their waists are smaller than their heads

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You know what we need more of? Fat women in Victorian-era stories. Some people have this idea that every woman back then was thin "because corsets", but there are plenty of period photos with large women in Victorian dress.

yes yes YES

gorgeous lady!

Ivan Markov painting circa 1870. this girl is lovely, if not trying very hard with her maenad costume

this woman is probably some sort of performer, judging by her many tattoos, but there are plenty of photos floating around of thin Victorian performers, so here’s some representation of a less-than-proper larger lady

more on the average-sized side, but she has a taxidermied cat on her head and I feel that deserves to be seen by as many people as possible because I’m so confused

my beloved French fashion dolls, while their waists are fairly slender, almost always have little molded double chins that suggest a more ample size contained by a corset

actually all of the women in the photos above are wearing corsets. so why don’t larger corsets and garments survive in the same numbers as their smaller counterparts? for the same reason that mediums and larges are harder to find than smalls when shopping- more people wore those sizes, so they got snapped up quickly and worn until they gave out. larger clothes were more expensive then as now, so they would have been kept until they pretty much fell apart

you’re absolutely right, anon. as today, Victorian women came in all shapes and sizes

Angry Words

Pairings: Chris Evans x Reader

Warnings: Fighting, nasty name calling, swearing, angst - It has a super fluffy ending though !!

Word Count: 1930

Summary: You’re mad, Chris is mad, but he doesn’t want to go to bed angry.

A/N: Enjoy!! 

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“Can you stop being so immature about this?!” Chris explodes from behind you, reaching out his hand to catch the door you just tried slamming in his face, his blue eyes flashing with frustration.

You scoff, storming further into the house as you reef your jacket off your shoulders, flinging it onto the couch as you pass. It hangs haphazardly off the edge, half on the floor but you can’t be bothered fixing it up.
“Oh I’m sorry,” You snap instead. “Should I be more understanding about running into your ex girlfriend at your Mother’s birthday party?”

“Yes!” Chris replies angrily, taking off his jacket also, but hanging it neatly on the hooks by the door. “I told you a hundred times already that I didn’t know she was going to be there, It isn’t my fault she was invited!”
“No,” You agree with a huff, reaching down to pull off your heels, keeping them in your hand in case you need to use it as a makeshift weapon. “But letting her hang all over you is very much your fault!”

“She wasn’t hanging all over me y/n,” Chris exclaims, running his fingers back up into his hair. “We were just catching up that’s all!”
You throw your hands up by your sides, turning back to face him. “So she wasn’t practically sitting in your lap while you caught up?

The image of Chris’ hands on his ex’s hips while she drapes her arms around his neck is imprinted into your mind, cruelly reminding you of how much he loved this woman at one point in his life. There is no escaping the painful, gut wrenching feeling of seeing them together; Scott having let it slip that before their breakup Chris was thinking of asking her to marry him, going so far as to already having the ring. Try as you might you couldn’t forget something like that.

“It wasn’t like I invited her to sit there!” The veins in the side of Chris’ neck are becoming more prominent the longer this fight goes on, his hands balled into fists by his side and his face flushed. He was getting more and more frustrated over the fact you just wouldn’t let this go.
“You should have pushed her off! Or at least told her you were with someone.”
“I tried to!”
“That isn’t good enough Chris!”
“No, of course it isn’t!” Chris laughs humorlessly, letting his hands fall flat to his side. “Nothing’s ever good enough for you.”

His response catches you off guard, your shoes falling from your hands, clattering noisily on the wood floor as you stare at him, all anger temporarily subsiding.
“Excuse me?” You finally manage to stutter out. “What the hell is that supposed to mean?!”
“It means,” He starts stalking towards you, rolling up the sleeves of his shirt as he does so. “You’re a goddamn bitch y/n, who expects our relationship to be exactly what you want all the time and when I god forbid do something you don’t like you throw a temper tantrum like a child!”

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Dating Reggie Mantle would include ...

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Identity theft. You have a thing for wearing Reggie’s clothes and he had a thing in seeing you in them. You are pretty sure it was basically identity theft at some point. Something inside him just swells up in pride when he sees you drowning in his clothes because it was some sort of mark or evidence that you were his and he was yours. Veronica may have joked once or twice that you really need to go shopping or else people will already start to mistake you for your boyfriend but you knew deep down that even if you had a closet full of designer clothes you would still chose to wear his beat down grey fluffy sweater every goddamn time.

               -Sweaters. Two words: (1) Sweater (2) paws. Reggie is weak when it comes to you wearing his sweaters that are three times bigger than you. You just look adorable in his big fluffy sweaters that you could wear it every day of the week and hear no complaints from him at all.

               -Wearing his iconic letterman jacket. Let’s be honest here dating a jock would not be complete without you wearing his letterman jacket but when it comes to Reggie it’s more of a protection, to be honest. He usually lends you his jacket that he loves oh so much when you are watching his game from a place where he can’t always keep an eye on you and other boys that might be getting any ideas. The jacket is sort of a big red flag to them to let them know that yes, you are dating the team captain and yes he will beat the shit out of them if they even breath in your direction. Or also when you wear something that was too revealing in his eyes. He would never really tell you directly because he knew how much you hate it when he tries to control you and what you wear so he decides to be sneaky and just let you borrow his jacket even though he feels naked without it because he knows you can never say no to wearing his jacket that was just swimming in his scent.

               -Stealing his snapbacks. If not his jacket, you would always steal his snapback every time you come over because  that boy had a lot of them and it would always give you an excuse to come over and ‘give it back’.

PDA. You weren’t big on PDA but Reggie would find just about any excuse to kiss you or hold you in any possible way. Ever since you had been dating you sat on his lap more times than on a chair that you actually start to feel uncomfortable if you are just sitting next to him, too accustomed in sitting on his lap, with his arms around your waist while feeling the occasional kisses on your neck. You could just be talking or reading a book and Reggie would already be poking his head near your field of vision to ask for a kiss that he always manage to deepen no matter where you are. (Let’s just say the varsity team’s locker room was not the best place for a make out session god bless Archie’s poor soul).

               -Forehead kisses. Like most people you were smaller than Reggie’s six footer frame and he just loves it (and teasing you about it). It was always the perfect position for him to lean down and give your forehead a peck every now and then that never fails to make you blush.

               -Hugs. Reggie is a teddy bear, he will never admit it but he is. When you’re tired of the world or just don’t want to interact with other people (since Reggie always manage to bring a crowd around him being Mr. Popular and all) you would just turn your back on the world and just hug him. He would jokingly wrap his jacket around you and zip it up, successfully hiding your upper body from anyone’s view which makes you whine in protest but he knows you secretly loved it because you just feel so safe in his arms. Any jokes thrown Reggie’s way were ignored at sight.

Protection 24/7. Reggie is anxious when it comes to you because he knows how your mind works and how easily you get distracted so when you’re apart or far from each other he always had to make sure that you are in his field of vision or with someone he trusts to eradicate any and every harm that may come in your way.

Supporting him in his games. You don’t miss any of Reggie’s games because you know how much it means to him to have you there. You had the same spot in front that Reggie always manages to reserve because that was where he could easily see you and give him the adrenaline  to actually get through with the games. And from there he can also hear your cheers and screams every time he does something amazing or even just him doing anything at all. (“HOLY SHIT THAT’S MY BABY!” “Shut the fuck up, (Y/N).” “LOOK KEV DID YOU SEE THAT?! THAT’S THE MVP RIGHT THERE! “ ”… he literally just ran past you.”)

Jealousy. You were both the jealous type, you were just better at hiding it through glares and sitting at his lap and pouting at him until he kisses you in front of the said threat (you weren’t fooling anybody though). Reggie however would simply just stand behind you or grab you by the waist and glare at the threat or even kiss you in the middle of a conversation just to prove his point and teach the other person to learn his damn place because Reggie did not spend the whole sophomore year chasing after you just to have some loser try to steal you goddamnit (it was just a freshman asking for directions).

Mind-blowing Sex.

               -Making out everywhere. And you meant that literally. (“I don’t wanna sit anywhere where you and Mantle had some action, (Y/N).” “Feel free to go out, V.”)

               -Rough Sex. You and Reggie are big on making love but would you be lying if you say you don’t LIVE FOR THE ROUGH SEX. It usually happens when something pissed Reggie off or when one of you gets jealous (which is most of the time) but Reggie would always have you just where he want you to be every time: gripping the sheets and screaming his name.

