their versions of history are so much better

so i made this post because even the laziest people in existence still have to study ha ha these are just some things i’ve been doing for my revision!

1. you don’t need to rewrite notes to memorise them

i know tons of people say that rewriting notes is a form of memory retention but honestly!!! i don’t have the energy/patience for that ha! for me, the best method to memorise things (especially content-heavy chapters/subjects) would be to record yourself talking. i don’t think this is especially catered to auditory learners, because i know for a fact that i’m not an auditory learner but this still works especially well for me so!!

 i usually open up the voice recorder app and talk as if i’m teaching someone! i’d recommend you use a guidebook as reference and not the actual textbooks. guidebooks are more vague, so when you’re speaking about a particular point, you can sort of expand on the point given in the guidebook from your knowledge of the subject! this really helps for revision because you’re basically forced to remember things. you don’t necessarily need to replay your recordings. to me, the “recording” bit of this method is psychological, it makes me feel like i’m actually memorising and not just talking to myself haha.

this recording method is honestly one of the most helpful things i’ve ever started doing and i can do a more in-depth post on it if anyone asks haha

2. use different highlighters for different sections

i know literally everyone has been told this tip in their lifetime but honestly!!! it’s EXTREMELY helpful, especially if you want to do timelines for history! use different colours for things like dates, people, treaties, etc! 
okay but one thing about this tip that’s sort of different from others is that when you highlight dates, highlight the entire event and not just the date! so for example, instead of highlighting “28 June 1919″, highlight “The Treaty of Versailles was signed on 28 June 1919.” that way, you know the WHOLE event and the date and you’ll be more likely to remember both! 

i learnt this the hard way - i used to highlight dates by themselves (maybe i was just totally dumb) and i could NEVER remember what happened on the dates lmao 

3. the internet is there for you

it’s a bad habit of mine, but being a very last-minute person, i ALWAYS have doubts even the night before exams. since it’s too late to actually contact anyone, i usually have to rely on the internet. the internet has a myriad of wonderful wonderful resources that are so incredibly useful! 

some youtube channels that have helped me are khanacademy (literally anything), mathbff (math), keith hughes (history), j brierly (literature) 

i also recommend watching documentaries (for history/social studies) because even though it’s a more in-depth version of what you have to learn, it’ll help you understand everything better + make your essay stand out :) 

4. find a suitable study space

a good study space is probably the first thing you should ensure if you want to get anything done at all. i usually never study at home, simply because i’m always distracted by trivial things such as “i’m hungry, i’m gonna get food” or “i’m so tired i’m going to sleep for five minutes”. 

when i started studying outside (usually at starbucks/the library), my productivity level increased so much it blew my mind a little. even though it’s a bit troublesome because you may not be completely sure what materials to bring, you’ll still get a lot done trust me on this lmao

5. always, always plan what you want to do

i find it really taxing to plan out my entire day down to the hour, so i usually just set a certain number of things i want to complete for that day, and just let things naturally flow from there.

for example, i write the things i want to do on my calendar (finish a set of math papers, read a chapter of lit, etc.) and then i just get everything done on that day w/o planning the exact time i’m going to do it! it makes things less stressful in my opinion :)

i’ve tried planning things by hour but it usually never works out so i just stopped doing it and honestly it’s not necessary! what’s important about planning is just knowing what you need to do and then getting it done. 

6. handwrite your notes whenever you can

writing your notes by hand triggers your memory more effectively than typing them out. even though i’m tempted to type out notes since i’m the laziest person in existence, i still try (most of the time) to write notes because at the end of the day, you’ll be more proud of your handwritten notes than your boring typed out ones :)

7. study with people who usually do well

this is a rather…shady….method of learning but honestly!!! when you know how the top students function, you can learn from them as well! 

i’ve discovered that top students usually perform so well because they review their content regularly, unlike people like me who wait three days before the exam to start cramming everything into my brain.

keep some pictures of your notes or some flashcards with you, so that when you have pockets of time (eg. waiting for a friend, waiting for the bus, etc), you can whip them out and start reviewing :) 

these people also act as tutors, so you can clarify your doubts with them and it’ll be less awkward as compared to asking an actual teacher. i know i prefer asking classmates than teachers hahaha.

