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Need more Canon confirmation of NozoEri... found any? I've been fangirling over your post about it! Thank you!


When a live, and especially acoustic, performance is as good as or even better than the studio version, then you know you’re being blessed with real talent. And I’m SHOOK!!!
Aaron Tveit Talks Tackling Sondheim's 'Company'
The actor chats about his stint in the Berkshires and why he has 'Game of Thrones' decor on his mirror.

What’s the toughest part about performing Sondheim?

The hardest thing is learning the material. The lyrics can be very dense and challenging, and the melodies are unique and difficult. But something amazing happens when you finally do. He writes so brilliantly, the songs completely open up for you, as a storyteller — once you get a handle on them.

What is your most difficult number?

“Being Alive,” for sure. It’s the culmination of what I’m going through emotionally in the evening, and that emotion needs to be so close to the surface without completely destroying the ability to sing. It’s really a tightrope, but I think it’s the greatest song within the context of a musical, ever.

What do you do before a performance?

I’m pretty routine-oriented. My onstage health and stamina starts offstage — I try to eat right, get tons of sleep and work out. But getting an afternoon nap when I can is the best.  I know, tough life.

Any preshow rituals?

I do take a quiet moment backstage to gather my thoughts and say some words of gratitude and reflection to myself. But even more so, I try to keep loose and have fun with the cast to relax.

What’s something special in your dressing room?

A wonderful fan sent me an array of Game of Thrones magnets. They are stuck on my mirror. Thank you!

How do you unwind after a show?

Go home. Eat. Watch television. Sleep. The glamorous life.

What do you do on your time off?

I have been enjoying the parks and the outdoors here as much as I can. I just love this area. In addition to being such a gorgeous place, the artistic community is just wonderful. There are so many places to see theatre or dance or live music, and it’s reflected in the audiences. They’re as knowledgeable as you’ll find anywhere.

What’s the best performance advice you’ve ever received?

Don’t be afraid to be still and bring the audience to you. The best live performers have this amazing ability to make the audience lean into them.

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Heyyy, so i wanna stan winner/ikon where do you suggest i start? Cause like theres so many stuff... also what song do you recommend? Hope you dont mind answering. Tq!


i’m so happy you will never regret stanning them i promise!

*first of all you need to know that winner and ikon are like a family they loved and supported each other since day 1 (never listen to the winkon antis)

**and please don’t stan Taehyun it will only hurt you

WIN: Who Is Next (2013) (warning: intense show! you will probably cry on every episode) here is the link to the first episode (x) you will find the other episodes on the same channel (with eng subs)

WINNER TV (2013-2014) (best show 11/10 would recommend URIGA WIIIINER don’t stan Taehyun i said!!!) here is the link to the first episode (x) you will find the other episodes on the same channel (with eng subs)


The Debut Album: 2014 S/S

first watch the teasers because *cough* winner’s teasers are on whole other level *cough*

Here (x) is the playlist of all their debut album’s teasers,,, truly iconic

The MVS: Empty (x) Color Ring (x) Mino’s Solo I’m Him (x) + a link where you can listen to the whole album (x)

And watch their live performances because they’re amazing!  they became the fastest male group to win on a music show by taking first place on M! Countdown during their debut stage (MONSTER ROOKIES INDEED)

In 2015 they didn’t have a comeback unfortunately but Mino was pretty active because he went to Show Me The Money 4 and he released songs like Okey Dokey featuring Zico (x) and Fear featuring Taeyang (x) (read the lyrics) (Fear  became the show’s most downloaded single with over one million digital sales,,, legends only)

The Comeback: The EXIT MOVEMENT

in 2015 it was announced that the group would be returning from hiatus in 2016, with a ‘comeback series’ with at least 4 project releases: EXIT:E EXIT:X EXIT:I EXIT:T (i don’t want to remember this lie, i cry every night)

watch the teasers because *cough* winner’s teasers are on whole other level, nothing will top winner’s teasers *cough*

WINNER - 2016 PROJECT ‘EXIT MOVEMENT’ TEASER FILM (x) (the most iconic teaser i’ve seen in my whole life i remembered i cried like a bitch that day)