               -Marks everywhere. You name it: hickeys, scratches, or bruises and you both have it. Reggie have no shame whatsoever in removing his shirt just to expose the long deep marks all over his back or purposely wearing v-necks for people to see the cute little hickeys you have showered all over his neck. You however would do everything in your power to hide the HUGE hickey on one side of your neck (and more all over your body especially around your chest) where Reggie discovered was your soft spot and trying not to wince from the bruise that formed on each side of your hips, forming into a familiar pair of hands, every time someone accidentally touches or brushes over it. Reggie would just be a smirking mess all day. (“Damn Reg, did you get mauled or something?” “Uh-huh, my baby’s amazing, wanna see?” “REGGIE!” )

               -Overstimulation. Your boyfriend was an athlete which means his stamina was out of this world and there would be nothing wrong with it if he just didn’t expect you, YOU OF ALL PEOPLE, to have the same inhuman abilities as him. He could go for hours, making sure to make you cum at least twice every time you two have sex (even if you were in a hurry because you’re in the JANITOR’S CLOSET JESUS FUCK REGGIE). You would be begging him to stop but he knows you and your limitations so he can always estimate if you can or cannot give him another orgasm. It has become a game for Reggie, to see how much he can push you to the edge over and over again until you pass out from exhaustion.

               -Eating out. Reggie is obsessed in eating you out. You don’t know why but he would find any excuse to get in your pants and just eat you out and goddamn was he good at his job. Anytime, any day he would just give you that look and drag you in the nearest empty room as soon as possible (classroom, janitor’s closet, the kitchen, the living room while you were watching tv, anywhere) and just do his work with his mouth in your core, always putting two fingers in your mouth to keep you from screaming because God knows he gets in the mood in the most inappropriate places possible.

               -Aftercare. As much as Reggie loved fucking you he loved aftercare more. Before you, he never really cared much about aftercare but you are just so fucking pliant and soft after you have sex that he can’t help but want to take care of you and make sure you are in maximum comfort for you to have a good night’s rest, you probably earned it at that point.

Cuddling. As aforementioned, Reggie was a teddy bear. That’s why it was no question when you would just find yourself wrapped around each other as you lay in bed. You could either be on top of him, head comfortable on his chest and his arms on your waist or he could be burying his face deep in your chest (“you’re boobs are comfortable, babe”) as he snored away his problems and slept peacefully knowing he, too, was always safe in your arms.

Staring. Reggie doesn’t notice it but he was always staring at you. Archie could be talking to him about the new play for the game only to look up and realize Reggie probably hasn’t heard a damn thing because he was too busy staring at you from the bleachers, laughing with Veronica and wearing his jacket. (“Goodamnit Reggie, WAKE UP!! You’re girlfriend won’t run away if you stop looking at her.” “…” “You’re not even—y’know what. I give up.”). You however would just glance at him from time to time (*all the time bcos let’s be honest here you’re boyfriend is a snack) to check up on him before minding your own business for the next eight seconds.

Being afraid of your relationship.

               -For you, Reggie was a risk that much was true. You were the first girl he genuinely liked (loved) so all you heard about him were horrible rumours and stereotypes about how much of an asshole he can be. That was the reason why it took you so long to even consider to give him a chance and even when you were already in a relationship you were always just waiting for the day that he would suddenly get tired of you and replace you with some drop dead gorgeous, perfectly manicured, not a hair out of place River Vixen that could relate to him more than you could ever dream of.

               -For him, you were it. You were the one; he has found the one person who has accepted him for everything that he is. He found the one who he can never see a future without and that scares the shit out of him. He can’t believe he found something as perfect, fragile, and beautiful as you so early in his life when he is still a teenage hormonal mess. He was a teenager who found the love of his life in a hell called high school and he was going to need to fuck up a lot of times to become better. He, however, doesn’t want to fuck up when it comes to you but now he has no other choice because you were already there. He is so afraid of doing something so fucking stupid that he might actually lose you because losing you would just kill him. And the fact that someone already has a hold on him like that makes Reggie want to cower back into his shell.

Deciding to dive head first anyway.

               -Reggie proved you wrong every time, again and again that’s why you decided to stop being a wimp and just trust in him, after all he had done nothing to gain your disbelief. It was a leap of faith but if you do crash on the ground, bleeding and broken it would’ve been worth it anyway because if you had to choose someone to break your heart, it would be Reggie. (Reggie would never let that happen, anyway. Not on his watch)

               -You proved Reggie right every time again and again and that’s why Reggie decided to become a better man for himself so that he will be someone worthy of you. It would be a tough road to take and he will meet a lot of obstacles but you were someone who has made Reggie’s walls crash and crumble, the only one who has seen the real him and did not run away. You saw him for who he is: his mistakes, his imperfections, and his weaknesses and you still stayed (God only knows why). And if you could love a mess like that, then how bad can he be?

You didn’t realize it but the whole world did, you were endgame. Reggie was reckless, rough, and bold and you were careful, fragile, and calculated and that’s why you were just so fucking perfect for each other. You hold Reggie down to Earth while Reggie shows you the beauty in flying up in the sky. You take care of him and fix him up every time he goes crashing down and he makes sure that no harm would ever touch a single strand of your hair. He makes you feel protected but at the same time makes you feel strong and for Reggie who always had to have his guard and facade up you just show him the beauty in being soft and loved and open, slowly breaking down his mask to show him that you can love and accept the real him. You were each other’s happy ending and that’s why no one, not even the gods themselves, had the heart to break you two apart.

Guess who got fucking bored? Anyway i’m sorry if it is quite long for a headcannon I always forget to control myself lmao I HOPE YOU ENJOYED IT AND LET ME KNOW IF I SHOULD WRITE A SMALL IMAGINE FOCUSING ON ANY OF THESE HEADCANNONS 

Imagine You're a Viking War Prize

A fire roars in the hearth in the center of the hut, but you shiver despite the heat.  This settlement is far to the north, much farther than your own, and you’ve been unable to shake the chill in your bones since you arrived.  The wind that cuts through gaps in the hut’s stone walls doesn’t help matters and, not for the first time, you find yourself longing for wood-and-turf homes of your own village.

Wrapping your cloak more tightly around your shoulders, you wonder whether any of those huts have survived.  

You find your eyes drawn to the fire, and the screams of your friends, your family as the village burned echo in your memory.  They have haunted you during the journey here and you don’t expect that to change now that you’ve arrived.  

Outside the hut, you can hear drums beating in celebration, joined by a chorus of drunken cheers.  You wouldn’t blame them-after all, a victorious homecoming is commendable-were it not the slaughter of your people that they celebrate.  You’re just thankful that you weren’t expected to join in.  You’re the Jarl’s new wife, a symbol of his conquest, but tonight you are also young and scared and, most of all, alone.  These new people-your people now?-must understand that. Still, you doubt it will give you a pass on consummating your marriage.

Marriage.  You shake your head at the word, which hardly seems fitting.  A brief exchange of rings and the slaughter of a goat when the caravan arrived in the settlement and suddenly you are wife to a man whose name you don’t even know.  

Thinking of him, you shudder.  You may not know his name, but you know his face.  You know the roar of his voice and the swing of his axe in battle.  He was there that night, was the one who yanked you from your hiding place beneath your bed and bound your hands and feet.  The thought of him bedding you tonight fills you with a dread that sits icy in the pit of your stomach.  You’re not a virgin, and for that you thank the gods, but he hasn’t struck you as the type to care for your pleasure, so you doubt the experience will be a pleasant one.  

Unbidden, your nose begins to prickle as your eyes fill with tears.  You swallow the emotions down, though, and get to your feet.  You must be strong.  

Before you can finish steeling your nerves, you realize that the world around you has gone quiet and still. Gone are the drums, the laughter and whooping.  Even the animals have gone silent.  

Your heart pounds.

The flap of leather covering the door to the hut peels back and you see him silhouetted against the firelight beyond.  

He is even larger than you remember, impossibly large, but then you remember that the hut is sunken into the ground and realize he stands half a floor above you.  Even still, once he descends, letting the flap fall closed behind him, he towers over you, half again as tall and twice as wide.  

Taking a deep breath, you look up at him.  Stubbornly, you refuse to raise your chin, lifting nothing but your eyes to his face.  

“You missed the celebration,” he says.

You swallow.

He frowns at your silence, then shakes his head and pushes past you.  You turn to watch him, but find your eyes drawn to the axe slung across his back.  How many of your friends, your family fell to that axe, you wonder.  It’s a fruitless line of thought, but one you can’t help.  The metal practically glows in the firelight.  

Reaching around to his back, he unclasps the axe and holds it out before you on his open palms.  You shrink back from the weapon.

“War is war,” he says quietly.  “And this one is over.”

He takes the axe and hangs it from two pegs that jut out of the stone wall of the hut.  It is a place of reverence-your own father, a Jarl in his own right, hung his over the fireplace in your home.  

