their videos were filmed with a shoe

NCT 127 + Ten Reaction : “When you’re Drunk”

Hey guys! This is a NCT 127 All Members Reaction and Ten, to when you’re drunk! Requests are open - so send them in! Hope you enjoy it! <3 Luna

Warning - If you’re sensitive to drunken scenarios/behaviour please do not read on! 

*As always, I will state which gifs are mine! And, this is only my opinion and is in now way meant to offend anyone! <3* 


*gif by me*

“Jagi, you okay?” Taeyong asked taking your hand as you clung onto his waist a the bar. You giggled loudly, unable to stop the laugh from escaping your lips. You could feel your lips moving but struggled to even know what you were saying. Instead you watched as he swayed in your vision.

“Y/N? How many fingers am I holding up?”

“Oh my god! Your hands are huge!” you screeched taking them in your own, just as you were about to stumble backwards. His arm wrapped around your waist hugging you close to him as he grabbed you a glass of water and leading you outside. 

“Sip the water Y/N, don’t gulp it,” he instructed with a laugh as he sat you down, kneeling in front of you and smiling. “Drink that and then we’ll get some food and go home, okay?”

You nodded feeling the buzz of the alcohol hit you and the world spin in turn. “Okay. Why do you look after me all the time.” 

He didn’t answer, instead he planted a soft kiss on your lips. “Come on. Let’s get some food.” 


*gif by me*

Taeil had managed to get you home. He had practically carried you up the stairs, helped you change clothes and put you into bed with a kiss on your head. Little did he know you weren’t where he left you. Taeil had been sat alone in the living room when he smelt the burning.

“What the hell?” he hurried from the room, sprinting into the kitchen where smoke was thick in the air, billowing out from the toaster. “Y/N!?” he cried shaking his head at you sitting on the floor with a jar of chocolate spread in your hands and a spoon in your mouth.

“What?” you mumbled through a mouthful of spread that coated your teeth and tongue. “Taeil why are you trying to set the house on fire?!” 

He glared down at you swatting the air with a towel just so the fire alarm didn’t go off at three in the morning. The other members would be pretty annoyed at that. “Why aren’t you in bed!?” Taeil cried pushing open every window before kneeling in front of you.

You smiled widely at him tapping him on the nose with the spoon and leaving chocolate in its place. “I was hungry,” you slurred leaning towards him and kissing his nose sloppily. He held you there for a moment grinning to himself. “And it’s lonely in bed without you.”


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“Johnny! Look!” you cried looking back to him as you stood on a wall. You were balancing yourself crazily, barely staying upright. The alcohol slurred your words but you swore you felt fine.

“What are you doing?” he gasped grabbing your waist and lifting you down. “I swear I take my eyes off you for two seconds…”

You shut him by planting a kiss on his lips. He grinned against your mouth before whispering, “You’re unbelievable Y/N.”

“Will you carry me?” you asked quietly hugging his arm. He lifted you onto his back and carried you all the way home. 

Along the way he made silly jokes with you, he kept you relaxed, trying to forget the sick feeling that was rising in your stomach. He laughed at everything you said in a drunken slur until you fell asleep against his shoulder. “The things I do for you Y/N.”


*gif by me*

Yuta was just as drunk as you. The pair of you struggled to get into a cab, and then stumbled together through the front door of the dorm. “I’m starving!” Yuta grumbled heading straight for the kitchen. 

“Mmm this is so good!” was all you heard as you finally made it into the kitchen. You kicked off your shoes along the way and only just catching him as he scoffed your secret stash of crisps into his mouth.

“Yuta!” you cried running over and tackling him for the food. “Sharing is caring!”

He was off balance and crashed to the floor, taking you with him, knocking the bag from his hands. Crisps scattered everywhere. And with a pout on your face you rolled beside him punching him in the chest.

“Ugh I’m wounded!” he cried grabbing a handful of them and throwing it at you. The laughs between you were explosive as the food fight began. Until suddenly a voice came from nowhere. “What the hell Yuta?! You can clean this up!” Taeyong shrieked from the door. “Are you two drunk?”

“Nooooo,” you laughed in a sing song voice as Yuta grabbed you.

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1.1 Mandag 31.07.17 11.59

((( Everyday - Asap Rocky )))

Elias walked up the stairs to the cream coloured apartment, a light breeze occasionally hitting his face. The dark clouds overhead suddenly grew ominous, as if the sky hadn’t just been blue and airy mere minutes ago. His messenger bag, filled with the combined weight of his laptop and books, banged against his leg with every step he took.

As Elias opened the door to his apartment, he heard multiple voices drift through from the living room. After taking off his shoes and bag, he walked inside and saw the boys chatting away animatedly. They were all sitting on the table in front of the huge bookshelf in the same room they filmed their youtube videos. As the boys welcomed him with their collective smiles, Elias felt the exhaustion from finishing another mindless course, quickly dissolve.

They were all there: Mikael, Mutta, Even and Adam. Everyone except Yousef.

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Outlast II


The time was currently a quarter past midnight and you were ready to call it a night. Yes it was still early for Saturday night but you didn’t care. None of your friends were doing anything exciting that was worth bringing you along and neither was your boyfriend. He had been filming and out at meetings all day and honestly you were okay with it. It was the first time in a long time that you had a quiet Saturday night to yourself where you could have a nice pampering session or get ahead on your work load for the week.

You grabbed your phone and shot a quick goodnight text to Joe, something the two of you did every time you weren’t together for the night. Shoving your phone into the pocket of Joe’s trackie bottoms, you stood up from your spot on the couch and headed into the kitchen to grab some water when your phone started to ring.

“Joseph?” You questioned as you glanced at the clock again wondering why he was calling you this late.

“Hey love.” His cheery voice pierced your ears through the speaker.

“I’m about to go to bed what do you want?”

“What, I can’t just call my girlfriend after midnight just to hear her voice.”

“Not usually.” You said tapping your fingers on your worktop, “What’s up?”

“Would you mind coming over…and sitting with me while I film a gaming video?” You almost didn’t hear Joe as his voice was so quiet which made you smile.

“What game?”

“Outlast II…” His voice trailed off knowing that you weren’t too keen on scary movies either.

“Why are you playing it at this time of night?” You asked walking into your room to grab a jumper before pulling on your shoes. 

“Because Y/N, you don’t get the full experience if you play it in the middle of the day with the light shining through the windows”

“Get some curtains.” You bluntly before you were met with silence. 

You laughed to yourself as you pictured Joe’s annoyed face on the other side of the line. 

