Jem The Movie: Filming in 3 Weeks??!!! Audition Thing is Probably Just Bullshit/Viral Marketing...?

I just read that the upcoming Jem movie is starting filming in 3 weeks…..umm, WUT?!

This is in the midst of them having JUST closed off a deadline for fans to submit auditions to be cast (or seen) somewhere in the film…2 days ago…

If casting submissions JUST ended and FILMING STARTS IN 3 WEEKS…something seriously does NOT compute here…

If this was a serious casting (I would know, I’m in the film biz), the timeline would go something like this:

-fans submit their audition videos in a decided time frame
-cut off date arrives
-audition videos are then collected and viewed for the next few days/rest of the week
-any good or interesting audition videos (with some sort of true potential) are screened and pulled aside
-chosen videos are forwarded to director/casting managers
-director/managers view them and choose what they like best (another few days…)
-videos are then sent over to the “head haunchos” of the production for the final say (which will not be immediate (more time passes), it would take some thought…)
-final decisions are made
-chosen talent is contacted and notified
-chosen talent must come to an agreement/sign papers etc. with film team (again, may take some time)
-talent must be flown into movie area and fully set up for the duration of their stay to work on film, etc.

In case it is not clear, casting tends to be a PRETTY LONG process. So, if it was said that in 3 weeks they would make a CASTING decision from the fan videos, it would be ONE thing - but they are apparently STARTING FILMING IN 3 WEEKS. If they are TRULY still in the casting and development stages (remember, they tell you that they will soon be “searching for fan talent for things like: costume and set design, artistry, music, logo creation, etc. etc), HOW THE HELL CAN THEY BEGIN FILMING IN 3 WEEKS?! If they are REALLY still in development (and actually want to use YOUR input), they would NOT be able to begin filming yet…

So what am I trying to say?

….That I have a feeling this “fan involvement” thing is all just a bunch of bullshit. They are wasting the fans’ time and using all this “audition” stuff as simple viral marketing/publicity for their film (way to spread their hashtags and movie news all over the ‘net). They probably already secretly have a full cast chosen and have no REAL intention of casting anyone for anything via the internet. I do hope I am proven wrong, but yeaaaaah, the 3 week thing makes this all seem rather suspicious…

It’s a shame, because I did see a handful of auditions that had lots of potential (and also many, many, MANY that did NOT…. <.<). But that’s viral marketing for you ….

Don’t expect them to admit it either. They will probably use one of the cast they’ve already secretly chosen to masquerade as a “fan” submission to make this all seem legit. But THINK ABOUT IT PEOPLE. This is most likely all just a big marketing campaign (remember all the bullshit viral marketing that happened with “Paranormal Activity” (BY ONE OF THE VERY SAME GUYS WORKING ON THE JEM MOVIE??). So yeah, don’t waste too much of your time or get your hopes too high…

MUCH BETTER! IMDB updates the trivia section for #jemthemovie with CORRECT information: clearly stating that the “fan auditions”, “casting call”, and “creative submissions” were all  A HOAX - a cheap ploy to dupe poor fans around the world into giving them FREE VIRAL MARKETING, nothing more.

Did you think we’d forget, #jemthemovie? Everyone still hates what you did with the auditon hoax and most are still boycotting your silly film. Karma is still going strong, bitches!