their vows say it all

Just realized when Sherlock makes his vow to John, he says he will be there “for all three of you” and then corrects himself to “two of you.” He’s talking about John and Rosie FYI. Mary is the one that he accidentally miscounted.

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I just noticed that in ch84 when Undertaker is standing on a brick wall about to run away from Sebastian and Ciel during the Midnight Tea Party on one of the panels it looks like he's holding the Moon on his hands. Do you think it's just an accident or there's more to it?

Hello Anon, and thanks for the question. So, let’s start with the image itself.

First, I don’t think it’s an accident at all. This was definitely drawn to look just this way. In fact, I do believe there was a post about this sort of image has shown up in other anime and manga, although I don’t remember for sure.

Regardless, Undertaker is shown with the moon quite a lot. This has been written about by @abybweisse as well as this post by @thedarkestcrow.

Not only that, but Ciel himself has been referred to as the moon. Baron Kelvin did so.

Also, you have Sebastian’s fight with Grell. While they were semi-quoting Shakespeare, Sebastian says he made a vow to the moon.

And we all know who Sebastian made his vow to.

So, I think there’s two things at play here. Undertaker is shown with the moon quite a lot. Plus, Ciel has been reference by the moon. This could symbolize something about Undertaker’s thoughts or relationship with Ciel. He’s always shown with the moon - perhaps this mean he’s always close or nearby Ciel.

I hope that that answers your question, Anon. Have a lovely day!

Happy Once Day! Happy Captain Swan Wedding Day!
  • we will sing 
  • we will drink
  • we will celebrate love and happiness 
  • this perfect epic true love couple that we all love so much will say beautiful vows in front everyone, then will kiss
  • and everyone will cry happy tears because everyone loves them and their love
  • and we will die

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listen the Captain Swan wedding was absolutely BEAUTIFUL and I’m still sobbing with joy but you know what’d have made it even better? (aside from, you know, no curse)

Weird Al officiating the wedding and singing “do you, your highness, take this male model to be your wedded sp-” “I DO”

“… do you, good sir, take your social superior to be your wedded sp-” “i do”

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Swan Queen Wedding Rehearsal!!

SNOW: So this is where I will stand, since I can officiate your wedding!  Oh, Emma and Regina!  This is so exciting.  I’m the mother of the bride AND I get to marry you!

REGINA:  All I hear is, “Me, me, me…” (smirks)

EMMA:  (snorts)  Oh, let her have this, Babe.

SNOW:  Yes.  Let me have this, babe.  After all. David’s giving Emma away and Henry’s giving you away…”

HENRY:  I still think it’s kinda weird that I’m giving my mom away to my mom, yet I’ll be gaining TWO moms officially under one roof telling me to take the trash out every week. (rolls eyes)

EMMA:  And make sure you tidy up around the house.  (whispers to a chuckling David)  That way, I don’t have to do it.

REGINA:  I heard that! And you most certainly will do chores like the rest of us.  Henry, don’t think of it as giving me away.  You’re walking me down the aisle.

SNOW:  Yes.  Down the aisle to me. Where I will have you say your vows.  To think how it all kind of started with me and now here I’ll be, joining you in wedded bliss. (dreamy sigh)

REGINA:  (words silently to Emma behind Snow’s back). Me, me, me.

EMMA:  (bites side of tongue to keep from laughing)  My vows are on this yellow sheet of paper.

REGINA:  I already have mine memorized.

EMMA:  Of course you do.

REGINA:  Is that a flyer for Karaoke Night at The Rabbit Hole?

EMMA:  (dubious and careful)  Um… I’m not saying it is, I’m not saying it isn’t…

REGINA:  (wide eyes, Henry rolls his)  Emma! Did you write your wedding vows in a bar?


EMMA:  (hint of a smile)  I’m not saying I did, I’m not saying I didn’t.

REGINA:  (joking sarcasm)  Why exactly am I marrying you again?

EMMA:  Because you love me.  And I love you and this is like a couple years too late already.

REGINA:  (a hint of color and a smile creeps over her face, recovers)  Yes… I’m sure there will be plenty of times you’ll need to remind me of those facts in the future. (raises sardonic eyebrow)

Emma and Regina only have quiet meaningful eyes for each other and it’s as if they’ve momentarily forgotten the others there.