OKAY i hope this helped :-) please also reblog/like this if you’re a studyblr, i’m new to the community and i wanna follow more people!! 

so we got some new info about the wolf 359 alternate timeline from jacobi’s spite-fueled cooperation:

  • solar power has been in widespread use since the 60s. and goddard futuristics got big by investing in it, specifically for space travel.
    • we know the wolfverse (yes i’m calling it that) is much more technologically advanced than ours (complex artificial intelligence, space stations light-years away from earth, etc.). goddard’s energy revolution (???) was probably the point where the wolfverse split off.
    • also space stations were established in deep space by the late 70s, given that the tiamat mission was in 1978, and it was one of the early ones.
  • in the fifty years since goddard adopted solar power, coal has apparently become a dying industry or even obsolete, which suggests that there’s a wide reliance on green or nuclear energy instead.
  • and goddard is apparently doing good in the world?? jacobi talks about “water purification, eco-friendly fertilizers, global internet access".

we don’t really have hard evidence about anything else from the wolfverse earth, although it does seem like history and pop culture proceeded much like ours. but the tech stuff is pretty interesting on its own. here’s a world with clean energy and clean water (both from the purification and the better fertilizers). there’s global connectivity. robots do dangerous jobs for us (although some of them are ai people and then that’s a different story).

so here’s my conclusion: in some ways, the wolfverse might actually be the best version of our timeline. and that’s because of goddard futuristics.

which is a terrifying thought.

((and secondary conclusion: goddard only looks horrific from the inside. because of all its green power/tech development/public welfare projects, its public image is more benign, even beneficial. and of course it has enough power to maintain that image. so maybe nobody’s ever publicly questioned all the disasters and disappearances in its space program.))

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the reason why nobody points out why the hamlton thing is so bad is because the actors are neutered and sanitized caricatures of who they're meant to be portraying. fans then assume, since they aren't carbon clones, they are different people and "clearly all the haterz~ are idiots that cant tell two people of different races apart!!!!" (1/3)

(at the same time 60% of hatred towards LGBT headcanons in fandom is by homophobes, transphobes, or ‘allies’ that whine about how characters ‘can’t be normal anymore’ which leads to this odd grey area in which headcanons that are stereotypical/harmful fall under the radar or are ENDLESSLY argued over) in theory, theyre not so much shipping the slave masters as they are shipping the idealized self-insert fic characters of lmm. (2/3)

it’s a white liberal wet dream, a sanitized version of history to project upon to make themselves look better so tl:dr the fandom is 100% “STOP HATING ON ALEXANDER HAMILTON’S MEXICANSONA!!!!” (3/3)

Review of 14x01 “Break Down the House” and 14x02 “Get Off on the Pain “

“The painful irony for doctors is that we often have to make you sicker in order to heal you.”

There are a few things we can count on with Grey’s Anatomy.  One, the voiceovers are meaningful.  The words that begin and end each episode are intentional.  Two, most seasons (13 was a glaring exception) are written with the end in mind.  Where our characters start is rarely where they finish.  However, where they start is still important.   Three, when the show promises a lighter, happier season, we will always get the exact opposite.  With that said, once I heard the opening voiceover, I knew we should expect pain and lots of it.  And in true Grey’s fashion, they delivered.

Let’s start somewhere easy.  

Ben/Bailey-  Benley spent most of the two hours snacking on the stairs of the main lobby, overanalyzing the construction workers, and discussing shoes. When I heard Ben would be going to the spin-off I wondered what their story would be this season. Season 12 brought us rebellious Ben who sliced people open with clipboards and waited for his wife to chastise him.  Season 13 brought us doormat Bailey who let Catherine Avery intimidate her into thinking she didn’t know how to run a hospital, which of course, led to the terribleness that was the Eliza storyline. So for season 14, I could do with a little less Benley. I adore both of them, but honestly, I would be okay with them staying on the stairs.  

Megan/Nathan/Meredith - Megan’s return is something we have all been waiting for since we heard she was only” presumed dead.”  It could possibly be the least shocking return from the dead in the history of television.  Predictability aside, I appreciate that while this feels like a different version of Addison showing up in her fur coat, Mer and Megan stayed mature in an awkward situation.  They are setting up Mer and Nathan’s relationship much better than last season as well.  In season 13, we collectively cringed each time Nathan asked Meredith out because after fifteen rejections, you’ve got to take a hint, man.  By the time they ended up on the plane together it felt so forced that it was hard to root for them.  Having Nathan show that he is torn between the two is warming me up to Griggs more, though.  And that proposal scene has so much secondhand awkwardness that I literally threw my blanket over my head so I didn’t have to watch.  My guess is that in the end, Megan will choose her son over Nathan and return to Iraq, and Nathan and Mer will find their way back to each other after an entire season of pining from afar.  

