Last Name Basis | Episode 51: We’ve Seen Some Shit

Guess who’s back! This episode we’re reviewing all the fun things we’ve recently seen including Beyoncé, The Color Purple and the Jungle Book. And in neighborhood news Patrick gets threatened by a pregnant woman on the train and Franchesca is tired of Brooklyn couple’s therapy.

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The Chains That Bind Us: 25

Iwaizumi didn’t say a single word to Oikawa as he accepted the horse and rode out of the Tjaty palace. It’s a good horse, the same horse the Tjaty had been riding when he took Iwaizumi riding weeks ago. Iwaizumi will make sure the animal is returned to Oikawa once he gets home. He may be angry, but it’s not necessarily directed towards the Tjaty. This isn’t his fault, a little miscommunication aside.

As he travels through the barren desert, away from the great kingdom of Egypt and towards his home, his mind can’t seem to catch up. It’s still stuck back in the Tjaty’s palace. He feels like he should’ve said something to Oikawa. Perhaps thanking him for releasing him, despite the complications surrounding the deed. Perhaps he should’ve thanked Oikawa for treating him better than probably any slave has ever been treated- of course not including the lashings in his first week. Perhaps he should’ve told Oikawa that he forgives him for that. It’s water long under the bridge. But really, he wishes he had told the damn palace brat to not work himself so hard now that Iwaizumi is gone, that it’s okay for him to seek help elsewhere- as long as it’s not at the slave auction. Iwaizumi knows he shouldn’t worry about the heir, that it’s no longer his job to worry, nor was it ever, but he can’t help it. He knows too well what Oikawa is like, and he knows that if he continues on like that, it’ll send him into an early grave.

The journey back to Israel is a little shorter on the horse than it had been being dragged behind a slaver’s caravan, but made longer by his mind that refuses to leave Cairo. By himself and mounted, he can travel much quicker than those wagons and camels. It’s still a long four days before he stumbles into Israel, and another few hours to reach the small farming village just outside of Jerusalem.

His heart is racing as his eyes fall on the small house he grew up in. It’s been so long since he was grabbed on this very road and dragged to Egypt. To some, a few months may not be that long, but Iwaizumi had never spent longer than a night away from this farmhouse, away from his mother and brothers. To finally be back, after such a long, torturous time away, he can feel a swelling of emotions he can’t quite name as he slides down from the horse.

He walks the animal around the house to the pen in the back holding their two milk cows. As he passes by the ends of the long rows of wheat, he keeps an eye out for any of his three brothers. His heart begins to beat a little faster as he leads the horse into the cow pen and drags the tack from its back to leave on the fence for now. Iwaizumi knows it’s foolish to worry, they’re probably out in the field somewhere checking the crop. At this time of the year, it’ll be ready to harvest soon.

He’s halfway to the back door of the small house when a rustling in the stocks catches Iwaizumi’s attention. He turns quickly just as their two dogs come leaping out of the stocks to practically tackle Iwaizumi to the ground. He kneels so that he can wrap an arm around each of their excited bodies as their tongues bathe his face and neck. More rustling in the stocks and Iwaizumi looks up to see one of his younger brothers step out from between two rows. His green eyes- a shade identical to Iwaizumi’s- are wide, disbelieving. He takes a hesitant step forward, those wide eyes roaming up and down Iwaizumi as if trying to assure himself that Iwaizumi is truly standing before him, that it isn’t his mind playing tricks on him.

Neither of them say a word. The distance between them is closed quickly, and they envelop each other in a bone crushing hug. Iwaizumi can feel a wetness on his bare shoulder, and he bites his lip so as to not start crying himself.

“We didn’t think we’d ever see you again,” his brother, Ira, murmurs into Iwaizumi’s shoulder, his voice thick.

“I’m sorry,” Iwaizumi murmurs back. He’s not sure what he’s sorry for, but it feels appropriate.