EMMA:  You’re also marrying me for my many other talents and skills.  (wiggles eyebrows)

HENRY:  I’m going to puke.

SNOW:  Okay! Can we please focus on some important things now?  Listen to me!

REGINA: (joking look to Henry, murmurs)  Me, me, me…

SNOW:  You are so not funny.

REGINA:  (feigns offense)  I’m hilarious!


Wow I can feel my heart breaking. Good Luck.

Dedicated to @hamilton-imaginebuddies and @hamilsontrash for helping me out with some ideas for this. 

Songs I listened to while writing this:  (x) (x)  (x) *All are instrumental 

You looked at yourself in the body length mirror, staring at your wedding dress. You ran your hands down the fabric, looking at everything.

You looked beautiful. Even more beautiful than you could have thought.

Your bridesmaids gathered around you, compliments falling from their mouths at every turn.

Tears threatened to spill out of your eyes.

“No crying!” Maria told you. “You can’t mess up your makeup!”

You laughed at that, and so did the rest of the girls.

“Aaron is so lucky to have you,” Eliza gushed. “He is going to pass out at the sight of you.”

“No! He can’t,” you giggled. “I need him to stay standing so that we can say our vows!”

“Okay, good point.”

You all laughed again, coming closer for a big group hug. Another wave of emotions hit you as you stood with your best friends. The girls that had been with you from every turn, never backing away and always helping you through your ups and downs.

“I love you guys,” you sniffled.

“We love you too,” they all said. Tears were in everyone’s eyes, there was no way to stop it at this point.

“Alright girls, it’s time to head to your places. It’s almost time,” your mom said from the doorway of your dressing room.

The girls smiled at you and gave you their final wishes, then left to go to their spots. Your mother walked over to you, a huge smile on her face.

“You’ll need this,” she told you, handing you a bouquet of yellow roses. You took them and embraced her.

“Your father would be so proud of you,” she said.

“I wish he could be here,” you replied. She nodded and gave you a kiss on the cheek.

“But he is here. He’s always watching over you. Even if you can’t see him.”

At that moment a tear finally escaped your eye and rolled down your face. She brought her thumb up and wiped it away.

“You are so beautiful Y/N. I love you.”

“I love you too mom.”

“What about me?” a voice asked from the doorway. You turned to see your twin brother Alfred standing there, all ready in his suit and tie.

“Of course I love you, what kind of a question is that?” you asked him as he laughed.

“Well thanks. I love you too,” he replied and kissed you on the cheek. “It’s time to go.”

You nodded and took his arm, walking out of the room. Your mom went to go find her seat, and a minute later you heard the wedding march begin to play.

Your bridesmaids went down the aisle one by one until it was finally your turn.

The doors opened for you and your brother, and you made your way towards Aaron, a new life, and a new beginning.

Your groom stood at the altar, his face a mixture of joy and love. Tears were about to escape his eyes as well.

Alfred handed you off to Aaron, a playful threat coming from him about keeping you happy and healthy.

Aaron’s eyes widened after a moment but he nodded, smiling at you.

Thus began the ceremony and the vows that you both wrote to each other.

At long last you both were pronounced husband and wife.

“You may now kiss the bride.”

Aaron smiled at you and leaned in, capturing your lips with his in a loving yet passionate kiss.

The crowed cheered as you both broke apart. You looked out at all of them, there was no dry eye in the house.

But the one dry eye you failed to see was standing off to the side in the corner, staring at you with a longing and sad look.

You were out of reach from him.

He was too late.


“Take some deep breaths dude,” Thomas said as he glanced over at Aaron.

Aaron was currently standing next to the altar, waiting to be told to get into place. He did as Thomas commanded and took several deep breaths, calming his nerves as best he could.

“Relax Aaron. Just think, in about an hour you and Y/N will be husband and wife, together forever. She loves you and you love her, there is nothing to worry about,” Thomas said, clasping his hand on Aaron’s shoulder.

Aaron smiled and nodded.

“Thank you Thomas.”

He nodded and then walked off, going to the back of the church to line up as one of the groomsmen.

