Inspired by one of my all time favorite movies The Last Unicorn, TheJackalDen presents unicorn hoof pendants. Created with real deer toes and titanium aura quartz.

The featured pendant is currently on hold, but I will be making more over the next few weeks. They’re $19 if bought through my private channels (tumblr or skype), and $22 if listed through my etsy. The prototypes of these pendants will also be up for sale at a discounted price. 


The Jackal Den is becoming more than my shop name. I’ve been working on a bit of backstory behind it.

This is shop owner, Bweha, is a mystical, skull-faced jackal who enjoys telling stories. Each item he sells relates to a mythical creature or a legend about nature and spirits. 

Bweha is based off a legend about black-backed jackals. It is said in Khoikhoi folklore that the jackal received it’s dark markings when it offered to carry the sun on his back. 

The second coyote face is done drying c:! It came out pretty good, pictures tomorrow when it’s light out.

I’m also making more totems and looking for a few more items to put up in the next sale. The sale should be sometime next week (and yes there will be more hyena totems).

Just finished packing up all the paid orders from this weekend. Thank you all <3! They’re getting shipped tomorrow.

I’ll have another sale next week with a few more things, including pelts, tails, jewelry and more.

(also, the black-backed jackal and arctic wolf totems are still up for grabs >.>)