Amelia/Owen/Teddy - I thought Teddy was such a nice addition to these two episodes.  She was absolutely correct that Mer operating on Megan is a conflict of interest, and I think Teddy and Owen have great chemistry.  Just like Megan’s return, Amelia’s brain tumor also feels like a new version of an old story - Izzie’s brain tumor.  Are we going to see her freeze her eggs as well?  Because all Owen Hunt has wanted for the last 74 years is a baby, and he clearly has no problem finding a new woman if he needs to.  Staying faithful is not his strong point.  As much as I like Owen and Teddy’s chemistry, I felt that having Owen cheat on his wife who wouldn’t give him a baby yet again, really put a dent in his character.  Giving Amelia a tumor should make for some great dramatic scenes with Owen, Amelia, Mer, etc., but it also pushes the “Owen finally gets a baby” story back another season.  And really, unless Caterina leaves, which I don’t think she will, Amelia will be fine.  Krista said in an interview that she wanted to explain Amelia’s ooc actions (a nice way of saying bad writing) so she decided to give her a tumor.  That’s how bad things got in season 13.  They can only be explained by a brain tumor.  Nice.

Jo/Alex/Deluca - Looks like they quickly kicked Deluca out of the picture, and made it pretty clear this will not be a triangle.  Every time Alex or Jo started talking to each other I so badly wanted one of them to say, “Why I haven’t I seen you in eight weeks?”  Last season they could barely look at each other without getting teary-eyed and mopey, and this season they act like most of s13 didn’t happen.  I guess that is another way Krista is trying to fix the writing.  Just act like it didn’t happen.  I wish we had that luxury.  I am a Jolex fan.  I think they belong together, and I want to see them get rid of Paul and live happily ever after.  Unfortunately, happily ever after usually lasts about five episodes on this show, so the fact that they are so happy in the premiere makes me nervous for where their story will go from here.  Also, I know Jo sleeping with the intern was supposed to be shocking and funny, but it made me cringe.  For a woman who has been with multiple abusive men in the past, Jo going home with a man who is essentially a stranger seemed ooc.  Also, she snuck out of his room in the morning and then had sex with Alex hours later in the Resident’s Lounge.  I hope she showered in between.

Arizona/Carina - Carina is already better than Eliza, but I am not completely sold on this story.  This was also incredibly predictable.  Once she was announced as joining the show, most of the fans called that she was joining for Arizona.  How did we know?  Because that seems to be the only story Arizona can have.  I am all for her finding someone and finding happiness, but I would like to see Arizona, the doctor, again as well.  

April/Jackson/Maggie - Before I say anything else, I have to say that Sarah Drew is incredible.  Her heartbreak was so real and so tangible that it made an unbearable scene beautiful.  

I see this from two angles.  One perspective is the show (Krista? Shonda?) wants to end Japril and has decided to put Jackson with Maggie because (like Arizona) hooking her up with someone seems to be the ultimate goal, while her abilities as a doctor and her character development are ignored.  There were some hints that this may happen.  I think Jackson and Maggie may have been trying to have some moments, but it is so hard to tell.  I have to rewatch their scenes and analyze are they being intentionally awkward or is the awkwardness a result of their lack of chemistry?  Is that a confused look or a thinking look? Was that a smile or a grimace?  With Japril and Maggie/Nathan and Maggie/Deluca their feelings were always clear.  Now whatever they are doing is making their already painful scenes more difficult to watch.  If Jackson and Maggie is something they pursue, they will have a hard time getting the audience on board.  The majority is adamantly against it, and they will never come out from Japril’s shadow.  Japril’s story cannot be matched or recreated, so Jackson/Maggie would eventually become a side couple who just happen to be on a show that people are watching for Griggs or Jolex. As viewers we feel so disrespected that there is no saving that ship in our eyes. From this perspective it was difficult to watch Jackson sit there and not respond.  Or to accept the idea that he would think sex to April could ever be casual.  It was heartbreaking.