The back door to the house opens, and both brothers pull back from each other. Iwaizumi’s mother is standing in the open doorway, her hands covering her mouth and tears already beginning to stream down her cheeks. Iwaizumi can’t hold back his own tears anymore.

Her knees start to give way and Iwaizumi lurches forward to catch her, both of them ending up sitting in the dirt and clinging to each other. One of her hands comes up to fist in Iwaizumi’s hair, her other clutching at his back.

“Hajime,” she hiccups through her tears, burying her face in his neck.

“I’m home, mother.”

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Boueibu Puzzle Game Kinshiro Hot Spring Ending

And I finished Kinshiro’s since I can’t get enough of those tsunderes lol

At at the Kusatsu hot spring resort (Hahaha) Yes for those who don’t know, all of the Boueibu boys, including the Student Council’s last names are all famous hot spring resorts in Japan!

Out in the town to check out the local goods!

Now here from what I got, you wanted to go in together (I can’t be too sure since there was no audio) But of course he freaked out in an embarrassed rage saying that it was a big NO! xD

Little Tsundere, still a flustered blushy mess haha 

You of course understood, but who can resist getting him all worked up xD

Back to firm orders and statements!


Surprise surprise, guess who you ran into!

SOOO cute ;u; 

Then we get this romantic stuff thrown at us! I wish I could translate properly …

But something about him lighting up when he sees you >.< (Or when you got it in you light up more then the moon) I wish I could copy and paste the kanji to translate them OTL

Anyway I hope that you guys enjoyed this nonetheless!

Anyone is welcome to translate these, I will send all of the images!


Autumn’s Birthday - Part 5 

Everything was perfect. The scenery. The stars. The shimmering violet night sky. All of those things complemented each other to create a fairy-tale-like scene. A scene I would otherwise encounter in my books only. Nonetheless, I wanted none of this. I felt sick to my stomach. That feeling was definitely not the infamous butterflies with their flapping wings. And the person standing right in front of me was definitely not the one I wanted to be with. 

Pete: I wanted to tell you this for quite some time now, Autumn. I know we have not spent much of the time together, however I am dead sure my feelings for you are called love.. and you would make me the happiest guy on earth if you accepted to be mine alone.

Autumn: I-I.. am sorry, Pete. I do not feel the same way. Please forgive me, but I cannot accept your feelings right now.

Pete: are you, by any chance, in love with someone else?

Autumn: as far as I know, I am not, but-..

Pete: good, that is all I need to know. You will fall in love with me eventually, I will fight for it as much as I need to..

As soon as our boat approached the shore again, he walked away, and I just stood there like an idiot trying to comprehend what have just happened. What perplexed me the most was his confidence that I WILL fall for him. However, the only thing that would come to my mind was an excerpt from a book a name of which I no longer recalled:

“Love is a word. But it is both nothing and everything. No two beings have ever felt it quite the same, and for that reason alone you are incapable of describing it in any language that has ever or will ever exist. As languages form around the description of common ideas and experiences. Love is a word for something that cannot be described.

Love is something that simply exists. It is a power that cannot be described, defined or destroyed. It exists in an infinite number of forms. How exactly can you fight for that? For something that will exist regardless of anything you do, that will not be affected by you in any way? Love is certainly a beautiful thing, but you do not fight for it.”


5/? favourite her name in the sky scenes

Clay stares at her like he doesn’t know whether he’s being made fun of or not, and Baker bites her lip to contain her smile, and finally Clay shakes his head and leaves them on the porch.

“Come on,” Baker says, tugging on Hannah’s arm. “Let’s go home.”

They say goodbye to the boys and to Joanie—“Don’t come home too late,” Hannah tells her, “I don’t want another joint lecture from Mom”—and then they make their way through the house, their classmates parting for them like the two halves of the Red Sea, everyone begging them to stay, to have one more drink, to listen to one more song.

