His pastel hair are one of my manhi manhi manhi weaknesses, so here’s a cute Yoongi with his signature mint hair  °˖✧◝( ❁´▽`❁ )◜✧˖°

(I’m not even talking about his black hair, like, azdfghjgkjdf)

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Well, I said I should draw Ohio, so I figured I’d draw Sherry as well.

Because lord knows the fandom needs to give these two girlfriends the love they deserve <3


[FAN ACC] 161207 Kai filming for “Andante”

OP said that Kai makes OP’s hear flutter because Kai gave OP’s male classmate a pineapple candy. He was so sweet, good at greeting people, and looked nice in his school uniform. OP’s friend said that she/he likes EXO and then Kai with a sweet smile, said “Ah really?” Kai also gave them his signature and greeted them. He is so cute TT__TT

trans credit: 쫑쩡


hello everyone!

i’m back with another klance fic (thank you to @yumberry​ for being my beta!) that will be shared with shallura this time around! here’s my take on the basic concept art!


Shiro approached him after a customer had left. “Keith.”

“Yes?” He pushed his sketchbook away from him, eyes shot from staring at the paper for too long.

“I’m going to try to talk to the florist across the street.”

(the florist/tattoo artist AU where Keith gets roped into his brother’s love life one day and it ends up affecting four individuals as they learn to ultimately grow together.)

or aka Inflorescence

this is for @bisexualjustinoluransi

hope you like the first chapter!!!

Pizza Nights

ye, um idk how i got here, but this happened and it kinda of just spiraled into a gay ass fluffy mess :D

Summary: Pizza guy mistakes Lena for Kara. Kara is an oblivious little sunshine puppy that gives Lena too many heart palpitations. :)

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So, I already drew Dan in a dress but it was just a doodle, so I wanted to make an actual drawing of him in a dress, and it actually turned out pretty great! :D (also I’m going to start adding signatures to my artwork!) hhnnnngggg this is so cute I’m so proud of it!

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