“You’re not funny.” 

“Well I for one don’t need the full experience and having another person there doesn’t help much.” 

“But it helps me. Please love I don’t want to be alone, this game really freaks me out.”

“Thats a really great thing to say when you’re trying to convince someone to watch you play a game.” You said grabbing your keys and walked out the door, locking it behind you.

“We can cuddle afterwards. I haven’t seen you in two days so we are long overdue for some cuddles.”

“Honestly Joseph, thats the only reason why I’m on my way right now.” You said getting into your car. 

“I love you, you’re the best. See you in a bit.” Joe’s cheery voice rang through your ears again and you could practically see him jumping up and down.

“Yeah yeah, see you soon.” 

The lift door opened after it stopped on Joe’s floor and you poked your head out, hoping Joe wasn’t waiting to scare you. When the coast was clear, you stepped out of the lift and over to Joe’s door. 

“Hey love.” You heard Joe call out from somewhere in his flat as you closed the door behind you. 

“Hi” You said moving into his flat finding him sitting at his work top, the YouTube home screen displayed on the screen. 

He flashed you a quick smile before opening his arms to you which you rolled your eyes as you let your body move you into his embrace.

“Let’s get this over with.” You said pulling away but failed as Joe’s arms didn’t budge. 

You looked up at Joe who only smiled before placing a kiss on your lips.

“Nice jumper.” He smirked admiring what the khaki color does to your eyes as he finally loosed his grip on you, allowing you to back away from him and turn towards the hallway that lead to him gaming room. 

“Thanks, you now Zoe has some really cool items on her website, you should check it out.” You said over your shoulder before you entered the room. 

You plopped yourself down on the beanbags that sat in the corner of the room as Joe took a seat in his chair, pulling up the game and making sure everything was recording. 

“Hello everybody! We are back with another episode of Outlast II. After the last couple of episodes I decided that I can’t film this series by myself anymore so Y/N has so kindly come over to sit with me so if you hear any other screams, they’re hers.” Joe paused as he looked and motioned for you to come get into shot. 

You pushed yourself off the beanbags and stood next to Joe and waved to the camera. 

“Really not looking forward to this or sorry if my screams are annoying.”

“You can leave the room if its too much love.”

“Then why do I have to be in here in the first place?”

“Because it actually freaks me out and its currently quarter to 1 in the morning.” 

“We should be sleeping” You said as you moved back into the pile of beanbags on the floor that we conveniently placed in a way the you could lay down and still see the monitor. 

“This won’t be a long episode, hopefully” Joe said turning back to his screen and continuing the game.

You watched the game for a few minutes, voicing your opinion on what Joe should and shouldn’t do but with either suggestion there was some kind of jump scare that you make you and Joe scream.

The game seemed to calm down a little bit and without the constant on edge feeling running through your veins, your eyes slowly drifted shut.

You felt a warm hand run across your face before you felt your body being lifted up and carried into a brighter room. You blinked your eyes open to find Joe carrying you up the dimly lit staircase to his bedroom.

He laid you down his bed before he left the room quickly, the flat getting darker before he reentered the room, closing the door behind him. 

He stripped out of his clothes and crawled into bed beside you, giving you a quick kiss on your forehead before pulling you closer to him. 

“Thanks love.” He said as you nuzzled your face deeper against his chest as you wrapped your arms around him. 

“Mhmm” You managed to get out as your eye drifted shut again. 

“You know, you wouldn’t have to keep coming over here late at night if you would just move in.” 

“I wouldn’t have to keep coming over here if you stopped playing scary games in the middle of the night.” You said opening your eyes and moving your head to look up at him. 

The pout on Joe’s face made you let out a small laugh before you placed a kiss on his lips and nuzzled back into him. 

“Can we talk about this tomorrow, I want to go back to sleep.” You yawned. 

“Fine” He sighed as he kissed your head and allowed himself to calm down as he closed his eyes and listened to the sound of your breathing.

All this and heaven too

So first of all, happy early bday to @heichouou!!!!!! 

You asked for Tododeku fluff, so I delivered. 

We’ve been friends for over two years already and I honestly wouldn’t be able to imagine my life without you anymore. Even if we don’t talk everyday, we both know that goodbye isn’t forever. And here we are :)

Secondly, I’d like to thank @sleepy-koneko for being a literal angel and proofread this! (You’re the real MVP)

(I aged up the characters in here, let’s imagine them around 21, kay?)

Todoroki was up early. Not the I-slept-in early but the I’m-so-fucking-nervous-I’m-going-to-die early. Today marked the two-year anniversary of Midoriya stumbling over his words to ask him out. The two-year anniversary of the best day of his life.

Todoroki looked to his left, where the green curls barely showed from under the blanket. He smiled softly at the sight. He treasured it for a moment longer and then took a careful step out of bed.

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anonymous asked:

What are some of your favourite disturbing/depressing movies?

Keep in mind that many of these movies could count as both depressing and disturbing, but I’m categorizing them based on how I felt once they were over!


In a Glass Cage, Pi, Salo, Irreversible, Elephant, Benny’s Video, Miss Violence, Catch Me Daddy, Man Bites Dog, Martyrs, Fat Girl, Zero Killed, I Stand Alone, I Spit on Your Grave, Gummo, The Snowtown Murders, Red White and Blue, Baxter, Der Todesking, Deadgirl, Compliance, Bully, Pig, The Bunny Game, A Serbian Film, Inside, Funny Games, Nekromantik, August Underground Trilogy, Audition, The Human Centipede Trilogy, 90 Minutter, Stoic, The Killer Inside Me, Dead Man’s Shoes, Twentynine Palms, Schramm, Angst, Ken Park, Baise-Moi, The Act of Seeing With One’s Own Eyes, Stoker, The Girl Next Door, Eden Lake, Under the Skin, Cannibal Holocaust, Blue Velvet, Dog Pound, High Tension, Antichrist, Subconscious Cruelty, Happiness, A Clockwork Orange, Frontiers, Hard Candy, Red State, Excision, Hostel, The Devil’s Rejects, Megan is Missing, The Poughkeepsie Tapes, Aftermath, Se7en, Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, The Last House on the Left, An American Crime, Fish Tank, Kidnapped, and Kids.


