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one shot please? the tenth doctor teaches y/n how to fly the tardis and they end up being better at flying it

“Wait, like this?” The TARDIS jerked about violently and it seemed very light in the console room flashed with the same fervor.

“Uh… no, not quite like that, no…” the Doctor trailed off in concentration as he tried to right the mistakes. After a moment, the TARDIS steadied and you released the tight grip you hadn’t noticed you’d had on the rim of the console.

“Okay, one more go…” you said, gazing at all the mismatched controls. Your cheeks turned pink as you realized you didn’t know what you were staring at. You looked sheepishly up from the console to look at the Doctor, who looked like he was trying to hold back his signature “aw-humans-are-so-cute-they-don’t-understand-anything” smile.

“Well, for starters, you’re going to want to start out on the correct panel.”

Your blush deepened as you realized you were standing in front of the communications controls.

“Not very useful for driving, communications panel,” the Doctor commented as you shifted to the correct controls. He barely managed to keep the mocking tone from his voice.

Your face set in determination as you slowly began working some of the buttons and dials. Your pace quickened as you set the controls and the TARDIS began moving. As you finished the steps the Doctor had shown you, the movement came to a steady halt. With nothing left to do, you gazed at the Doctor, waiting for his verdict.

“Well?” you asked impatiently.

“Well…” the Doctor answered, rubbing his neck.

You groaned. You knew that tone. The Doctor didn’t want to disappoint you. You driven miserably and ended up Rassilon-knows-where.

You walked to the doors and opened them carefully, while the Doctor began listing the things you’d done wrong. You had been trying to land in Scotland in 300 BC, just to see the green fields and smell the 100% unpolluted air, but that’s not what you were going to see, was it?

“… and you should’ve used the dimensional stabilisers before you even touched the–”


“Hm? Are you even listening, (Y/N)?”

“Yeah, yeah, uh, where would you say we are?”

“Probably the Mesozoic Era. But most likely not on Earth. Mars? Maybe?”

“Really? Because I think I landed us in Scotland in 300 BC.”

“No, can’t have.”

You opened the doors wider so the Doctor could see outside. “You sure? Mars looks a bit… green.”

The Doctor looked confusedly past you at the rolling green pastures that were definitely not Mars, even in the Mesozoic Era.

He stepped back and pulled his glasses out of his coat pocket. Staring at the screen, his expression only became more shocked, an expression he then turned to you.


“Scotland…” the Doctor murmured, taking off his glasses.

“And… what year is it?”

The Doctor grinned broadly and swept on his long coat. “300 BC!” he shouted as he pulled you outside into the mid-morning sunlight.

He would never admit it willingly, but you really had flown the TARDIS brilliantly. Maybe, even better than him…

-Admin Kim


Jaimie! She was so nice to us and so pretty!

I had JiM 646 to sign and when I handed it to her she was like “Awesome! I love it when people bring these!” and I told her that I hadn’t really been into comic books before I’d seen the Thor movie and now I was a huge fan and she said “Good! It’s the best thing to be into!”

Scheri had Sif’s character poster from TDW and when Jaimie was signing it she was worried her silver sharpie wouldn’t work and asked if it was alright if she signed up at the top instead of at the bottom where she usually would. Scheri was like “Yeah, you could sign on the explosion” and she said “That probably suits my personality best!”

She was so sweet and easygoing even though I was being silly and nervous haha

& the people behind us had Kyle XY dvds for her to sign and she was so excited and said “I just saw [Matt Dallas] earlier today! We were hanging out this morning!” :o)

5sos Pregnancy Series: #2 Baby Shopping

First Part: Telling Him


“oooooh babe look at this” Calum squealed picking up a blue baby onsie with the word ‘footballer’ written across it.

You guys had just come to get some shopping done but like every time you have gone shopping with Calum for the past few weeks has wanted to get baby things. Needless to say he was pretty excited to have another little Hood.

“Calum we don’t even know the gender yet” you sighed at him.

“please babe” he gave his signature pout “it would be so cute if it’s a boy”

“what if it’s a girl?” you raised an eyebrow.

“then you say 'I told you so’ and we return it” he explained simply still with his pouty face on.

“fine” you sighed giving into him.


You and Ashton had everything you guys needed for the baby at this point in your pregnancy except for clothes. You had put clothes shopping off early in your pregnancy since you didn’t know the gender of the baby, and when you guys did find out the gender you guys were going crazy getting the nursery completely done that you forgot to clothes shop.

but you weren’t to worried you guys had set aside the day to do nothing but get clothes. And Ashton was going completely crazy picking things out. Since it was a girl there was no doubt she was going to be treated like daddy’s little princess. And after a few hours Ashton had comletly filled the cart with pink tutus, bibs, dresses, onesies, and cutsie shirts.

“Do you think this will be enough?” Ashton asked genuinely concerned.

You looked at him for a split second in disbelief but laughed  it off “yes it’s enough, she is defiantly going to be a daddy’s girl”

“hey” he giggled in defense “I just want my mini princess to be happy”

“don’t worry she will be plenty happy with you as a dad” you said.

“and don’t forget she will have a beautiful mother taking care of her too’ he said pulling you into a hug before covering your face with kisses.


After you and Michael got your shit together and actually planned you thought you were all set to have the baby, but you both being the people you are completely forgot to get essential baby furniture until Michael’s mom pointed it out 8 months into your pregnancy.

So now you and Michael stood in the middle of the baby section in some giant furniture warehouse store looking for, a crib, high chair, and pram and had no idea what to get.

"how do people do this?” Michael mumbled looking at the pram displays.

“I don’t even know” you said rubbing your temples exhausted.

Eventually you and Michael made it out of the store with everything you needed, even though it took hours.


Even though you thought the news couldn’t get better, after you went to find out the gender of the baby, you found out you and Luke were going to be having twins, a boy and a girl. You and Luke could literally not be any happier at this period of time.

But two babies meant you guys had to get twice the baby things so shortly after finding out the news you and Luke, along with help from Liz set out to get everything from cribs, to spit up towels, to changing tables, and everything in between.

You had never seen Luke happier, he kept humming a happy tune and taking pictures of every purchase so he could post it for all the fans.

When you guys finally got home and Luke, who insisted he carry ALL the bags in, had settled down you guys rested on the couch.

“this has been one of the best days of my life” Luke smiled rubbing your tummy.

“really?” you asked slightly shocked since you knew Luke wasn’t fond of shopping for anything with you.

“yes, it kind of is helping make this whole thing seem even more real” he said kissing your temple and letting you lay your head on his shoulder “thank you” you could hear him say under his breath.

A/N I know Michael’s is kinda lame sorry