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Junho of 2PM - Fine M/V

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Hinata for ask meme, if you're still doing it?

first impression: woah hottie alert

impression now: he’s still hot but now I know he’s also a complete sweetheart who’s a ray of sunshine and I love him.

favorite moment: His last stand and eventual death in Conquest. He was legit going to protect all of Hoshido all on his own and this was his moment of glory. Hits all the harder when he’s dying he’s more concerned about Takumi knowing his greatest moment of pride was receiving his sword from him. 10/10 death.

idea for a story: mmmm nothing’s really coming to mind… Oh! How about a story of him entering that fighting competition that he and Takumi were talking about in their support? That’d be cool!

unpopular opinion: I definitely don’t think he likes Takumi in a romantic way.

favorite relationship: That being said, I’m torn between his friendship with Takumi and my own otp of him and Kagero haha. I like his friendship with Takumi because retainers aren’t really supposed to be friends and yet he’s so close to Takumi all the same. It’s obvious he really wants to be best friends with him and to act like an older brother, but he’s barely containing himself from giving him noogies at any time. But I also like his relationship with Kagero because honestly they’re such a good match?? He’s such a pure flirt and she gets flustered so easily, and he actually likes her paintings cause they’re so cool looking! I also think they’re personalities just mesh perfectly. They also look adorable together and I love them so much-

favorite headcanon: He’d totally give Takumi girl advice even though he’s just as clueless about women as his liege is. Those two dorks would just come up with increasingly worse advice until one of them scares off the girl Takumi was interested in. Hinata would be banned from giving advice, but he’d still try to be Takumi’s wingman in the future lol. even better if Takumi’s like ‘how the heck did he marry Kagero of all people if he’s this bad at this???’ and Hinata’s just like. offended.

GOT7 reaction to them getting emotional at a fansign

Anon said: Hiiii, I’d like to request a reaction with both BTS & GOT7 please, where they were at fansign and a fan came up to them, holding their hands with tons of gifts and letters and sincerely asking them to take care of themselves because they deserve the world and all that which got them seriously emotional or something like that. Thanks love

Jaebum: “I am just touched by every word you guys say to us, give us gifts, support us and are there for us when times are hard. I want to say I love you and that we will ALWAYS be there for you as you are for us.” *had to get it off his chest and say how he is feeling*

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Jackson: He would be emotional and shead tears but that they don’t get noticed. He would same as Jaebum take the mic and say how he feels. He would want to give to all iGOT7′s whole world and just do anything for them and protect them/us.

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Mark: He would start crying, and would want to say something but can’t because he just is full of emotions, and members would like calm him down and iGOT7′s would tell him to not cry, that everything is okay, shout “I love you” and even tho he can’t speak would in a sobbing voice manage to say “I-I love you too” 

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Youngjae: Just wants to give evryone a hug and wants to express his love towars you/us.
“I can’t even explain how much I love you guys, I can’t even explain.. I am sorry for crying” he would smile 

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Yugyeom: He wouldn’t cry, but he would observe everyone and just smile because he is so happy to have us in his life.

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Bambam: “I just want to hug you all right now, oh my God. I love you”

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Jinyoung: “We don’t deserve such beautiful people like you. You are so precious and I want you all to know that we will never leave you, we will always take care of you. I want every each one of you to take care, stay healthy and keep smiling.” + *gif*

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Fem 30s ignis headcanon pleasee > <

I am so sorry for taking so long, dear anon. Racc had technical difficulties. :((

I’ve been wanting to do yours for a while, I adore Fem!Ignis! I literally have nothing particular in mind for this, so it’s all going to be random and as it appears in my head. Let’s see what happens!  ヽ(・∀・)ノ

Apology in advance for typos, this is not second-read/corrected.

Thanks to yuu-be-good and expectogladiolus for giving me a hand; some headcanons are theirs, some are really just addition to them. Not tagging so none feels forced to read, but giving recognition for the help. ( ´ ▽ ` )

Fem! Post journey, WoR and 32 y.o. Ignis random headcanons:

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dreams blur with reality and make it hard to decipher the fine line between the two states of (somewhat) living, even when we’re awake. we wonder when the wall between the places collapse to let souls walk across the border and we hope these dreams become our reality. the dreams of drunken laughs diffusing into sea salt air nestling in the fast food franchises with the sign of good times hanging in lucky gold neon above our head resonates inside of us, marring our minds with burning bliss. then, as the haze overcasts and the bright lights merge into one single spotlight, bass treble turning to static in our ears, we can’t tell what is real anymore. we start to realise the friends we had along the way was just us clad with orange-red-blonde-blue-brown-black hair. it’s a shame the truth was veiled with the souls’ (or should i say six versions of you) hope to hold onto a friendship that can only happen in dreams.