Official promo for Game of Thrones Season 7!

this one time, while walking the doggo for my grandma, i was loudly singing along to some mother mother tracks. while doing this, a car pulled up and followed me a bit, trying to start a conversation.

i thought it was someone lost, the neighborhood is a mess, and given i had a large dog with me i wasn’t too anxious. people stop and ask “the kid” for directions all the time. wrongo, it was a car full of jehova’s witnesses, who all looked uncomfortable for some reason.

i had just loudly sung, headphones on and music blasting, “hell yeah i’m a REAPER MAN. every good thing i KILL IT DEAD.”

the witnesses wished me a good day before driving off. not their best timing tbh.


I’m not sure if you have seen this video yet but if you haven’t seen it then I feel as if you’re doing a disservice to both your ears and your eyes which could have easily been blessed about a million seconds ago with this fucking perfect creation of art and majesty. 

aka: my favorite song from one of my favorite artists decides to do a music video and far outshines anything I’ve ever witnessed ever

aka: the one with the sparklers.