EXO react to their crush having them as her bg pic

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Xiumin: He’s genuinely surprised! Inwardly, he would be wondering how well he’s been making an impression on his crush; sufficient enough, seeing that his crush has him set as her phone’s background pic. Minseok would comment offhandedly about this, as his crush continues scrolling through her phone, unaware. “Soo, I see you have me on your phone?” he’ll chuckle softly as his crush blushes intensely, attempting to explain. Minseok will give her the benefit of the doubt and listen closely to her, getting lost in her delicate gaze. 

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Luhan: Similar to Minseok, Luhan would be genuinely caught off guard. But, that wouldn’t stop Luhan from praising himself inwardly for his smoothness and charm. ‘Ha! I knew all that small talk would pay off eventually!’ This would be a lucid indicator for Luhan to speak comfortably with his crush and perhaps commence in the early efflorescence of a relationship with her. 

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Kris: He’s going to keep this to himself but would be highly amused upon catching this significant discovery. While passing by her, he would chuckle audibly, catching her attention, while murmuring in his signature husky voice: “Your background….so cute. I’m flattered.” Kris would love the soft blush that would manifest upon her cheeks at his comment. If a relationship were to begin between Yifan and his crush, he would bring up the memory of her having him as her background pic before dating him; recalling the memory with humor embedded within his tone. 

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Suho: He’ll burst into a fit of shy laughter once he notices this. She decided to pull Suho over and show him something off of her phone, failing to remember that she has him saved as her bg wallpaper. He notices, and tries his best to conceal his laughter in front of her. “It’s nothing! I just….one of the members you see, the other day…oh you had to be there to understand.” He’ll try and brush it off cooly, hoping she doesn’t question this further. Suho will definitely ramble on to Sehun after this finding once his crush is out of earshot. “I swear Hun, she had me on her phone lock screen! Does that mean….she must like me back!” 

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Lay: Yixing would catch on to this revelation through one of the members informing him. Softly blushing, he would feel most satisfied at the fact that his crush seems to be reciprocating these amorous feelings. Similar to Luhan, this would be Yixing’s indication to make small advancements in the relationship between him and his crush. He wouldn’t mention the wallpaper itself, but he will  always keep a soft smile each time he sees her wallpaper. 

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Baekhyun: With how keen Baekhyun’s eye is for little details, he would be able to catch onto this easily. He’s already getting along easy with his crush, enticing her with his charm, yet seeing him as her wallpaper would actually fluster him slightly. This would be expressed with an audible chuckle into his fist as he’s conversing with her. When she asks why he’s laughing, Baek would be straight up with her. “Y-your wallpaper…is me. That’s an old picture of me anyways!” She would then cutely comment on how his black hair from “Monster” era suits him, much to his surprise. “Y-you really think so? I guess it was one of my better looks!” 

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Chen: Similar to Baek, Jongdae would catch onto this quickly, and would be admittedly surprised but satisfied. He would be good at concealing his initial timidity, while conversing with her. This is essentially the perfect scenario for Jongdae to use his signature charm. “Nice background,” he would comment nonchalantly, snickering at her cute, yet flustered reaction. “You think that picture of me is good? I’ll show you something really good.” His crush can expect a surprising text later in the day of a fan cam of Chen’s performance of “Artificial Love’s” choreography.  

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Chanyeol: He would guffaw abruptly the moment he notices his crush’s background picture. He’d fail to conceal his laughs in front of her, inwardly freaking out over this discovery. ‘She has me as her pic?! This is crazy! But crazy good, that means she likes me back!’ When his crush asks him why he’s laughing, Chanyeol would just be blunt with her in defeat. “You have my picture as your phone’s wallpaper! I’m not complaining it’s really….nice.” 

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D.O: He finds this most amusing, but nothing groundbreaking. Kyungsoo would smirk with lucid enjoyment each time he takes notice of the photo. He would keep this interesting piece to himself, eventually mustering the confidence to pull his crush aside for a day and serenading her fondly. This would be a subtle signal for Kyungsoo to become closer to her. Just the thought makes him especially smiley. 

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Tao: He would be the most unfazed of all the members, somewhat expecting something like this to come up. Though he would be pleasantly surprised, Tao would still maintain his confidence. Even commenting frankly on her choice of wallpaper. “Not a bad picture of me. Do you have a saved album of me on your phone? I think it would fit nicely with the theme of your background!” He would start showing off his various pictures of himself and Candy for his crush. 

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Kai: He would become most shy of all the members, when noticing his crush’s background is of him. Jongin would do his best to attempt to conceal his faint flushing from her, in hopes of avoiding making the encounter hopelessly awkward. She’ll notice his sudden change in behavior, causing Kai to blurt aloud: “Um…I like your phone’s background….” Hands folded together, blush intensifying, he would emit a modest chuckle while petting his crush’s head affectionately. 

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Sehun: Oh this would definitely fill his ego massively. He’ll smirk with cockiness whenever he passes by her and takes a glance at her phone’s background. Just to for his own satisfaction, Sehun would purposefully sneak glances at his crush’s wallpaper of him, just to reaffirm the sheer fact that she actually has a picture of him on her phone. When she leasts expect it, Sehun would send her a text with a picture from his latest photoshoot with the caption reading: “I see you’re looking to start a photo collection of me. Here’s a better one than the one on your phone. ;)” 

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one shot please? the tenth doctor teaches y/n how to fly the tardis and they end up being better at flying it

“Wait, like this?” The TARDIS jerked about violently and it seemed very light in the console room flashed with the same fervor.