Another perspective I see is that Japril may not be completely dead.  I am not at all trying to give out false hope.  I saw what you saw.  But as painful as it was, I am happy that April said what she was feeling and that Jackson was clearly bothered by knowing he had hurt her.  And as much as I wanted him to fight for her, to say something, anything, watching them sit in silence, holding hands made me think about how through everything, the love and respect has remained.  They may be the only couple in the history of the show who have stayed faithful to each other no matter what.  The writers could have destroyed them completely.  We easily could have seen a Jackson/Maggie hook-up that would have broken them in a different way.  Instead, we saw April tell Jackson what she needed to say and Jackson listened.  Writing the scene that way leaves that trust, respect, and love in tact so that it can be revived.  The episode had a couple of other moments made me wonder if they were hints as well.  Maggie’s relationship with Deluca was brought up for the first time in forever, and Maggie seemed pretty excited that he called her beautiful.  Granted, Maggie would get excited about a man offering her a tissue when she sneezes, but again, Grey’s does not write random lines.  Plus, Deluca is officially out of Jolex’s relationship, I believe.  So that is something to keep an eye on.  Also, Maggie and Webber had a clear father/daughter scene where he talked about hoping she got her talent from him.  So, for anyone arguing he isn’t her dad, the show seems to say otherwise.  I thought it was interesting they put that scene in if they have any thoughts of Jackson and Maggie happening.  Krista says April has a complicated journey this season.  I would argue that she has had a complicated journey every season, but for them to openly say it has my wheels turning with ideas.  And of course, these things on top of Jesse and Sarah’s open support and love for Japril leaves me with a flicker of hope.  

They left hope for a reason.  If we are to believe the words that opened and closed the show, then this season will be about breaking things down to build them up better the second time.  

We’ve seen how they are going to break things.  Now let’s see how they fix it.

“The painful irony for doctors is that we often have to make you sicker in order to heal you. If a bone is healed unevenly, we have to re-break it. If a scar is too thick, we have to scrape it off and create a new wound. We break you down to rebuild you. We go to medical school because we want to learn how to fix what’s broken, but we quickly learn that we often have to make things worse before we can make them better. It’s risky, and it’s frightening for surgeons and for patients, but usually, it’s worth it. You get a second chance at life, and we get to be the architects of your second chance. It’s win-win, when it works.”

Emmerdale Angst Post

I’m so sick of the double standards when it comes to judging people on the basis of infidelity.

It’s not just the antis, it’s the journalists, and even the people on Emmerdale to some extent. It’s like they are all going out of their way to demonise Robert Sugden.

Robert cheats on Aaron whilst his judgement was severely impaired due to alcohol, he was heartbroken, vulnerable, and yes he absolutely shouldn’t have done it. But people reckon he’s evil and beyond redemption???

Pete Barton cheats on Leyla Harding, for the heck of it. First with his aunt, and then more than once with her best friend. He’s completely sober. The only reason he has for doing it is that he’s a disgusting wanker who got a twitch in his dick. Yet, he’s somehow better than Robert? According to the journalists “Poor Pete” is “torn” between two women. Oh the problems that men face these days!!!! 🙄😒😑

And don’t even get me started on the Antis that think Ross Barton is better than Robert Sugden. Ross Barton who slept with Kerry while she was drunk. Ross Barton who has always been aggressive towards, bad mouthed, and slut shamed women. Ross Barton who isn’t above taking advantage of people for his own personal gain. Ross Barton who slept with his brother’s fiancé. Ross Barton who hit on his other brother’s wife, just for kicks. Ross Barton who made a Strangers on a Train deal with Andy that resulted in him shooting Robert Sugden in cold blood, just so Andy would kill his own brother Pete.

But let’s continue to glorify Ross and justify his disgusting behaviour because he’s a sexy, rugged, bad boy, who is only doing what is expected of him. Whereas Robert is just pure evil.

I don’t even hate Ross. I’m not saying Robert is so much better than him, even though some of the stuff Ross has done is far worse. But next time you call us pathetic for supporting a “fanon” version of Robert, take a long hard look at the character histories of some of your favourites.

like, destroying confederate statues isn’t destroying history, because confederate statues aren’t “history” so much as they are direct public celebrations of something not true; i.e. an entirely inaccurate version of the past invented to make the actions of racists, slave owners, war criminals, et cetera appear better, or justified, or whatever

allowing confederate statues to still exist is itself destroying history

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Hi! I love your blog and your meta, but I specially love your au tag, so I have a question for you. What do you think would have happened if both Rhaegar and Robert had died at the Trident? And if Aerys, for any cause, had also died? I just like to imagine a world where Elia is alive and ruling like a boss (maybe as Regent Queen?). She deserved so much better!

