Deadpool (no spoilers)

I see people complaining that Deadpool wasn’t funny enough (or had too much plot or serious moments) and I gotta tell you if that bothered you about the movies don’t even bother with the comics cause those constantly bounce between fucking hilarious and fucking depressing. There’s not much in between. He’s not just a comic relief character he is a tragic one too. I thought the movie did that justice. Now that the origin story is over, I’m sure the sequel will have far more of the carefree humor anyhow (and honestly its not like it was lacking in humor at one point i was laughing so hard I had tears rolling down my face).

Our baby is back !! She is better so fresh so beautiful like a flower And she is not wearing that eichen uniform that was getting on our nerves !! 🎉💃🏼

I hope she is back to HERSELF and I hope even stronger now, poor thing went trough hell. And I hope that nothing bad happens the moment the picture was taken, because she has one of her banshee faces on the “I hear something someone talking” one. I don’t want to see her get hurt anymore, it’s just too much 💔😭


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*wheezes* Omfg that comic on how Elliel and Naelia met was just too cute. Now I just want to know even more about them and all your other characters. Every new piece of info you and Bee reveal about both of you guys' ocs just makes my day because it's just so amazing to see your characters develop. Back to this comic though just ughhhhhh, they're so stinkin' cute like Naelia you look like such a freakin dork. I love it! Naelia's expressions just give me life, I need her pouty face as an icon.

THANK YOUUU sooo much omg, I’m so happy with it and the positive reception it seems to be gettin! ;v;

here btw, matching icons for you and ur bae/bff:

The point is, whatever kind of problem you’re facing, don’t feel sorry yourself. Get over it and be thankful to God. Don’t ever compare your life to others, don’t think too much about money, get away from social media and people who spend their time gossiping. Instead, make time for the ones that you care for and do the same for you. The ones who wouldn’t stop giving you support and love you need. Spend your time to do something positive and think positive. Though you’re facing a puzzling moment, just face it with a wide smile. :)
—  Andra Alodita

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"I bet you can't," Clarke challenged.

Bellamy smirked. “You really think I can’t go out with friends and not take someone home.”

“No, I really don’t. Even when you talk to a girl just to be friendly, it always ends up with you two sucking face as you stumble out the door to your apartment.”

“Challenge accepted, princess.”

He walks away with a grin, too much jaunt in his step. As the bar gets rowdier and the night ticks on, Bellamy talks to more and more girls but never lingers with one too long (he’s not enough of a dick to lead someone on, even to prove a point to her). Clarke just sinks lower and lower in her chair, glowering as he makes girls smile and laugh and touch his arm (god, they’re always touching him) and flipping off Raven or Miller whenever they roll their eyes at her in supposed knowingness. Still, despite his widespread flirtation, when last call comes Bellamy is alone when he returns to their table. 

(He doesn’t win the bet though, because their friends are only three minutes gone when Clarke pushes him up against a building and pops up to give him a sloppy kiss which he returns eagerly. After that, they are all greedy hands and wet heat. She doesn’t have much time to grin that night–Bellamy is keeping her mouth much better occupied–but the next morning she does nothing but smile in triumph because technically she did win the bet.)

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Too Much Luck

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Here’s another short story that serves as a tiny bit of character exploration for Gladstone Gander. It would make a nice half-episode for the genuine sweetness at the end.

(I’m loving how I’m just assuming these stories will magically be in the reboot. Just humor me, will ya?;D)

Too Much Luck (I.N.D.U.C.K.S Code D 2009-053 )


It starts with Daisy and Gladstone taking a walk around Duckburg together. Daisy finds a coin and picks it up, making a playful comment about how Gladstone ‘isn’t the only lucky one in this city.’

