Australian Coffee

It is only fitting to dedicate a post to Australia and Coffee because coffee is such a big thing here, it’s a lifestyle.

Learning the different names that Australians use for coffee has taken a bit to get a grasp of, it seems simple now but I (Melissa) remember being really confused at first, especially with not having much coffee experience before coming here. So here are a few things you need to know about Australia and Coffee. (This is of course just my opinion and what I have learned through working at cafes and restaurants in Australia):

- Australia is CRAZY about coffee, especially in Melbourne. No really, Melbournians will fight you about it. 

(Because they are crazy about it, I can say that the coffee I have had in Australia does not even come close to comparing to the coffee in America. )

- The classic American “Drip” coffee is virtually unheard of in Australia, espresso rules. 

- A “large” coffee here is typically 12 ounces, “regular” is 8 ounces. Australians can’t believe we have 16 and even 20 ounce drinks. Quality vs. Quantity. 

- Now the hardest thing to get your head around (especially as an American), the names:

“Short Black” - Espresso

“Ristretto” - first ½ of an espresso shot

“Long black” - small Americano with room 

“Macchiato” - Macchiato, espresso with a little bit of milk and foam

“Mocha” - Pronounce “Maaka” in Australia 

“Flat white” - Technically should be coffee + milk with little/no foam very similar to a latte but served in a different cup and has “less” foam.

“Latte” - Latte

“Piccolo”-A baby latte (More on Piccolos later)

“Cappuccino” - Cappuccino

“Babyccino” - Warm foamed milk in small glass for kids

“Iced Coffee”-Typically milk coffee with Ice cream, Ice, and sometimes cream.

“Affogato”- dessert coffee, ice cream in an espresso shot

These are the basics, some are used around the world while others are pretty specific to Australia. Of course there are Large, Small, Short, and Long versions of most of these, but you can figure that out right? :D


It has taken us a long time to decide how we wanted to blog about our travels, and I (Melissa) have decided that instead of the normal journal style used in the past, this Tumblr will be more general, giving more people access to what we are learning and seeing around the world. The posts will be short and sweet and will serve as a memory for me and an explanation to you as to why Alissa and I are doing this. Enjoy.