She did indeed. However, unfortunately your AU doesn’t make any changes to Tywin, and that’s what you need for Elia to live. 

All right. Please see the Robert’s Rebellion timeline, or check the wiki, and follow along. At the Battle of the Trident, though Robert killed Rhaegar, he was also wounded. Let’s assume that those wounds kill him, but not before Ned leaves with the rebel army, marching down the Kingsroad as fast as possible to get to King’s Landing, chasing the remains of the loyalist army. Ned may be informed about Robert’s death by raven, if the maesters don’t cover it up, and at that point the question of who the rebels will acclaim as their new king is very important – Stannis (as Robert’s heir, though he’s besieged in Storm’s End and not anywhere near the army at that time), or Ned (as the most injured by Aerys’s mad despotic rule, and who Robert had wanted to be king, not him), or Jon Arryn (third most, also preferred by Robert) – but either way, it’s not certain that Tywin will be informed. And Tywin must already have his Westerlands army on the march, to reach King’s Landing before the rebel army does.

Now, if Tywin finds out about Robert’s death before he gets to KL, that isn’t necessarily a reason for him to support the Targaryens. He still hates Aerys, remember. (Who I cannot figure out how to kill before Jaime does it, short of Rhaella stabbing him (very unlikely) or him pulling a Maegor on the Iron Throne (extremely unlikely) so that’s going to stay the same.) And even if Tywin decides the rebels’ cause is lost, in his mind Elia is still “nothing”, and still the one who stole Rhaegar from Cersei. So, if Tywin chooses to stay nominally loyal to the Targaryens, I think he’ll still sack King’s Landing (under the excuse of removing the mad remains of Aerys’s rule) and have Elia killed in the chaos, so that he can be regent for Aegon, or possibly Viserys. Probably eventually Viserys, so that Cersei can marry him and be queen as the gods intended. (Though note Viserys is on Dragonstone at this point, not in King’s Landing, so Tywin would make sure to keep Aegon alive… for now.) And if Tywin still goes over to the rebels (if he doesn’t find out about Robert’s death until it’s too late), then the Sack proceeds with no changes at all.

Afterwards, the question of who will be chosen as the new king is a big one. If the rebel lords acclaim Stannis, then the relief of the Siege of Storm’s End becomes very very important. (And Mace Tyrell also becomes incredibly important, as he’s not just lazily besieging a rebel leader’s younger brothers, but the rebels’ new king.) If the rebels choose Ned or Jon Arryn (over the protests of maesters who say they don’t have a royal claim), then what’s relevant is how Tywin holds King’s Landing, either pro-rebel or pro-Targaryen and Aegon’s guardian. Actually, that’s highly relevant if Stannis is acclaimed too, so let’s get back to that point.

If Tywin is pro-rebel, then he has opened the gates to the rebel army, but Ned and Jon and/or Stannis are not nearly as grateful/forgiving of his Targaryen murders as Robert was in the original timeline. (Jaime would then go to the Wall, and Cersei’s not marrying anyone royal.) If pro-Targaryen, then Tywin has closed the gates and the war… happens some more, I’m not sure how exactly… until, most likely, a Great Council is called. At the Council, either Tywin will be convinced to go over to the rebel side (and Aegon and Rhaenys probably go to the Faith or Wall), or some sort of consensus is agreed regarding Aegon VI becoming king with a regency council much like Aegon III’s. Regarding the occasional AU meta post I’ve seen where someone states the rebels would never allow this, due to the fear of Aegon growing up to take revenge on them– you just control his education so that he grows up learning of the immoral and illegal activities of his father and grandfather and how good for Westeros it was that they were deposed. I mean, this obviously happened with Aegon III, as he never changed Aegon II’s declaration that Rhaenyra was never a queen, only a usurper, and his regency council was a mix of Blacks and Greens with no known revenge on the Greens once he came into his majority. And Aegon VI’s just a toddler, he’d be remarkably easy to influence as he grows up.

