Term was coming to a rapid close.
The snow blanketed the grounds, falling in
heavy white flurries that had some students
wondering if the train would get them safely
to London in the morning and others thankful
that certain tracks had been neatly covered.

               In true Gryffindor spirit, the end of term
signified a celebration, one happily provided for
by the Marauders who had split up and snuck
into Hogsmeade and the kitchens only to return
with arms full of butterbeer, firewhiskey, pumpkin
pasties, treacle, and holiday cookies. They might
not be willing to share the secrets of their success,
but they would always share the reward. As Remus
watched James and Sirius brush snow out of their
hair, he was infinitely grateful for Peter enlisting them
for kitchen duty.

               The party was as all parties were, loud and
punctuated with LOUDER squeals and roars of laughter
as James or Sirius no doubt enchanted something in
the name of a prank. Remus kept near the fireplace
for most of the night, occasionally sipping a butterbeer
and with his wand in hand. It took James almost fifteen
minutes to realize who was behind the charmed Christmas
bells that kept ringing and spouting smoke whenever he
attempted to speak. Remus fell into laughter with the
others and vanished the bells before James could think
of a proper retaliation, though Remus had no doubt fire
would be returned.

               Remus got up from the fire and started towards
the dormitory stairs,done with the party at least for a little
while he was almost certain it would keep going until they
had to pack their bags for the train ). He got as far as the
first step before someone called his name and he turned.

                                             “Ah, Lily. Having a good time?