 The Road, Into the Wild, Sleepers, The Place Beyond the Pines, American History X, Sling Blade, Requiem For a Dream, Titanic, A Single Man, Dogville, Blue Valentine, White Oleander, The Virgin Suicides, Melancholia, In Her Skin, Klass, Twilight Portrait, Code Blue, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Love Eternal, Victoria, The Duke of Burgundy, The Piano Teacher, The Fountain, Amour Fou, Black Metal Veins, Love, Przypadek, The Seventh Seal, Enter the Void, Naked, Synecdoche New York, Clean Shaven, Romeo & Juliet, Paha Maa, Suicide Room, The Sunset Limited, The Pursuit of Happyness, Leviathan, Come and See, Boys Don’t Cry, Dancer in the Dark, Lilya 4-Ever, Filth, Boy Meets Girl, Don’t Let Me Die on a Sunday, One Day, Moulin Rouge, Heaven Knows What, Bang Bang You’re Dead, Nymphomaniac, Walkabout, Force Majeure, Dear Zachary, A Coffee in Berlin, Un Homme Qui Dort, Boy Interrupted, Reign Over Me, Into the Abyss, We Need to Talk About Kevin, Ben X, Blue is the Warmest Color, April Showers, Taste of Cherry, Detachment, The Butterfly Effect, How to Die in Oregon, Leaving Las Vegas, The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, Taxi Driver, Trainspotting, Hide Your Smiling Faces, Girl Interrupted, The Tree of Life, I Origins, The Double, Gimme Shelter, It’s Such a Beautiful Day, Dead Poets Society, Another Earth, Lake Mungo, Beaches, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, The Fault in Our Stars, Mysterious Skin, and the House of Sand and Fog. 

Merry Christmas // Jack Maynard

Requested by: @dansdimpledance

Request: As I loved that imagine so much I’m here to request one more. A Christmas one, where you decorate the tree with one of your families and eat, open your presents (you both get each other amazing things) and just lots of love and with Jack again.

Pairing: Jack Maynard x Reader

A/N: God, I’m so sorry for not being active. It’s literally nearly been a month since Christmas but I didn’t forget you! I’ve been really stressed by school recently because the first half of the school year is over in a week and since Christmas they’ve been torturing us with homework and shit. Also I have to get an important essay ready anytime soon and have been writing on it every day. Sorry again but here’s your imagine and if you want you can request more if you want. As many as you want. ♥

You’re in the kitchen cleaning the dishes when you hear keys opening the apartment door of the Maynard/Pieters/Y/N household. Heavy breathing and weighting steps are heard in the hallway.
“Love, we’re home. Got a surprise!”
“Coming!” , you shout over they playing music you turned on because every work is done faster with music. You finish cleaning the dishes and open the kitchen door to get wet socks because you step directly into a trace of snow that the boys probably got in with them. You made your way after the trace, into the living room.
“Seriously boys, I’ve just cleaned the whole apartment and you’re not even able to take off your shoes before you-“ , you were distracted by your boyfriend Jack and his brother Conor putting up a fir-tree.
“C’mon Y/N, stop complaining and be proud of us instead, we got a bloody Christmas tree”, Conor rolled his eyes playfully, knowing how stressed you were about the fact that you would celebrate Christmas with the Maynard family the next day and had to do all the food, wrapping up presents and clean and decorate the whole flat. Because since Josh was with his family in South Africa you offered to take the work from the boys mother and be in charge of everything this year. You wanted to make a good impression, their family has met you before but you’ve never cooked for them and you just wanted everything to be perfect.
You went up to them, pulled your boyfriends beanie from his head and ruffled his hair slightly before you pecked his lips shortly but full of love and relief and then gave Conor a little kiss on his cheek.
“You guys are the best!”, you smiled widely while Jack blushed a light red, smiling sheepishly.
“I know, we are and that’s why you guys are in charge of decorating this tree. I’ll be off filming a video with Joe. Sorry, my dears.”, Conor winked at us and went out.
“Well there were only two left I guess.”, Jack giggled.
“What an asshole.”, I shook my head laughing, walking out of the room, Jack following me to finally take off his shoes and jacket. I came back with 3 boxes full with beautiful silver and golden stuff to decorate the tree with fitting the decoration in the flat. You put them down on the sofa that stood close to the tree when Jack came up to you. He slung his arms around your waist and pulled you closer carefully.
“I didn’t say a proper Hello yet”, he said quietly in a raspy voice.
“Well hello then, handsome”, you grinned, cupping his face with your left hand while your right hand rested lazily on his chest. You caressed his cheek with your thumb as he closed the gap between the two of you kissing you passionately. You kissed back immediately and melted into the kiss. Jack smiled as he felt your enjoyment and deepened the kiss before you slowly pulled away after a time.
“Got some work here, aye?”, he pointed behind you to the boxes with the tree decoration.
“Ugh yeah.. little compromise; I’ll go back to the kitchen because I still have to prepare something for the food tomorrow and you start with putting the lights onto the tree. When I’m ready I come back to help you decorate the rest of the tree, okay?”
“Okay, princess, hurry up, because I love some hopeless romantic, decorating the Christmas tree with my amazing girlfriend for the first time.”
You giggled, “I’ll do the fastest I can. Love you, idiot”, pecked his lips and went to the kitchen again.
While preparing some cooking for tomorrow you heard Jack struggling which put major smiles to your face. He was too adorable.
As you were finally done, you came back to the living room just in time. Jack had put the lights on and it already looked amazing.
“Good job, Sexy”, you wiggled your eyebrows.
“Of course”, he said confident, “where do we start?”
You laughed getting a smaller box out of one of the three you placed on the sofa. You gave it to him explaining,
“These are the biggest balls, hang them onto the bottom  and always switch from golden to silver and from silver to golden again. I do the top parts instead.”
He nodded taking the box and you started. You talked about everything and more while decorating until Jack kept quiet after some time. You were too concentrated not to break something so you didn’t really notice until tons of tinsel flew over your head.
“Suits you. Glowing even more now”, Jack laughed while you didn’t say anything, thinking about your revenge.
“Fuck off, Maynard, that was a bad decision.”, you grinned evilly, storming up to him, starting to tickle his stomach.
“N-no st-stop PLEASE!”, he begged between laughers, “ I c-can’t breathe!”
I stopped laughing as you put some of your tinsel around his neck, over his shoulders and onto his head .
“Who cares about the tree though? We look better anyway.”, you giggled, Jack getting some tinsel out of your face.
“You’re the most beautiful anyway”, he pecked your lips and hung the last ball onto the tree, now only the top star was left. He gave it you.
“You should do it.”, He grinned.
“But I’m too small”, you laughed.
“Nothing’s impossible…”, he giggled giving you a piggy back ride so you could reach the top. You put the golden star onto the tree and finally finished your first joint Christmas tree.
“Wow….”, both of you gasped as you took in your work. The tree was huge and beautiful as hell.
Jack stood behind you and began hugging you from behind snuggling his head into the crook of your neck. “I’m so tired”, he whined.
“Let’s go to bed then.”, you whispered and so you did.

