their vows say it all

okay but picture this: 10 years from now isak & even are gettin married, jonas is the best man & the girls are their bridesmaids and it’s all nice and in their vows they say sth like “you will always be the only man in my life” and eskild is crying and then suddenly 5 fine frøkner starts playin and you think it was even but but no it was isak and even is just as surprised as everyone else but you know he’s still gonna sing it all while kissing his husband

Imagine Deamus at the their wedding tho and deans getting ready to say his vows, getting all teary eyed and shit and he just looks Seamus in the eyes and goes “this is something i’ve been wanting to say since i first met you in the great hall” and everyone getting really emotional because they think its going to rlly emotional but then dean says “Hi,I’m half-and-half. dad’s a Muggle Mams a witch bit of a nasty shock for him when he found out…I’m dean” and Seamus just grabs him and kisses him because he can’t be believe he’s marrying this dork.  

Rons just sat there looking really impressed that dean remembered it all. 

TFP Extra Footage

I’m seeing The Final Problem in cinema, and they have specifically told us to come to the cinema at 8:15 even though the episode is airing at 9. I know I’m in for extra content because I’m going to the cinema but what?? I’m just imagining sitting down and Mark Gatiss appearing on the screen saying:
“You all made a vow by walking into this theatre. What you see here today must not be repeated. What I tell to you just now, in the extra footage, must always remain a secret.”
*i hunch forward toward the screen, hands shaking, lip trembling*
*the extra footage is a remix of the theme song*

They say…when you meet that person you’ll just know. Maybe not at first, but you will know. Its this gut feeling that you have and it just says: “STOP! This one…yea, this is the one I want…” Today it finally kicked in, In the midst of our conversations lost in translations I thought to myself “I wanna do this every day, and every night, for the rest of my life…I don’t wanna do this with anyone else” I found you…after all this time I am so overjoyed to know that I finally found the one I want to love till my hair turns grey and my wrinkles set in..because that is how much I love you…
—  In Love We Trust

It just hit me…. we’re going to see another set of vows. We all know the writers of Sherlock have left out important things so far because they will be *more* important later - like Sherlock finally being able to dance, John’s bedroom in 221b, a kiss between leads that isn’t shrouded in darkness - but that also means vows. We heard Sherlock’s, and we heard the fact that it was his “first and last” (he pledged himself to John, for better or for worse, till death do they part) but we never heard John’s. WE’RE GOING TO HEAR JOHN’S VOWS. Imagine, hearing John Watson say all those things we know he feels while we watch Sherlock’s face as he listens to the man he loves declare, in front of everyone, his undying commitment. Sherlock will be silently sobbing, finally hearing his vows reciprocated after all those years. My God, i can see it now… John’s voice on the verge of breaking - he’s never been good at that sort of stuff but he’d be damned if he wasn’t going to make this absolutely perfect - and Sherlock unable to pull his eyes away from John’s, tears streaming down his face as he finally, finally understands how much he’s always been loved.

 please imagine at bokuto and akaashi’s wedding bokuto starts to say his vows. all of them have at least one owl pun in them. akaashi cries partly bc they re so bad and partly bc its sweet. after akaashi says his vows he says “You’re a hoot, Koutarou.” and bokuto kisses him before the preist says he can. 

Before Age of Ultron

Looks at every on-the-set picture of AoU with Quicksilver

Watches AoU cast interviews to see Aaron Taylor-Johnson

Watches first trailer over and over to see him

Watches second trailer over and over to see him

Watches third trailer over and over to see him

Watches Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch featurette over and over to see and HEAR him

Talks about him constantly

Cuddles Quicksilver plushie

After Age of Ultron

Talks about him constantly

Finds every excuse to say “You didn’t see that coming?”

Vows to cosplay Quicksilver

Changes all phone backgrounds to Quicksilver

Makes Quicksilver collage for laptop

Talks more about him

Cuddles Quicksilver plushie more

Binge-watches interviews with Aaron Taylor-Johnson

Thanks God for his existence

Doodles “Quicksilver,” “Pietro Maximoff,” and “Aaron Taylor-Johnson” on everything

Won’t shut up about him

Yeah, guys, I’m not obsessed.

