Movies and longing little stares?-Closed

Preston was mesmerized by the movie that was being shown. Him and Milo were on a date and it was his second time to the movies and he was in love with it. The moving pictures and the acting and all the colors and Preston was in love. He hasn’t even looked over at Milo since the movie starter, but he could feel the others eyes on him but he really didn’t care. It was a movie and it was an amazing movie and he had no idea why the other wasn’t watching it as well. “Why aren’t you watching?” He asked, his eyes flickering over to look at Milo.

when you are lost and i am gone;

– No, no, no, no. He’d gone over this situation more than a hundred times in his head and it wasn’t supposed to be like this. Milo wasn’t supposed to have grown five inches, nor was he supposed to look as stellar as he did – and Seb was certainly not supposed to stand like a deer in the headlights every time he so much as glanced at him. Did he recognize him? Probably not – but the second time they met eyes, he could’ve sworn Milo’s lit up, as if he remembered him in that moment, and he dashed from the room in a light-hearted escape. Luckily, the class was being dismissed right as this happened. 
And, here he was with him, again, in the last class of the day. He waits for the bulk of the class to leave before he gathers his things, hoping that Milo would’ve left but —- oh, boy, he should’ve known better. 
It was just the two of them. He swallows past the lump in his throat as he looks over towards him, a little bounce taking over his body as he steps to the side.

“…Hey.” It wasn’t like they ended off on bad terms, but – that didn’t mean Milo didn’t have every reason in the world to hate him for having left with little to no explanation when they had been so close.