theirry lasry

Gaby’s Green and Cream Racetrack Ensemble - The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

This may just be my favourite ever movie outfit. Everything about it is perfect! Unfortunately, there are very few elements of this outfit that are available for purchase (and the ones that are cost a lot!) but it’s just too lovely to skip. 

The dress is another original design by film costume designer Johanna Johnson. Similar to the orange camo play dress, it has the most beautiful cutout design in the back and it is such a shame that you never actually get to see it in the film.

The dress is also paired with a long cream coat which, considering the co-ordinated green panel on the inner collar, is more than likely another piece designed specifically for the film. 

She also has the most lovely bright yellow small Delvaux Brillant bag.

She wears the same Theirry Lasry Milfy 101 sunglasses as the orange play dress outfit.

I was unable to find exactly which hat she is wearing but it is a fairly generic broad brimmed, white felt design with a ribbon trim.

The shoes she wears with this outfit are a pair of low block heel white and silver sandals. Once again, these look custom made.

Finally so far as her jewellery, she once again wears the second black pearl/listening bug engagement ring that Illya gave her, the same random vintage butter yellow resin ring as well as these gorgeous oversized lucite hoop earrings.

So there you have the full outfit! For a break down of her orange camo play dress outfit check out my other post here. Also, if you wan’t to keep track of all the other outfits I post about in the future please follow. I will also be eventually be posting “get the look for less” suggestions as well as an analysis of her hair and makeup.