For Better or For Worse

I’ve been thinking about wedding vows a lot lately—one line in particular. I’ve heard about two married couples in the past week who found out that their spouses struggled with pretty daunting issues that were issues before they were even married. I won’t be addressing specifics since it’s irrelevant and none of my business. I’ve just been thinking about what it means to stand before witnesses and God, to look into the eyes of the one who has chosen to offer the rest of their life to you, and trust that they’re the one worth partnering with through it all. You’re giving them your word that you’re not going anywhere. You’re promising that despite the unknown circumstances that will come, you will stay and face it together. 

But what about you allowing your bride or groom to say the same in return? All the vows are meaningful and heavy, but this one really merits some thought… for them to look at you and say “for better or worse,” I think this one statement is fascinating. You see, you may not know what your “worst” will be. However, to an extent, we are self-aware human beings with behavioral patterns, tendencies, and our personalized manifestations of brokenness are not foreign to us. We might be driven by fear or shame to hide our flaws, but we are certainly aware of them. Whether you’re feeding your flesh or actively seeking to starve it, no one is exempt from the reality of brokenness.

It is foolish, naive, and the ultimate act of selfish deception to know the reality of your own brokenness… to either know it’s presence in your life or it’s potential, yet to not share this reality with the one who has chosen to enter a covenant with you. I can’t think of a more unloving way to start a marriage than to allow the one who loves you to make such a heavy promise before God and men without you being transparent about your worst. 

It’s scary to think that people are so afraid of people knowing their darkness, that they will become masters of deception, believing that the burden of their secrets is better than the risk of rejection. This is sad because when one believes the lie that they’re defined by their weaknesses, they forget the inevitability of exposure in marriage. Do you understand that marriage is the ultimate depiction of God’s relationship to us? Marriage mirrors the love of God in the way it pursues, exposes, accepts, and changes us for the better (more on that here). If you think you’ve got to sweep reality under the rug in order for someone to love you, you’re sadly mistaken.

Everyone has issues. It’s one thing to not know you’re going to struggle with something down the road, but it’s another to be self-aware and to keep your spouse in the dark. They can’t love you fully without knowing you fully. Marriage is agreeing to face everything together. I just think that if you love someone, you can’t keep making excuses for your ego. You have to let humility usher you deeper into intimacy instead of letting pride control you at the expense of pushing your spouse away in much deeper and sad ways. If you love someone, you let vulnerability and honesty be the roots that anchor your relationship. If you build a life on pretense, as soon as they catch a glimpse into reality, trust will shatter, hope will vanish, and you’ll be left with such a devastating gap between you two. The reason it’s devastating is that they probably would have been willing to face your demons with you, but once you go so long without them even knowing they were there hiding all along, how are they to know what to do?

I just really want to mean my vows. I rather know struggle than shock. Instead of thinking “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours,” be the one who chooses genuine connection by initiating vulnerability. If you know who you are and who you want to be, then marriage is an invitation for someone to come alongside you in that journey. But don’t wait until you’re a thousand miles deep to pull the mask off. If you’re concerned this contradicts the goal of “guarding your heart,” know that guarding your heart does not mean concealing reality, but sharing yourself with discernment (more on that here). 

It’s just so sad that Christians have this misconception that because they’re a new creation, that their sin either threatens that security, or invalidates it, but this is not Biblical. All I’m saying is that it is the opposite of freedom and the absence of security to pretend to be more sanctified than you are. When I say “for better or for worse,” I’m going to mean it as I lean on the strength and faithfulness of Christ’s promises and purpose in his life. But when my groom says, “for better or for worse,” I will stand with a clean conscious that I have done my part in communicating what he’s getting into. By the time we exchange those vows, we will have shown our scars, the blood on our hands, the poison in our heart, the pain from our past, the fears of the future, and the undeniable neediness we have for the hope and power of a loving God who will honor honesty and empower us to fulfill the vows we make before Him to each other. 

