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1. Disgusting - Miranda Cosgrove // 2. The Yacht Club - Owl City // 3. Heart Attack - Demi Lovato // 4. Girls Like Girls - Hayley Kiyoko // 5. She Loves Me - Zachary Levi // 6. Hum Along - Ludo // 7. Deer in the Headlights - Owl City // 8. Who is in Your Heart Now - Studio Killers 


B: Here, your mom told me to give you one of these.”
H: “…You’re gonna get sick too.”
B: “Doesn’t matter.”
H: “You’ll leave soon? I’ll wait to take the pill.”
B: “Take it now so you’ll feel better sooner.”
H: “…Call me when you get home, mm?”
B: “I will.”
H: “I wish you’d stay.”

L: “How is she? Did she take the medicine?”
B: “Yes, she’s sleeping.”
L: “Good. I have just enough time to make some of her favorite mushroom soup.”
B: “Mrs. Merigold,-”
L: “-Belassan, just call me Laura. There is no need for such titles, not in this family.”
B: “…Old habits.”
L: “What were you saying, dear?”
B: “I know I was supposed to only stay the night, but-”
L: “-You can stay as long as you like. I’m know Halla would like that, too.”
B: “You’re sure?”
L: “Of course.”
B: “…Can I help with anything?”
L: “You can help me with this, if you like.”

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Imagine Person A is taller than Person B. When they kiss, A usually has to bend down. This time, however, A asks B to stand on the stairs. When B does, A kisses B. Katelyn/Aaron OMG

Aaron denying that he was totally and helplessly in love with Katelyn was like those people that denied that the earth revolved around the sun.

It was simply to obvious to be denied. Unlike the more murderous Minyard, Aaron was not completely against public displays of affection. 

The Foxes loved giving him hell for it, Nicky was particularly fond of making a gagging noise whenever Aaron left to go on a date with Katelyn while Allison enjoyed raising her eyebrows suggestively at him whenever she saw him texting Katelyn. 

However, they never pulled things like that when he brought Katelyn over to the dorms and as long as they kept it that way Aaron didn’t care what they did.

“Wait,” Katelyn said before completely halting. Aaron kept walking for a step or two but was soon anchored by the fact that they were still holding hands.

“Kate?” he asked. She was staring at the stairwell with a intense focus he usually saw her wear when they were taking a exam. “Is everything alright?”

She turned to look at him with a huge smile and a mischievous glint in her eye. “Everything is fine,” she assured him but clearly he still had a skeptical look on his face because she started walking again.

His confusion only increased when she lead him towards the stairs instead of the elevator. 

She pointed a finger at the second step of the stairs and looked back at him, her other hand was still holding onto his. “Do me a favor and stand there for a second.”

“Why do I need to stand there?” he questioned but he was already moving. It wasn’t like he was going to not do it, he just thought it was a bit odd.

“Look,” she pointed out with a satisfied look. “Roles are reversed.”

He gave her a confused look until she motioned that he was now a inch taller than her.

“Haha,” he said and though he tried to say it dryly, he couldn’t stop himself from smiling. Katelyn was on the shorter side at only 5′5 but Aaron himself barely made it into the 5 foot category.

Lightly, Katelyn pressed her fingers under Aaron’s chin and got on her tip toes. The whole ordeal made Aaron want to laugh. If he saw this going on from the outside he would have because it was so ridiculous.

“You and your ideas,” he said before bending down slightly and pressing his lips against her. She tasted like the strawberry flavored gum she was always chewing.

Yeah, it would be ridiculous for Aaron to deny being totally and helplessly in love with Katelyn.

In Debt - Part 1


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Anonymous: “Omg your blog is soo awesome! I dont know if your scenario requests are open but if they are i have a request for a series where Jungkook is really rich (like a drug lord or a gangster or something) and your dad owes him a lot of money and you and Jungkook fall in love?? thanks in advance!!! <3″

Genre: Drama

Characters: Jungkook x You

Word Count: 1.7K

Plot: All your life you’ve been taken care of by your rich father and his money, but when a someone named Jungkook barges into your home demanding for his money back, your life is turned upside down.