Individual teasers: Mino (x) Taehyun (x) Seunghoon (x) Seungyoon (x) Jinwoo (x) (These teasers are the definiton of art)

The Covers: a number of musical covers of their title tracks were released as promotional teasers featuring Lee hi (x) Taeyang (x) Zion.T (x) Dean (x) AKMU (x) Katie Kim (x) GD (x) EPIK HIGH (x) (truly legendary when will anyone ever)

The MVS: BABY BABY (x) Sentimental (x) Taehyun’s solo I’m Young (x) You can also listen to the whole album here (x

(BEST COMEBACK OF 2016??? but ofc ppl kind of let them flop because ppl don’t appreciate talent smh,,,) a lot of shit happened after that i don’t want to remember it lol, there was no EXIT:E, no comeback, nothing

Taehyun l*ft the group and i still cry about it every night i hope i choke :)

Show Me The Money 3: (2014)

Bobby and B.I competed in the third season of SMTM, B.I was eliminated in the seventh episode while Bobby became the season’s winner (king of rap) listen to their tracks pls: Be I (x) / Go (x) YGGR (x) (warning: you will dab so much that you will break your neck) L4L (x) Bounce (x

MIX AND MATCH (2014) (warning: you will also cry a lot)

here is the link to the first episode (x) you will find the other episodes on the same channel (with eng subs)


(ikon don’t have mv teasers the fuck,,, I still don’t get it either)

My Type (x) Airplane (x) Rhythm Ta (x) Anthem (x) Apology (x) Dumb&Dumber (x) What’s Wrong? (x) #WYD (x) // you can listen to the whole album here (x)

(They slayed the charts with their songs MONSTER ROOKIES INDEED)

Watch their mv makings they are really funny and watch their live performances because their stage presence is no joke!


A hip-hop sub-unit consisting of Mino and Bobby

Bobby released his solo song (FINALLY) it’s called HOLUP! (x) (don’t dab too much you’ll break your neck!)

Mino released another solo song called Body (x) (full offense and not to be too biased but this was the best song of 2016)

After that they released their collab songs: Full House (x) and Hit Me (x)

FULL OFFENSE BUT THIS WAS THE BEST COLLAB OF 2016 BUT PEOPLE LET THEM FLOP ESPECIALLY THE WINKON ANTIS (those who only support winner or only support ikon,,, i don’t get it tbh how can you like ONE group while hating the other especially after knowing ALL WHAT THEY’VE BEEN THROUGH TOGETHER + THEY LITERALLY CONSIDER THEMSELVES AS BROTHERS THE FUCK)

Additional infos:

Winner’s fandom name: INNERCIRCLE (or incle if you want)

IKON’s fandom name: IKONIC

Bobby, B.i and Mino were featured in EPIK HIGH’s song BORN HATER alongside Beenzino, Verbal Jint (the best hip hop collab consisting of only legends of rap) you can watch it here (x) and Taehyun was featured in EPIK HIGH’s song: Spoiler (x) this song is truly a masterpiece just read the lyrics and try not to cry :’)

Bobby was also featured in MASTA WU’s song Come Here feat dok2 (x)

You can also watch winner’s weekly idol episode (i’m still waiting for ikon’s episode, it’s been 84 years)

Love for a thousand more: Jinwoo and Seungyoon’s web drama // link to the first episode (x)


I’m sure i forgot a lot of things but i hope this will help you! Feel free to ask me anything related to winkon ;))))))

To those that have seen Mamo live

I feel like I might lowkey offend someone with this, but I would really like to hear the answer to the question at the end of this post from someone who’s seen Mamo live in concert. Not on DVD, but in the flesh.

Earlier I had this conversation with my sister while I was listening to Frontier album in the car.

Her: “A lot of these songs sound a lot like some western songs. Like this one (New Order) sounds like Ciara’s “Love Sex Magic””

Me: “Well, nowadays it’s hard to make something that doesn’t sound remotely like something else.“

Her: “Don’t you think that these songs are also quite autotuned?”

