their wrong

I can’t believe I have to say this

I’ve seen a lot of rude anons on tumblr lately complaining about how people write, because their english isn’t flawless, or pointing out how people are dumb for not knowing what “something something” is. Well, it seems to me this is a very much NEEDED PSA, even though everyone should know this by now. NOT EVERYONE’S PRIMARY LANGUAGE IS ENGLISH. If you make fun of someone for knowing their language AND english, I hope you’re fluent in at least 2 languages, and guess what? You’re still an as*hole. Not everyone comes from the same country, not everyone speaks the same language, and NOT EVERYONE HAS THE SAME BACKGROUND. The stuff you had on your childhood, not everyone had it. What’s “super common” in a country, isn’t on others. So think a little before speaking and being rude. The whole entire world is not the United States. Thank you for your attention. 

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Small Cuts, Le Velo Pour Deux and Visitation of the Ghost, 2008, Hollywood, California