(Y/N) = Your Name

(Y/L/N) = Your Last Name

The rays of sunshine that crept through your window awoke you from your deep sleep. Every morning was like clockwork, you would always rise to the warming aroma of tea filling your room. Today was no different, the jasmine amidst in your room was pleasant and it surely got you up in no time.

 Just as you sat up leaning your drowsy frame against the headboard of your bed, you were greeted by your butler, Sebastian. You rubbed your eyes to adjust to the light illuminating from your window as well as to catch a glimpse of your butler who was speaking to you at the time.

 “Good morning Miss (Y/L/N). I hope you had a pleasant sleep,“ Sebastian said as he set your tea on the nightstand by your bed. "Your father would like to speak with you. He asked you join him at breakfast,” he cupped his hands together as you raised your eyebrows to him. “I will begin preparations to see that you will attend this meeting with your father.”

 “Yes Sebastian,” you nodded back in agreeance. The words that Sebastian spoke of further validated that your morning was a clockwork just like the majority of your day. With that, you began to begin your daily routine.

 You were escorted by one of your many housekeepers to your grand bathroom, where you carried out the beginning of your daily routine. Each day would consist of the same four of five activities which included homeschooling and various instrumental and art classes. To some, being taught by top professors on the globe, learning to play classical instruments and perfecting the art of art itself would seem lavish. However, if you could have it your own way, you wouldn’t be doing all these ‘lavish’ routines every day. You wanted more in life than to just learn and please. But your father wouldn’t allow it.

 Your father was quite a notable man in his profession; yes he made money and quite a lot enough to provide you with the 'lavish’ lifestyle he thought you needed. Along with your extravagant over the top home that had far too many rooms of which you haven’t even explored all of yet, you wondered if the 40+ housekeepers that he hired to tend to your needs were even necessary. Of course, you became used to all these riches considering that your father was a stubborn man–whatever he thought he needed, he got.

 After completing your morning routine you made your way downstairs to the dining room to join your father for breakfast.

 On your way down you were greeted by multiple housekeepers who kept reciting “Goodmorning Miss (Y/L/N)! Hope you slept well. Enjoy your day!” You knew that they were most likely paid to day this, but it always brought a smile to your face.

 You approached your father who was well into eating his breakfast– he was practically chowing down on the Belgium waffles. It was gross, but who could stop him? You took a seat across him, basically on the other end of the room because the dining table was that long. You sat so far away from him that your could barely see the man your housekeepers claimed your father to be.

 The dining table was filled with food ranging from breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You basically had all three meals of the day in this one sitting. Your father would always insist to the housekeepers that the more food, the better. They took this quite literally.

 Just as you were about to reach for one of the many bagels that sat in a basket, you heard your father clear his throat.

 "Excuse me young lady, but good morning is the term most people use to greet others in the morning,“ he said in a loud, strict voice. Along with the fearsome tone coming out of his mouth, particles of blueberry muffins and black coffee could be seen flying out from even where you were seated.

 “Sorry,” you silently said not wanting to further anger him as you were unsure of what meal he would regurgitate up next if you did.“Good morning, father.” Your father rolled his eyes and nodded to you in acceptance. He then turned to look at one of the housemaids, signalling to bring him some more food.

 “I am throwing a party for a guest tonight. He is an important business partner of mine so I would like you to be on your best behaviour,” he spoke, barely getting enough breath trying to stuff his face with some French toast. You simply nodded and went about enjoying your breakfast. ’A party?’ you thought while pushing around some scrambled eggs on your plate. 'This is new’.

 After finishing up your breakfast, you went about your day. You had English literature till noon, piano practice till dusk and art till the wee hours of the night. You were just about drained when Sebastian arrived at your room door.

