The movie adaptation of Hunger Games is so overrated..


I just got home from Trinoma Meet up (passed by Resorts World after) and I totally enjoyed the film..

So there are some stuff that weren’t in the movie such as


Haymitch hugging Effie on the reaping

Haymitch falling face first from the stage during the reaping

Haymitch vomiting and slipping when he stepped on his vomit on the train

Peeta washing a naked Haymitch

the red haired Avox Girl

Rue being speared while she was still on the net

Rue screaming when she got speared (though the the scene is still hair raising and a total tear jerker)

More kissing scenes (Team PeeNiss <3)

Katniss washing a naked Peta

Katniss recognizing the Mutts as the bodies of the dead tributes mutated to be wild dogs..

The wild dogs standing on their hind legs

Katniss telling Peta he’s friendzoned

But still, the movie adaptation was great.. I wanna watch this shit again! Part two HG Meetup? lol other than the minor misses from the book, they stuck with the story pretty well compared to other book to movie adaptations.. Tho I really could’ve enjoyed seeing all of haymitch’s funny moments.. and madge.. and the avox girl..

And yeah, My shirt totally rocked.. lol XD

Holla to all the organizers for not asking for P100.00 peso registration fee.. lol

I went to starbucks to look for some HSPY texters in an attempt to check how many actually paid.. Though I had my suspicion about some of them as a table looked in my direction as I was walking under the rain in total coolness.. (lol) but I didn’t recognize any of them.. (I hardly recognize anyone from tumblr actually.. lol) 

Totally enjoyed the night.. Pre and post screening..

Babati lang ako..

To TJ who after 6 years, we finally saw each other again thanks to tumblr.. To Kyo who watched the prior screening ahead kasi ayaw nya ata ako makasama.. loljk.. to Noah who was at my side together with his “brother” (bro ba talaga? loljk).. Let’s play around the world again next time.. lol To Rhei who is one of the best cartoonist on tumblr and wasn’t able to treat me to starbucks (RAINCHECK YAN OI).. to James who wasn’t able to watch.. lol To Van for the pics and being nice and cool.. To Ella who is getting slimmer (both me and James agree) and sweet as ever.. To Chelay who is nice as ever.. To JC who was shying away from taking a photo op with Jaden who is really nice btw.. Bawi ako next time JC.. :) To Ran who made my morning so kilig cause of his post about waking up next to your love one.. To Patrick for being awesome as usual and being a co-organizer of the TP Luneta meet up, lol juk lung.. To Rhadson who I only get to see only on meetups now a days kasi peymus hehe.. To Byron who gave me a mini heart attack when he got my beanie.. lol.. To Arthur for meeting me ahead of time for my ticket and my ever dependable yosi buddy.. To my new yosi buddy Jhaycee.. To JC who was late and left early at puro spoiler the whole movie.. lol.. To Maica who didn’t bring me pasalubong of Marlboro Ice blast and gave me an “educated hug”… alam mo yan.. To Dave who I rarely got to talk.. and to everyone who recognizes me cause of my tth.. loljk.. to those who made this happen and to those who attended.. To those new found friends too.. I had a blast.. I couldn’t name all of you guys but seeing all of us in one place, knowing that having tumblr as our bond, is total bliss.. Everybody was friendly and saying their hello’s and hi’s.. Is it me or is it that Tumblr meetups get more and more fun each and every time? I only could wish that the hours we shared would slip by ever so slowly.. See you on the next meet.. lol inom tayo! XD

Or we could go to Luneta… loljk.. shoot me now..

BTW, please tag me in the photos I’m in.. :D

To those I got their urls, I’ll check blogs later.. lol gotta get some sleep.. di na kaya ng charming eyes ko.. loljk, gnite! XD

extremeswagger- nakilala ko sa KFC sa MOA. interesting blog

mark-sherwin- mahusay na manunulat. if only he would write more on tumblr (sa ibang site ata meron)

astrellaceleste- nakapagpanalo sa Huffies way back (wala ka ba sa MOA meetup? hinanap kita)

thejamesss- mabait at ipagpiprint ako ng ID haha

ltlmstwntysx- hala ang asteeg ng banner

artisticsnorlax- may utang ka pa saken. loljk mas gusto ko dati mong layout

istokwa- magaling na manunulat

remembermynamebox- pinapansin na ako ngayon

akocmarkymerk- hala bakit di kita pina-follow? 

BRYANBENIDA - di rin namamansin nung Amazing Race, pero nakausap ko na sa MOA. Nice shots. Mabait. Mataba haha. Sorry na-miss ko ata name mo. At di ka pa rin dapat nag deactivate dun sa isa. HAHA

Name Tag

Dahil kanina ko lang nalaman yun.. kanina ko lang din nakita na may mga nag tag pala sa url ko :D hehe.. galing..

kumpleto na ang gabi ko kahit ngaun ko lang nkita.. haha..

goodnight.. salamat sa mga nagtag names :D

pasensya na mejo namangha at pinagkaguluhan ko.. hehe.. at tag ko na rin :D

pagbigyan nyo muna po ako.. first time e :D

Tiganan nyo wallpaper ko> Ang cool no? haha Parang ako lang naman na-cool-an. haha Parang sinukat kasi yung yeahitsjm sa phone ko. Saktong sakto lang. Salamat pala sa gumawa neto si boss James. matagal na to e. Pero ngayon ko lang na-appreciate na maganda palang gawing wallpaper sa cellphone yung mga fs. haha. At ngayon ko lang din naisipang gawing wallpaper sa cellphone ko. haha. Next week yng ibang nag fs sakin. haha Feeling madami. :)) 

p.s. Lagi akong pinagkakaitan ng signal ng Globe. -_-


Sulit ang weekend! (I consider Tue-Wed as my weekend, yung ang off ko). Went to Em’s, usap lang, puyat, then to Memagall at ang biglaang meet-up with thejamesss. The “inuman-tayo-kung-saan-pwede” changed to “nood-na-lang-tayo-ng-sine.” We got The Avengers tix for just Php5.00! (long story, don’t ask)

Eto ang picture ni Em at ni James na nagbabasketball. Tengene wala ako picture. Ako pa naman pinakamagaling (tengene! haha!)

Next Tuesday, Unlimited Pizza at Papa John’s. Baka gusto nyong sumama? :))

  • James: Bihis ka na, pagod na ako eh..
  • Me: Sige, pagod na pagod ka ata..
  • Tumawag kasi si James (thejamesss) tapos di ko nasagot cause I was taking a shower.. Tinawagan ko sya then we talked for about 15 mins.. then the above chat occurred when we realized iba pala ang datin nung nasabi namin.. lol : p