i’m afraid of losing more followers (i don’t have that many to begin with!) so i’m going to combine these three beautiful ladies and their lovely messages into one post

jen: i love you shut up stop omg

heather: you are my sunshine, my darling sunshine you make me happy when skies are gray

maestroannie: you are the sweetest person thank you for existing <3

you guys get this photo again

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i can't think of something to ask you so TELL ME ANYTHING


when i was 18, i applied to get into this camp run by the local police station and it was really hard to get in but i did it.  i had to get interviewed like 4 times, write some essays, do a bunch of physical tests and have a shit ton of background tests.  

but it was the greatest, and it was 8 days of police training where we woke up at 5am every day and did a shit ton of running and exercise and they screamed at us and it was AMAZING.  there were 50 people at camp, in 5 groups of 10, and in our little group of ten the cops matched us up with a partner who was a good personality match and we would do simulations as partners.  i got matched up with this AWESOME kid named andrew, and he would beatbox as we walked to our simulations.  one of the sims i pulled a “drunk” guy who was 6'4" and a firefighter in real life (they would come be “bad guys” for the sims) out of an SUV and i slammed him against a fence and it was gr8

also i carried a 240 pound boy across a football field on my back one morning.  I DIDN’T PUT HIM DOWN ONCE.  i was probably about 135 at the time.  SERIOUSLY MY PROUDEST MOMENT

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It is an honor to be one of the winners of "most alcohol friendly." I would like to thank Captain Morgan, grapes, and my tri-wizard tournament drinking goblet. But most of all, Olivia, who has always supported my dream and reminds me, "somewhere, someone on the internet is drunk, So drink with them!"

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can you plz take a few cup sizes from me we can be even

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god you can have some of my boobs tbh

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purchased my first 32A bra today

they are actually getting smaller 

how is this happening