Although he is a man of few words, you catch your new husband’s meaning well enough.  War is a way of life, and this is his way of telling you that the strife between your peoples is not personal, that it should have no bearing in this place, in your marriage.  His words do little to quiet the screams in your mind or the smell of blood and burning huts fresh in your memory and so you say nothing.  

Your new husband stalks to the bed, a raised pad covered in heavy blankets and furs, and shrugs off his coat.  “Do you have a name?”

Still, you cannot bring yourself to speak, to share with him the name your parents gave you.

“Mine is Dengr,” he says.  “Den.  I’m going to call you Eda, if you won’t tell me what you prefer.”

It’s as good a name as any, you suppose, and it almost feels fitting.  A new name for a new life, because you can hardly be the same person you were a month ago.  

Den sits on the bed and begins tugging at his boots.  Your heart shudders in your chest again.  So soon?  You thought perhaps you would have more time before it came to this.  

Barefoot now, he gets up and crosses to you.  “I imagine this isn’t how you expected to be wed.”  

Unable to help yourself, you shake your head.  

“I’ve been told the first night can be difficult, especially if the bride isn’t as enthusiastic as her husband.”  He winces, as if he knows how colossal of an understatement he’s just made.  His fingers come up to the side of you face and you flinch, but he simply pushes your hair behind your ear.  An unexpected tenderness.  “I hope you let me make it as pleasant as I can.”

Letting out a soft, stuttering breath, you consider his words.  This is far from the life you imagined for yourself, but it is the life you have.  And…you are loathe to admit it, but he’s far from the worst looking man you could have ended up with. Perhaps fighting isn’t the right way.  

“Yes,” you whisper.  

Before you have a chance to get your bearings, Den takes you up in his arms, lifting you as if you weigh nothing, and drops you onto the bed, your cloak forgotten in a pile before the fire.  He pulls his tunic over his head, then stretches out beside you.  

You realize again just how large he is.  Your faces are level with one another, but your feet reach barely to the middle of his thighs, which themselves must be the size of tree trunks.  His hands, when he reaches for you, practically encircle your waist.  It’s been a rough few years in your settlement, and you know you are smaller than you should be in height and stature, but next to Den you feel positively tiny.  

The warmth from Den’s body suffuses your skin, even through your clothing and, for the first time in days, you find that you’re not shivering anymore.  His hands are everywhere all at once, roving across your hips, your belly, your breasts.  He fumbles with the fastenings on your apron and dress, and when you go to help him, you find your fingers shaking as well.  

Soon, you are naked, stretched out before him.  Your heart still stutters an anxious rhythm in your chest, but Den’s rough hands are rapidly soothing your nerves.  He palms one of your breasts, plying and rolling it between his fingers.  You gasp and he rolls atop you, covering your body with his own.  His tongue and teeth work at the your other breast and, when your hips stutter up into his, he groans against your skin. Leaving your breast behind, he dips his fingers between your legs.  You cannot help the way your breath hitches when he drags a finger through the wetness he has surely found there, nor the way your body clenches greedily, when he slides a thick finger into you.  

Already, you feel pleasantly full, as you roll your hips to meet his thrusting finger.  He adds a second and rolls the bundle of nerves atop your slit with his thumb and you gasp a the tight fit.  You squirm, trying to adjust to the size of him, and your wriggle only seems to spur Den on. He suckles a path from your breast up your neck with his teeth and tongue, and you can already see dark purple marks blooming across your breasts from his ministrations.  

Between your legs, his hips grind against the bed.  Where once you wondered with trepidation, you now find that you can’t wait to know what he will feel like thrusting inside you instead.  Not brave enough yet to reach for him yourself, you press one of your legs gently between his.  Den catches your hint, nonetheless, and rises up over you, unlacing his pants and tugging them off.  

At the sight of his cock, as thick and long as the rest of him, you wonder whether you have miscalculated.  The stretch of his fingers inside you drifts through your mind, and you find yourself glancing between the digits and the organ you see before you.  Then you remember his words: as pleasant as I can.  

Den must notice your worried glances because, as he takes himself in hand and presses the head of his cock against your slit, he leans forward and says, “Relax.”

He pushes against you and you breathe deeply.  The pressure builds, sharp and stinging as he slides into you, thrusting shallowly until finally he is fully enclosed.  Den’s eyes fall shut and his hips shudder against yours.  You can feel tears pricking at the corners of your eyes now and are powerless to keep them from falling as he begins to thrust in earnest.  

You breathe deeply, trying to adjust to his girth, and force yourself to open your eyes and look at the place where you are joined.  Between your slender thighs, his cock looks impossibly large, but you feel your body relaxing around him as you watch his movements. Between the wings of your slender hips, you almost think you can see the shape of him moving within your belly.  As you ease your grip on him, Den thrusts faster.  

“You feel even better than I imagined,” he groans.

“Imagined?” you manage to ask.  The pain is lessening now, but you still feel stretched beyond your limits and, as his pace quickens, you feel as though you are adrift in the sensation.  “You imagined this?”

“For weeks.”  Den nods, eyes falling closed.  “I never planned to marry, but I when I pulled you out from under that bed, I knew I had to have you.”

The mention of your first meeting pulls you out of whatever pleasure might have been building and you cry out.

“I’m sorry,” he grunts, not faltering in his pace.  “I just couldn’t stop thinking of how beautiful you were.  You were so delicate.  We don’t have things like that here.”

You frown.  “I’m not a thing.”

“No, you’re not.”  Den must feel you tensing around him because he grabs hold of your wrist and guides your fingers between your bodies.  “Touch yourself.”

You do, circling your bundle of nerves just as he had when he touched you earlier.  The tightness eases, replaced by a growing ache and Den groans again.  

“You’re not a thing,” he repeats.  “You’re my wife.  You will bear my children.”

Children.  You hadn’t thought of that, of growing heavy, of bearing down and bringing a new life into the world for him.  Your fingers circle faster.

“I thought of you while we travelled.   Thought of you round and swollen with my children.  You’re so small…”

Now that he’s said it, you imagine it too, a roundness beneath your breasts, firm and weighty.  The feel of a child rolling beneath your skin, growing strong, fighting its way out of you into the world.  You gasp.

Den slides into you easily now, and he thrusts harder, faster.  You will be sore tomorrow, you’re sure of that, but for now you let him ride you, your hips rolling in time with his.  Reaching beneath you, he lifts you up, fingers digging into your flesh and drives into you harder still.  

Closing your eyes, you let yourself fall back into the fantasy his words have spun.  You imagine your bodies, separated by the mound of your belly between you, so great that you cannot see where he moves within you.  You imagine Den’s hands roving over the firm flesh, nearly covering it despite the size and something tense and wonderful coils around the base of your spine.  You can barely move under the weight of it, round and solid and full of life.  It is nothing you ever dared hope for, but you crave it as you’ve craved nothing else in your life.  The tension coils tighter and tighter as you imagine how you would look, swollen and bursting with child and suddenly, your body tenses in sweet relief.  Den follows, bellowing his release for what seems like minutes, until finally he slows and slides out of you.  

Panting, you stretch and open your eyes, blinking at the firelight.  

You feel different, somehow.  Glancing over at Den, you find him on his side facing you, eyes closed.  One of his hands skims across your belly and you look down to find a new swelling there below your navel. Pressing against the bulge, you find that it sloshes strangely within you.  

Sliding out of bed, you go to stoke the fire.  Tonight promises to be cold and you are a wife now, with a house to tend.  You wipe the fluids from between your thighs and crawl back into bed, burrowing beneath the furs.  

As you predicted, the nightmares visit you again, but when you awaken, panting and sweating, you find Den’s arms around you, lulling you back to sleep.

((Hi everyone-this is the first one of these I’ve written, in response to prompt #2 from request 36.  This is the first of what will probably be a two or three part story, if people are interested in more.  I hope you enjoyed!  You can call me asphodel))

😽 TSI Drabble 🔮

So this nasty™ little drabble was requested from my witch Harry/ werecat Louis au: The Sweetest Incantation. If ya haven’t read it, go give it a read. 

I have no fucking idea what the fuck this is tbh but I’m giving the people what they want…RIP. 