Me: “No, not him.”

Her: *gives me this look*

Me: “Well, his albums are edited a bit, but he sounds really good live.”

Her; *still giving me this look* “Yeah “live””

Me: “It’s true!”

Now, I’ve always been incredibly amazed by Mamo’s live performances and his amazing vocal range and abilities. But considering I’ve only seen videos, which are by definition not live, I was ill suited to add a reply that would have enough weight to get back to my sister. And that bothered me.

So I’m asking you, fellow Mamo fans who’ve actually managed to see him live, how Mamo sounds without being recorded. I’ve only heard good things about his live shows, and I have no doubt he’s amazing, but I would still like to hear it from you.


In honor of Inception’s 5 year anniversary, I have put together a list of my favorite Inception videos for inceptiversary. I have broken them down into 3 categories: general, arthur/eames, and miscellaneous favorites. Enjoy!

1. General - analysis, soundtrack, explanations, etc.

2. Arthur/Eames - canon scenes and slash fanvids

3. Miscellaneous

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How was the concert? Did you have fun? Tell me all the juicy bits how are they live? I'm sure I'll never see them cause Bighit hates Europe and I'm even more sure that if they do come they don't know abt Eastern Europe so I still won't be able to go :/

Dude…. It was amazing. And I really hope European ARMY gets to experience it some time soon! It was a really different experience from the TRB Dallas, mostly because I was so much closer last time, but this time I was p2 and I got to see all the choreo and shit but I was still close enough to feel close and it was just…. amazing. I want to write up a full fan account later but right now I’m just gonna list the top things I remember about each of the boys:

Kook: God. His solo stage was fucking remarkable. His footwork his voice his moves just. He is such an entertainer, he’s so superhuman. We had pretty good view of his thigh girth from our seats and it, too, was remarkable…. Jenny’s words, not mine….. He also followed Jin’s lead and stole an army bomb, but instead of sweetly returning it like Jin, he pretended to drop it like a little imp butt because he’s a fucking imp butt. When Jimin said “Did you like it?” his little “I liked it” was the cutest thing I have ever heard and I squealed and fell to the floor, he is just precious and talented and adorable. A complete dork, the hottest dork. 

Yoongi: Um just like fucking fire. Just. fire. His Cypher verse was immaculate, I’m talking full virgin birth immaculate, and his solo stage was fucking POWERFUL man. It was so emotional and powerful and I was like legit moved by him. He also dropped it low. He is so tiny and so beautiful and so fucking talented it hurts me. Fun fact: my little sister got drenched in Father Yoongi’s holy water during Cypher. 

Jin: Stunning. Charismatic. Hilarious. Talented. His solo was another world man. I think he actually had my favorite voice live?? Which I wasn’t expecting because last time it was Baby J but….. wow. Fucking stunning. He blew at least 4 kisses and stole 2 army bombs, one regular one, then one pink one when we did the rainbow ocean. He looked so polite and charming when he was asking the girl for them. He just looked happy and carefree and UGH just perfect. 

Taehyung: SHIT MAN HIS HIGH NOTES that’s right, this deep subterranean voiced motherfucker was SLAYING HIS FUCKING high notes during his solo like WOW it was better live than you can imagine. Probably the best high notes of the concert. And it seemed like he was throwing some extra ones in there.  He also LOVED to tease the crowd, like squat down and make cute faces at the fans. His charisma while dancing was off the charts, he goes from zero to too intense in 1 sec flat. There were eyebrows. 

Jimin: It’s really hard to understand the POWER in his dance until you see it live. He is….. he’s something else. His every move, every pause, every breath is just brimming with potential energy, he THROWS himself into the dances, you’ve never seen anything like it. He is a born performer. Even when he’s not dancing or singing, he’s performing. His voice is so clear and lovely. He started the concert with his hair all nicely combed down like a nice little fringe but by the end, he had done that thing where he ran his fingers through it to the point where it was off his forehead. He did this thing where he liked to gaze off all seriously into the crowd and probably give some poor fan a heart attack by looking straight into their souls. Rude as shit, always found a way to make every move a little bit nasty. Perfect, stunning, small. 

