MUCH BETTER! IMDB updates the trivia section for #jemthemovie with CORRECT information: clearly stating that the “fan auditions”, “casting call”, and “creative submissions” were all  A HOAX - a cheap ploy to dupe poor fans around the world into giving them FREE VIRAL MARKETING, nothing more.

Did you think we’d forget, #jemthemovie? Everyone still hates what you did with the auditon hoax and most are still boycotting your silly film. Karma is still going strong in 2015, bitches!

*Please educate (for those not in the know):


JEM The Movie: Audition: Eriel, Toronto Canada


Jem (ok, more like The Misfits and Stingers…) was my everything as a child and it would be a dream come true to be involved in this. I hope you enjoy my submission!







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#jemthemovie /“I WANT TO STAR IN JEM!”: Jem The Movie "Fan Auditions", “Crowdsourcing” and "Fan Creative Submissions" all a BIG VIRAL MARKETING HOAX

April 2014 (and +)

So #jemthemovie

Why did you bother to hold alleged “worldwide fan auditions” in late March/early April ( ) when you just went and cast Hollywood actresses anyway (all who were secretly chosen/cast (under the film title “Famous”: back in January/February, no less)?

Great way to BLATANTLY LIE to fans and waste their time and efforts with your FAKE audition bullshit that was really all just a big promotional/publicity scheme for the film. Pretending fans actually had a chance, playing on their hopes and dreams, making them work their asses off to make videos (within a very “official” sounding two week deadline!) for a casting that didn’t truly, actually even exist?! (Is this kind of fraud even legal? Someone needs to look into that, seriously…). To think, there were actually some GOOD fan auditions in there too - from people who were better suited to the roles than the (totally inappropriate) Hollywood actresses you chose… (See the 3300+ duped “fan audition” efforts here, all in vain - merely a cheap viral marketing scheme devised by #jemthemovie producers as a way to promote the film: )

And please don’t even try and pass off that “Zipper” guy as just a “fan audition” ( ). LOL!! He was NOT (he is a professional LA actor with actual PRIMETIME TV credits under his belt and even his own imdb page, FFS: ), and I quite love how his (obviously professional) “fan audition video” suddenly popped up out of nowhere immediately following your “announcement”. Because we all aren’t so stupid to think that buff, straight adult males (with rather impressive acting backgrounds, no less!) are just “typical Jem fans”…

To further cover your asses from being exposed as frauds, you (apparently…) decided to throw in 3 random “fans” as unpaid extras - all who just happened to be ALREADY LIVING IN LA (the actual potential of their audition videos had nothing to do with it). We know the budget for this film is low-ball shit, so why did you bother to lie (even further) making these FAKE “auditions” WORLDWIDE when you knew damn well you wouldn’t be dragging anyone in from farther away than 2 km??

(Note to anyone not familiar with acting work: Your look/talent DOES NOT MATTER for standard extra work - extras are random, everyday people of all shapes and sizes - EXTRA WORK DOES *NOT* EVEN REQUIRE *ANY* AUDITIONING AT ALL! Extras are literally just random body fillers for a set…)

And speaking of cutting costs, how BRILLIANT was it of you to get duped Jem fans around the world do ALL the viral marketing FOR you - for FREE no less?! (Again, see the 3300+ duped “fan audition” efforts here, all in vain - merely a cheap viral marketing scheme devised by #jemthemovie producers as a way to promote the film: )

#Jemthemovie, you were DELIBERATELY deceptive - and you KNEW it. This was all just an elaborate way for you to get buzz for the film (taking advantage of the JEM fandom’s dedication and passion) and to make your hashtag popular.  You freely chose to create and promote a big, phoney “casting call” open to ALL fans of ALL sexes, ALL ages WORLDWIDE, because you were thirsty for publicity - there was absolutely NO other reason. This entire “casting call” scam was purposely left unclear (something that is NOT typical of REAL casting calls..) - why? BECAUSE IT WAS ALL BULLSHIT.

Hahah. This is such a trainwreck. Can’t say I’m not thoroughly enjoying all the backlash this film is getting, now that the cat is out of the bag about the marketing deception and crappy main cast. Glad you are getting the bad karma you deserve Chu and co.! I (and looks like MANY others) be laughing when I see your straight-to-DVD film in the Walmart bargain bin.

You tried.


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- What? If #jemthemovie's "worldwide online casting call"  WASN'T a HOAX, why would they not just use the thousands of audition tapes to get their extras?

-As per usual, #jemthemovie…

-MUCH BETTER! IMDB updates the trivia section for #jemthemovie with CORRECT information: clearly stating that the “fan auditions”, “casting call”, and “creative submissions” were all  A HOAX


FANS AND CREATIVES, GET INVOLVED: Let #jemthemovie (and any other Hollywood assholes) know that we (as fans, dreamers, struggling artists, performers, actors, models and designers) will NOT stand to be taken advantage of. Spread the word about the big audition and crowdsourcing hoax. Send it in to the media websites and leave comments/tweet etc. about the hoax on any article re: the Jem movie that has been published on any media website (*don’t forget to include the hashtag  #jemthemovie on all sites so your content can be found (yes, use their very own hashtag scheme against them)). Do NOT keep quiet about this blatant disregard for our time, efforts and talents nor the insult to our intelligence.


UPDATE JUNE 2014: You guys are truly amazing! It’s wonderful to see that the #jemthemovie fan audition hoax/cruel viral marketing scheme is REALLY starting to get out there. KEEP SPREADING THE WORD, our goal is to get this hoax exposed via the media websites and to get a public apology/statement from Chu and co. regarding this huge, deliberately deceptive mess and prevent this type of marketing scheme from happening again in the future. 99.9% of Jem fans, struggling artists, performers, actors, models and designers are NOT here to be taken advantage of by lying Hollywood jerks simply trolling for free publicity….let them know it!

UPDATE AUGUST 2015: Are you kidding me?! Can’t believe these asshats are trying with this fake audition shit AGAIN in 2015! ~AGAIN! FYI - if anyone is interested in “auditioning” for this junk, read this post from back in 2014 before wasting your time. #jemthemovie has NO remorse and doesn’t give a kahootz about you or the entire Jem fanbase. BOYCOTT THIS AWFUL MOVIE WITH AN EVEN MORE AWFUL BACK PROCESS!