So… There was a reason Cecil made himself sound like manic Kevin in the last episode… All of the Kevin feeling’s floodgates are going to open today.

I see a lot of people getting upset about how Cecil lied to past Kevin and told him they were going to win… But it wouldn’t have changed anything if he’d told him the truth. Desert Bluffs before the vortex that Kevin describes sounds like they were completely up in arms. Telling Kevin they were only going to lose when they’d done their best would have only put him in despair. It’s painful to listen to what might have been. The part with future Kevin absolutely broke my heart, though. What if Kevin was left completely alone after Cecil and Carlos left?

Welcome to Nightvale has also done something that a lot of different artists are doing for their villains. They’ve taken away the absurd idea that villains are innately evil creatures, rather than products of suffering and tragedy (or simply many bad decisions). Villains themselves are intricately tragic people.

‘Stay tuned next for a feeling in your chest that will never quite sit right with you again…’

To Thomas Sanders

hey thatsthat24

do you actually support Bernie Sanders?

You have a huge following and so many people need to read how to support him (how/when to vote in primaries, how to register, etc)

Would you be willing to officially throw your support behind him? Maybe reblog a few Rock the Vote posts? We need big names to really get the word out, and it would be great if you could be one of those names.

(I would have sent this to you in an ask, but Tumblr has decided that I don’t get to send asks ever again.)

(also if you have officially done so, then WHOOPS)

My favorite game to play is “Middle Name,” where you put whatever you’re doing inside of quotes in the middle of your name. Everything gets either 5x more hilarious or 5x more dramatic.

Jez “Hurt Herself Lip-Syncing” Lastname

Jez “Mosquitos Love Me” Lastname

Jez “Accidentally Drank Soap” Lastname

Jez “Pop Culture Reference” Lastname

(winter is coming): *Alyanna Stark, the last princess in the North & the Lady of the Vale

Alyanna Stark was the daughter of the last King in the North, Torrhen Stark, also known as the King who Knelt. After the Conquest, she was married to Ronnel Arryn, Lord of the Vale, as an attempt by Queen Rhaenys Targaryen to knit the new realm together. There are letters at the Citadel, which suggest that Lord Stark only agreed to this match after much protest, and that his sons had refused to attend the wedding. Lord Ronnel would be killed early in the reign of King Aenys I Targaryen by his own brother, Jonos.Ronnel’s entire family was killed with him.It is unknown whether she was still alive at this point.


Favorite OCs {5/?}

E V A L Y N (created by bex-winchester-broken-roads)

I meaner than my demons
I’m bigger than these bones

The kids cried out, “please stop, you’re scaring me.”
I can’t help this awful energy
G O D D A M N right you should be scared of me