Alexander Hamilton and his three friends walked over to him. He wouldn’t have invited them if Y/N didn’t want them there, he just hoped that they wouldn’t cause much trouble.

“Well Burr I hate to say it but you did good this time around,” Alex said, a grin plastered on his face.

Aaron rolled his eyes but thanked him.

Although he didn’t say anything, Burr didn’t miss the bitter and sorrow filled glare that was being shot at him by one of the other members of the little group.

He grimaced and looked away as the group left. The man was Y/N’s childhood best friend, and had been in love with her for forever. Y/N never reciprocated those feelings.

Instead she choose him, a quieter man that would rather stay in with a good book than go out drinking.

He smiled to himself as he imagined his bride. He couldn’t believe that she was going to marry him in just a few short minutes.

He was unbelievably lucky.

“Alright Aaron, to your place now,” the wedding planner said.

He nodded and made his way up there as the wedding march began to play. The wedding party made their way down the aisle before he finally saw his radiant bride.

He could feel tears pricking at the corner of his eyes. He never thought that he could feel this happy.

The vows passed in a blur, he was just happy that he didn’t mess them up.

He kissed his bride lovingly, there was nothing in the world that could part them now.

However he failed to see the other man, standing off in the corner crying silently for Y/N.

The one that got away.


“John!” Alex screamed from the front door of the house. “It’s time to go!”

John sighed, grudgingly getting up and walking down to meet the others.

“Alright, I’m here. Let’s go,” he mumbled. The others climbed into the car and they took off, driving to the one place that John didn’t want to go to.

The wedding of his best friend Y/N to Aaron Burr.

The wedding of the only person that he had ever loved.

There was an air of excitement around the building when they all arrived. As the group walked into the hall they saw Burr waiting by the altar.

“Well Burr I hate to say it but you did good this time around,” Alex said, a grin plastered on his face as they walked up to him.

Burr thanked them quietly, engaging in a few words with Alexander. He glared bitterly at the groom, wishing it was him that was in the suit and not Burr.

But in the end he made Y/N happy and that was all that mattered right now. He would fake as much happiness as he could and support his best friend.

As Y/N walked down the aisle his breath caught in his throat. She was beautiful. Tears began to fall from his eyes, but he was quick to brush them away.

He tried his best to tune out the vows, opting to just stare at Y/N. Even though she only had eyes for Aaron.

As they sealed their love with a kiss he stood up and went off to the corner of the room where no one could see him cry.

He stared at Y/N with a loving and longing look.

She was out of reach from him.

He was too late.

Regina doesn’t want to get married again. Emma gets that, she really does. Whenever she thinks about Regina’s first marriage she wants to dig up Leopold and murder him all over again, so she can only imagine how Regina feels.

But Emma wants to marry Regina. She just does. Henry says it’s because she wants a do-over on her own first wedding and maybe he’s right. She definitely wishes she could forget those fucking vows. Even Snow - Snow! - has to admit, “They were a tiny bit adolescent, sweetheart.” Emma blushes every time she remembers them.

Anyway, since she and Killian parted ways she’s been getting in touch with old friends, people she knew and liked back in her Boston days. They’ve been helping her remember who she was, the person she’d tried so hard not to be while she was with Hook, for reasons that make no sense to her now.

And she has a plan. She thinks Regina might be more tempted by a different sort of wedding. Conveniently, some of Emma’s old Boston friends are getting married. She takes Regina as her plus one to a Jewish wedding, a Sikh Anand Kuraj and a pagan handfasting. Regina seems particularly taken with the handfasting, but she just shakes her head at Emma when she hits Regina her hopeful, puppy-dog eyes in the Mercedes on the way home.

Pretty soon they’ve been together a year and it’s… good, really good. It’s so weird to her now, how she could have spent so many years thinking she was straight. But sex with guys was fine. She just kind of assumed it was no better than fine for anyone else, and all that Hollywood soft-focus ecstatic writhing was so much bullshit.

Then she had sex with Regina. Their first time was shy and fumbling and totally fucking amazing. It wasn’t that it was better than any sex she’d ever had with any man. It was like a different thing entirely. So: gay. Which is another reason she wants to get married. Because these days they can, and she thinks that’s a big deal.

