i get really sad when i think about how people keep sleeping on btob. there is not one performance where i wasn’t :O or half crying because vocals are so on point. and the rappers are so passionate.. i’m happy at how far they’ve come though, but please listen to btob :( at least their live performances because sht, their harmonies are !!!!!



Himchan’s amazing narration and his deep, yet soothing voice…

So freakin’ emotional I Remember, where Yongguk cried and Daehyun’s so emotinal singing that I’ve shed not only one tear…

Voice mail and, apart from amazing Dae, Youngjae’s soft voice and his Goodbye in the end…

Jongup’s sharp a precise dancing and Zelo’s minimalistic and relaxed dance and their great coopeation… like man! Give them some dance collab xD

And amazing performance of Rain sound… this song is so amazing and live was even better…

Really I think this is one of their best performances and concert ever <3

Here is rough translation of Himchan’s monologue (it’s first and second part together)… I found it here some time ago…

It was the day when the rain was pouring down
On that rainy day, we met up
I sat in the corner at that café
I was looking for you to come during the rain
You arrived about ten minutes late, you were completely wet from the rain.
While scratching your soaked wet hair, you said,
“What am I to you? I don’t know if me being here is important.”
I didn’t understand what you said
I looked at you, but you didn’t look at me
You said: “Let’s end this.”
Those words… “let’s end this”
Was the last of your voice I’ve heard

The dream I see: is a rainy day
That day, that place, I see you come running
I rush to you in the dream
Though I want to catch you, I don’t
I fell short of you, the you in the dream
In the rain, hitting my shoulder
It’s cold, the rain is falling
Like that day, I sent you off, but I didn’t say farewell
Like that day three years ago

With all the songs that I sing
I cry to forget about you
With all of my actions
I struggle to forget about you
I forget the unique rhythm of your voice
I forget the musical note of your smile
I forget about you that way
My memories of you are fading that way
Three years, to forget you
It wasn’t enough time, the rain falls without a doubt

Your last word, your last appearance
Is like sand in my chest, it’s gritty
I don’t understand
Even now, the sounds afflict me
Whether it’s your voice or the sound of the rain
This song that I sing now
Even now, whether I’m leaving
Or the sound of rain

Shinhwa, at this age (compared to the current idol generation age) still sing ALL-LIVE while dancing. A PURE LIVE performance. Dance and sing live two songs back-to-back & they were amazing like a live CDs on stage. A group debuted 19 yrs ago, already proved themselves & their talents, so if they go lip-sync it’s gonna be okay, but still, they sing amazingly all-live. I feel like this is a kind of appreciation to the fans who go to watch their idols live. If all of what I’ll listen to is some loud backtracks & lip-syncing, then I’d better stay at home & listen to their CDs, but I go to an event to listen to the LIVE voices of my idols.. 
Shinhwa, whose average age is 38 yrs old, as usual gives another 100% real performance that reflects pure talent & says all about how legendary they are.
Shinhwa’s always hated lip-sync even when they were made to not sing live coz it was the trend back in the day, but Shinhwa did their best to sing live whenever they got the chance. & their rebel against KBS & SM, when they tried to impose Shinhwa to lip sync, is still memorable. If you’ve a real talent, you’ll always try to show it off not hide it in some kinds of backtracks (unless u have to for an urgent reason). Even with hard choreos, Shinhwa still sing live. Real & true ageless talents. Forever & ever proud of my Legendary SIX ♥