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((nsfw)) request ~~ Yoosung trying to focus on his schoolwork, but MC is sending him naughty selfies and telling him what she wants him to do to her. then he gets too distracted and has to take care of himself~


  • he has a test tomorrow 
  • and he NEEDS to concentrate
  • but oh god his phone just went off
  • “Remember when I said I bought a new outfit today? What I meant to say was I bought this new black bra.”
  • no YOOSUNG you have to concentrate
  • “And I bought some matching underwear.”
  • he balls his fists up and grits his teeth
  • “The faster I finish, the faster I can get home. Try not to distract me so much MC?”
  • “Who said I wanted you to finish fast? I though we could take things nice. and slow.”
  • and now his pants are uncomfortably tight
  • and oh god you sent another picture
  • and oh god you took it all off
  • “I want you to have your way with me.”
  • red faced, he takes rushes to the bathroom
  • he pulls up the pictures on his phone and starts to relieve himself
  • “Ohh god MC. ohhhhh god.”
  • *20 minutes later*
  • “Oh, Yoosung, you’re home early! How was-”
  • “Bed room. Now.” 
I drew so much my hand hurts

Like, really, i’m drawing 24 hours per day, even when i’m on the bathroom (probably when im sleeping too). On papers, on the walls, on people’s faces and on the bus, literally everywhere, everytime, i think i have an obcession

And i think my hand is just tired, because i cant hold the pencil

But do you think im gonna stop

u wrong bc i wont

I know I’ve gained a significant amount of weight even though I haven’t stepped on the scale in weeks. My activity level has been way down for the past 2-3 weeks and the stress eating has been at an all time high.

My clothes are fitting differently (read: are close to not fitting at all) and I feel like crap. My face has also been breaking out, too, and that NEVER happens.

It’s all the stress from work 😭😭

I have 5.5 weeks left, and I know I could do a lot more damage in that time. I need to get this under control. It’s going to require waking up earlier in the morning to run (or at least walk)….I haven’t purposefully exercised in like two weeks because I’m working 12-13 hour days and I want to sleep as much as I can 😴😥But TBH if I was just MOVING more I would be balancing out the extra stress eating. Clearly I need to make some changes even just to maintain my current weight.

I’ll actually weigh myself tomorrow morning 😓😵and then see where I’m at and set some goals.

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dan shows phil a lot of affection but not really vise versa, any evidence for phil liking dan?

phil loves dan unconditionally. he is just not as open about his emotions as dan is. their public expression are totally the opposite, while dan talks a lot about his feelings and himself, phil prefers not to, and thats ok. dans face is so easy to read, you can tell how he might be feeling, its like an open book. phils face and way of communication, otherwise, its kinda difficult to know, he rarely gives too much away. dan shows his affection through words. phil shows his affection through actions the most. 

its the simple things. like making dinner for both of them (starting the stir-fry before the liveshow is over). always making dan a cup of coffee. answering the postman for him in his pajamas. sneaking mcdonald’s into the hospital for him when he’s sick. talking so fast because he hasn’t seen dan in like 10 hours and now there’s so many things he wants to share. or planning a trip to japan when they desperately need a break. taking care of him when is sick. always trying to make him smile or laugh. sometimes letting dan win a game to make him happy. the fact that he takes so many sweet pictures of dan when he is not looking, he must have seen the beauty in those moments and that made him want to keep it. ‘look at dan trying caviar for the first time’ ‘look at dan cringe because of a wooden box and felt-tip pen’ ‘look at dan holding this baby’ ‘look at dan sleeping while editing his video’ ‘look at dan sitting beside me in the car’ look at dan. phil is always complementing dan and dans videos on his live shows, he has to make sure everyone knows how hard dan worked. valentine’s day video.

you just need to look closer. look at his actions. its sometimes profound, i know, but it exists. phil may be more closed off with us but that for a fact doesn’t mean he is with dan. things are more special in private.

“Hey Hajime, do you think this feather will increase my charm even more?”

“Nah dude, I’m standing with freaking waterfalls and snowflakes. I got you beat.”



You guys are.

Time to plot my revenge (XD his face though seriously it’s perfect). 

“I don’t remember that happening. Haru you didn’t-” 

“No I did it, we need to flaunt our LOVE to the fans” 

(Aww man watching the series was so much, too be honest I wasn’t expecting much of it but so many moments were so amazing and interesting, I’m just sad that’s it ending, the music and choreography were amazing, I’m glad that they used a little bit of the music from the CD’s. Hopefully they make a Season 2 for the old and new fans that are coming into the series.) 

