their... kid

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wait mr ratburn is gay? i never considered this but honestly?? i feel like it makes sense.. i never paid much attention to him tho except i remember he made puppets??.. but i wanna hear ur reasoning i want to believe this

all the reasoning u need is right here:

this was mr ratburn in his youth. you see this? straight men cant do this. case CLOSED


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Any fav rando Arthur inconsistancies? Or just whatever's bugged you or you shrug off that you can't help but notice. Like Binky's PB allergy(tho I guess that coulda developed later) or Arthur's ability or lack of ability to sing?

that’s an interesting question :0 i’ve never really thought about it! it’s not something i’ve really paid attention to so i can’t really say. what about all y’all? 

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Are you aware of the user Ambershade on yt? Some of their work looks like it was directly copied from yours, specifically their "You'll be in My Heart" MAP part. I may just be over-analyzing a similarity in styles but I wanted to let you know about this in case you weren't aware

yep, that’s the same person that is @/meowa193. they have a friend called PIGofficial or PIG on wc amino who i recently found who is doing the same thing. they posted a reference of their new OC that they “made”, but it’s literally just a copy of my lionblaze design for our devils backbone map

also a comparison of mine vs meowa193/ambershade. the proportions are off but like…come on dude