But she doesn’t want to push Regina to do anything she’s uncomfortable with, and so things go on. They’re away from each other a lot, different parts of the country, fire-fighting all these portals that keep opening up all over the damn place since the.. fifth? sixth? curse.

Until one day she’s driving down the Vegas Strip, heading for the Mirage and she doesn’t even see the truck that hits her. There’s a blink of darkness - three days in a coma, as it turns out - and then she’s waking up to a lot of pain and a wet face because Regina and Henry and Snow and David are all crying as they hug her. Even Zelena’s sobbing.

So yeah, turns out all it took for Regina to accept her proposal was a broken leg, two broken arms and a life-threatening head injury.

It’s Henry who arranges the wedding. And maybe a lesbian Elvis impersonator wasn’t who Emma imagined performing the ceremony, and maybe she didn’t think it would take place in a hospital or that Regina would have to slip her ring on a chain over her head because both her arms were still in plaster. There are no special vows because the old-fashioned ones say it all. Loving and cherishing. Yeah, that’s them.

 “Was that better, mom?” she asks Snow later, as she’s falling asleep, still weak from the accident.

“It was perfect,” Snow says, and Emma thinks she might just be right.

Headcanons about marriage with Tony Stark

Heacanons about the reader being married to Tony

    You met Tony at a big business meeting. He was trying very hard to get you to work for Stark Industries. You were one of the best business minds there was, as far as black women in business went there was just you. In the meeting he listened to you sell your bosses product and charm everyone in the room. If a business wanted investors to throw money at them they talked to you. Tony had to have you on his team.  Eventually, you agreed (once you saw the pay increase that is) and soon the two of you were dating.

    Years later, you were comfortably at his side. People often tried to sell you as some gold digging woman, looking to heighten her status by using Tony and other’s thought Tony was just using you as a steady lay. No one actually thought Tony would ever get married… ever. Your friends were skeptical of your relationship with the so-called “playboy” but you knew Tony too well to ever pay any mind to anything anyone said.

Tony proposed to you after The Battle of New York. Realizing his own mortality gave him a sense of urgency, and while he wasn’t sure about a lot of things in his life he was absolutely positive that he needed you in it. Needless to say, you said yes.

Tony let you and your choice of a wedding planner, plan your wedding. Despite him verbally giving you permission to handle everything he wasn’t totally removed from the process. As he sat in his workshop working on suits you would show him color pallets and read off guest lists. You valued his opinion on these things.

Your wedding day was something every little girl dreams about. He refused to let the officiator have all the fun with saying vows, so he had requested that you each write your own vows. His words of love, and admiration made you both laugh and cry. Tony was nothing if not a smart ass.

You thought it would be hard to convince him to take an actual vacation for your honeymoon, he could get so consumed in his work that you were sure you’d have to drag him out kicking and screaming. It was not so, he was more excited than you were to run away to a secret island and do what newlyweds do.

Paparazzi had a field day with the two of you, and your PDA. Tony could be disgustingly romantic when he wanted to be. The tabloids were flooded with passionate kisses, and embraces, also I couple of middle fingers thrown  by the both of you once you noticed the cameras.

Once you got back home it was back to work, which meant Tony was back to being a workaholic and you were back to yelling at him about taking care of himself. It would be unbearable if he wasn’t so hell bent on helping people. That was the only thing that made all of your nagging worth it. Tony Stark wasn’t lazy, or dumb, he was just absorbed in trying to make the world a better place, and you couldn’t be mad at that.

With that being said, while Tony saved the world, you saved him. You kept him alive and relatively healthy, you were there for every nightmare, panic attack, and sleepless night. In return, he treated you like a princess. The only thing you occasionally wanted for was him, and it wasn’t hard at all to get his time. Okay, it took some planning, but he was always willing to work with you.

Because you were so crucial to Tony’s survival the rest of the Avengers often called you when he was being particularly ridiculous. You usually got calls from Fury, Natasha, and Bruce, each telling you to come get your husband before they killed him.

