His Italian was dreadful, yet they thought he’d be the best to do the job. Remi had pleaded and pleaded he would have a very hard time completing this mission due to his small knowledge of the language in the country. So when he was riding out on horseback, oh yes horseback, all he could do was curse them, hoping something would fall upon them while he was in Constantinople. Remi could have cared less if something did happen. He was going to be completely lost in this city. 

What bothered him even more about this was that is wasn’t even a real job. It was more of a, try and figure out what’s going on. Wrong guy to send. The assassin was just glad that they had set someone up to meet him who spoke English. He only spoke French and English since he never thought he was going to be in Italy. Let the order there take care of their problems. That’s how he thought about it. 

He should have be undercover, but he really wasn’t planning on causing trouble unless he needed to. Remi was trying to blend in with the civilian crowd, but didn’t want to risk being attacked without a weapon. He simply thought pulling his hood off would be that way of blending in. Everything else was concealed so he didn’t look that dangerous. The dulled out yellow and white of his clothing was what made him stick out. French colors no doubt. Royal family colors despite him not being too royal. 

Remi was just wondering the marketplace, buying things just to keep himself blended in. Listening to conversations once in a while, but he did keep his distance from the guards. He had their shifts figured out two days ago. It took him a week, but he figured it out. 

The assassin was traveling back to where he was boarding at for the stay. Small house near the outer parts of the city. It wouldn’t take as long to get to if he could safely travel the roof tops without guards attacking. Blending in did have its setbacks. 

-He woke up with a start, panting.- Another one… What the hell…

-He turned his body over to the edge of the bed. He leaned over, pinching the bridge of his nose; squinting.He sat there for a while; maybe a few minutes, trying to remember his dream. He then stood up letting out a slight grunt while he stretched, cracking all the right joints in his body.- He loosened up and walked over to grab his shirt, he put it on and began to button it up, looking out the window.-