 “Miss (Y/L/N), I have placed two evening gowns for you wear on the night of the event. Please look them over and choose the one you admire,” he said smiling as he pointed towards the direction of your closet. You immediately thanked him and made your way over to your closet.

The first dress was red. It was floor length with the back entirely cut out, barely enough to cover your tailbone. You didn’t even bother looking at the second dress since you had already made up your mind that you would be wearing the red dress.

 Before actually getting ready for the party, you fell onto your bed wanting to take a five-minute nap. Even though you were too drained out to even function, you had to attend the party since you didn’t want to upset your very strict father.

 You got up from your bed, ready to finally get ready for the unwanted party, but everything was interrupted when you heard your father’s voice.

 "I will get back to you for sure! I have two million, it’s not like I’m running away!“ You heard your father shout. "I will get back to you for sure!”

 From what you could make out, your father’s words sounded like he needed to pay someone back. His words weren’t making sense to you and sounded unusual. How could it be possible that your father was in debt? It was quite shocking to you, but you brushed it off not thinking much as your mind was occupied with the party.

You put on the electric red dress that made you look damn good if you could say so yourself. You paired your dress with a pair of black stilettos and pearl earrings to pull the look together. Just as you were putting the finishing touches onto your look, you heard the arrival of people downstairs.

You were finally ready and stood on the top of the spiral staircase. Although you couldn’t see the party from your view, you could hear laughter and giggles, indicating that people were having fun.

 As you put a foot on the first step, you could hear everything quieting down. You thought it was the crowd being in awe of your outfit like in the movies, but you quickly realized that it couldn’t be the case since you weren’t visible from the bottom. As you made your way down the spiral staircase, you could see the shock on the guests face looking towards the foyer. You quickly picked up your pace to see what the shocking view could possibly be.

 Just as your heels hit the last step on the stairs the quiet atmosphere grew thick, you could practically hear your heartbeat– it was that quiet. Your heels made a 'click clack sound as you approached the foyer. Directly in your sight, you could see a pack of people who were clearly not invited. They wore white suits and stood like bodyguards, surrounding your father. That’s when you remembered the unusual words you overheard your father saying about him being in debt. Is that what this is about?

 You were thinking of all sorts of things in your head until you saw a young man appearing at the front of you foyer. He had an ominous aura and wore an all-black suit. His hair was slicked back and his outfit was right in all the places. You tried your best not to admire his frame as he was literally crashing your party and scaring your guests, but you couldn’t help it. He was in an odd way beautiful.

 He made his way over to your father who began yapping on about debts and such. He placed his fingers underneath your father’s chin in order to establish eye contact, which was particularly difficult with his lengthy frame. The man in black took a deep breath and looked up to the decorated ceiling in an annoyance.

 “Listen here, I don’t like coming to do my own dirty work, but it’s been some time since you’ve paid me back,“ the young man said with annoyance in his voice. "Old man, I’m not getting any younger and neither are you. I expect a payment soon or I will have to return.” His tone was rude and cocky, sounding like he could cause some danger.

 “Yes, Jungkook… I will immediately,” your father frantically repeated out of fear. You were in shock, was the image of your father incorrect? Was he not filthy rich? Who was this 'Jungkook’ character? And why was your father, who was usually scary himself, so afraid of this stranger? So many thoughts ran through your head and you were more than confused so you decided to approach your father and ask him what was going on.

 You made your way over to your father who kept repeating the embarrassing phrase, “don’t worry I will pay you!”

 “Father, what is going on?” you asked him while pulling his hands down, practically telling him to stop begging. You tried your best to speak to your father but he kept spitting out the same six words.

 Your short one-sided conversation must have caught the attention of Jungkook because he turned to you, smirking.