You and Bruce were close, he was a science bro so he was around the tower often. Sometimes you checked in on him, made sure he was eating and getting sleep. He was a quiet man, but you could sense that he was grateful to have someone looking out for him, even if that meant Tony made dumb jokes about Bruce trying to steal you away.

You and Steve often butt heads, only because he and Tony did. You had a hard time liking anyone who Tony wasn’t 100% fond of. They were “friends” sure, but you were ultimately on your husband’s side in most battles so it wasn’t uncommon for you to tell off Captain America.

Speaking of arguments, though your serious arguments were few and far between, when they happened they could get ugly. You were good at arguing. You were a business woman, of course you were good at arguing. You didn’t get to where you are by batting your eyelashes and swinging your hips, oh no, you clawed your way to the top; therefore Tony was never prepared for your serious arguments. Though they were usually about things like his health, there were a few petty subjects like other women being to friendly at benefits.

Tony always knew he was in trouble with a few simple phrases: “I just think it’s funny how…” “What you’re not about to do is…” “What do you mean by that….” “Oh she seemed nice…” he would sit down and buckle in to get his ass handed to him on a silver platter.

On the very rare occasion that you were wrong (I know, super rare, like seeing a unicorn) you would swallow your pride and apologize and the same goes for him. Apologies were always exchanged for wrong doings, and you never went to sleep angry because Tony Stark was Iron Man and anything could happen to him, so you didn’t like spending time being angry with him.

Wedding Engagement bonuses , avatar pic, MidCinJp

I got all the bonuses from the event, the room background (early full completion) and the frame (completing all endings). 

I love the room BG, the “Oath by the Ocean Wedding Chapel”, it’s so beautiful!! And having Byron kneeling in front of me just makes it perfect!!  

I hope that when this event will come in MidCinEng, the bonuses won’t be hard to get. 

Love the hair too, it’s a premium ending completion bonus. 

The frame, beautiful!! love everything from the event!! Thank you Cybird!! 

Imagine Deamus at the their wedding tho and deans getting ready to say his vows, getting all teary eyed and shit and he just looks Seamus in the eyes and goes “this is something i’ve been wanting to say since i first met you in the great hall” and everyone getting really emotional because they think its going to rlly emotional but then dean says “Hi,I’m half-and-half. dad’s a Muggle Mams a witch bit of a nasty shock for him when he found out…I’m dean” and Seamus just grabs him and kisses him because he can’t be believe he’s marrying this dork.  

Rons just sat there looking really impressed that dean remembered it all. 

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Do you think a man like Petyr Baelish believes in the gods

Gods, I hope not. 

Because the sheer nihilism that it would take to believe in the gods despite having murdered every benefactor who ever aided you and took you into their household and then murdered your wife despite having vowed to protect her, to say nothing of all the poor saps you had murdered just for business (Ser Hugh, Ser Dontos, various Vale lords), or more precisely, to do those things despite believing in gods who would punish you for eternity for doing them, is quite frightening to think about. 



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Grell with plan the wedding. How do you think William would plan the wedding?

William is someone who likes a good plan. He wants to know exactly what’s going to happen and wants to be prepared. While he’s good at planning, however, he’s not particularly good at being romantic. This isn’t to say he wouldn’t try, but it’s not something that comes naturally or easily to him. His plan would be for an efficient wedding. Guest arrive at this time. They sit here. They say their vows. People eat. All done. He knows that wouldn’t Grell’s ideal wedding though. This is something she has planned for a long, long time, and she has specific ideas. She has always dreamed of gliding down the aisle in that perfect dress with all eyes on her.

They both would have their ideas of the ‘perfect’ wedding, and I think William would do his best to please Grell in that regard. I often headcanon any attempts to be romantic would be awkward but sweet since he would be trying. He would do everything in his power to give her a fairy tale wedding - but he would need some help along the way. I see him enlisting Ronald, who has probably heard all about Grell’s dream wedding in quite a bit of detail.

Oddly, they would figure out that in the end just getting married and promising themselves to the other was the important part. Grell’s dreamed of that big, elaborate wedding, but she just wants William by her side. While William might be uncomfortable with a big ceremony, he’s willing to go through anything with Grell.

In the end, it would be perfect because they would be marrying the person they love the most.