Warning: NSFW

Um…enjoy? lol

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Jughead Jones | My Little Serpent (part two)

Count of words: 1749

Warnings: none

A/N: I just hope you like it♥ also I from now will be doing 13 reasons why imagines ♥ YAYYYY ♥




part one

Original request :


anonymous asked:

Could you possibly write a continuation to My Little Serpent please? Preferably where Fred finds out about the Reader becoming a Serpent and how he responds, also maybe him, Archie and the others finding out about the reader and Jug’s relationship. Sorry if it’s too much!

anonymous asked:

My little serpent part two pleaseeee 😍

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I found your blog and I love everything on it. It’s so amazing!!! Are you planning on doing a part 2 of my little serpent? If so, thatd be amazing!! I hope you have a fantastic day c:

The whole night you spent on that couch. He would say things to calm you down but your tears would not stop. He wouldn’t give up though. He would hold you in his arms stroking your hair and back in attemts to relax you. “It’s ok Y/N. It’s gonna be alright. You can stay here for as long as needed. You know the serpents love you. I love you,” he said. You stopped crying after he said that and you just stared at his face. “Yo-you love me?” You asked surprised. Jug didn’t reply so you took matters in your own hands and you kissed him. You kissed him with so much love you had never shown to anyone. “I love you too,” you uttered before the boy took you in his arms bridal style and run to the bedroom playfully as you laughed. He seemed so happy you said that, so he through you on the bed and run to the window and opened it. “My little serpent loves me back,” he screamed repeatingly so every one would know.

Warm sunrays hit your face that beautiful morning, removing you from the comfort of your much needed slumber. You were locked within a pair of strong arms that, took you a minute to realise, were Jughead’s. One of them was firmly wrapped around your waist, while the other was placed underneath your head, comforting it as the muscules worked as a pillow. It was a moment to savor but you were cut short when the events of the previous night hit you like a brick wall. You moved a little and stared at the jackets resting next to the double bed. One was huge, enough to cover your body down to the knee, meaning it was Jughead’s. The second was smaller. It was a little bit longer than a normal woman’s lether jacket but it was indeed yours. You started feeling uneasy due to the memories of the things said between you and your brother to the point hot tears begun streaming down your face. You didn’t take notice that Jughead was awake and watching you until he softy kissed your expossed neck and turned you around, pulling you close to his body, hugging you as if you’d be gone.

A knock on the door was what took you out of that beautiful moment the two of you shared. You thought that whoever it was would leave and come another time so you could cuddle some more, but the knocking was prominent, leading you to the conclusion that it was importand. With an annoyed groan your now boyfriend made his was to the small kitchen/ living room, where the door was placed, and opened it not asking who it was. You heard a manly voice but you did not know who it was, until you heard yelling as well. “Let me see her Jug. She’s my sister,” the voice said. “No! She practically cried herself to sleep last night because of you, Arch. Hell, she woke up this morning and the first thing she did was cry,” Jughead argued back to the reportively red headed boy before him. “I am sure of that and that’s why I’m here. I want to apologize,” he pleaded until you walked to the scene, nodding for Jughead to let Archie in. 

After Archies apologizes things seemed to be a little bit calmer. You returned home with him; leaving the jacket at Jughead’s obviously, trying to figure out how to tell your dad that you were one with the so called criminals of the town. You were sure he would not be very happy about it. But you did have to tell him eventually, i wouldn’t be a secret for ever. 

It was a cold night and Jughead had taken you from you house to go on a walk, meaning to walk to the Whyte Wyrm, cause it seemed that that’s were your walked always end up. You were holding hands and talking about everything and anything as you reached your first stop; his trailer. You wanted to take your jacket from there, not only to shield you from the cold wheather, something Jug was doing on the way there, but also because you enjoyed the vibe it gave you. After picking it up you made your way to your actual destination and walked in with no second thoughts. 

You knew almost everyone in the bar and everyone was actually so nice. There were a couple of guys that walked up to you, hugged you, informing you how glad they were you accepted their signature jacket and more. Some even came up to you and refered to you as the “Serpent’s Queen”. You found it funny and stupid as you were no queen, but rather a simple high school student spending too much time in the ‘wrong’ side of town. But they insisted, which was very sweet. Still you couldn’t understand why.

The night unrolled smoothly and it was time for you to go home. Once again Jughead would walk you there. You were actually so caught up in the conversation that you forgot about the jacket, and you walked inside your house with it on. “Dad, I’m home,” you called after seeing your dad by the kitchen island. “Hey, sweety. Would you mi- What are you wearing?” He asked slightly mad. “Well I’m pretty sure I’m wearing what I was before leaving the house earlier,” you replied sarcastically, laughing a bit at your dad’s reaction. Archie was by him watching the scene and trying to inform you that you were still wearing your Serpent jacket. “Shit,” you mumbled under your breath when realising that. “Is that a south side serpent’s jacket that you’re wearing?” Fred said walking closer to you and inspecting the item. “N-no?” You stated, more like questioned. “Y/N, what are you doing with a serpent’s jacket?” Your father asked as he gently pulled you to the kitchen, where your brother was watching the scene unfold. “It’s Jugheads?” You once again guestioned-stated, trying to find a good explanation to feed your dad with. But it didn’t work. “Y/N Y/M/N Andrews, the truth,” your father demanded, aggravated of you lying. “Ok, look,” you sighed. “I’ve spent so much time in the Southside with Jughead that the serpents feel me as one of their own.” “You are not, for God’s sake. Take that jacket of, now.” “Dad no!” you protested. “They care about me. They are family. Did you know they had one of their own to take care of me? Because your dear son and his friends can not understand when things are to dangerous? Huh? Did you? Did you know how your lovely son has been dragging me into every single one of their problems and ‘adventures’, putting my life in danger? “ you yelled at your father, completely livid at what had just happened. “Go to your room, darling. Sleep. We’ll talk about it tomorrow. You are seeing red now and you just don’t know what you are talking about,” he requested trying to clean your angry tears. “No. I’ll go to Jughead. You should have a little talk with Arch here. Maybe you’ll actually get informed about how many times this year they’ve put my life in danger. Without telling me, or asking me to help,” you replied and run into your room to call Jughead. “Hey, it’s me. Can I sleep over? Yeah? Great. Pick me up? Thank you. Yes. Just hurry.” After you hung up you started packing a little bag with some essentials. You had no intentions on coming back until Archie admitted to his actions. 

Jughead indeed hurried to pick you up, scared that anything would have happened to you. He was relieved to see you just fine but he was confused when he saw your packed bag pack. “What’s that for?” He questioned when he started the car once again. “I was curious if you minded me staying at yours for a little while,” you confessed. Jughead was shocked but tried to hide it. “Just for a couple of days. Until my brother stops being a prick.” You added and he laughed a bit. “You will always be welcome, baby,” you smiled at the nickname given to you by the raven boy. For a moment nothing mattered. Seeing that you didn’t reply, Jughead turned his head to check on you and you softly smiled up at him. “I love you,” he quietly mumbled, placing his free hand on top of your thigh. “I love you, too,” you said back, taking it into your small arms and fidgeting with his fingers. After that everything was calm. You soon reached your destination and Jughead quickly allowed you to enter the warm and cozy home. Swiftly, he picked you in his arms, carrying you to the bedroom, where he allowed you to change after giving you a big sweatshirt of his and a pair of his boxers. He simply removed his clothes, revealing his underwear and then pulling a T-shirt over his head. “Come here,” he ordered after resting his body down on the comfortable mattress. You obligated and moved close to his open arms, where he embraced you in a hug, keeping you there for the rest of the night.

When the morning came around and the warm sun embraced the two of you, Jughead just pulled you closer to his body, lovingly, as if you’d leave if he didn’t, both of you still in deep slumber. A few stray hairs were covering your calm face, your lips slightly parted as your head rested in the crook of his neck. His right arm was firmly wrapped around your waist as his other hand was resting on top of your head, caressing it in his sleep every now and again. It was a moment to savor for anyone watching, but not for long. A loud thud was heard from the kitchen/ living room and footsteps were making their way to the small bedroom. You were still sleeping but Jughead woke up when a deafening gasp came from the surprising visitors. Archie, was one of them, and he quickly let his anger take over him, screaming at his friend. “Not here. She is sleeping. Let’s go outside,” he suggested and got out of the bed, making you wince at the lost of contact. 

“What’s gotten into you? Why were you and my sister like that?” Archie begun and Jughead got ready to reply. “Arch, stop,” Betty burged in. “We both know you were trying to avoid it but it would happen and you knew it,” she reasoned. Jughead seemed lost but quickly caught up with the two. “They are finally dating and you should be happy for your sister.” She said smiling warmly at your boyfriend. “You don’t understand B. My sister became a serpent because of him. She’s slowly drifting away from me,” he confessed looking down. “You are taking her away from me,” he whispered to Jughead. “I am not Archie. You are pushing her away. You simply need to accept she is her own person. You will not always be able to make decisions for her.” He said and smlied warmly at the red head. “He’s right, Arch,”  you commented entering the small living room where the red head was, accompanied from the blond girl and the raven boy. “You will not always be there to make decisions for me. But I appreciate you try,” You added hugging your brother. It seems that for once, things were good. 


(Wrote this for a friend when she was feeling down… I hope this helps!)