 “Ah, this must be your daughter, (Y/N),“ he walked towards you, slowing. "Why hello there. My name is Jungkook. It’s a pleasure to meet you,” he said to you as he placed a kiss on your hand. You immediately froze with his touch, not knowing what to think. With your hand still in his, Jungkook quickly turned to your father and raised his eyebrows.

 "I think I know how you can pay me back…“ Jungkook said before turning back to you with a suspicious smile.  

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I know that Cliff named Theo and that the name is significant to Cliff, but did Cliff also pick Theo's surname and if so why did he choose Thatcher? Love, love, loooove your artwork btw!!

Cliff did choose Theo’s last name too! ‘Thatcher’ was the name of Cliff’s personal tailor, who died a couple weeks before Cliff found Theo. He was real old but Cliff liked him a lot.

we were debating in lit today abt why women r often expected to change their last names once they marry a man + whether this was ethical or not nd when it was my turn to talk i mentioned smth abt how misogyny nd the idea that men r the providers nd big wigs of the house definitely has a lot to do w it

nd ok so this other kid almost immediately said smth like “uh actually misogyny doesn’t exist bc men can change their names too!!!!!! thats dumb its not just women who do that!!!!! also i wld change my name if my wife wanted so ur wrong” nd so i was like “wow u’d change ur name……. sexism has been abolished it doesnt exist i cant wait until the mayor gives u keys to the city for ur grand accomplishment let’s give him a round of applause” nd everybdy in the class started clapping sarcastically it was the best thing


So here are just a few of Jade’s outfits I have set for her. As I was working on her, a picture of her life started forming. Her personality started showing through, and I could just see how well she is going to fit into the home I am making. It’s as if I was making that house for her and her family all along. Jade, is going to be a stay at home mom, who loves her coffee, and lives for her yoga class days. She is active in the community, and she is even the home room mom. If someone needs cookies for a bake sale she is right there. Crazy how so much can come to you while making a sim lol! Some of her hair styles are going to change though once I get some more variety in my game for her XD

Dear Anonymous,

More people than my father have called me by my first name, though not many, it’s true.

Even Franziska will usually antagonistically use my full name rather than just “Miles”.

I’m accustomed to being referred to by my last name.  It shows a certain amount of respect, except maybe in Larry’s case.  It would just seem unusual to be called by my given name at this point.

-Miles Edgeworth

Wildest dream ( Liam Dunbar) + A/N

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Liam x Reader

Y/N - Your name ; Y/L/N - Your last name

Summary: Promposals are happening, but does is happen to Y/N too?

Warning: fluff at the end


GUYS!! I entered the #Wattys2016 !! It would literally mean EVERYTHING if you could ote for this book. I put so much effort in every Story and I love to write every little adventure the Characters go through!  Thank you guys so much for letting me live my little writing dream.  

All the love Sam (:

Wattpad username: SamiraXO


3rd Person

“Are you sure that Lydia will fall for this?”, Stiles asks, obviously nervous.

“I am certain Stiles.”


“Shut up Stiles. I will handle it. I’m her best friend and you can count on me when I say, that everything will turn out the way you want it to.”, Y/N tries to calm him down.

Stiles runs his sweaty fingers through his hair and wipes them off right onto his favourite plaid shirt. The green- blue one Lydia said would suit him best.

“Okay, I’m gonna go and get her now. Is everything and everybody ready?”, Y/N asks the pack, which helped Stiles with the whole planning of this big step.

“Yup.”, they all answer simultaneously.

As Y/N leaves she takes one more look in Liam’s direction and smiles back at him, when she caught him watching her leaving the library.


“Lydia, there are so many mysteries we solved. Would you help me solve this one and go to Prom with me?”, Stiles asks resolute, but with a dorky smile.

Y/N watches Lydia falling into Stiles arms and hugging him as answer. Oh, how she wishes that would be her and Stiles would be Liam.


“That was so cute. I can’t believe he actually did it!”, Y/N says excited while doing a partner experiment with Liam during chemics.

