OK so this is the first time ever that I’ve made a follow forever thingy. these people make my dash super amazing like holy… also i’m super lazy so i didn’t put this in alphabetically order. and if you’re not on this i’m sorry my brain was going kaploop trying to sort out out through all the people i’m following.

          m-alexanderr ☆ niallsbliss ☆ intersexted ☆ feu-et-pluie  

          theirgraves ☆ seushi ☆ disenchantings ☆ slydiq   

          abracatardis ☆ ha-lay-na ☆ pureher-oine ☆ svveatpants

          ronmione ☆ blogging-on-the-toilet ☆ 17rad 

          readingbooksandsippingtea ☆ querkyharry ☆ chasingzoey 

          loveliestmermaid ☆ everything-and-nothing-great 

          irwinfucks ☆ quesadila ☆ asp4ragus bootytveit 

          volouminous  sacredcraic  the1975niall  11ndoctor 

          incurably-curious ☆ munterly ☆ itsblahblahpretty 

          not-model-material ☆ chloemadden ☆ brok3n-tee

          noisybitchesdie ☆ fucknoniall  elephantglitter56

          johnlockstreet ☆ chanel-noir ☆ nathabear

          lonely-avocado ☆ yourgirlwithkaleidoscopeeyes

          justine-n-i-c-o-l-e ☆ le-solstice ☆ crazy-rollercoaster