LB, Thoughts On Marriage

I promised a divorce fic. Hickman shouldn’t have compared them to a married couple again.

I do,” Tony says, and Steve can’t breathe.

Hearing these words makes his chest tighten, and Tony looks so bright, happy –

Steve says his own vow, his voice all but breaking, and then finally kisses him, and he isn’t sure how either of them is able to stand, probably because they’re leaning on each other, supporting each other like they always have, and Steve wants to remember it forever.


Tony took his memories, but the only thing Steve wants to forget is how it felt to kiss Tony as a married man for the first time.

(How it felt to kiss him at all, how it felt to hold him in his arms, how it felt to trust him.)

There isn’t a ring he could throw away. They wanted to keep it theirs, private; no one knows. Steve thinks Carol or Nat might suspect, but no one knows.

Tony is good at keeping secrets. Steve shouldn’t have been so surprised.

He looks at the message again. Time and coordinates. Steve could take the Avengers with him. He could finally capture Tony and put him in jail. He should do it.

He won’t. Not this time.

He takes the papers he’s had prepared for weeks and leaves.


Tony is alone, like he promised. It seems like it’s a habit of his, calling Steve when they should be fighting a war.

Why does Steve keep coming?

Not anymore, he tells himself. This is the last time.

“Take off the armour,” he says. As much as he doesn’t want to see Tony’s face, he wants to talk to this faceplate even less.

Tony doesn’t ask. He releases the armour and it falls to the ground. He looks thin under it. Pale. Like he hasn’t slept in days.

It’s not Steve’s problem.

“The serum,” Tony says. “Have you tried—”

“No,” Steve interrupts him. “This is not why we’re here.”

Tony isn’t supposed to be solving that. Steve feels sick being in the same room with him. He won’t listen to his advice.

And who’s to say it’d help and not harm him, anyway, a small voice in the back of his head says. He won’t trust Tony ever again.

“No,” Tony agrees, “we’re not.” He looks at Steve and starts to reach out to him.

Steve takes a sharp step back.

Tony’s hand falls down. “Sorry,” he whispers. “That’s not why we’re here either.”

Suddenly, Steve’s not really interested why Tony called him. There’s nothing they can talk about. There’s nothing they can fix. There’s no they.

Steve reaches into his bag.

“Is that a weapon?” Tony asks, and Steve knows he’s trying to joke and hates him for that. He takes out the divorce papers without a word and shoves them at Tony.

Tony doesn’t look surprised. Defeated, maybe.

For a moment, less than a second, Steve wants to take the papers back and shred them. Then the sharp pain he’s felt ever since remembering is back, and he knows, whatever happens now, however they save the world, this is the one thing they won’t save.

There’s no coming back after what Tony has done to him, after he’s lied, laughed—

“I do love you,” Tony says quietly, looking at the documents.

Steve doesn’t punch him, but it’s a close thing.

(He wishes he couldn’t say the words back; maybe if he really hated him, it’d hurt less.)

Tony signs the papers. His hand is shaking.

Doesn’t matter, Steve tells himself.

“I'm—” Tony starts to say.

“No.” Steve shakes his head.

Tony’s lied enough.

(“I’ll find some way to make this right,” Steve remembers, and his eyes sting.)

He takes the documents from Tony. Their fingers don’t touch.

It’s for the best.

All this wedding talk has me picturing Ziam in matching tuxedos (in my head Zayn’s in the wedding party) Liam getting all teary when Ruth says her vows, so Zayn touches his lower back like he always does to comfort him. Then later at the reception Liam drags a reluctant Zayn to the dance floor and Zayn’s blushing and leaning into Liam’s neck to hide his face. Then Karen and Ruth cut in and sweep each boy off to dance and Karen is telling Zayn how she can’t wait for their upcoming wedding to do this all over again cuz they’ve endured so much and deserve to be happy. Zayn starts getting emotional but then the music stops and they announce it’s time for Liam to perform the song he wrote for Ruth and her new husband. Zayn’s grinning from ear to ear and clapping and cheering extra hard when Liam grabs the mic, smiling and making a cheesy joke that makes everyone laugh. The song is beautiful and heartfelt. Zayn’s got tears in his eyes cuz Liam’s voice sounds so lovely and he wonders if he’s also written a song for them for their wedding.