The next day you were up quite early, leaving Jack in bed but meeting a sleepy Conor in the kitchen.
“How come to the honour to be greeted by you at this time of the day?”, you laughed about the half asleep man.
“I don’t even know myself. I actually wanted to help you with the food but I’m really not made for getting up before 1pm. But please tell me what to do, I need to get properly awake”, a yawn escaping his lips. You laughed, introducing you to your masterpiece of food. Conor was a better help than you would’ve thought and everything went out pretty well. Also Jack decided to join you an hour after you left him in bed alone and started setting up the table.
You wanted to get everything ready because you still had to film a video for Jacks channel so you decided to bake some Christmas cookies for the video. A horrible flour fight and cleaning the kitchen again later and you had to slowly start to get ready.
You were just done as the doorbell rang.
“I’m going!”, you shouted since the boys weren’t ready in time as always. You opened the door to be greeted by a warm hug by Anna who you were very close to. Jack’s mum hugged you tightly after Anna let go of you and also Jack’s dad embraced you in a lovely hug. You told them to take a seat at the table and went to get the boys. As everyone was ready you started to serve the food. Everyone was impressed by your cooking skills and enjoyed the whole meal.
Everyone went over to sit on the sofa and around the tree while Jack and you brought the dishes from the table over to the kitchen.
“That was amazing.”, Jack whispered, kissing your forehead.
“Thank you so much”, you smiled relieved about the fact that everything went out so well.
“C’mon, love birds, we finally want presents!”, Anna shouted from the living room.
You giggled and took Jacks hand. You sat down on Jack’s lap on the arm chair across from the tree. You watched everyone unwrap their presents, huge smiles plastered to their faces. Everything was perfect in that moment, pure happiness and love filling the room.
Jack’s head rested on your shoulder until it was only his present for you and your present for him left. You stood up to get his. It was a simple red box with a cute white bow on it. You gave it to Jack as he smiled up to you, taking it. First he noticed a little note that was embattled to the bow. “For a better Vlogmas next year”, he furrowed his eyebrows not knowing what this meant when he opened the box carefully. His eyes lit up as he saw the new vlog camera in it that he’s been talking about for ages now.
“Oh my god, Y/N, this is incredible! Thank you so so much!”
He quickly stood up, kissed your sleeve sweetly and went over to the tree. He held up a long but slim present bag.
“This is for you my love.”, he smiled sweetly as you took the bag.
You pulled out a glass bottle with a parchment roll in it. It was decorated by a red bow and a not saying “ Wanderlust”. You opened the bottle and pulled the parchment out. There was a world map on it, a red point on London and a red line leading to a red cross over an island. Underneath the map was simply written “Hawaii”.
Your face lit up as you realized what was going on and slung your arms around Jack immediately.
“Thank you so much!”
“You’ve been telling me about how bad you want travel to Hawaii for ages now.” , he laughed, little did he know that he made you the best Christmas present ever.

Jack’s parents and sister had left and Conor had gone to bed as you guys decided to get a little fresh air on the balcony before going to sleep. As soon as you stepped outside you began to freeze. As Jack noticed he laid his jacket over your shoulders.
“My little frostbite.”, he giggled kissing your nose and embracing you in his arms. You took in the beautiful skyline of London as….
“Hey, Y/N, look up..”
You looked up to your eyes meeting the sight of a mistletoe.
“Cheater.”, you laughed. Jack used every opportunity to snatch a kiss from you.
“Well I guess tradition is tradition.”, he shrugged confidently, leaning in.
“It probably is.”, you smiled, leaning in as well.
“Merry Christmas”, he mumbled sweetly against your lips before kissing you passionately.

Watching the film of Tales of Hoffman led me to a youtube crawl for videos of the doll aria, which led to the discovery that there are apparently two standard ways to costume Olympia:

1. Toy doll that, if it were a real girl, would look about five years old (big ruffles, toe shoes, toy crown, etc.)

2. Actual literal sex doll costume (one had this body suit thing with nipples and fake pubic hair while the other had the toymaker popping pills in her mouth instead of winding up a crank to keep her singing)

The former is harder to imagine tricking Hoffman, while the latter is viscerally painful to watch.



You an your best friend Andrea was hanging out today. You were dating her ex, Kian Lawley. Which, you asked her if she was okay with it and she agreed. You were both on your way to go get some lunch at this cute little diner.

“So, how’re you an Kian?” She asked as you both were getting seated.

“We’re okay so far. Thank you for asking.” She smiled at you.

“You know, Kian actually had a little crush on you while we was dating?”

Before you could answer the waitress came by asking for both of your orders. Andrea asked for a grilled chicken sandwich an water, you went ahead an got the same thing.

“How could you tell?”

“I mean, I would walk out to go take a shit or something an come back and he would be on your Instagram looking at your photos. It bothered me for a while but I was just like, that’s my home, I doubt she’s talking to him and you weren’t. So, I really don’t mind you dating him. I couldn’t really see us lasting anyways. It’s hard when you’re both youtubers and you’re both gaining popularity from left to right and doing your own tours.”

You nodded your head, then both of you thanked the waitress for the food.

“I understand. I mean, I was just hanging with you and it was kinda hectic on me just keeping up with your schedules. And I’m glad you aren’t mad, but I also feel bad.”

“Oh no! Don’t feel bad. Kian just ended up not being my type at all. He’s more your type anyways.”

You just nodded your head an changed the subject. After all, you haven’t talked to your best friend in a long time.


Andrea dropped you off at Kian an Jc’s place, blowing you a kiss when she drove away. You entered the house, seeing Kian and Jc filming a video.

“Hey baby! I’ll be done in a few minutes.”

You nodded your head and jogged up to his room. You kicked off your shoes am turned on Netflix. You clicked the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ movie. You jumped onto the bed an snuggled into his covers.

“Hey baby. How was y'all’s date?” Kian asked, shutting the door behind him.

“It was good actually. Found out some juicy stuff about you.”

Kian raised an eyebrow and jumped on the bed beside you. “And that is?”

“That you had a little crush on me when you an Andrea were dating.”

