Two Priestesses.

twisted, held your wrists. 
I was the button cams who wanted to be your eyes. You
saw like the sun did. Just less mercifully. 

tangles in your tricks. no knot deigns to
be ballet. you have rescues down your shirt, things
you never need 
except to kill, except to eat. Fire starves
too easily. Diamonds are
rude enough to endure. Seismic tremors 
distastefully observe you. they see as nothing as I see. If you
loved me, you’d love me blind. Close my
eyes till their resolutions shift, sizzle, fabric chips crackling
like camping grounds. Twisted in the trees, 
nooses set up, 
artistry in endless motion of 
captive silence, 
capsized islands that are my dials. Twist 
me, please. 

Your focus is terrifying. Crack me. Quake me. Whatever. Break me. 
I need your skillset, 
baby, save me. Your smile’s china is shattering, unquietly. You
are not stronger than my solar system, 
nor my immune autonomy. Cutlasses can my feelers bypass, but
your lockpicks run much deeper, 
darling. Let me
dare to observe you, more
bonfire than sunlight. I will not
cast your shadow; I promise, 
lovely. Bind my wrist to seal your dancer’s deals, even. See
me like the sky sees. I shine
back, somewhere between the twists you love, 
the clicks adored by 
every kind of joy, from hearts to holograms, 
smokescreens to mysteries.

In 1991, Calle created Last Seen…, a series of works based on the 1990 Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum heist, in which thirteen works of art were stolen. Calle interviewed curators, guards, and other staff members, collecting their thoughts and memories of the missing works. The result was a meditation on absence and memory, a reflection on the emotional power that works of art have upon their viewers.

In 2012, Calle decided to revisit the project. She had learned that in 1995 the Museum had restored four of the empty frames left behind during the theft and reinstalled them on the walls of the Dutch Room.  Excited and intrigued by this visually organized framing of absence on the part of a museum, Calle made a new body of work and called it What Do You See?. The outcome is a portrait of absence that might, or might not, take shape through collective memories.

Last Seen brings together both series of works—for the first time—at the Gardner Museum. On view from October 24, 2013–March 3, 2014.
Very excited to see this show. CF

Image caption: Sophie Calle, What Do You See? (Vermeer, The Concert) (detail), 2013. Courtesy of Sophie Calle, Paula Cooper Gallery, New York, and Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Boston. © 2013 Sophie Calle / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York / ADAGP, Paris.

Neighbors vs. friends
  • Me:"Yeah it's weird having neighbors now... Dude, the little old lady next to us stole our trashcan the other day!"
  • Jon:"Are you serious?"
  • Me:"Yeah I guess she got confused."
  • Jim:"Did you beat her @$$ and call her a punk b@#%! for stealing your trashcan??"
  • Me:"Jim, she's like 90!!"
  • Jim:"She stole your freaking trashcan!!"
  • Gotta love guy friends. Today, they left 2 Sports Illustrated calendars in my mailbox. Why? Because I "wanted them!!:)" *facepalm*

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