And if they do they must include:

This line XD or some other memorizing new line 

A new head-shot zoom of Shun shooting us through the heart let’s face it’s the only reason why we are here (XD) 

Oh  and one LAST thin- I mean bonus: 



blazing inferno of cherry blossoms. 

Make it rain Rui. 

“Hah! Take that Hajime and Shun, anything you can do we can do better. King of the world!” 

*Leaps off the box* 

(Yes I went there I just had to! :D thanks for reading this silly thing) 

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Do you think Celestia and Luna seriously look cringefully ugly as Equestria Girls Humans?

I kinda want to do a video on this when talking about the visual design in the Equestria girls franchise, cause I think there are good ideas and bad ones. The Royal Sisters designs sadly are the latter.  

With most of the adults aside from Cinch, they look too…round in the face.  While they have the bodies of adults, their face shape is too child like, which gives them this uncanny feel to them.  if they had a more angular face, like their muzzles in the show, they would look much better.  Their color schemes aren’t bad persay, as much as they tend to blend together too much since all the EQG characters are slightly lighter than their Equestrian counterparts.  This is especially prevalent in Luna’s design, who looks more akin to her season one Scheme. Honestly if they just made Luna’s hair a solid blue, or made her purple streaks thinner, shed look fine.

With a few tweaks, they would look pretty good. However, they are four movies in, so its kinda of a lost cause now. 

“You’re It!” (Jaemin)

The boys had been given the week off to rest their worn muscles and sleep away their fatigue. However, the younger ones were proven to have too much energy, despite dancing every day for hours on end. So here you were, at the local park, sun blaring brightly, with the promise that Jaemin would be here too. You walked around looking for his lean figure amongst the flowers and civilians out and about. Your mood was beginning to deplete, the happy expression on your face saddening, frown lines visible; Jaemin wasn’t coming. Just as you were about to head home, the young boy hurled his body at you, the cheeky smile you had grown to love shining at full force.


“Yah, Jaemin! I thought you weren’t coming.”

You spoke into his chest, arms wrapped securely around his waist. Jaemin extended his arms, breaking the embrace to look at you.

“Don’t be silly, I’d never do that to you.”

The pair of you smiled at each other, radiating enough light to match that of the sun’s. Giggles escaped from your lips - music to Jaemin’s ears. You watched as his bright smile turned mischievous, his fingers tapping your arm before he sprinted off yelling,

“You’re it!”

You let out an excited shriek, before your legs charged off after him. You were sure Jaemin was going easy on you this time, as you weren’t the fastest runner in the world, especially compared to someone as energetic and athletic as Jaemin. In a matter of seconds, you were close enough to take the plunge - jumping on top of Jaemin amidst all the excitement. The pair of you lost balance, your small hands clenching onto his baggy shirt as you plummeted to the grass below. The mood turned serious, as Jaemin looked directly into your eyes, sparkles found in his own. You couldn’t resist the urge to kiss him a top his nose, before rolling off his body and beginning to run away. Jaemin’s arm reached out to grab yours, but to no avail, as you slipped right out of his grasp. You stood over his lying figure, taunting him to come catch you once more. The smile on your face was so bright Jaemin was sure all the flowers in the park bloomed because of it. Jaemin sat up off the grass, and you began running, laughter once more resounding throughout the sun-lit park as the screaming words of “you’re it” expelled from your mouth.

Icon change

No, I’m not a stranger on your dash, I’ve just had my other icon forever (literally years bc I’m always too lazy to change icons) so now I’m changing to a different picture of my face.

And like, this is probably the only picture of me right now where I don’t look like I’ve been run over by a bus several times (laughs bc having a non-horrible photo of me is too rare tbh) so.

I’m not sure how much I’ll get used to having a new icon though lol. If I change back, you know why. XD

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happy bday! heres some soft gay clexa: picnics by the lake??? or like tucking stray strands of hair behind the others ear when its in their face?

canonverse? canonverse.

they’ve just recently finished renegotiating the terms of the coalition, after months of politicking, uphill battles, and stubborn ambassadors hellbent on ensuring nothing ever gets done. the trip away is an award of sorts, just a weekend getaway to recenter themselves and work on who they are together.

lounging outside of their cabin by the lake under the sun with the cool breeze blowing just gently. lexa with her hair down, wearing something much too close to a sundress to do anything but take clarke’s breath away.

smiling, laughing, allowing themselves to be just two girls in love.