“Uh… no, not quite like that, no…” the Doctor trailed off in concentration as he tried to right the mistakes. After a moment, the TARDIS steadied and you released the tight grip you hadn’t noticed you’d had on the rim of the console.

“Okay, one more go…” you said, gazing at all the mismatched controls. Your cheeks turned pink as you realized you didn’t know what you were staring at. You looked sheepishly up from the console to look at the Doctor, who looked like he was trying to hold back his signature “aw-humans-are-so-cute-they-don’t-understand-anything” smile.

“Well, for starters, you’re going to want to start out on the correct panel.”

Your blush deepened as you realized you were standing in front of the communications controls.

“Not very useful for driving, communications panel,” the Doctor commented as you shifted to the correct controls. He barely managed to keep the mocking tone from his voice.

Your face set in determination as you slowly began working some of the buttons and dials. Your pace quickened as you set the controls and the TARDIS began moving. As you finished the steps the Doctor had shown you, the movement came to a steady halt. With nothing left to do, you gazed at the Doctor, waiting for his verdict.

“Well?” you asked impatiently.

“Well…” the Doctor answered, rubbing his neck.

You groaned. You knew that tone. The Doctor didn’t want to disappoint you. You driven miserably and ended up Rassilon-knows-where.

You walked to the doors and opened them carefully, while the Doctor began listing the things you’d done wrong. You had been trying to land in Scotland in 300 BC, just to see the green fields and smell the 100% unpolluted air, but that’s not what you were going to see, was it?

“… and you should’ve used the dimensional stabilisers before you even touched the–”


“Hm? Are you even listening, (Y/N)?”

“Yeah, yeah, uh, where would you say we are?”

“Probably the Mesozoic Era. But most likely not on Earth. Mars? Maybe?”

“Really? Because I think I landed us in Scotland in 300 BC.”

“No, can’t have.”

You opened the doors wider so the Doctor could see outside. “You sure? Mars looks a bit… green.”

The Doctor looked confusedly past you at the rolling green pastures that were definitely not Mars, even in the Mesozoic Era.

He stepped back and pulled his glasses out of his coat pocket. Staring at the screen, his expression only became more shocked, an expression he then turned to you.


“Scotland…” the Doctor murmured, taking off his glasses.

“And… what year is it?”

The Doctor grinned broadly and swept on his long coat. “300 BC!” he shouted as he pulled you outside into the mid-morning sunlight.

He would never admit it willingly, but you really had flown the TARDIS brilliantly. Maybe, even better than him…

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Troublemaker (Taehyung)

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“Do you know him?”

The ‘him’ the lady next to you was referring to is your boyfriend Taehyung. You’d wish it was a prouder moment for you state he was your boyfriend. Taehyung was completely in hyper mode. Dancing on the street in a more excited way of flailing his body around. People stared and smiled at the giggling boy moving in circles.

You keep your eyes on your troublemaker boyfriend, “Unfortunately yes. He’s my boyfriend.” You watch him fling his bag around, almost hitting a few people passing by, “Tae. Honey. Please be careful of the people around you.”

Taehyung was always a bit of a troublemaker. Running everywhere, screaming, almost like a child stuck in a grown ups body. You on the other hand was a bit more calmer. You enjoyed leisure walks and quiet rooms but when you started dating Taehyung. There wasn’t a moment of silence.

His little giggle rings in your ear and when you turn around, you see him carrying a child, “Tae!” You return the child to its mother, apologizing for your boyfriend on his behalf, “Tae you can’t go around carrying random children.”

Taehyung gives you his signature smile, “She was so cute. When are we gonna have kids?”

A blush appears on your face. Taehyung was always like this, saying things that shouldn’t happen until years from now.

“Jagi! Look at this.” Taehyung pulls you to a little cute shop. He picks up one of the stuffed bears with recorders in them. He puts the bear close to his mouth, “I love you Y/N.”

You can’t help to smile when Taehyung squishes the bear and his voice repeats out of him. He immediately offers to buy it even when you protest that the cost was a little on the expensive side. But like a troublemaker, he doesn’t listen to you. He’s already giving the cashier his money and continuously squishing the bear to show off to everyone in the store.

By the time Taehyung starts walking you home, you’re carrying the bear as well as bags of stuff Taehyung insist on buying you. Some of which he bought behind your back when you went to the bathroom or weren’t looking.

“I’m still mad that you bought those shoes when I asked you not too.”

A grin stays on his lips, “They looked cute on you though. I really don’t mind spending money on you.”

“Yes but I mind it when you spend over a hundred dollars on me.” You turn to face him upon reaching your front door, “Next time let me pay for a few things or I’m going to seriously be mad at you.”

“Okay.” Taehyung gives in but you know he’s not going to listen. You’re just about to leave when he stops you, “Wait a second.” Taehyung starts digging into his pockets and you glare at him.

“Tae. Did you buy something else when I wasn’t looking.”

“No.” He pulls out a pair of matching rings, “I uh..” Taehyung rubs the back of his neck, “I bought these when we first started dating. I was too scared to give them to you.”

You smile widely at his sweet words, “I never imagine you as someone to get scared by a girl.” You look at the rings and he hints to look at the inside. Your smile widens even more, “You engraved the day we started dating.”

You pull him from the back of his neck, tiptoeing a bit and kissing him so softly Taehyung thought he was going to melt, “I love it.” You slip the ring on your finger then onto his. Bidding him a farewell as you enter your door.

Taehyung sighs a relieved one. His smile grows largely, “She loves it.” He states quietly before he gets jittery and excited in side. He starts running around, “She loves it!” He screams in absolute bliss.

You pause inside your house upon hearing the scream, giving a little laugh, you can see his retreating figure outside the window, “What a troublemaker.”