Starting out;
- You two met at school and quickly became good friends,
- At first, y'all would only hang out to discuss school and to help each other with homework,
- You and Donghyuck would sit under a tree off to the side of the school, with your school books littered around and piled on your laps,
- Donghyuck would love this time because of how close you two were,
- Even with all the other noisy students around the school grounds,
- Donghyuck would only hear you,
- And he would always stutter whenever you’d talk to him or ask him a question,
- His friends would tease you,
- One of them would always walk by when you two were sitting at your tree and quietly snicker while Donghyuck shot them a threatening glare,
- You would walk pass Donghyuck locker to get to yours in the morning and see Donghyuck surrounded by his friends,
- You wouldn’t be bothered by this, he always seems so happy with his friends around,
- But you couldn’t help but feel a tiny bit of jealousy as you realized they get more of him,
- But hey, you two are just friends, why should you be jealous?
- As soon as his friends would see you, they’d begin nudging Donghyuck and excitingly whisper because “the love of his life is here”
- Only they weren’t really whispering and you heard every word,
- You couldn’t help but stare at Donghyuck while his friends pointed at you, pushing him in your direction
- You closed your locker, shoving your books into your bag as you walked over to Donghyuck and his friends, who quietly rushed off while SQUEALING after seeing you coming over,
- You tapped Donghyuck on the shoulder, seeing as he hadn’t seen you yet because his face was buried in his locker,
- Literally, he was slouching down with his face buried at the back of his locker,
- “Donghyuck, can I speak to you?”
- He jumped, quickly turning around to face you with a nervous glint in his eyes,
- he swallowed hard,
- staring into your eyes,
- “Yeah, of course?”
- You grabbed his hand, not noticing as his whole face flushed red,
- You led him to your tree, sitting down as he sat down next to you,
- “What’s up, (Y/N)?”
- You decided to be blunt because you don’t give a sheet and I also have to get the story going
- “Do you like me?”
- Haechan choked,
- His eyes fiLLeD WITH T E A R S
- no just kidding
- “What?”
- “Do you like me? I heard your friends talking about us.”
- Donghyuck was terrified.
- His hands shook.
- His heart pounded in his ears
- His blush practically burned his face
- He swallowed hard again, opening his mouth a couple times to speak but he didn’t know what to say,
- Until you gave him a concerned look, then he came up with something.
- “(Y/N), you are the most lovely and beautiful person I’ve ever met.”
- He was talking in such a soft and quiet voice,
- You almost didn’t need him
- “So do you like me?”
- You kinda just stayed put and stared at Donghyuck
- Waiting
- “Yes. Very much.”
- He then asked you on a date and you said yes and you two fell in love and blab blah blah
- Anyways
- Next category

- Always gentle
- Isn’t afraid to kiss you in public
- Thinks it’s funny to kiss you in front of his friends and watch as they fake gag
- He’ll always ask if he can kiss you on the lips
- It’s a very rare occasion when he’s confident enough to just kiss you out of no where
- Sometimes he’ll just randomly peck you on your cheek
- Or spontaneously pick up your hand and kiss it
- He likes it when you kiss his forehead, although he acts like he hates it
- Forehead kisses makes him feel all giddy and turns him into mush
- Whenever you kiss his forehead or cheek he just feels so loved.
- After you kiss him he’ll look at your lips,
- He ADORES your lips
- They’re just so perfect and cute
- Doesn’t matter if your lips are plump or not, or if they’re a weird color or smth ??
- They’re perfect to Donghyuck.
- Will also compliment your lips;
- “Can I kiss you? Your lips look really nice today.”
- “Im wearing lipstick, You want some too?”
- Likes to hold hands while kissing.
- Will take your hands into his and slowly lean down and place a gentle kiss on your nose,
- Eskimo kisses annoy him
- But he’s addicted to them
- Whenever you two are next to each other, he’ll nudge your cheek with his finger, and as soon as you look to him he’ll grab your face and Eskimo kiss you,
- But then will be a brat about it
- “Ew no, get away from me.”
- “You’re the one who initiated the kiss Hyuck.”
- “You disgust me…”
- Also butterfly kisses
- You like to randomly walk up beside him and plant a butterfly kiss on his cheek and see as he gets all blushy
- ANYWAYS, kisses on the lips are ever special
- They don’t happen a lot, mainly because you two are still very awkward + nervous
- Grabs your chin between his thumb and index finger or cups your cheek as he ghosts his lips against yours
- He’ll hum in embarrassment, closing his eyes as he gets closer to you,
- Likes to make the moment extra dramatic and lay his forehead against yours
- (Forehead touches AKA the thing that is in all my writings…)
- You’ll rub his arms or sides if he takes to long to kiss you, knowing he’s nervous
- Eventually you’ll just take hold of his shirt collar and softly kiss him yourself
- After a kiss on the lips he’ll tell you how beautiful you are
- “You know you’re beautiful right (Y/N)?”
- “You are so gorgeous (Y/N).”
- He’ll pinch your cheeks,
- “Cute.”
- he simply loves kissing you,
- N E X T

Skinship; + nct dream chaperones;
- back hugs are his favorite because then you can’t see his blush
- Is the kinda person to rub your back as he hugs you
- Also like to place his head onto yours
- He’ll randomly come over and put his arm around your shoulders if he’s feeling jealous
- Which
- Speaking of
- Mainly because he loves you SO MUCH and he doesn’t ever wanna lose you
- Just likes to be close to you
- He’ll always somehow be near you
- His friends always chaperone you two
- Jisung will come and stand In between you guys if you’re t o o close,
- “Adult supervision.”
- “I am older than you Jisung.”
- “A D U L T S U P E R V I S I O N.”
- You two are pure children of the lord so cuddling and hugs is all you’re ever gonna do until marriage ok,
- Chenle will drag you away if Haechan is too close
- “(Y/N)! Pay attention to me too!!”
- Renjun will tackle Haechan if Haechan is too close
- “I’m lonely Hyuck.”
- “Get off me Renjun.”
- Jeno will scream and distract you if Haechan is too close
- Mark just puts his arm in between you two and acts like he’s not doing anything.
- “You see nothing.”
- Jaemin always has something to show Haechan when he’s too close, and then as soon as Haechan is far enough away from you he’ll just walk away,
- “See this wall? Okay bye.”
- Donghyuck loves his friends but they’re annoying chaperones,
- whenever you’re tired, Donghyuck is always there
- He’ll gently take you into his arms and rub your back
- Will rub his cheek against your neck or nuzzle you with his nose
- Will let you lay your head unto his chest or shoulder
- He will become extremely paranoid though if you fall asleep on him because
- Would probably wake you up and make you lay down to rest properly
- Will get you a thousand blankets or jackets and won’t let you go until you’re warm enough
- Also loves to hold your hands
- If they’re smaller than his; adorable
- If they’re bigger than his; adorable
- Will put his arm around your waist but his friends slap his arm away so it doesn’t last for long
- If you tell Donghyuck that you’re uncomfortable or stiff, he’ll be there in 0.8 seconds,
- Is super gentle with his massages,
- He doesn’t wanna hurt you or make it worst
- Although after the massage he also demands one from you
- And you happily do it because he also takes the time to massage you and he’s extremely warm
- So he’s nice to massage and to cuddle
- k next

- Donghyuck trust you with everything,
- You listen to everything he has to say,
- Donghyuck trust you enough to open up to you
- You two have a keyword for when you just need to take a break and be alone with each other,
- The keyword is strawberry,
- Because Haechan is a strawberry,
- Sometimes when you’re having a bad time, and you just need to get away from everything, you’ll go up to Haechan and say,
- “I’m really craving some strawberry…”
- Donghyuck will take you outside or into a separate room to make sure you’re okay,
- You will do the same for Haechan,
- If you see that he’s about to break, or that he’s uncomfortable or isn’t happy, you’ll ask
- “Hyuck, can you help me cut up these strawberries?”
- (Nct dream is confused every time you disappear for strawberries)
- You’ll place your hand onto Donghyuck’s back and lead him to a secluded place and then make sure he’s also okay,
- You both let each other vent,
- You two know everything about each other,
- If Haechan is feeling insecure today, you’ll tell him everything you love about him,
- You’ll hug him after he’s done venting, and tell him your opinion, because you know he trusts your judgment,
- If you’re ever feeling insecure, Donghyuck will sit you down and cover you with a blanket, and then tell you that you don’t need to be insecure about your height or weight, or anything,
- Because you are so beautiful in so many ways,
- You trust each other enough to cry in front of each other or to show emotional vulnerability,
- You will both take care of each other if you cry or are feeling sad,
- You’ll ask each other what you can do, and then do everything in your power to cheer each other up or to help the other out,
- You’ll make each other hot drinks if your throats are sore after crying,
- You’ll spend the day with each other if one of you is feeling sad just to make sure the other knows you’re there for them,
- You’ll comfort each other, and let yourselves be vulnerable around the other,
- You’ll cuddle, and won’t let each other go,
- Sometimes you’ll make little gifts to cheer the other up,
- You’ll share cute little memories to make the other laugh,
- You’ll stay inside all day and watch each other’s favorite movies, and just be with each other all day,
- Sometimes If Donghyuck is sad, you’ll invite the other dreamies over to cheer him up and to have a little movie party.
- Sometimes if you’re sad, Donghyuck will get you a bouquet of your favorite flowers, and make you you’re favorite food,
- You’ll pig out on each other’s favorite candies or snacks and just be with each other
- You’ll make sure each other is okay, and remind them how much you love them,
- You two trust each other with everything, because you love each other truly, and you’re each other’s best friends,
- Ok the end buhbye