He laughed and rubbed his hands down his face. He looked over at you and pulled your body into his. “Of course I did. I felt bad because I didn’t think Andrea an I was going to work and I kinda already knew who you were because of her and I always thought you were beautiful.”

You smiled an kissed him. “Well, thank you for being honest. I’m just glad that Andrea doesn’t hate me for it.”

“Nah, I doubt she would. You both are too good of friends to just drop it over a normal guy like me.”

“True… But, let’s just stay in bed an watch Netflix for the rest of the day.”

“That sounds nice, baby.”

Kian draped the covers over the both of you an let you tangle your legs with his. He really was great guy and a good looking one.

Untitled - HARRY #1

Harry X Reader w/ JJ

Description: You and Harry announce that you are dating and everyone is very supportive, however, JJ seems a little annoyed.

Requested?: nope (please message me or s/t because I’m bored)
Notes: Thanks for all the support on my last few imagines, I’m going to sort out my masterlist etc tomorrow so they should be easier to find. I’m super pleased with this one as well 🤗 but still not sure on how to end these things so it’s kinda very dragged out xox

You arrived at Harry’s in the afternoon for a day of cuddles and films, but were welcomed with a bundling hug from JJ.
‘JJ! I didn’t know you were back yet.’ You said pulling away and kicking your shoes off by the door.
‘Yeah, we got back last night, actually… So, how are -’ JJ was interrupted when Harry pushed pass and gave you a firm but loving kiss on your forehead and then hugged you tight.
‘Y/N, sorry I was just editing my video for today… How are you?’ He asked as he guided you into the living room. You were always blown away by the view, so, after answering the question, you ran to the window and looked out over London and the Olympic Park. The sky was a dark grey and rain had recently come but the view was still breath taking. Strong arms snaked around your waist and a chin lent gently on your shoulder.
‘You’re so lucky, Harry. I hope you know that…’ You said placing your hand on his cheek. He span you round and placed his hands on your hips.
‘To have you? Yes, of course, I know!’ he said slowly leaning in. As you were starting to reach up, you were interrupted by three coughs. You both turned around to see both Cals staring at you two as if they had just found out that Santa was coming.
Callux turned to Cal and said, ‘you owe me a tenner and Nandos for a month.’. JJ, however, looked like he had found out Santa wasn’t real and wasn’t coming for him this year all at once. Once he saw you looking, he snapped out of it and turned into his normal, happy self, bounding over once again and hugging you and Harry tightly.
‘Awh, you guys!,’ JJ said rubbing his hands on your backs before taking a short pause and announcing, 'I’m going to go now… I have some important meetings to go to so I will see you guys later.’ He said leaving almost immediately after.
After about of being at the flat, and everyone leaving to leave you and Harry alone, you had already ordered pizza and started watching a film. Soon the doorbell rang and Harry gently sat you up and kissed your forehead before removing the blanket from himself and walking to the intercom.
He came back with the pizza and, to your surprise, JJ. He placed the boxes on the table and looked questioningly at JJ. 'Well?’ Harry said looking quite annoyed, probably as he had interrupted your first day alone. You then also looked at JJ who stared at you.
'Can I talk to you, Y/N?’ He asked sheepishly. You nodded and got up and followed him into the spare room. When you got there, JJ shut the door behind you and stood in front of you. You raised your eyebrow as JJ ran his hand through is undone hair. 'Uh, I don’t know how to say this, but I guess I had this planned out differently…’ He said trailing off to look at you. You walked closer to him and rubbed the top of his arm.
'It’s okay, Jide, you can tell me anything!’ You said crossing your arms. You had a feeling you knew what was coming. All of the sidemen has been letting on recently that JJ had liked you and joked about him asking you out. However, you had been with Harry for 4 months and before that you had been “friends with benefits” for about a year so didn’t want to act apon their accusations.
'I was hoping to talk to you back at the house about this alone, but I’m guessing you’re staying here tonight…’ he shrugged his shoulders and smiled 'you probably already know that I have fancied you from pretty much the day I met you’ you nodded shyly and he giggled his notorious laugh. 'I was hoping to ask you out today as well, but that’s all changed now. I knew Harry liked you… And I knew you liked him… Oh man, why am I even telling you this!’ He laughed and came over to you and pulled you into a giant hug. You squeezed as hard as you could and gripped onto the back of his shirt. Jide was the bestest friend you had ever had and you would do anything to make him happy but you knew that was all you were and you and Harry had something much more.
'Thank you,’ you muffled into his arm, still not letting go. 'You know you’re still my number one best friend and I am always here for you if you need me.’ You pulled away and looked up at him. You rarely see JJ stunned and quiet but there’s always a first time for everything. 'Well, I better be getting back to Harry or he will think the worst,’ you laughed. You quickly reached up and kissed his cheek. 'Bye, Jide.’ you smiled and turned away feeling his gaze watching your body as you walked away.
Once JJ had left, you walked back into the living room where Harry was waiting for you. He had put out drinks and the pizza on the coffee table and turned on some fairy lights. You smiled at him as he turned around in his seat and skipped over to him. You sat sideways on his lap and took his neck in both your hands. 'I love you.’ You said leaning into a kiss. As your lips pressed against each other’s, Harry mumbled back what you assume was “I love you too”. He grabbed your waist and pulled you closer. He laid you down on the sofa and planted kisses all over you as you squealed and wriggled. 'Never leave me.’ He said hovering over you.
'Of course not!’ You said pulling him closer and planting a gentle kiss on his lips. 'Can we have pizza now, though?’ You said giving him puppy dog eyes. He nodded and you say up excitedly, grabbing a box and sitting on his lap and he pulled a blanket over the both of you.
'What did Jide want by the way?’ He questioned. You looked at him and flushed bright red causing you to become a hot giggling mess. 'Oh no! He didn’t! I don’t know whether to be mad or laugh!’ Harry said looking shocked and grabbed his phone probably about to text the other guys.
'No! Don’t do that!’ You said snatching his phone out of his hands and sliding it across the floor. 'That would be so embarrassing for him. Also, no phones tonight. I just want you, me and pizza with added cuddles.’ You said watching as Harry’s face turned from disappointment to excitement. He lent in and kissed you once more but this time more lovingly than needy. You kissed back, hoping to give the same impression and then carried on watching the film, tucked up under the blanket just like you asked.

Smile - Sehun Scenario

Sehun (angst)

Requested by: oohdiana

He really had done it this time. All the warnings and him shrugging them off with an annoyed, ‘I know, I’m not stupid,’ and the ‘Yeah, yeah. I’ll be careful,’‘s he would give back all seemed like a joke now. It was so hard to gain approval for your relationship, probably took months for them to even want to consider letting you two be together. And when you finally did you both had to hide it well in fear of the responses, but also all that effort seemed like a joke now.