So anyways don’t think about Alec reading to his siblings. Don’t think about Max not being able to go to sleep without his big brother reading to him every night. Don’t think about Max having Alec read his all-time favorite book “Goodnight, Moon” over and over every single night and Alec is absolutely tired of the same old story but he reads it again and again every time to see his little brother’s eyes light up and to see him smile. Don’t think about Max lying there, bundled up in blankets and laughing gleefully as Alec reads and makes different voices for every page and Alec putting the book down altogether because Max WILL NOT STOP LAUGHING and starts tickling him and soon Isabelle and Jace hear the laughter coming from Max’s room and run in and join in on the tickle fight, ending up with Alec laughing and pretending to cower and crying, “Mercy! No! Please!” as Max and Isabelle smack him with a pillow and Jace holds Alec down so he can’t get away and cheers his other two siblings on. Don’t think about the Lightwood siblings all falling asleep on Max’s tiny bed, Jace snoring loudly, his head on Alec’s shoulder, Isabelle’s on the other, and Max curled up in Alec’s lap and Alec is the last one awake and his long legs are way past the edge of the bed and he just pulls his siblings in closer, a soft smile on his face, brushing the hair out of Max’s eyes and placing a kiss on his forehead and Max snuggles in closer to him and Alec has never felt happier to be a big brother.

Absolutely don’t think about Alec helping to clean up Max’s room a week after his death and stumbling across the now tattered, old copy of “Goodnight Moon”. Don’t think about Alec, who hasn’t cried since Max’s death, who has been strong for his friends and family, losing it at the sight of this book and curling up in a ball and clutching the book to his chest, a hand over his mouth in an attempt to muffle the loud, heart wrenching sobs escaping from him, rocking back and forth as tears are streaming down on his face and he suddenly feels a warm hand on his back and then he doesn’t care, doesn’t care who sees him like this, doesn’t care that it could be anyone for all he knows, and he lets himself be hugged. He leans into this person and just cries and cries into their shoulder and it’s only by smelling the sweet perfume the person is wearing Alec knows it’s Isabelle, which makes him wrap his arms around her and cry even harder than he was before and suddenly Jace is there too, running his hand comfortingly up and down Alec’s back and murmuring, “I got you. I’m here. We’re here. It’s okay” and they just sit there for a while holding each other, the only sounds disturbing the silence are Alec’s crying and Jace’s hushed words. Alec’s sobbing dies down to sniffling and Isabelle kisses Alec’s cheek and wipes away some of his tears. “Maybe it will make us feel better if we read it?” She whispers and Alec realizes now that her and Jace have been crying this whole time too and Alec just looks up at them and nods quietly and they all sit on Max’s bed and read “Goodnight, Moon” together and they all laugh and cry and smile sadly because of the old drawings Max drew in the book when he was younger and the note Alec wrote in the book for Max when he gave it to him for his birthday and they end up falling asleep on Max’s bed in the same position that they were in a few years ago, Jace and Isabelle’s heads resting on Alec’s shoulders and Alec looks down at his empty lap and he just hugs his sleeping siblings closer to him and he places a kiss on each of their foreheads and he wipes a stray tear off of his cheek and closes his eyes, hoping to get at least a few hours of sleep. They end up like that, the three heartbroken Lightwoods holding each other in the small bed, their faces gleaming and wet from tears and embracing so tightly it would have been physically impossible to separate them. Despite losing a brother, the Lightwood siblings all vowed without even saying a word that they would protect each other, that they would not forget Max, and they would cherish every single moment they had together in case it was their last.

Being Loki’s daughter would inlude...

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Being Loki’s daughter would include… *requested by: Skymoonandstardust*

[A/n: Okay so this little series of mine was inspired by an anon who requested this for Tony Stark, it’s my interpretation on what it’d be like to be raised by an Avenger, and how they’d react to you Dating Peter parker (Tom hollands), thank you all of you who requested one(there’s one for thor, clint, Pre-serum!Steve, Post-serum!Steve, and Bucky) feel free to request another character if you’d like!]