A/N: I generally keep my fics gender neutral so this assumes that you guys are adopting. But I did think Tyler having a baby girl would be really really cute so that’s my own personal bias.
Word Count: 500
Title: Bundle of Joy

You’d never felt so nervous in your whole life, and you weren’t even the one giving birth. You and Tyler bounced around the waiting room, glancing every few seconds to the doorway, to the nurses station and to your phones. Tyler paced back and forth as you sat in the chair, tapping your foot. Any moment now.

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Can’t Lose You (Carlisle Cullen x Reader)

Prompt: “Could you do a really fluffy/ angst Carlisle imagine please?” (requested)

Word Count: 590

 A/N: first time writing Carlisle, sorry if it sucks I tried me best everyone.

Originally posted by panlight

The screams echoed through the house that was now filled with silence, everyone looked at each other with concern in their eyes, this was the longest fight that you and Carlisle ever had and it was odd that you were arguing, you two are the type of couple that likes to communicate and talk about their worries and insecurities about a topic, but this time was different.

“You can’t decide for me, Carlisle!” I raised my voice to the vampire that was standing a meter from me, he was trying hard to make me understand his point of view but I wasn’t going to take any of that.

“I’m not deciding for you (Y/N), I think is better if you sit this one out” his voice sounded calm as always and his eyes held as much love as the first time you met each other which made me even mad, I could never understand how he was always so serene in this situations. “You know what happened last time”

With that I already knew that he was referring to when the newborn army arrived, during the fight I was doing amazing, dodging vampires and tearing down the ones that came for me but in an instant things escalated rather quickly and I were pinned down by a newborn that was desperately trying to reach for my body to crash me or my head to rip it apart and if it wasn’t for one of the wolves that pulled him off, I was sure that I wouldn’t be now standing here.

I sighed and brushed my hands against my face in frustration.

“That was a minor thing, Carlisle, I had it under control” I lied, it was obvious that I was losing that day but my damn pride wouldn’t let me admit that.

“I almost lost you, (Y/N)” for the first time in a while he raised his voice to me and I was surprised “I’m not going to go over that again, I can’t lose you” his voice quickly came back to its normal tone making me feel bad for even questioning him about this.

I sighed deeply and groaned moving close enough to his body so I could hug him; he quickly welcomed me into his strong arms pulling me closer.

“I hate you so much, Carlisle, I swear” I whispered with my face pressed into his chest but smiled anyway. I liked that he worried about me, even though I would still take part in the fight against the Volturi, and he sure knew that.

His grip on me became tighter and he rested his chin on the top of my head, his hands roaming over my body caressing it lightly.

“Yeah, sure, honey” he kissed my head and pulled me away from his body a little so he could see my face. I lifted my arm and pressed it against his cheek, him leaning into my touch. “I love you, (Y/N), I couldn’t live if something happened to you”

I leaned closer kissing him slowly, he instantly responded and we melt into the kiss, my hands now behind his neck and his o my waist.

“I know same goes for me” I whispered pressing our foreheads together, which was difficult because I was a little bit smaller than him, so I had to stand on my tiptoes. “I’m not going anywhere, Carlisle, we have each other back’s forever, remember that” I gave him a little peck on the lips.

“Forever” he repeated and brought me closer to kiss me again.

Connor x smaller reader headcanons

- Connor is actually (not so) secretly thrilled that you are smaller than him. 

- He thinks its adorable that you can’t reach the top of cupboards. He’ll just watch you struggle and then laugh and grab the thing you wanted with ease. Like one time you had piled up cookbooks on the floor to stand on in order to reach a glass from the top of your kitchen cupboard and just as your little tower of books was about to topple, Connor sneaks in and grabs your waist and a glass at the same time saving everything from crashing to the ground.  

- He just loves to pick you up for everything. Like if you’re kissing he’ll just pick you up when you wrap your arms around his neck. Or if you’re reaching up to get a book, instead of getting the book for you he’ll just lift you up to get it and then as he lowers you back down he’ll kiss you softly. It’s like its nothing to him and he’ll just get back to whatever he was doing but you just think its really cute how he does stuff like that for you. 

- When you get annoyed, he cannot take you seriously which makes you more annoyed (but you’re very rarely angry with him) and you end up giving him the silent treatment until he, somewhat half-heartedly and with a smirk, apologises. 

- Because you’re smaller than him his fascinated by your smaller features. He’ll think your little nose is the cutest thing, or he presses his hand against yours to measure the size difference before linking your fingers together. 

- You always steal his hoodies but they are so long that you have to roll the sleeves up unless you want to look like a child. You also steal his t-shirts and Connor thinks it so hot when you just wear his t-shirt and he can see your underwear peeking out of the bottom when you move. 

- Like Connor will come downstairs in a fit of rage like “I’ve been searching for this fucking t-shirt it for a fucking hour. How do things disappear in this fucking house?” and you’ll just have your headphones on dancing away to some song in his t-shirt and your panties and he’ll soften and just pick you up and throw you over his shoulder as he carries you upstairs squealing. 

- When you cuddle you just literally wrap yourself around him. You also love to lay with your head on his chest, just to hear his heartbeat, and you’ve fallen asleep like this so many times. 

- Or if you’re stood up hugging, he’ll put his head on top of yours. 

- He’s also got into the habit of kissing the top of your head. 

- The height difference can make kissing a bit challenging. You normally just end up sitting in his lap with your legs wrapped round his waist.

- Because you’re that much smaller than him he always put you on some sort of platform to make out with you. The kitchen counter iss his favourite despite your protests. Like you’ll start making out in the kitchen and he’ll just pick you up and put you on the counter or on the table. You don’t mind as you can loop you legs round his waist and pull him closer to you. 

- Sometimes Connor can be a bit of a dick about your height. Like he’ll tease you when you want a kiss. “Kiss me” you’ll whine. “Well, I don’t know …” he’ll joke, not bending down. You’ll pout and get on your tiptoes trying to get him to kiss you. He finds it adorable and finally take your face in his hands and bend down to kiss you. 

[Sorry these are a bit rushed, I’ll probably come back and edit them later]

7 Minutes (Shawn Mendes Imagine)

requested: nope

pairing: reader x Shawn Mendes

summary: you & Shawn meet during a fun game of 7 Minutes in Heaven after you have a rough breakup with a recent ex. 

a/n: as always, tell me what you think! I think I like this one a lot. ;)

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“Where’s Jonathan tonight?”

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Headcanons for Reaper, Mccree and Hanzo with a short S/O? Their all kind tall and I'm just a lil 5'1 dork ^~^

((oh goodness, i know how you feel being only an inch taller :’) ))


•Depends on if it’s prefall or post fall.


•This man would tease the ever loving shit out you.

•if you need something from a tall shelf/cabient he’ll lift you up from behind so you can reach, don’t be surprised if he grabs your butt during said lift.

•Kissing puts a bit of a strain on his back depending on if you’re both standing, so he prefers you sitting on or next to him when you kiss.

•loves it when you sit in his lap, you’re just the right size to fit comfortably, he’s not opposed to dropping the tough guy act to show you some affection.

•usually leaves a hoodie or two out. He loves seeing you in his clothes, they let everyone know you’re his.


•Will still tease you, just much more subtle about it.

•Makes sure to keep an eye out for you when on undercover missions. The last thing he needs is to lose you in a crowd.

•Need something from a tall place? Hahaha fuck outta here, he’d probably just watch you struggling for a bit for his own amusement.

•Eventually he’d just walk up behind you, grab whatever you were reaching for and hand it to you.

•He’d never tell a soul this but by god does he love to cuddle you. He’ll still drop the tough act, but only when it’s just you two and you two alone.

•again, he’d probably leave a hoodie or two lying around for you to find. He finds you adorable in them.


•Absolutely adores you.

