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Could you do hcs for a jeremy x reader where jeremy is trying to get up the courage to put his arm around the reader while they're watching a movie and he's rlly nervous but them the reader puts their arm around him and he's like :000


  • so jer is a COWARD so when he actually asked u out he was fuckin SO BLUSHY
  • he also doesnt wanna like overstep his boundaries bc hes considerate and wonderful
  • uhh ok so he asks you at school and michael is like “U PUSSY JUST DO IT” so hes like :// ok
  • and ur ecstatic bc omg he mustered up the courage to do that!!!!!!!!! and for me????? good for him!!!!!!!!! yes yes i wanna smooch his face and hold his hand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • but u also dont wanna overstep ur boundaries 
  • so he says movie date bc its a date but its dark and ur watching smthn so u cant see him get all red and he doesnt have to talk to you and stutter
  • yall prob see some dumb cartoon bc “eh why not” 
  • and yall are like that one scene in chicken little where yall share a big thing of popcorn and keep brushing each others hands. u also both have ur own slushie and some candy
  • every now and then u pour him some sour patch kids and he pours you some whoppers just silently communicating when you want the candy
  • he takes a look around the theater and sees all the couple like cuddling close, a few people are even kissing bc this cartoon is a couples movie and hes like “shit i gotta do that”
  • you were waiting for him to make a move so youre already like p close to him, like basically hip to hip
  • and he inches his fingers closer towards yours (bc your hands are already close) and he kinda brushes his fingers against yours, eyes locked onto the screen as if nothing is happening but his face is completely flushed 
  • youre looking at him, “is he actually doing this?????” … “holy shit hes actually doing this pffft but hes doing it so badly” so to make sure you dont smirk you shift yourself on the seat and wrap your arms around him, pulling him closer to you, and you kinda lie your head on his shoulder or chest depending on how tiny you are
  • you can hear his heart go FUCKING WILD and ur so happy bc hes so fuckin adorable look at this nerd
  • at the end of the movie you peck his cheek and get up w the popcorn and youre like “wanna sneak into another movie??” and hes BEAMING
  • ok thats it ;))

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Have u considered,, alien kags. Hes been on earth for very few years so he doesnt really get how emptions and spciety works n stuff

NO I have not BUT I am considering it now

and that’s such a cute concept omg,, ok but sad backstory time: he was left behind on Earth by the other aliens because he never fit in there… so now he tries to avoid most humans bc he doesn’t know how to act around them

BUT THEN Hinata finds him, makes him toss to him and becomes his friend and Kags is so confused but also happy!! Hinata teaches him volleyball and they share meat buns once he comes back from school. He also lets Kags try milk and the next day all their milk is gone bc Kageyama has no self control.

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Heres a another Headcannon for transgirl human Ruby: she learned how to play the violin for her beautiful wife, sapphire and beautiful daughter Garnet . She plays their favorite songs all the time.

RUBY AND A VIOLIN? never though of it but 100% would sell my soul for it!