Maybe it was bound to happen, but not this way.

You can recall the times you would have to dress up like a coordi-noona; dabbing their sweat away or touching up their make-up. Even though it was tiring, both of you tried to take every possible chance. But the chance of failure was always there.

Hearing a door shut you quickly wake up from your thoughts and dash to see him, your eyes are full of curiosity, “at least five months, Jagiya. They wouldn’t go for less, I will be followed everywhere until it dies down.”

At least five months. At least.

Your mind is going blank; that’s way too long. What are you going to do without him for five entire months, or even longer than that.

“It’s all my fault,” he sighs and kicks his shoes off, caring more about the fact that you feel upset than anything else, “it’s all my fault. If I had known that my manager logged me in on my public account, instead of on my personal account this wouldn’t have happened. I can’t believe that I was so stupid-”

“Don’t say that,” you push your face into his chest and you can hear his unsteady heartbeat, his fear is all over the place.

It was innocent, really. He had uploaded a short video of you laughing without knowing you were being filmed to show you off to his friends. You remember the look on his face as he replayed your laugh a million times before uploading it to Instagram.

Both of you got shocked the minute both of your phones rang, picking it up the both of you have never been scolded that bad. It ended with Sehun having to go talk about the consequences of his action. And now it was clear; for at least five months the both of you will be separated.

The responses weren’t that bad however, many innocent fans had said something like, ‘wow, that laugh is contagious’ but not all of them were the same and you had seen plenty of; ‘go away bitch’.

But innocent or not there was one thing that had both of them interested; ‘who is that, and what is she to Sehun?’

He kissed you lightly on the forehead and whispered, “I’m a horrible boyfriend, I’m so sorry.”

“You’re not.”

“I am.”

The whole thing got him bad, he was so upset by his own mistake. The words he hurriedly said before leaving were still printed into your mind, “I will not let them take you away from me, I swear that.”

Four hours later and then this is what you hear, you are sure Sehun did a lot of arguing. This is supposed to be better than you had expected. But why does it still hurt so much?

“I love you so much and I’m sorry. I won’t be able to think about anything else but you, please wait for me.”

“I will, Sehun. Don’t you worry.”

“Smile, honey! I’m trying to take a picture!”

Seeing his eyebags grow away so quickly definitely did something to your heart, it was like seeing the old Sehun back.

“Are you going to post it on the right account this time?” you teased him.

His face just stopped, going from happy to default, “are you making fun of me now?”

A/N: I know it’s short! But I hope it turned out quite like you wanted it to.

Chance Encounters

Chris X Reader
Summary(Requested): Y/N spends some time in Jersey and meets Chris.

Last minute video ideas were always chaotic. Last minute video ideas that required you to run to the shops after you’d just come to the area were even more chaotic. You’d recently moved from Guernsey to Jersey to live with some relatives. You were a YouTuber and a place as small as Guernsey with a job like that could seem a little suffocating sometimes.
“Where the fudge do they put whipped cream, for the love–”
“Aisle twelve, love.” You pivoted around and found Chris Dixon watching you intently.
“Oh, um, thank you. I’m–”
“You’re Y/N. I’m Chris.”
“Um, it’s nice to meet you. You have some nice content.”
“I could say the same for you. What do you need whipped cream for?”
“I’m going to do a video with my cousin and we decided to use whipped cream in it.”
“Are you staying in Jersey?”
“Yeah, I’m here for quite some time actually.”
“Maybe we should film together sometime.”
“You know, normal people wouldn’t talk about content and filming.”
“We’re not exactly normal, now are we?”
“Eh, true.”
“Do you need any help filming today?”
“Do you mind?”
“No, I’ve been the cameraman for plenty of videos.”
“Did you drive here? As soon as I get this stuff we’re going to film.”
“Yeah, I’ll follow you over.” 5 bottles of whipped cream later, you were headed back to the house, Chris following behind.
“Jack, I got the whipped cream,” you yelled, kicking your shoes off. Jack came downstairs and he and Chris did the bro hug thing when they saw each other.
“Chris, long time no see, mate.”
“Busy schedules I guess. You never told me you had a very pretty cousin who did YouTube.”
“Mate, it never even crossed my mind.” The three of you proceeded to set up for the video, until Jack got a call. “I really have to go, Y/N. I’m sorry.” Jack was out the door before you could say a word.
“Well, looks like that was all for nothing. I’m really sorry to have wasted your time, Chris.”
“It wasn’t that much of a waste.” Your back had been turned and you hadn’t realized he’d gotten as close as he had. “Can I take you on a date while you’re still in Jersey?”
“I’d very much like that.”

It’s All About You - A Caspar Lee Imagine

Hello lovely humans! I found the youtube boyband song again and tbh I haven’t listened to anything other than that the last few days. But I was feeling inspired so I wrote this! It isn’t the best but I hope you guys like it! 

Originally posted by colourlessharriestwins

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[eng trans] BTS 2nd Muster VCR (+their answers) 7PM

*They switch places during the 7pm VCR, so I will not translate the story? again but you can read it here*

1. Seokjin

Fans: No. 2!
BTS agree that parcels are important and MC adds that most loved ringtone by ladies is  the parcel deliveryman ringing their doorbell (online shopping item delivery)
Jin: Dingdong! Parcel is here!
MC replies that the best present/parcel for fans would be BTS arriving in front of your door. Jin’s answer was No.1.
Jin: Guys, it wasn’t the parcel. I see some of you being very disappointed.
Jimin asks him to say the line in his acting voice
Jin: Um… Today is our second year anniversary day.
Suga teased the fans asking them why they looked disappointed.

2. Yoongi

Jimin yelled No. 4. Yoongi couldn’t remember what he had picked before and fans screamed No.4 to which he asked the fans if they want to punch his chin.
MC: Punch! to thank your bf who is tying your shoelace!
Yoongi: I think I picked No.3. “Next time, I should wear shoes without shoelaces”.
MC asked him why he picked that answer.
Yoongi: What can I say… I think it’s witty and I wish such situation never happen again in the future. It was difficult filming this.
MC: It was difficult to kneel down?
Suga: Kneeling down was difficult too but I’ve never tied anyone’s shoelace before so it was difficult.
Yoongi suggested slip-ons.

3. Jungkook

*This time the 4th choice was different.*
4. Ahjusshi, where’s the bathroom?