Baker drives them down moonlit, oak-towered streets. They drive in peaceful silence, carrying the emotions from the party in their stomachs and their lungs. Hannah looks through the windshield and begs the sky that her life will always be like this—large and loud and brimming with youth, but always followed by the quiet drive home and the promise of ending the night with her favorite person in the world.

anonymous asked:

Are you friends with Charlie McDonald??? Is that his last name??? I don't remember because I haven't watched his video's since I was 16 but still???

Noo I met him at a book signing the amount of times people have mistaken him for me I just felt compelled to


Sabi nila hindi nagwowork yung online friendships. Etong si erk tagal na naming magkakilala. Last year pa. Saksi ako sa kagagahan niya at katangahan sa pagibig. Hahahaha. Nakakamiss din siya kausap. Busy kasi magturo sa mga koreano. Hahaha. Buti naman nagmmove on na si gaga. Hahahaha. 😂

I actually felt like I was drawing too many cute girls, so I doodled a Knick to spice things up.

❕❕PS: Important news❕❕: Knick’s last name has been changed to “Knightly”. That’s right. Knick Knightly. It perfectly encompasses the heroism that defines him and his family, and it’s more dumb wordplay/alliteration that his world feeds off of.

i love the last name mcelroy those boys were destined for greatness with a name like that it just sounds like something out of a legend. the mcelroy brothers, a bunch of rowdy boys off to save the world from evil

anonymous asked:

can't speak for all middle easterns or anything, but yeah, as a middle eastern myself i can easily say that kanaya is one of the few people with an explicitly ME sounding name (well, at least last name) that isn't some sort of stereotype. plz white ppl, let us have SOMETHING.

yeah i dont know if she was actually written that way on purpose but it’s so… easy that seeing ppl hc her as white anyways is just disappointing at best


There’s this retired professor who came into the school gym while I was working today. He needed a spot on bench so we were chatting between his sets. He’s 75 and he was benching like 165 (granted, he had barely any range of motion but he’s 75 so I’ll cut him so slack).

He asked for my last name and when I told him he straight up goes “Are you Jewish?” I said no to which he said “Oh, you could definitely pass as Jewish.” At this point my jaw was on the floor but I know this guy and he usually says brash things like this.

Later on, we were talking about how he has seen me lift and he asked what my max bench press was (it’s 140 lbs!!!) AND THEN HE ASKED HOW MUCH I WEIGHED. He was like oh 120-130 lbs ?? (which is 10-20 lbs less than I actually weigh so I was pleased about that) When I said I weighed 140 lbs but I’m pretty muscular he looks at my legs and goes “yea your legs look pretty tight.” 

This was just an old guy being extremely chatty and not hitting on me/sexual so I’m going to take it as a funny experience. But seriously, the things this guy was saying 😂

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I had a "friend" who's "afraid" of golf carts and it's problematic because my family owns a large plot of land for golfing. There's another family in our area with the same last name, so I guess she didn't think we owned the golfing place, and when I told her she looked disgusted and said to me "You actually ENJOY living there? Around a bunch of old people and carts?" And I seriously think she's faking her fear just so she doesn't have to come over and deal with the "old people." Sheesh. Drama.

Omg this is hilarious. Like… she either got ran over by a cart that an old person was driving (karma lmao) or that’s the snobbiest reaction to a friend’s family owning a golf field ever.

like TBoL wasn’t perfect (having only 1 last name rather than 2 like traditional Mexicans do, awkward pacing, all the pop culture in what’s supposed to be 1920s Mexico) but it really shone out to me considering this the last time a Latinx/Latinx-coded character starred in a movie my grandparents were children. it ranks alongside TLK as one of my fav movies ever and it’s upsetting that it’s so relatively obscure

So the other day i was in Starbucks, meaning i was just in there yesterday since i basically live in that coffé shop anyway before i could even tell them my name for them to write on the cup, they just automatically wrote Ashley Benson! Guess i’m the spitting image of my mom, i also think that they don’t know my last name is Blackburn! Anyway hi there my names Casey not Ashley.