Okay but just imagine Evan having the biggest crush on Connor and writing out ‘Evan Murphy’ everywhere, all over his books, likewise, Connor adores Evan and writes 'Connor Hansen’ on his jeans and wherever else he can and of course Jared and Zoe tease the heck out of both of them about it


Star Trek AU

Sports and Ithro are both Trills, and both are on their tenth hosts who happened to be twins. 

Ithro is stationed at the space station Latabæ and is often bothered by the Ferengi con artist Glanni “Glæpur”. They have a bit of a love/hate relationship, and Ithro lets Glanni get away with probably more than he should.

Stephanie Meanswell is the Captain of USS Lazytown with Trixie, a Bajoran, as her trusted Number One. Sportacus is a Medical Officer.

Ensign Robbie Rotten is a very very tired Betazoid who has a hard time coping with all the emotions and feelings he’s bombarded with 24/7 and can often be found hiding away and working at night when it is more silent. 

Stephanie is a Betazoid too, but she deals with her abilities a lot better, which makes her a great Captain and negotiator. 

When I first saw Isabella I thought to myself “She looks familiar” but not in a Kristen Kringle kinda way.

Then I saw Kathryn and I thought that looked similar????

From the hairstyle to the clothes? (I’m on mobile so I cant really add any pics) You cannot look at Isabella and tell me that you aren’t getting any The Court vibes from her.

What if Isabella was supposed to be a sleeper agent like CloneBruce?

Like she had Kristen’s DNA but was styled after Katheryn to avoid further suspicion?

Edit: Maybe The Court really was planning on using Ed’s intellect and Isabella was a means to do it but then Oswald ruined everything so they had to meticulously plan out how to get Ed. When they got Strange tho maybe they believe that that was enough so they just cast Ed aside?

So after THIS THING took off and became singlehandedly the most popular post I’ve ever made and will never able to top, I’ve been wanting to do more DP sketches, with MOAR CHARACTERS

So here’s the main trio + Valerie, Paulina, Dash, Star, Jazz, and Dark Danny (Dan), all slightly older! I’ve already drawn Vlad but he’s my favorite so… Click on the pics for some fanons and notes!

Shout out to Voltron for giving us Lance, a teenager that is shown, on screen, taking care of his skin while light years away from earth and the closest Ulta. He’s a true inspiration and it’s such a nice change of pace to see a guy character paying attention to his beauty regimen, because we don’t see that very often (if we’ve seen it at all) and we need more of it.

Special side shout out to him for also having the only outfit I could casually cosplay without looking a fool in public.