MC asked Jungkook if he visited this cafe often and Jungkook said he did and that he had about 30 coupons. Fans screamed No.4 and MC asks Jungkook what type of man he is.
Jungkook: I think it’s No.3?
MC: “I’ll buy dinner so you buy us coffee~”
Jungkook: Or was it No.1?
MC asked him to choose one answer and he said it’s not No.1 but it’s No.3.
When fans started reacting to Jungkook’s line (No.3)-

MC: This reaction is like he’s not just buying you coffee but it’s more like he’ll buy you the cafe. It’s like he’s going to open a cafe for you.
Suga said he somewhat felt disappointed so MC asked him what he would do.
Suga: I would say something like “Hmm, you pay for the coffee too and the meal as well.”
MC: What?! Why?!
Jungkook: “Because I’m a celebrity!”
Suga: Because you bought my heart.
Jimin said today’s ments are very sticky, sticky. (cheesy)

4. Namjoon

*the last choice was different from the previous vcr*
5. Cash.

When MC asked Namjoon what he expected inside the box, he said he personally wish to receive something else.
Namjoon: Personally I wish I could get something else. Not from the choices, however, BTS concert tickets are quite tempting. But I want pumpkin porridge.
Namjoon: Actually, I like pumpkin porridge…
Hoseok: I was expecting something cheesy like Suga hyung…
Yoongi: You can go eat pumpkin porridge after this.
MC asked him what he’s answer is going to be,
Namjoon: Answer? I think it would be the anniversary ring.
MC asks him what sort of ring it would be,
Namjoon: For my age, I think silver is nice.
Fans screamed diamond ring and MC informs Namjoon,
Namjoon: Diamond ring is for the wedding.

5. Jimin

Jimin’s favorite song is?
1. Drake - Too much
2. Michael Jackson - Billie Jeans
3. J. Cole - Born sinner
4. Taijiboys - Hayeoga

Jimin stood up and danced to Billie Jeans.
Jimin: That was last year… What do you think is the answer?
Taehyung said it’s “too much” and Namjoon suggested “billie jeans”
Jimin: I chose No.3.
Namjoon explains that it’s the original song which they covered as “born singer” and asked Jimin to sing them a short line.
Fans started singing for them,
Jimin: If you sing this song, it will make us to cry.
MC asks Jimin to sing any song from the list and Jungkook starts singing “Do you want to build a snowman~”,
Jimin: I don’t know the complete lyrics for the songs in the list… There’s a song which I mentioned before…
(sings Love yourself)

6. Hoseok

*a choice was changed to noraebang*

It’s No.4.
Fans screamed No. 4 too and MC said maybe the fans want to become the parcel for J Hope.
Hoseok: I chose No.1
One of them teased that he wasn’t being honest and,
Jimin: To my knowledge, I heard that he chose No.4 but he erased it, did you?
Hoseok: No~
Hoseok said he likes watching movies.
MC: Guys, J Hope’s wish is to own a cinema so his house can be the cinema.
MC then asks him what his favorite movie was,
Hoseok: It’s an old movie but “If Only”.

7. Taehyung

Fans screamed No.4 when MC asked them.
Taehyung: I looked really ugly back then.
Jimin: Don’t say such thing.
MC: Why are you making such absurd remark? You look so good! He is good looking isn’t he?
Fans: YES!
MC asks him to stop being so good looking and that he’s good looking enough now.
Taehyung: I chose No.3
MC: “Brings a mirror close”, why?
Taehyung: Because ARMY is Snow White so the mirror will tell her who is the most beautiful person.
Hoseok: All of our ments are brilliant today!
Jimin: One of our staffs said “goosebumps~”

2nd anniversary video ends!

MC asks them how they felt about the vcr.

Yoongi: When we were filming the 2nd anniversary clips, our cameraman was a man so it was hard to concentrate but I did it while thinking about you guys.
Hoseok: This hyung’s in a good condition today!
MC: The cameraman was a guy?
Yoongi: And he had beard.
MC: When he was tying the shoelace, I looked at the shoes and I noticed that they were size 280. Suga was tying shoes for a person who wore bigger shoes than himself! Please clap for our BTS who thought of ARMY and filmed this videos just for the ARMYs!

Take out with full credits! ✿ peachisoda 

Trans cr: @peachisoda

You have a very cute/romantic moment (BIG BANG)

Jiyong: -morning routines included you both getting ready for work but that didn’t mean there couldn’t be a loving moment between the two of you. So as you were getting ready to leave he was sitting on the bed. You were about to leave when you turned back to him and as you leaned down he cupped your face to give you a sweet and loving kiss- *gif*

Seungri: -you two weren’t very serious when you were together, so you guys took off chasing eachother. The only reason you stopped was tons of older more respected people were watching and both stopped greeting them until you two were far enough away. Starting all over again- “hello guys nice to see you all, have a great day”

Daesung: -someone caught him on a video, bending down when the two of you were walking down the sidewalk holding hands before you realized your shoes was untied. You tried to bend down but your large pregnancy tummy got in the way so he did it for you before planting a kiss on your stomach and standing up taking your hand again. When one of the boys showed him it he got flustered- “omo someone filmed that! But we look so cute”

Taeyang: -you were the only person he willing showed PDA for stopping in the middle of a conversation or the street and just kiss you with very much passion before going back to normal like it never happened- *gif*

Seunghyun: -he took you to the movies one day and you honestly weren’t interested in the movie. All you wanted to do was spend time alone with him. So when you got caught looking at him he sent you a questioning look- “jagi why are you looking at me? This is your favorite movie, isn’t it?”

Anonymous said:
Can you write a Derek imagine????

Derek Luh Imagine:

“You know what! Fuck you” I yelled at my boyfriend of 2 years, Derek. We were arguing because, I filmed my new music video which required me to be all up on this guy and Derek had a huge problem, yet exactly 2 weeks ago he filmed his music video and was literally in bed with a female, I got mad and he ended up making me feel like the biggest bitch ever. “Go with the man you was grinding on in your video!” He yelled swinging our bedroom door open “do you realize how fucking stupid you sound? It’s a fucking video Derek, I don’t wanna fuck him in real life” I yelled putting my shoes on “seemed like you did, lately you’ve been on everyone besides me” “what are you trying to say” I said furrowing my eyebrow, it’s like everything in that moment went slow, lets pray he doesn’t say what I think he’s gonna say “I think it’s pretty fucking clear what I’m saying Y/N!” He said sitting on the bed, he removed his hat ,shuffled his hair, and stood up “no It really isn’t ” I said holding my hands at their sides “your being a homie hopper” the words echoed from his lips and I found my fist connecting with his face.