“Sure.”, Liam mumbles back and scratches the back of his head which makes Y/N really insecure. She doesn’t know what to say next, because the fear of saying someting risky is huge.

“Are you going to Prom this year?”, he hesitantly asks, looking at the bubbling lilac fluid they created.

She blushes but tries to hide the redness on her chubby cheeks, but fails.

“Uhm, since nobody really asked me to go to Prom I think I will spend this one with my lovely couch and Pizza”, Y/n laughs it off and tries to convince herself that eating Pizza would be better than going to Prom.

“Wow that sounds sad.”, Liam replys.

“How about you? Do you go to Prom?”

“Hm, I don’t know. I guess not since I don’t really see a point in it.”

Sadness builds up in her mind.


Y/N remembers falling for Liam. The day she developed those intense feelings for him, was the day she saw him crying. Yes, he cried the strong Liam Dunbar whined like a little baby. Y/N was walking down the stairs at Scotts house, where the Pack met up. She saw him sitting there all alone with tears in his eyes.

“What’s wrong Liam?”, she asks while sitting next to him. He whipes away his tears.

“N-nothing. You can go down to the others. Really I’m fine.”

“Tell me what’s wrong Liam.”, Y/N says in a stern voice.

“I don’t know what is wrong lately. I can’t sleep. I guess I’m just overacting right now. God, this is so embarrassing”, he explains.

A moment of silence.

“ And-and I am so hard on myself to prove that I can be a good addition to this pack. I don’t want to let you guys down after all that has happened. I feel like whatever I do it’s not good enough.”, tears stream down his face again, but Y/N whipes them away with her sleeve.

“Listen, you are enough. Everybody sees how much you care about us and we appreciate you so much I can’t even explain. You are enough!”, she holds on to his hands and looks him deep into his eyes.

After a while he answers with a thank you and hugs her tight.

Y/N and Liam became closer friends than they have been before this conversation. They spent every free minute together. They were inseparable.

Rumours about an ongoing relationship between them were the reason why the strong bond they had broke. He suddenly stopped talking to her. He stopped responding to text messages. He completely shut her out.


Y/N still asks herself why he would do that. She always thought that Liam would have feeling for her, just like she had for him. But the way he denied every question about those rumors showed the opposite.

Y/N always hoped to spend her Prom with him.


“Dude are you crazy? The way she looks at you everyday is pretty obvious. I hear that she was miserable when you stopped talking to her. ”, Mason says.

“I heard that too.”, Scott agrees.

“But-but I thought she would not feel the way I feel for her. She never said anything about those relationship rumors. It thought she thought they were awkward.”

“And I think you think too much.”, Stiles rolls his eyes.

“Y/N is completely in love with you. Everybody can see it… except for you, I guess. Come on puppy. Show her how much you like her.”, he packs Liam by his shoulders to show him how serious he was.

“Well… what should I do then?”


A knock on the door disturbs the girls night Y/N was having with Lydia,Kira and Malia.

“Who could that be?”, Kira asks in a strange voice.

“Hm I don’t know?”, Lydia answers enthusiatic.

“Y/N go and open the door.”

“Ugh why me?”, she groans

“Because it’s your house, silly.”, Malia replies.


Y/N gets up and walks to the door.

“I did not order anyth-”, she opens the door and sees him standing there in a suit and a Pizzabox in his hand.

“Liam?Hey.”, she greets him quite confused.

“Hey. Look Y/N, I know we didn’t- I didn’t talk to you the past few weeks. I’m sorry I really am. I really really want to talk to you about it but firstly I have to do something.”

Liams opens the Pizzabox, revealing Y/N’s favourite kind of Pizza. Before she was able to read what was written in black ink at the top of the box, Liam looks her in the eyes.

“Y/N I know this is cheesy, but will you go to Prom with me?”

Never in my wildest dream have I ever thought, that this would happen!