✎Out of my Limit → Gabe ♡ Milo

Gabe was shivering by the time Milo was helping him inside. He wasn’t even sure why he went to Milo’s place out of all places. But he felt as if he had absolutely no where to go. His friends turned on him and there was no place at home for a situation like this. But Gabe’s face lacked any emotion at all. “Did I, erm, wake you?”

overboard;; ⇆ theirxsunshine

       How did he manage to get to this point? After saving money for basically his entire life, he was finally able to get that ticket for the beloved Titanic. People said it was the Ship of Dreams… Or something like that. He didn’t really pay attention. All he knew was America, America, America. He wanted to go to the country more than anything. Get out of this hell hole. It would be a land of opportunity. All along he had been living in alley ways, taking scraps from the dumpsters behind pubs and restaurants. 

       America had to be easier. 

       He could practically hear the laughs as he made his way to the dock, looking up at the large ship. If you were really watching him, not just laughing at his appearance, you could see that his emerald hues were practically sparkling with excitement. Like a child on Christmas. He was so thrilled. It was finally happening. 

       Moving closer to where others were handing off their tickets to board, he brushed against a girl – who looked fairly rich –  and woah she was beautiful. “S-sorry, ma'am..” He almost got a strike by a man who began to lift his hand, but soon enough he scooted away. You just really don’t want to mess with people in first class. They’re always willing to stick up for one another and tear down someone of third class. 

       After handing over his ticket he made his way down the hallway to his room, smiling to himself. Finally.