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Is dracos kayotica part of the theives guild as well as the dark brotherhood, or just the dark brotherhood?

Yeah he’s in the Thieves Guild too. He just feels less bad about the stealing and more bad about the murder.


A vast castle town and a sprawling trade centre for Atania, Alterwood is a home of thief and tradesman alike. Governed by Lord and Lady Oakheart. The Oakheart family thought treated as part of the upper royal elite are originally from a long line of masons, architects and builders. This is why they have taken the castle as their sigil to remind themselves of their humble beginnings. Their rise to power however happened quickly and was well earned. The lands of Atania are wild and barbaric and have yet to be tamed. Because of this humanity has been forced to hide behind large and thick stone walls, keeping the violent beats of their land at bay.

Alterwood is known as a trade city filled with guilds in every kind of trade possible, the circular market has small tall buildings that can be rented out by traders to sell their wares. From the market trade caravans will leave and be travelling constantly along the highways between cities and often hire help to protect from Bandits, thieves and the beasts of the wild. The Atania Trade Corporation have made their home here and with their vast family connections they have spread out their links setting up a corresponding market halls in every single human city bar one. The recently built human city Edgestorm has been tasked to the youngest member of the family, Evelyn Pickett who has dropped the traditional path of the lady that most of the women in her family follow and has adopted the sword and shield, it is her dream to setup the latest market hall and slowly work her way back to Alterwood and the ATC and take over her grandfathers company.

Along with the other guilds and trade groups the famous ‘Fire Foxes’ thief guild exists somewhere in this city, though only those who are chosen or are already initiated are able to find it. Rumour in the nastier inns and back alleys of Alterwood that the Fire foxes are planning a grand heist and are seeking new initiates to help with their devious plans.

Things my Dnd Character Cazador has done
  • Disguised a goblin as a little kid well enough to fool a naga and save a little girl
  • Gorged himself with goodberries to survive a boss fight
  • Caught a dagger swung at him by a bandit in his mouth
  • Proceeded to Bite that dagger, shattering it into a million pieces
  • Took a large magical turret blast to save the smallest person in our party
  • Saved a group of Theives’ Guild members from being arrested by fooling the guard into thinking they were rehearsing a play.
  • Knocked down half of a building with a well timed Thunderwave 

A member of our group showed up late in our campaign and so we ended up finding his character (a halfling) in a dungeon and we find out he was a part of the thieves guild from town. Later in the game our Bard knocks on a door and we find that there is someone behind it and our halfling asks…
Halfling: Have you seen anyone from the theives guild?
Man behind the door: I HATE the theives guild.
Halfling: Oh good thing we’re not them.

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The rogue of our party attempted to make our angel paladin start a holy war, the paladin instead hired the entire theives guild to rob the order of bahamut (they're evil in our game) to help ruin their war effort.