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also what is it with lip biting in fanfic?? always to the point of bleeding too?? do you have any idea how much that fucking hurts lmao it’s not nice and def not sth you should do and then just, carry on making out


I can’t tell you how nice it is to not have to take crappy phone photos of a game where none of the textures render properly. Or, in other words, “I’m still offended by how much nicer inquisition looks on the ps4, and if you thought I shared too many pictures of Nylah for my first run I’ve got bad news for you.”

Recovering Time

Fandom/Pairing: Elsword; none
Word Count: 3,347

Summary:  Arc and Psych are worried when Time Tracer’s health takes a toll.

Warning: First three paragraphs of section 1 contains descriptions of vomit.  Jump to the fourth paragraph if you wish to avoid it.  Proceed with caution.

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st1ll not over how much of a letdown sa1lor moon crystal was… complete bs, 1f you ask me. 1 mean, 1′m st1ll a huge fan of the whole sa1lor moon franch1se… my love for the mahoshojo genre w1ll never d1e! but maaan… they really screwed the pooch w1th that reboot. the character des1gns were k1nda wonky, l1ke stereotyp1cal an1me faces… you know, how the mouths are too close to the nose and the eyes get all uneven 1n some shots? yeahhh… your boy was crazy d1sappo1nted. don’t even get me started on the an1mat1on!! do 1 need to br1ng back the g1f where usag1 was sp1nn1ng that staff and there was l1terally only l1ke, 2 frames? smh… they d1d usag1 so d1rty… mak1n her look bad l1ke that! g1rl deserves better! but 1 guess 1t be l1ke that somet1mes…


Petite Fashionista #25 Blue Brocade Review Part 2

So here’s the body comparison of the new Petite body mold and the 2016 Original body mold using Dolled Up in Dots for comparison.

The Petite body is much shorter than the Original. Proportionally throughout, her torso, legs and arms have less length comparatively. Her breasts are slightly smaller but her waist size is not too different. In face they can pretty easily swap outfits, with the dress being just slightly tight on the chest for Original Barbie, but it velcros just fine! The top swapped to the Petite girl is supposed to fit loosely so it looks fine on her. I was worried the length of the dress might be too short for Original and the skirt too long for Petite, but they look great in my opinion! They both wear the ‘B’ sized shoes making that an easy switch.

So that’s The Petite body! Thanks for reading :)

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what aesthetic do you think rey would have if she was a modern young adult/teen?

I imagine her very like norm-core? lmao what a term, anyway, all adidas sneakers and sweatshirts but also a lot of leather jackets because let’s face it, she would use those asap. A lot of black pants too, and boots with flowing blouses that are of creamy colors. I think Rey would be the kind of girl thats just doing her stuff without going out of her way, like listening to a lot of music all the time and reading at every chance with a cup of coffee or inside a room all cozy full of art made out of dried flowers. Maybe at college she would study something related to astrophysics? or even aerodynamics and like she would be so obsessed with space and her main goal would be to work for NASA or something and it would be so adorable like she bringing all this random facts about space she learns in her midnight readings and you would be like ‘Rey okay, we get it, you love space’ ‘Yeah but wait, did you know that…’ and you would be like what tf did i got myself into but it would be so adorable you would smile like all the conversation.

She would give this really earthly vibe, like stability and patience and she would remind me of early sunrises and the smell of rain when you are going to breakfast but also she would be very determined. Overall a babe tbh.

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Why do u after Aprica, when Cecil is the one who choose to go after her, I don't see why you're tempting her, and if ur angry at her for reviving a dead one, why not big face, why not Abe? And the rest of the natives bringing back their freinds from the dead, is it because it's fun to manipulate a weak Aprica in her state? Bored too much?

Because as a reaper I have to give the souls I come across the choice, I can’t carry people to the afterlife against their will.
But the reason I have no gripes with the others who can do this, is because Cecil’s soul was important to me.
You see, dead souls are not equal. And do you have any idea how much the victim of a god is worth? I wouldn’t be doing this thankless, low-rank job anymore, that’s for sure..