[Age: 1 - 10]

  • “What is this vile creature, why are you giving it to me,”
  • “It’s your daughter, sir,”
  • Thor teasing him about how careful he is holding you
  • Being spoiled by Uncle!Thor
  • Loki reading nursery rhymes to get you to go to sleep
  • Steve having to explain to him the importance of school (Steve is like everyone’s BFF in this series stg)
  • “What’s a Parent Teacher conference?”
  • “It’s where you got to see your child’s progress, in school,”
  • Loki being nervous when he went to show you to your grandfather
  • “Who is this loki?”
  • “Well father this is, um, (Y/n), Your granddaughter”
  • Him not approving at first
  • But warming up to him as you ran around playing with the guards

[Age: 10 - 20]

  • Loki being very skeptical of all of your friends
  • Especially the boys
  • Nat having to teach you how to talk to boys *Because you’re father isn’t the best at it ya know*
  • Rebellion phase
  • “Why won’t she listen to me anymore!”
  • “Mr. Steve Rogers told me it was probably ‘just a phase’”
  • “He says that about literally everything,”
  • “No he doesn’t”
  • “He said the blue eyeshadow was just a phase! Now she’s wearing revealing clothing, why can’t she just wear sweatpants and some band t-shirt,”
  • Him not approving of any of your boyfriends
  • “Man of Iron, (Y/n) brought home a boy last night,”
  • “Yes, and?”
  • “She said you were acquaintances,”
  • “Don’t ask steve about this, he’ll tell you it’s just a phase,”
  • “What about the boy, he’s completely smitten with her!”
  • “He’s a good kid, i’d be surprised if this were just a phase,”

[Age: 20]

  • He was really upset to hear that it wasn’t a phase
  • “My baby! She’s getting married to some Spider freak!”
  • “It’ll be okay, they love each other”
  • “So after all this time saying it’s just a phase, you finally say something!? I was starting to believe you’re vocabulary was only made up of It’s, Just, A, and Phase,”
  • Him crying for you for the first time since you said you’re first words
  • Him and Thor glaring at Peter as you say your vows
  • Peter stuttering while saying his vows
  • “My little girls all grown up,”
Preference 12: When He Sees You Walking Down The Aisle


You and Harry had a beach side wedding. He stood at the end of the little walk way waiting for you. He was so happy the day had finally come, he just wanted you to be his wife already. He couldn’t wait for you to be Mrs. (Y/N) Potter. He was so glad that all of the waring was over and he could finally have a normal life. Your down to earth nature made having a laid back life easy. When you finally came into view and started down the aisle his grin doubled. You had on a long flowy dress that billowed in the sea breeze. He momentarily forgot how to breath because you looked so stunning. When you got down to him he pushed a stray bit of hair from your face, and said, “Hi.” You said it back and neither of you could stop smiling. And if he had to move that stray bit of hair out of your face again before kissing you can blame it on Hermione for not using enough pins, but you couldn’t complain it was very romantic.


Ron was the last Weasley child to get married. So, naturally Mrs. Weasley made a big deal of it, just like she had with Bill’s wedding. But it was finally the day, so tomorrow his mother would no longer be fussing and you would be his wife. What more could Ron ask for? But right now, as he stood inside the tent the only thing he cared about was you. He couldn’t wait to see you. When you came into view all he could say was “Oh wow.” quietly to himself. His father was one of the only ones who heard Ron and laughed softly to himself. Ron hadn’t thought anyone had heard him, and finding out that he was wrong caused his ears to turn pink. You saw that and laughed a little as well. This caused his ears to become completely red. It was a little more embarrassing than he imagined but he was marrying you. How could he explain. 


Fred stood at the end of the long aisle waiting for you. He had never been so nervous in his life. He knew that was insane, that you would be coming down that aisle in just a few seconds but he couldn’t help it. He had never been so serious about anything. Just an hour earlier he had been freaking out to George about you leaving him at the alter. George had laughed. As soon as he had started to sweat, again, the music began, and there you were. His father was walking you towards him and you looked so beautiful he couldn’t breath. He didn’t know what to do with himself in that moment, so he did what a Weasley twin is best at, he made a joke. He motioned for you to move faster and said, “Come here, Mrs. Weasley.” You laughed at the wonderful man at the end of the aisle, you weren’t Mrs. Weasley yet. The rest of the guests laughed along with you, except Fred’s mother of course, who scolded him with her eyes from where she sat in the first row. When the ceremony was over and you had shared your first married kiss you looked and the man you had just agreed to spending your life with. You matched his grin with one of your own, “Now I’m Mrs. Weasley.” He laughed shaking his head, “You know what else you are? The most beautiful woman I have ever met and ever will meet.” Then he leaned down and kissed your nose like he always used to while the guests oh’ed and aw’ed.  


