM-E is literally so cool, just read it. It’s so interesting and written so creatively I’m so jealous.

2. Favourite AU you like to read or wish you could write?

I kind of have a thing for Midgard AU thorki, I guess? Also superhusbands with bby Peter. I write the occasional Midgard AU thorki fic, but my speciality is ripping your heart out and destroying it with a meat cleaver and then putting it in a blender. :)

3. What is the very first thing to your left, and would it help you in the apocalypse?

A salad. I guess I could plant the seeds in my fruit and grow some food. Also there’s a plastic fork. Oh, and the salad box thing could hold rainwater.

4. Favourite type of smoothie?

A kale smoothie with strawberries and lemon, spinach, and banana and other good fruits. 

5. The last thing that made you laugh?

Retelling a super awkward moment where this dude asked me out and couldn’t take a hint when I said no. 

6. What would you love to have wake you up every morning?

A sexy man who loves me. <3

7. Who would you want to portray you in the movie of your life?

Emmy Rossum because that’s the first person I thought of

8. What helps you make it through the day?

My blog, good food, my job, and roleplaying. And just generally accomplishing things and making progress toward goals!

9. Best memory with your best friend?

I literally have no idea. I guess one of my more recent ones was probably getting drunk with two of them, but that was like months ago lolololol

10. If you could be anyone for one day, who would you be and what would you do?

Probably be some executive at marvel, hire my true self as an executive, buy my true self a bunch of stuff, ship myself a bunch of one-of-a-kind marvel things (including movie props lol) then send myself the emails of a bunch of famous people just to I could have them like pokemon cards or something. Also set myself up a lunch with Chris Hems. 

11. What song would you like to play every time you walked in a room?

oh god i have no idea. 


also i have like two tumblr friends soooo. _n_

thejotunpoledancer replied to your post:Okay, so I have decided I want to pursue…

If you fail, you find something new. But you have to try. My friend just got a job photographing around Disney and another just got into taking professional stills for memorandum books on broadway. Do it. Youll be fantastic.

Thank you, really! I have been doing the same thing for so long that such a change is extremely frightening. BUT, I am going to try. I need to start looking into schools to see which one would be best as well. I think I know which one I am going to try for. That would be so awesome to do work for Disney and on Broadway! Congrats to your friends! So cool!

sketchdump for thejotunpoledancer FOR FINALS ALMOST BEING OVER YAY. and because you’re the one who made up thrym for our rp in the first place. </3

i gave him pierced ears and a nose piercing because whoa he’s edgy

so thrym is part of our amazing fantastical human/midgard thorki AU. he was one of thor’s good friends in college who totes had a huge crush on loki, then after thor and loki got married, one day loki ran off and ran to thrym.

cue horribleness for thrym because he and loki (loki started it!) had an affair but the whole time thrym knows loki doesn’t actually love him but he just loves loki and wants loki’s life to be better and /cries

also thrym owns a bar and introduces loki to heroin yaaaaa. AND THEN THRYM GETS AIDS AND I CRY. 

aka i have lots of feelings about thrym and he is such a perfect character. ;__;