“All In Love is Fair” - Stevie Wonder (Scandal Ep17)

“All In Love is Fair” Lyrics

All is fair in love
Love’s a crazy game
Two people vow to stay
In love as one they say
But all is changed with time
The future no one can see
The road you leave behind
Ahead lies mystery
But all is fair in love
I had to go away
A writer takes his pen
To write the words again
That all in love is fair

All of fate’s a chance
It’s either good or bad
I tossed my coin to say
In love with me you’d stay
But all in war is so cold
You either win or lose
When all is put away
The loosing side I’ll play
But all is fair in love
I should never have left your side
A writer takes his pen
To write the words again
That all in love is fair

A writer takes his pen
To write the words again
That all in love is fair

Comment: Once you end a relationship with someone you love nothing seems quite right. You will wander around feeling a feeling of being lost, of not really knowing what to do or how to go on with life. The feeling of a void that was once filled with love is unavoidable.

Dyed Hair - Michael Clifford Imagine

“Hi hi hi, could you do an imagine where yn is engaged to mikey and dyes her hair secretly before the wedding (as a special surprise because the wedding is mostly her ideas and stuff so she wanted to do something for him) and mikey doesn’t find out until she is next to him at the top of the church saying their vows and he is all excited and it’s all fluffy and stuff”

Requested: Yes

For: Anon

Smut: No

After Mikey proposed to you he became more caring and protective of you, which of course didn’t make sense because there’s no way you’ll love anyone but him. He knew he was yours but he wants to be sure until the day you two get married.

It been six months since he proposed and you couldn’t believe how time flies because tomorrow’s your wedding day. He had his own bachelor party and you had your own.

You were nervous and happy at the same time. Nervous because what if Michael changed his mind about wanting to marry you and leave you at the altar. Happy because you couldn’t wait to spend the rest of your life with him.

Your friends could tell how jittery you were and helped you relaxed. They took you to the spa to calm your nerves and headed to the salon.

“Y/N should dye your colour and match with Mikey!”

“Yes! You should do it! He’ll be surprised!”

You couldn’t help but wonder. Maybe you should dye your hair and see what happens. But you felt like you shouldn’t because you didn’t want to have a crazy hair day on your very special day.

You were having second thoughts and just asked the stylist to colour you hair but something not really noticeable since you were getting married the next day.

Since you hard dark brown hair colour that looks like black when you’re not sitting out in the sun, the stylist suggest to get dark blonde.

You trusted with her suggestion and hopefully it won’t turn into a disaster.

You sat there for four hours since it was hard to get the dye to stick to your hair but it didn’t look bad. “I wonder if he’ll notice it.”

Of course your friends said he will but you doubted it, it wasn’t really a drastic change but you hoped he’ll like it.

The following day you were getting your hair and make up done for the wedding. You were fidgeting your fingers and you Mom held your hand. “Sweetie, everything’s going to be okay. I know he won’t leave you at the altar.” said your Mom.

Once you were done it was time to go to the Church. You took a deep breath in before you stepped into the Church.

Everyone looked at you and their eyes went wide. As soon as you reached Mikey he was starstruck. “Who are and what have you done to my soon-to-be-wife?” He said out loud which made the audience laugh.

“Silly Mikey. I thought I’d dye my hair for our wedding… Why don’t you like it?” You pouted.

“N-No its not.. It’s just.. I wasn’t expecting you to do it… but don’t worry Y/N I love it and even if you dyed your hair bright pink I’ll still love you.” He kissed your forehead and told the priest that he was ready for the wedding to start.