Lance, laying on the floor of the common room: is there even a point in doing anything? maybe this is all done crazy nightmare and nothing matters. Maybe tomorrow we’ll all wake up and not exist. maybe there isn’t a tomorrow. maybe life is just some unfunny joke. What’s the point of doing anything if everything is nothing and nothing doesn’t exist? What’s the point of doing anything if there’s no guarantee of the construct of tomorrow, which ever comes?






Lance: guys?

Keith: who— *voice cracks*

Keith: who hurt you

tbt this morning when i was hella less stressed and enjoying my first time wearing a headscarf to hide my hella greasy hair and enjoying my morning coffee


And another day was gone. Well, more or less. Brynn run down the stairs, eager to take her books and go back home, she knew her bed was waiting for her and a healthy nap. She was so tired she had to redo her locker combination three times, her brain half dead. As she was ready to finally run away, a voice called her firmly from the other side of the hallway. Oh damn… was the only tought she had the time to articulate, before Maple spoke again. 
“You know that I’ve been waiting for you, I think we need to talk…“ her tone was soft and mellow, even if Brynn could perfectly spot the threatening hint, she had no doubt why every guy in a 50km radius was falling for her. “And I don’t think there’s anything to talk about, I didn’t do anything.” replied Brynn lifting her eyes and pointing them straight into hers. “Already defensive, huh? I just wanted to talk, it’s not as if I declared war… yet.” Brynn was getting tired of her attitude: 17 years old and she acted as if the world was hers, when in reality all she had was the admiration of her peers cause genetics decided to bless her somehow. That menacing tone, as if she could destroy her life: she already destroyed her reputation, Maple already played all of her cards. There wasn’t anything else she could do against her. 
“Okay, tell me then: what’s wrong?“ asked Brynn with a sarcastic tone, she was doing her a favour after all. No one was paying her to listen to Maple’s troubles, right?

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(Shoot. Let me try that again. Ignore the last one) He is determined to serve milord, but I fear he is pushing himself beyond his limits. I wonder if he misses his friends.

( my guess is @softspokenrigelian! )

fernand has no answers to offer but a harsh gaze and lips contorted in irritation. how pretentious to step so casually in his boundaries, speaking her thoughts so freely. well, there might be a sense of relief— perhaps she wasn’t a little mute plaything, after all. the doll has a voice.

he forces himself to tolerate her because she is the one the walk by his lord’s side. fernand is as silent as ever but the scowl he constantly wears tell another tale. such impotent woman— he does not comprehend what his lord sees in her. much to his dismay, her gentleness reminds him sometimes of mathilda; and he makes sure to keep her at arm’s length to eliminate any possibilities of reminiscence of his glorious days, basking under zofian sun. the nobleman wants to snap, but her kind exterior prevents him from doing so. perhaps he isn’t stubborn as he likes to think he is. damn it all.

     ‘‘ i have no time for camaraderie and i couldn’t care less for such a thing. i miss no one. ’’

Viktor is the best son in law

Can we just talk about how much Toshiya and Hiroko probably love Viktor aka their new son in law

Aside from Toshiya bullshitting that he doesn’t know exactly who Viktor Nikiforov in this moment (like come on, unless he hasn’t been inside Yuuri’s bedroom or spoken to his son about his interests in eleven years), and just being a wing man here, I like to think that they had a full conversation. I mean, Makkachin had obviously been given free reign of the house at this point, so they must have talked about that.

What I like to think went down is Viktor walked in with a rehearsed (and slightly mispronounced) sentence of Japanese like “Konnichiwa! Watashi no namae wa Viktor-”

And Toshiya looks at him like “Here for Yuuri?”

“Yes! I’m looking for Yuuri!” All hearts and smiles. “I want to coach him in figure skating!” And then goes into a long explanation of how great Yuuri indeed is.

And of course he knows enough English to understand the meaning of that, so he politely directs Viktor to the onsen whilst he waits.

But aside from that.

Viktor has been there for… two hours at this point? Probably even less, but maybe not. Hiroko is already casually referring to him as Vicchan. He’s been adopted swiftly.

She sounds and looks so fond of him.


And let’s just remember that Viktor is a walking advertisement at this rate. Given how much the Katsukis talk about promoting tourism, they probably adore him for it too

Also Yuuri is just as bad as he is lmao

Also the fact that the Katsukis are trusted with Makkachin says a lot. They ARE family at this point.

I hinestly think Hiroko and Toshiya would genuinely be over the moon when the engagement is announced. It’s one thing to mentally adopt Viktor, and another to ACTUALLY have him as their son in law.

TLDR, Viktor and the Katsuki’s have an adorable relationship I wish was explored more


Ahh, it’s time for my favorite pastime of combining AUs with other AUs. This time I played around with @mist-lightning-snap’s kwami power swap by combining it with my (slightly altered) genderbends. I also incorporated @princessofharte idea of the kwami’s retaining their personalities same as before, with Jabii being overly-confident and therefore lazy because she’s a tiny goddess of good fortune! What could go wrong! and Yuun trying to be super encouraging despite the misfortune he brings.

Some other details for this au..within an au…

  • Jabii’s name comes from the Korean word 자비 which means mercy/charity (just added another “i” to fit Kwami naming conventions)
  • Yuun’s name stems from 厄运 (Èyùn) which is Chinese for “bad luck/doom”
  • I decided to switch Adrienne’s name to Aurélie, which is something I’ve been thinking about doing for awhile…
  • I gave Marin a Chinese name, 海明 (HăiMing) which means “bright/clear sea” to go with Marin meaning “sailor/of the sea”
  • Aurélie has blue/green eyes and Marin’s are now hazel
  • “Arlequin” is just French for harlequin and Aurélie’s is just the feminine equivalent of “minou”.. I was not uh.. feeling too creative in the hero name department today (so it’s subject to change). 
  • I haven’t figured out their powers yet but they will be slightly different from Tikki’s and Plagg’s…
  • Sometimes Marin wears his hair up out-of-suit but not often. Opposite goes for Aurélie wearing her hair down. She usually has it up somehow.
  • Marin and Aurélie only know each other in this AU as heroes! Not as civilians (yet)

Was watching the camp camp finale on YouTube when I came across this comment and now I’m 1000% even more sad