Here is my video tribute to the amazing Boy Meets World and Girl Meets World! 

The video does contain spoilers from the series finale of Girl Meets World, Girl Meets Goodbye, so unless you’re okay with spoilers, or if you’ve seen the episode, wait until after you’ve watched the finale to watch the video! 

Also, just because Girl Meets World is ending, doesn’t mean I won’t be making any more GMW videos! 

I hope you all enjoy! I worked so hard to make this my best video yet, and to do both incredible shows justice! 

Heavydirtysoul behind the video summary

-Tyler: it’s cold
-Josh: it’s cold
-Everyone: it’s cold
-Small-town Ohio
-Possible vs. plausible
-Tyler’s adorAble little dance
-we like Ohio
-no one wants to be the drummer
-*filming montage to hds music*
-car goes boom



In my opinion, this was their best video yet. The video’s meaning was very obvious but I thought I’d write about it anyway:

The song itself is an obvious cry for help; “…can you save my heavy dirty soul?” It starts the album well by introducing someone who is being smothered by Blurryface, an embodiment of their insecurities. The dark lyrics and blunt song structure portrays an overwhelming feeling of helplessness and the video embodies that feeling perfectly.

In the video, Tyler is seen sitting in the back of a mysterious black car and Josh is seen playing drums in the middle of the street. Throughout the video, the car nearly crashes into Josh multiple times. At one point in the video, we are given a view of a mysterious cloaked figure, who is presumed to be Blurryface, driving the car. This showing that Blurryface is driving the character to his doom, against his will. Later on in the video, we see the driver’s seat completely empty. This shows that Blurryface was really within Tyler all along.

As the video continues, Josh’s drums begin catch fire until they are consumed by the flames almost entirely. Tyler’s car also falls apart and explodes just before Tyler leaps from the vehicle. This shows what Tyler’s fate could’ve been but instead he managed to save himself just in time.

The video is trying to provide a sense of hope in the midst of helplessness. It is trying to show us that we can save ourselves even when our insecurities tells us that we can’t.



Best Marauders video yet!

anonymous asked:

my gf n i both had school n stuff today but from 8pm to 2am we were on a skype call it was the best thing ever, i could and did listen to her voice for hours and we just talked about stuff and made eachother blush and played video games, best valentine's day yet. i love her



I NEED a Best of Omega video series. Why does this not exist yet?? From interviews and live performances. This seriously needs to happen. Or is there one and I can’t find it? Either way, I need a compilation of this magnificent bastard in my life.

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You know what I’ve realised?

Harry Styles looks extremely good in an orange astronaut suit.


The Best of: Kanako Murakami

2010-2011 EX “Be Italian” at 2010 Nationals
2011-2012 SP “Violin Muse” at 2012 WTT
2011-2012 EX “Amarti Si” at 2012 Worlds
2012-2013 SP “Prayer for Taylor” at 2013 Worlds
2012-2013 FS “Tango Medley” at 2013 Worlds
2012-2013 EX “Someone Like You/Rolling in the Deep” at 2013 Worlds
2013-2014 SP “Violin Muse” at 2014 4CC
2013-2014 FS “Papa, Can You Hear Me?” at 2014 4CC
2014-2015 SP “Think of Me” at 2015 Worlds
2014-2015 EX “Nectar Flamenco” at 2014 Nationals
2016-2017 EX “Seven Nation Army” at 2016 Prince Ice World