The Dawkins Scale

I’m interested in knowing my followers. How far are your religious views on the Dawkins scale?

  1. Strong Theist: I do not question the existence of God, I KNOW he exists.
  2. De-facto Theist: I cannot know for certain but I strongly believe in God and I live my life on the assumption that he is there.
  3. Weak Theist: I am very uncertain, but I am inclined to believe in God.
  4. Pure Agnostic: God’s existence and non-existence are exactly equiprobable.
  5. Weak Atheist: I do not know whether God exists but I’m inclined to be skeptical.
  6. De-facto Atheist: I cannot know for certain but I think God is very improbable and I live my life under the assumption that he is not there.
  7. Strong Atheist: I am 100% sure that there is no God.

I consider myself a 6.3. What about you?

Are we born Atheist?

So as I was on Facebook casually scrolling down and I came across a post from a Facebook group of which I have liked. And the admin of the group posted this photo

And I actually sat there and read the arguments between the atheists and theists and so on; when one chap actually made a remarkable comment (he was responding to somebody who said that they were born an Aussie who is also an atheist may I just add) -

“You are not born an Aussie, an earthling or a milky wayan, you are not even born a human or a mammal, you are just born and the rest are classifications invented by others to put you in a neat and tidy box so as to be more easily understood by easily confused people, incapable of fathoming the complexities of the infinitely, interconnected physical environment of which we are briefly inhabiting. In fact you are not even you! There isnt a single molecule in your body that was there at the time of your birth, and since you are made of tinier interconnected individual parts you are not one even just one thing, and since in and between those tiny things are vast empty spaces one could argue that you are not even here at all.”

 "This post is about the definition of atheism. The oxford dictionary defines atheism as “disbelief or lack of belief in the existence of God or gods” And Disbelief as “inability or refusal to accept that something is true or real” therefore, a baby, being unable to accept anything as real or true especially the existence of a god or gods, is by dictionary definition an atheist. You can argue that a baby is less than atheist, but by dictionary definition atheist is the least there is.“


Feel free to share your thoughts on this -