5:00 AM

I sit at a local diner,
A million thoughts running through my head.

Most of them are scenarios of what could have been, perhaps even of what should have been.

A tear runs down my face and the waitress calls me sugar and asks if I’m okay.

I nod my head and tell her I’ve just had a bit too much to drink.

She smiles.
It’s a sad sort of smile.
The kind you give someone when you know they’re lying but you can’t bring yourself to break their false bravado.

I sip a cup full of strong black coffee.
I never did like the stuff, but somehow it reminds me of something, someone else.
So I force it down.

A decent amount of time has passed now,
I feel it’s safe to go home.

I throw the waitress a halfhearted smile,
She throws another understanding one back.

As I walk out the door to my ride I wonder if people can see heartbreak.

If it’s spelled clearly on certain people’s faces.
If it’s evident on mine.

I waited as long as I could,
Sipping a bitter yet sobering coffee,
Just like the truth of tonight…

I find myself laying in bed,

A million thoughts running through my head,

What If

Dear Charlie,

I’m not good at writing letters, making friends or going outside. I have to much energy sometimes, and sometimes I don’t know where to keep it. Sometimes I am too quiet, sometimes I feel alone. I am good at small things, things like making coffee and things like holding a pen to paper at just the right angle to capture a face.

Someone told me to write this letter because you drink too little and feel too much and wouldn’t think any less of me even when I drink too much and feel too little. They said that maybe you’d understand me when I kiss all my friends because I can’t tell the difference between the mouths of people I’ve known since I was five and the near empty bottle I’ve been clinging to all night. They said that maybe you couldn’t help but maybe you could listen and I think that would be enough.


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I love ginny's face in the background, it screams "I'm so used to this by now..." #bromance

AHHHH, I love her face, too. It’s so hilarious, like, you know this isn’t anything new or shocking to her. Josh’s face is hilarious, too. Clearly, sniffing your pals is SERIOUS BUSINESS. And Colin’s impishly adorable smile is just… WHY is this man so freaking cute??? This cast is ridiculous. I love them so much.

But my faaaaavorite thing about that picture is that you know if it was a fan’s set pic, the fandom would be like, “Hahaha, He’s totally sniffing Colin’s neck. Why is he sniffing his neck? What goofballs!” and then there’d be the sensible fans going, “I’m sure there’s a really good explanation for this picture… I mean, it DOES look like he’s sniffing Colin, but, uh, I’m sure there’s a good reason or… an explanation… one that makes sense of everything!”

But noooooooooo. The photographer, who was actually on set with them, just straight up said that he has no clue why, but it’s exactly what it looks like - Josh sniffing his bro for no apparent reason.

I can’t even begin to even.

Morgan : I trust him

Derek Morgan x reader

Originally posted by heroofretribution

Requested by anon :  Can you do A Derek Morgan x reader where the reader is getting kidnapped and the kidnapper is driving Morgan insane because the can’t find him and he’s a troll?

Words :1076

Warning : Kidnapped, violence (a bit) and swearing

A/N Thank you for your request! I hope I wrote what you wanted :)x

I trust him

“Yeah I just ate dinner but I think I made too much” you said laughing slightly through the phone.

“Haha can’t wait to see you tomorrow baby” Derek said smiling.

“Good night. See you in the morning” you said and hang up the phone.

next morning

Derek woke up early to see your face. He was on the way to the coffee shop where you worked at. Normally in the morning you worked with your boss. There was not much people in the morning so two were enough. When he walked into the coffee shop, he could see your boss working…..alone.

“Morning” he said and smiled.

“Oh Derek! Do you know where Y/N is?” your boss asked him.

“Wait, hasn’t she came here yet?” he asked as he frowned his eyebrows.

“No. I called her phone and her apartment but she didn’t answer. It’s strange….she’s never been late” he said as he looked down.

Derek quickly got out of three and dialled her number. ‘Come on Y/N….answer the phone’ he thought in his mind. He’s never felt this before. Something was strange.

Nobody answered the phone. Derek called his colleague, Garcia instead.

“Good morn-” she answered her phone quickly but he cut her off.

“Garcia find where Y/N is right now from her phone” he said.