•He loves your height. For real, to him it’s great. Loves to pepper your face and jawline with kisses.

•You’re just the right size to tuck your head under his chin while hugging.

•Expect to be carried. Lots. Seriously this man will not hesitate to pick you up and tote you off somewhere.

•Loves to run his fingers through your hair.

•Will be that douche that sets his elbow on your shoulder and ask about the view down there.

•If you ever steal his serape it turns more into a blanket.


•Being somewhat vertically challenged himself, he finds it rather nice that you’re smaller than him.

•While he’s not overly affectionate in front of others (or in general, really.) He won’t hesitate to call you petnames. “Little koi” is one of his favorites.

•If he is in an affectionate or good mood, expect forehead kisses. So. Many. Forehead. Kisses.

•Likes to just hold you against him sometimes, as though he’s reassuring himself you’re still here with him.

•Cuddles don’t happen often but when they do they’re amazing.

•He’ll wrap one arm around your waist so he can hold you close as your legs tangle together, while his free arm would go under your head to replace the pillow so he could bend his arm and play with your hair.

•will occasionally pick you up just for the heck of it. He likes to see your flustered reaction.

Southside Girl - FP Jones x Andrews!Reader

I kind of put two requests together here but one more than the other.  This is a much longer one but I really like it - I hope you guys do too!


Originally posted by enalgunlugar

FP Jones was not exactly the bestest of friends with your father anymore. Or exactly popular with the rest of the northside but you didn’t particularly care.
Ever since you were just 19 years old you had been sneaking to the Southside and, more particularly, to FP’s trailer. Originally he thought you were just going through your rebellious years so sure, he played along until he fell in love with his ex-friends oldest kid. A year later when you had still stuck around he finally took you more seriously, you weren’t just in a phase and if it took a year for you to prove it you didn’t care because you had fallen hard for the older man and neither of you had any shame in it at all. He had taught you how to be one of them. How to take your shots like a woman and drink any of his men under the table, he corrected your stance and really showed you how to throw a punch if you ever needed it - the south was rough and he didn’t want you hurt. Hw showed you how to hustle like no other and how to ride his bike. He wouldn’t let you on any bike but his and he didn’t let anyone on his bike but you. His favoritism and preference of have you ride with him made it clear in your head that he liked you back. From then, you both seemed to click.
You were 20 when you became an item, known only on the Southside as FP’s princess and no one messed with you, you kept it pretty well hidden in the north staying a pretty little wall flower until you could sneak back to your leather clad man and your true home. It got harder at 21 when you were given you’re your first jacket. Thick leather and embroidered back, the green serpents thick and noticeable, marked as one of them and more importantly, marked as FP’s and you never wanted to leave. Your father, Fred still had a tight leash on you to say you were almost 22 and it frustrated you and FP to all ends. You couldn’t exactly tell your father, all hell would break loose but you couldn’t leave FP - not after everything that had happened between you. FP had helped you find yourself, truly. You were not some damn wallflower. You were strong, powerful, you belonged on the Southside.
Still every night you would leave your house, a normal thing but now as you left you would dress yourself in leather and meet FP by Pop’s, jump on the bike behind him and feel the wind in your hair as you gripped him tightly. You dad never knew where you went, he just let you leave thinking you would be off to a friends or to study - little did that man know.
That night was like any other; leave, ride, get into the Whyte Wyrm and be yourself. Until they arrived. You thought nothing of it when Joaquin entered with some people, they were probably just school kids - you just didn’t see which school. You were too wrapped in FP’s arms, your lips meeting furiously as always when you had been apart for a while, your back pressed up against the railing at the top of the stairs. You remained like that, until glass was broken and shouts emerged causing FP to pull away and yell down, “What the fuck is going on?” his shouts called all attention to the two of you on the stairs. Then you saw it. The blue and yellow Riverdale High varsity jacket and then the red hair.
“(y/n)?” Archie looked up at you, your hair a mess, lipstick smudged and your leather beginning to feel hotter and hotter by the minute.
“Archie, what the hell are you doing in Southside?” you asked furious and confused,
“Enough baby,” FP looked to you as you stood behind him, “I’ll take care of this.”
“What do you think you are doing here?” FP asked threateningly once you had gotten outside,
“Looking for some thugs but I find you here instead!” Archie glared at you dangerously, “and in that, with him. What is he, (y/n), twenty years older than you?” he shouted
“Do you think I care?” you started, walking to him fiercely, making FP have to hold you back a little,
“I’m telling dad.” your face paled,
“You wouldn’t."
"Look, you two calm it! Damn you’re acting like children.”
“In case you forget, we are!” Archie interjected glaring at him,
“Speak for yourself.” You growled as FP wrapped his arm round your waist carefully and turned you to face him,
“look,” he spoke quietly to you, ignoring the seething Archie behind him, “Fred was going to need to know sooner or later right? It just happens to be sooner than you thought kay?” you nodded reluctantly as FP stood away and grabbed your hand, “Lets get you home kid, we’ll take the truck.”
The car ride was eerily quiet, Archie hadn’t quit sulking the whole way but your mind was too busy wondering how your dad would react.
You didn’t even have chance to knock when you got home before Archie barged into the house and made your dad storm out to see what was going on. To say his face dropped at the sight of you in a serpents jacket, black jeans and one of FP’s flannels with his arm around you was an understatement. Your father looked as if he was about to pass out. “What the hell is going on?”
“Welcome to your only daughters boyfriend, dad. Good to see you have been keeping tabs on her.” Archie sniped, obviously furious before he scaled the stairs to his room, your dad being to shocked to shout him back.
“What is he on about?” Fred had paled and couldn’t pull his eyes away from FP’s arm around your waist.
“Well dad, I’m with FP now.”
“Like hell you are!” Fred seemed to burst, your confession finally making it click in his mind. “What the hell are you doing with my daughter, FP?"
"She came to me mate, she’s of age what’s the big deal?"
"What’s the big deal? WHAT’S THE BIG DEAL? She’s my daughter and you are my age, you are old enough to be her father!” your dad was fuming,
"Don’t you dare.” he threatened, “what have you done to yourself.” his words seemed to stab you,
“woah, Fred that’s a bit harsh don’t you think.” FP stepped in defensively, his grip tightening much to your fathers hatred.
“This was you, wasn’t it. So desperate to get back at me that you make her into this."
"This had nothing to do with him.” you tried but FP spoke louder,
“Why can’t you accept that she is her own person now, Andrews. She can do what she wants.” 
"Not under my roof she can’t.“ You got sick of their bickering and you shouted over the two, pulling away from FP embrace briefly,
"I chose him dad. FP Jones makes me who I am and I would be lying if I said I didn’t love him,” you could hear FP’s sharp intake of breath, you two hadn’t said that to one another yet, “If you don’t approve fine, say goodbye because I will be damned if I lie to myself and stay here because this isn’t me, this is me,” you gestured to your current appearance, “and I am sick of lying to everyone. I love this man, dad! And if you wont have me under your roof like this, I will happily leave.” You didn’t realize that hot angry tears had  started to fall down you cheeks until FP had pulled you back to him and had started wiping them from your face.
“Come on baby, you can stay with me.” Fred didn’t even try and stop you as you left, wrapped in FPs arms again. Neither of you spoke on the way back to your new home but you could see FP’s worried glances from the corner of your eye.
You barely spoke when you got into his trailer either, you had only been here a few times but it hadn’t changed. You didn’t really know what to do with yourself so you stood awkwardly, kind of numb to anything that was happening until FPs arms wrapped around your waist from behind, “you need to rest, come on.” he lead you to his room but not in a suggestive way for once, you could see the care in his eyes, especially as he took your jacket and gave you a fresh shirt to wear, looking away for you to change before you hugged him tightly, you were a lot smaller than him so he rested his chin on your head hugging you tightly, “I’m so proud of you baby girl.” He pressed a kiss to your forehead lightly before delicately leading you to the bed, letting you lie down and pressing another kiss to your lips carefully before going to leave and sleep on the couch,
“no,” you mumbled reaching out, “stay with me, please.” FP smiled softly before kicking off his shoes and jeans and climbing in beside you, letting you snuggle into his side.

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Balance on the Head of a Pin

Chapter Eight

Previous Chapter

Pairing: Loki Laufeyson x Reader  |  Word Count: 3297
Warnings: Fluff, swearing

The walk to her Gran’s saw them moving in companionable silence as Loki’s mind was filled with images of Lauren in her dress. Technically it was filled with images of him peeling her out of said dress, but he wasn’t one for splitting hairs. It had been so soft under his fingers, her skin warming it through and him in return. The idea of her bare beneath would stay with him for days until he could ascertain for himself just what clever confection of satin or silk Sadie would put her in to keep those pesky panty lines at bay.