Unlike his twin, George wasn’t all that nervous about you changing you mind. Forgetting the vows he had written, well that was another story. Since you had gotten engaged you had made a big deal about how you wanted to write your own vows. And George, ever trying to make you happy had agreed. Unfortunately when he agreed to this he didn’t realize that he would have to memorize his vows, he wouldn’t have someone saying repeat after me. But all the nerves ceased to exist when he saw you in your high neck mermaid gown. You looked more beautiful than the day he had met you, a feat he never thought possible. You got down to the end of the aisle and it was time for him to say his vows. He swallowed hard and began, “(Y/N) the first day we met, I thought to myself no one will ever look more beautiful that this women does right now, but of course you proved me wrong, like you always do. …” By the end of George’s vows you both were in tears. And you weren’t the only ones, many of your guests had teared up as well, but the best part for George was he hadn’t missed anything and at the end, when he kissed you, everyone cheered.


Neville was your typical groom, he was nervous but excited as well. He stood at the end of aisle waiting to see you. His heart was beating so hard it almost hurt. When you started walking down the aisle he didn’t say or do anything like everyone of his friends. He just stood there and smile because you had taken his breath away and he couldn’t string any words together. You were everything he had ever dreamed of, that may have been cheesy but it was true. You saw his smile and your stomach did a flip inside you. You smiled back at him just as wide. Even after you got to the end of the aisle, after the ceremony, and the party, you were both still smiling. 


Cedric waited for you to enter your wedding at the end of the aisle. He was getting impatient. The wedding was supposed to start at 3:00… It was now 3:47. He knew it was a bride thing, heck he knew the whole wedding should be about the bride. It was her day. The wedding day was the day that everyone saw she was the groom’s queen, and it was the best day of the groom’s life because he finally knew that he had become the bride’s king. But he just wanted to be married already! Ced zoned out on his feet for a minute and didn’t even notice when the music started and the doors opened. That is until his best man elbowed him slightly. Then he saw you. And did he change his mind lickady split about having to wait to see you, completely worth every single second. He felt a little bad about being slightly annoyed just moments ago and when you reached him at the end of the aisle, all he could say was, “You look beautiful, I love you.” You laugh, “Sorry about the wait.” He laughed and shook his head, “Wait? What wait? Any other girl in the world would have had to work eternally to look as beautiful as you do now. And it only took you 47 minutes.” 


Oliver had no idea that you had a surprise for him at your wedding. He did know that he couldn’t wait to see you, as you had told him that you had a very unique dress. You had talked nonstop about how perfect it was, and when he asked the only answer you gave him was, “Bad luck.” But today was the day and he could be more excited, his heart started beating out of his chest when the music started to play. He looked down to take a couple of deep breaths, but he looked up when he heard broomsticks in the distance. Looking up he saw that, sure enough it was you, coming into your wedding on his old broom from school wearing a breath taking red and white wedding dress. You landed right in front of him as he grinned at you. “So, worth the wait?” You asked. He shook his head smiling, “So worth it.”


As he stood at the end of the aisle Draco thought about everything he had been though in his life. It hadn’t been easy, being pressured into being a Deatheater in his sixth year. He knew he hadn’t been a very good classmate while he had been at Hogwarts, especially to those who weren’t in his house. Then you had showed him that he could still be wonderful, even if he hadn’t always been on the right path. Thinking of you put a smile on his face, then you came through the double doors and he felt like the breath had been knocked out of him, you looked as beautiful on the outside as he knew you were on the inside. When you got up to him and you were able to face each other he shook his head, “What did I do to deserve you?” You smiled and laughed, “Hhhmmm I don’t know.” He smiled back, “I Love you, (Y/N).” “I love you too.” You said and the ceremony began.