Hobi: …. I could not take my eyes off of him. I could not. First of all not only is he the most beautiful person I have ever seen in front of my eyes, but he is just….. his on-stage charisma is second to none. When he’s dancing, he’s still engaging the audience, he’s smiling, he’s just…. fuck I don’t even know how to describe it. He draws you in. He is by far, for me, the most comprehensively amazing live performer. His singing? Fucking amazing. Mama killed me. It was perfect. He knows how to work an audience, man. Ruder than Jimin even, always throwing in extra little rolls and thrusts, but you can’t even be mad at him, because he is HUMAN SUNSHINE and you know what I know we call him that all the time, I know that’s like his thing, but at this concert, I felt it, I felt happier just looking at him. I can’t… describe him. He’s just. The closest thing to magic that this dreary world has to offer. 

Namjoon: I…… I don’t even really know…. how to articulate…. any of this. Full disclosure I have been having a slow motion Kim Namjoon meltdown since summer 2015 but… this concert was the culmination of all of that. Arguably the most emotional moment of the concert was his solo stage. And listen, I was not even a huge fan of Reflection before this, like it was great and all but it was one of the ones I skipped over on the album. But he… jesus he just. He fucking felt this shit. He felt what he was saying, and I felt it, and every time he said ‘I wish I could love myself,’ the crowd shouted ‘we love you’ and fuck i have never felt so bonded with that many thousands of fucking people. It was this giant cohesive emotional moment and it was transcendent. I’m pretty sure he also found a way to make the rainbow crowd like a statement about racial equality, just the most philosophical beautiful asshole you’ve ever met. When the crowd got rowdy and people were getting hurt, he stopped everything and said, “no pushing please, safety is the most important thing” and would not proceed until there was order. He talked to the crowd like he was talking to friends, he was never full of himself or condescending, despite their immense undeniable success, like he was just so genuine and thankful, and as soon as he walked off that stage, I immediately missed him. He has utterly ruined human beings for me and I am honestly so fucked. 


Can we just talk about how crazy Axl was in this performance, he’s amazing live holy shit.

This dude is so talented, love these kind of videos.

Credit - SoNevable

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@meals-and-miles tagged me and the cutie next to me for a SDS. Unfortunately Anne has all the selfies, that’s the only one I took with my phone. Fangirling at the Parkcitylive festival. For those of you that missed it, Anne’s sister performed (for the first time) in front of hundreds (probably >1000) of people with her band ‘A minor Problem’. I’ve seen them for the first time and their live performance was amazing! So much energy and fun. And I’m really happy for them (you all should totally check them out).

Gracias for the tag @pr1deandj0y!

Rules: Name 10 songs you’re vibing on right now and tag 10 people

  1. PHOX - Slow Motion
  2. Shakey Graves - Roll The Bones
  3. Lianne La Havas NPR Tiny Desk Concert
  4. Francis and the Lights - May I Have This Dance
  5. Chance The Rapper - Cocoa Butter Kisses
  6. Martina Topley Bird - Lying
  7. Jorja Smith X Preditah - On My Mind
  8. Jorja Smith - Teenage Fantasy
  9. Axel Boman - ABBA 002
  10. Proleter - April Showers

I could literally go on for a while listening to so much atm, but I’ll stop here. (both PHOX & Shakey Graves Audiotree Live performances are amazing, by the way)

Tagging (no pressure!) @aussie-sass @kendrene @rainboflg @swan-heda @gramjams @framestreetnightingale @floating-lost-astronaut you guys wanna play??

Wasteland Weekend 2016 Report

I had such a great time at Wasteland Weekend and could not have even hoped to have a better experience. I got to meet so many amazing people, many of whom I’ve greatly admired for creating so much awesome content in this fandom. This is my recollection of my experiences at Wasteland Weekend, so that others who were not able to make it can live vicariously through me and see the adventures they may be in for when they are finally able to join us, and so that myself and those who were there can preserve as many of these memories as possible. Lots of text and photos below the cut!

Photo by @fuckyeahisawthat

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