I didn’t know where I was going, I just went where my feet took me and eventually found myself knocking on Nates door. “Yoooo… Y/N…..what happened ma?” He said leading me into his apartment “Derek happened” I said rolling my eyes kicking my shoes off “what happened” he said sitting on the sofa “I’ll tell you in a bit, you got ice?” I said shaking my fist “yeah… Wait what the fuck happened to your hand” he said examining the bruised marks left on my knuckles “if you get me ice I’ll tell you” I said biting my lip to ease the pain. He got up and got the ice, handing it over to me. “So.. What the fuck happened with y'all” he said leaning back concerned “you know how you film your videos and 99% of the time you anin’t even in control of the shit?” I said placing the ice on my bruises “yeah” he sat back “I filmed my new video for that song I showed you and I didn’t have control. They made me literally be all up some random ass guy and Derek got mad” I rolled my eyes “but didn’t he–” “yes he filmed one and was on some random female, then when I complained he made me feel like the worst girlfriend” I said hitting the pillow, even though it was a soft pillow the pain I’m feeling made it feel worse. “Stop hurting yourself because of him” Nate said putting the ice back on my fist. “You needa understand dudes, we bugging okay? We get way more jealous then y'all and especially when we know we in the wrong, it kicks in harder. Derek was on the female, you said something , he made you feel bad even though he knew he was wrong, he sees you do the same thing, gets jealous bugs out and confronts you. Everything he said to you is what he sees in himself even though he might not being doing it.” He said looking at my fist “ why doesn’t he talk to me about it though? Why make me feel so much worse” I said fixing my hair “ that’s how Derek is, he doesn’t like showing his feelings, he acts like such a fucking ass but that’s how he lets his feelings out. Your the same way though and that’s why y'all work, just talk to him” he said fumbling with his phone “I doubt he’d wanna talk to me I mean I did punch him in the face.” I said fumbling with the ice.

Nate gave me a good hour to chill before he drove me back home and I walked inside. I smelt the sweet smell of my favorite cookies and fresh foods. I walked to our room to food laid out with a bunch of movies and shopping bags. There was a card and when I opened it, a little Polaroid of me and Derek at an old event fell out, I picked it up reading the card “is it too late now to say sorry” along the bags were two rolled blunts and single white rose. Before I could call for Derek, I felt his arms wrap around my waist, “someone’s feeling guilty” I laughed a little, he turned me to face him and I swear, my punch had no effect on his perfect face. “I’m sorry baby” he said kissing my forehead “no, I’m sorry for hitting you. I went to far” I said rubbing my hand along his jawline “we’re both wrong okay, but I’m sorry for being a dick right now.” He said kissing my bruised knuckle “It’s all good babe” I smiled “ I want you to know that your the only dime in my eyes, them females in my videos anin’t shit, they just girls playing roles. I’d rather have you in my vids then have to rub up on these random hoes. I got my eyes set on you and even though I cuffed you I don’t wanna loose you alright ma, I know you anin’t feel shit for them guys but I don’t know why I get so jealous but it shows how much I care for you. So from now on imma make sure I talk to you and get an okay before I shoot a video, okay?” “Alright babe, I’ll do the same back. I know this is just how you show you love me and honestly? It’s a turn on seeing you mad” I winked “I love you” “love you too” I placed a kiss on his lips and got myself ready for a cuddle and chill kinda night with, the love of my life.

Charles is Melissa

So because of all these “Charles is Jason’s twin who is obsessed with Alison” posts that are filling my tumblr, I’ve decided that the two “boys” in that video were Jason and MELISSA! She was a tomboy. Jason kisses his sister goodnight (Alison) and Melissa is there because her father is filming it.
That’s why Spencer went all pale and asking, “Charles, is that you?”

Spencer knows!

That’s why the stunt double is female. That’s why they had to recreate Ian and Melissa’s prom. That’s why the little “boy’s” shoe laces are pink-ish. It’s a girl. 

Heck, maybe it’s a Melissa twin.

There. lol It’s far fetched but way better than Jason’s twin having a creepy obsession about his own sister Alison. It’s bordering on incest. I’m all for twisted stories, but this is ABCFamily we are talking about. Then again, Jason and Melissa had a thing… so what do I know lol.

Molls: Australia’s Female Douchebags

Earlier this year, two young women in Queensland, Australia, were filmed verbally and physically assaulting an old man on a bus while shouting slurs about aboriginal people. The resulting video introduced the world to Australia’s one truly unique contribution to the global taxonomy of douches: the moll. Most countries have loud, irritating, and offensive youths, but only we have the special breed of scrag capable of committing a violent racist act while wearing $40 shoes, $300 sunglasses, and a cocktail dress.

The moll shares several things in common with her male counterpart. She loves drinking and her friends, is not above punching someone in the face, and spends eons getting an outfit together. Her dresses resemble those worn by early-2000s Latin Grammy Award winners. She gets her tan from a can and works in places with names like Ice, Magnetic, or Xposed. At times, she’s indistinguishable from any other young woman. What sets her apart is the pure primal aggression with which she lives her life—she controls every situation through a terrifying mix of heightened competitive sexuality, simmering violence, and a confidence derived from a dozen or so watermelon Cruisers.Before dark they stalk suburban malls in tracksuits and $40 worth of makeup, calling shop assistants bitches for not sharing their staff discount at Cotton on Body [sort of the Aussie equivalent to Victoria’s Secret]. When night falls they shed their fleecy skins and emerge as screeching and bedazzled butterflies. It’s maximum impact with zero body hair.

The cornerstone of all their social interactions is alcohol. In the early evening they pre-game with friends on the back decks of their parents’ houses. Living at home has its advantages: You never have to learn to do laundry, you get to use your dad’s good stereo to listen to Jason Derulo, and you can pour the savings into drinking alcopops with your BFFs every Friday and Saturday night.

They have highly complicated female friendships which were formed in the first few days of high school and have been tested by years of online passive aggression. You’ll know who they are before you meet them because of the thousands of selfies they post every time they come within 15 yards of a bathroom. You’ll also know what all their friend’s bathrooms look like (spoiler alert: purple towels). These are the women they get shitfaced with before going out to meet the guys they will drink under the table. Drinking serves several purposes: It limbers them up enough to both flash the party photographer at the club and, if the mood strikes, punch someone in the face.