His voice was different from usual so Garcia knows something happened to her.

“What happened?” she asked.

“Just do it!” he said loudly through the phone and hang up.

Derek headed to her apartment and the door was locked so he kicked it to open. He quickly went into your apartment with the gun but nobody was there. He looked around but nothing seemed wrong.

ring ring

He quickly answered his phone.

“Y/N!?” he said loudly.


All he could hear from the phone was silence.

“Y/N you there!?” he said through the phone.

“Derek help me!”

You screamed loudly because your phone was not in your hand. It was in ‘his’ hand. Suddenly the phone was hanged up.

“Shit!” Derek said loudly.

On the other hand, you were in the dark and small room. You were tied up to the chair and he was sitting in front of you.

“Please let me go” you said shaking.

“Who was that?” he said in a small voice so you couldn’t hear him clearly.

“What?” you asked.

“Who was that!?” he screamed as he stood up to walk up to you.

You kept shutting your mouth and looking at his eyes.

“Who is Derek Morgan?” he asked looking at you.

“Answer my question!” he said loudly and slapped your face hard.

Your face hurt but you didn’t cry because you knew Derek would save you and you trusted him.

“Is he your boyfriend?” he asked again.

You slowly nodded looking down. A couple of seconds later you heard him chuckled.

“So you think he will come save you?” he said.

“I trust him” you said in a low voice.

“He can’t save you…..because you are mine” he said and smirked at you.

Derek drove faster than ever to the BAU office. When he ran into there, the team already got together because Garcia told them.

“Morgan! What happened?” Garcia said.

“Y/N was kidnapped” he said in a low voice.

“How did you know?” Reid asked.

“She called me” Morgan said.

“Yea I noticed that but I couldn’t track her…Morgan I’m sorry” Garcia said gently but that made him worse.

“Sorry doesn’t cut it” he said.

“Prentiss and Reid, go to her apartment. Garcia keep tracking her from her phone” Hotch said.

“Morgan when was the last time you saw her?” Rossi asked.

“A couple of days ago. But I called her last night and she was fine” he said.

“What time was it?” Hotch asked.

“After I got home so….8 pm” he said.

“Guys her phone was turned off” Garcia said sadly.

Suddenly Morgan kicked the desk hard and Garcia jumped a bit because she was surprised. No one has never seen him like this.

“Calm down. There might be some clues. Do you remember what he said last night?” Hotch said.

“S-she said she just ate her dinner and she made….shit!” he said the last word loudly.

“I know where she went” he said to the team.

Derek suddenly ran out of the office and the team followed him. 20 minutes later, Derek parked the car under the bridge and all the team members except Garcia did too. The reason why he came here is because when you usually make your dinner too much, you always come here to give homeless your food. There ware some homeless under the bridge. Morgan quickly ran up to them and showed the picture of you.

“Have you seen this woman?” he asked rashly.

“Yes” one of the homeless men said weakly.

“Where did she go?” he asked.

“Jason took her to somewhere….” he said.

Derek clearly heard the unsub name. It’s Jason.

“I think to the barn” another man said and pointed at the small and old barn which was not far from here.

Derek ran to the barn and others followed him.

There was only one exit of the barn. Derek and Hotch opened the door quickly to run into and others followed them.

“Y/N!” Derek called out loudly.

When you heard your boyfriend called your name, you thought you were safe now. But suddenly the man stood up from the chair and stood in front of you.

“Put your hands up, you’re under arrest” Hotch said calmly but Derek didn’t calm at all.

Jason slowly turned back to Derek and Hotch and smirked a bit.

“J-Jason please” you said in a weak voice from his behind.

But he just smirked and his hands were in the pockets.

“Ah you must be…..” Jason started as he slowly pull his right hand from his pocket.

“Derek M-”


Suddenly Jason fell down and Hotch came up to see him. But he stopped breathing. On the other hand, Derek ran up to you and untied you quickly. When you saw his face straightly, you couldn’t stop but cry.

“Y/N…..” Derek whispered and hugged you tightly.

“I know you would save me” you whispered into his ears.

“I love you Y/N” he said.

“I love you too Derek” you said and smiled softly.

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i actually see you guys as relationship goals, why did you and chunsa break up?

mmmm well we didn’t lol

but we’re not goals we’re just a normal couple that orders too much delivery food, likes the same tv shows, fights about dumb stuff, and cries laughing over face swap