Okay so I ended up kissing two boys who didn’t kiss well at all, I remember both their names but the major of only one of them (system analysis), aka Carlos the boy with pretty eyes who started flirting with this other girl right in front of me 2 seconds after kissing me and talking to me about stuff and telling me he just graduated from system analysis and that he wanted to stay in the field but also start a philosophy major (too much teeth, too little tenderness) and his cousin Vinicius who was less attractive but talked way more and also stayed wayyyy more with my friend and I don’t remember anything about him except for his name and face.

But anyway, 30 minutes before my mom picked us up, this guy approached us, and he was like “I’m gonna be near you. It’s rare to see people wearing all white, they usually have a good aura about them” and he sat down with us and talked to us about lots of things, he’s always traveling, he’s an archeology major, he’s probably gonna start German at my idiom school, he said he liked my ears and my knees and asked my friend if I was a magical creature because he could feel that I was special, and he told me he knew it after my friend told him I was an actual fairy. He looked at me all the while in a really nice way, almost reverential, and he said, “it’s so good, I could look at you for an entire day” and then said he fell a little in love with me after I started talking but he never made a move, he was so gentle and kind and looked at me with awe in his eyes, I felt really loved? My mom then called us saying she had arrived and when we parted he gave me a hug and it was a really good hug, you know, you can tell when a person is sincere by hugging them, and he was sincere and clear. He gave me his name, and I just added him on facebook, even though he said he very rarely uses the Internet. Despite the boys that didn’t respect and appreciate me in the way I deserve, even after kissing me, I met this really really nice one guy and I’m happy about it. He has a good soul.

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I'm going through the pixiv tags for Gieve and other than Arslan, many people ship him with Khubard(?) and Narsus. Officially there are 3 posts in the IsfanGieve tag (and hot damn it's sexy), but i noticed some artists like to be sneaky and not tag the pair in their art logs lol~

Huh… I’ve never even considered the possibility of Kubard/Gieve or Narsus/Gieve. I can see Kubard and Gieve being really good drinking buddies though because they have very similar philosophies in life (but in the books, these two are sort-of-kind-of rivals in love because they both have a crush on Farangis :/ LOL). Narsus and Gieve.. hmmmm… Well, they’re both artists (except let’s face it, everyone who’s ever as so much catch a glimpse of Narsus’ paintings seems to feel that calling Narsus an “artist” is just too much, haha) so that’s a topic they can chat about. But I feel like Gieve wouldn’t react as strongly/negatively to Narsus’ paintings as the others would, simply because he has the mindset of: well, art is always transforming and just because it looks different doesn’t mean it’s necessarily bad. 

Because of you, I’m now also sifting through the Gieve and Isfan tag, LOL! DAMNIT. I only just recently got a pixiv account so I didn’t think of using the Japanese characters for their names until I thought: OH WAIT A MINUTE, haha! God I need more Isfan/Gieve in my life, please. XD   

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Sans... does it bother you that I have depression? or anxiety? or truama...? im worried that its too much baggage and it makes it hard for people to love me... its hard enough facing it alone, im afraid ill always have to face it alone.

those things are just how your mind’s built. you can’t help any of them! so the fact that they’re there doesn’t change my opinion of ya in the least. i love you just the way you are, and i promise you’ll never need to change for me, or hide anything about you, if ya don’t want to.

but i can’t say it doesn’t bother me to see you in pain. whenever i see that you’re upset, whether it be from depression, anxiety, trauma, or something else, i…i can’t ignore that. i know you don’t deserve anything those mental problems are doing to you, and seeing you suffer like that…was that the baggage you were talking about?

because it doesn’t make ya hard to love. all it does is make me want to come up to the front of your head and help ya through it. i’ll do anything in my power to lessen the pain, and if all i can do is sit by your side, i’ll be there for as long as you need me.

i love you. so much. and as long as you want me here, i’ll make sure you never have to face your troubles alone.