It wasn’t until she led him down a narrow dirt road out of town that he snapped out of his musings. “Darling, just where does your Gran’s home reside?”

She smiled up at him and linked their fingers. “Down this way. She’s a bit eccentric, but she ain’t crazy like Daddy said. She’s… well, you’ll see.”

“She’s quite special to you.” Here again she had nerves blooming, but where meeting her family had created nerves of fear, these were nerves of excitement. Clearly, his meeting her Gran was far more important to her than meeting her parents had been.

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ML Fluff Month || Day 7

AN: We’re a week in my dudes, still going strong


Day 7- 4 A.M.

Chat paced back and forth on Marinette’s balcony, contemplating whether he should knock or just leave.

Adrien had awoken with a start from a nightmare. It had started out quite fine. He was with Marinette and the others at the park having a nice picnic. The sky was bright and sunny, fluffy white clouds dotted the sky, and the birds flew by, singing their tune. They four relaxed under the shade of a tree, playing card games and laughing. Then all of a sudden things began to change. The birds became silent, not a single creature stirred. The sun was still high in the sky but the shadows grew darker, taking on an opaque black. Alya and Nino had vanished. Slowly the inky black tendrils seep through the cracks of the now dry dirt, reaching for him and Marinette. The blond grabbed Marinette’s hand and pulled her to her feet. He began running with the petite designer in tow, trying to get away from the tendrils.

Suddenly Marinette let’s out a piercing shriek as she jerks her hand out of his as if Adrien had somehow burned her with his touch. And burn her he did. Marinette’s wrist was an angry red, blistery in some places and charred in others, exactly where his hand had been. With wide eyes, Adrien looks to his own hands only to be met with the sight of his gloved hands, a faint black glow fading away.

When the emerald-eyed cat boy looks back up, Marinette was gone. But he could still hear her shrieks ringing in his ears clear as day. He looks to the sky and find the bright blue sky replaced by darkness. He shouts for his blue bell eyed designer but gets no response. The cat boy starts running aimlessly, shouting her name time and time again. He runs for what feels like miles but gets nowhere.

Chat Noir comes to a stop. His heart was pumping, his thighs were burning, and he was struggling to get enough air into his lungs. That’s when he heard her again. Chat tries to look into the darkness surrounding him but can’t make out anything even with the night vision granted to him by his suit. He calls out to her again but the ground beneath him begins to rumble and before the blond hero can react, he’s falling. Falling deeper and deeper until he wakes, clutching his chest as beads of sweat roll down his back.

The panting young boy calls out to his kwami, calling upon his transformation without hesitation and jumping out his window into the night. Chat runs and leaps across the rooftops, his body taking where it pleases. He stumbles but does not slow down. He can’t slow down, not until he get’s to his destination.

Chat clambers onto Marinette’s balcony with very little grace. He pauses to catch his breath and looks around. This is when his mind catches up to his body. The blond hero begins to panic as he paces the balcony. He shouldn’t have come here without thinking. What was he to say when he sees Marinette?

“Chat?” Marinette’s sleepy voice broke him out of his thoughts and abruptly halted his pacing.

Turning around, the cat boy saw Marinette rubbing the sleep out of her eyes, her head the only visible part of her body. Chat didn’t speak as he took in this image, trying to calm his rapidly beating heart.

Apparently he didn’t speak for longer than was socially accepted because Marinette had called his name once more as she started climbing out of the skylight to join him on the balcony.

“Chat? Are you okay?” Marinette’s blue bell eyes shined with worry for her partner.

Chat appeared to be in a daze as he lifted a clawed hand and gently ran his knuckles against the side of her face before pulling away quickly, almost as if he was afraid to break her. The designer’s brows knit with a mix of confusion and worry. She was about to speak up when the cat boy cupped her cheeks and leaned his forehead against hers.

“You’re okay,” he whispers softly, more to reassure himself rather than Marinette.

The dark haired girl simply slides her hands to his waist and pulls him closer. She didn’t know the reasoning behind why her partner was so visibly shaken but she did know that it hurt to see him like this.

Chat slides one hand down from her cheek and pulls her into a hug, clutching her petite frame against his as he repeated those two words under his breath. He tucks the smaller girl’s head under his chin and sighs, tightening his hold just a fraction as she does the same.

The two don’t speak for some time, not until a chill runs through Marinette’s body as she was still wearing nothing but her pajama’s and the night’s chill was getting to her despite being wrapped in Chat’s warm embrace.

“Let’s go inside,” the blue-eyed girl says softly as she takes his hand in hers. Chat flinches as the memory from his nightmare resurfaces, but he takes a deep breath and nods, following her down to her loft.

Marinette sits by the head of her bed, leaning against the white tiger she keeps there. Chat settles down by her side and pulls the blanket over their figures, wrapping his arms around her waist and pressing his cheek to her abdomen. Marinette smiles at his very cat-like demeanor and cards her fingers through his hair in what she hopes is a calming motion.

Another moment of comfortable silence passes by before Marinette speaks up again. “Do you want to talk about it?” She asked softly, tilting her head to get a better look at the boy nuzzling against her stomach.

Chat didn’t want to relive the nightmare but he hoped that by talking to his friend about it would help to lift the heavy feeling still weighing down on his chest. And so he retold the tale from start to finish.

“I’m sorry. Sorry for waking you and troubling you so late at night,” Chat finishes softly, pressing his face closer to Marinette’s stomach.

“Oh mon chaton,” She cooed softly as he apologizes. She pulls the blond into her arms and hugs him tightly. She rocks back and forth ever so slightly. “You know you can always come to me when you’re troubled, even if it’s four in the morning. I’ll always have time for my kitty.”


“No buts. You can come to me,” Marinette says firmly as she looks into his green eyes. She smiles and presses a kiss to his forehead before ushering him to lay down as she does the same. She pulls the covers up to their shoulders and gets comfortable just as a yawn slips past her lips and she closes her eyes. “Sleep kitty, we’ve got just a few more hours before school.”

A flash of green lights up the loft as Chat’s transformation falls and a sleepy Adrien is left in his place. Adrien shifts closer to the petite girl and takes her hand to place a kiss to her knuckles. “Thank you,” he whispers looking into her beautiful blue bell eyes.

Marinette simply smiles before letting her eyes slip shut once more. Adrien takes a moment to look at her features, committing them to memory just before his own lids droop and he drifts off with her.

{ five’s company // ch. 4 }

a/n: thank you for reading! love you all! hope you have a good week + hope you’re doing okay!

french used:

mon ange - my angel

gâteau - cake 

“arrêtez. maintenant.” - “stop. now.” 

inbox || masterlist


Home! Home! Home! Home! Home! John thought, pratically bouncing in the front seat when your loft was in sight. Alex could sense his boyfriend’s excitement, chuckled, and quickly pulled up to park. He hadn’t even turned the ignition off when John had opened the door, hopped out with his bag and rushed inside.

You laughed a little from the middle seat in the back, admiring how John always seemed to be your happy little beam of sunshine. 

“He had a long day at work.” Alex said sheepishly, turning off the car and looking back at you. “But, what about you? How was your day, love?”

You swallowed, and bit your lip. Alex’s beautiful eyes were staring into yours and you felt your chest tighten and your face heat up. You didn’t really want to do this. Not now at least.

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anonymous asked:

IDEA: Mike steal a car and surprise Will. Make it romantic, it will be hard. It's a challenge!!

wow, this took a lot of time to write tho but challenge accepted!
thank u for ur request, hope u like<3

Friday 12:03am, July 24, 1986.

    It was a summer night and Will was in his room doing what he liked most - drawing, it took him 3 hours to try to finish that drawing and to be honest he was almost sleeping over his crayons, the longer the time passed, the longer Will’s eyes were getting heavier, until after nearly destroyed all the progress he had made that day - with a scratch in the middle of the drawing -, he decided to lie down. Will took off his t-shirt and lay down without covering himself.

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Man Eater - Part Two *SMUT*

Originally posted by cindecasso

Fandom: Vikings

Pairing: Ivar The Boneless x OC

Summery: Ivar gets his first lesson from Kori.

Warnings: Smut galore, blood, foul language and a cliffhanger (Mahaha!)

Read on AO3 - Part One

As Ivar watched Ubbe leave - his eyes lingering on the naked girl that bid him farewell - he could feel the panic begin, his heart pounding against his ribcage like a wild bird caught in captivity. Out of habit, his hand reached for his axe, but he didn’t release it from his belt. Instead his fingertips glided along the cool metal blade, reassuring himself of its sharp edge. Of course, he didn’t actually expect to be attack there in the brothel, especially not by the whore that stood beside him, yet he found some of comfort in it.

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