But unfortunately Elia is still dead, in any variation. :(  Well… there might be a variation that could please you a bit more. I’ve answered the question of what if Robert and Rhaegar both died at the Trident before – and in that one I gave Tywin a bit more caution and less desire for revenge, so the Sack doesn’t happen. I think that this version in this post is slightly more probable, alas, because Tywin is Tywin in any history, and TWOIAF had not yet been released when I wrote that post… but choose what you like. (Though seriously, if you want Elia to live in a Robert’s Rebellion AU, you need to kill Tywin, not Robert. You’d end up with a much better Westeros on the whole, too. If you do it early enough, you might prevent Jaime and Cersei from being as badly warped, but doing it near the Rebellion saves Tyrion from quite a lot of damage, at least.) Hope that helps!

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I love how the parallel is sorta inverted too -- santi saw angel molly after falling off the roof and possibly plunging to his death (i know u just explained that he was metaphorically reborn but shh im talking literal here) whereas he saw angel lou after being brought back to his conciousness from overdosing. Alive to could-have-died in one case, could-have-died to alive in another.

;_________; YES you took the words right out of my mouth and i just..kadjkgdf you said it so much better than i ever could’ve. i love when you guys read into it because it makes me grow stronger i feel like i can do a cartwheel after reading this (it’s 4 in the morning i definitely should not try to cartwheel right now)

I feel like GRRM’s initial lack of positive portrayal of female friendships or filial relationships impacts how people read characters like Sansa and Catelyn and the idea of feminine characters having internal flaw/sin to overcome (such a Christian idea) and how despite him trying to subvert the idea of these characters being bad, why he fails is because he doesn’t give us those human moments that inform the the motivations of the characters - especially Sansa. 

He tries to write more positive friendships later with other characters like Arianne, Margaery and even Sansa in the Vale. But this initial misstep of not layering the Catelyn-Sansa dynamic and showing how a woman was hurting and took it out in a way she could under the patriarchal structure - on her husband’s illegitimate child rather than her husband herself - and how a daughter saw how much her mother was hurting and how her siblings ignored it and internalized her behaviour. He could have shown how Sansa bullied Arya because she subconsciously wanted to jerk her away from Jon - to make her mother happier, and it manifested into something else along the way. She’s still flawed, but more humanized this way. But did this happen in the books? No, it didn’t. 

He tries to correct fans for certain perceptions of Catelyn and he does have a point, but he couldn’t translate it as much into his writing because he didn’t let Catelyn to vent her vulnerability to another character she could trust as much. The character could have easily been Sansa, but he didn’t exploit the situation that clearly presented itself. Sansa as a character could have easily been given a background where she grew up in a family where lies were realities and secrets were the elephant in the room because of Ned’s “infidelity” and no one allowed to ask who Jon’s mother was. While it still can be read that way, the author didn’t really try to take it to the next level. The material was all there. 

Yes, she was classist initially and because of the songs she believed beauty/nobility = good, but she was also 11 and a child can’t think that way without being influenced directly if in her environment no one cultivates such behaviour. Exploring a more direct source of that is as important as showing its deconstruction, but we hardly get that. Otherwise it just looks like she represents it, when how can a child of 11 do that? 

What he pulled instead was an Edmund Pevensie (the odd, evil susceptible sibling) on AGOT Sansa with a dash of what C.S. Lewis did to Susan at the end of the TCoN series - locking only her out of Narnia heaven because she liked lipstick and boys. It’s general failure of fantasy writers with their internalized problematic aspects of christianity and sexism otherwise anyway. I will say GRRM tried to subvert it and his original outline was even worse concerning Sansa, but because he’s a man and he’s pretty old too he hasn’t been as successful with this kind of flashback nuance. That’s why when someone points out Sansa’s flaws to me, I think: it’s a given she has flaws because the author never lets us forget in the first book, especially. Pointing them out doesn’t actually needs very little close reading. I’m not ignoring them. What I say is after acknowledging them is the audience fails to read between the lines. 

How is it that in AGOT Catelyn, Septa Mordane, Jeyne and Sansa - all female characters - are the characters who are shown to be restrictive? There’s a trend here showing more about the author than the characters. Of course, he does try to show these characters have more human arcs later, but he’s not fair to them in the first book or in backstories sometimes and first impressions matter and that’s why people think Sansa needs to be punished or tested constantly, while Jaime is getting a redemption arc when he technically threw a child off a tower? Isn’t that worse? But there are reasons it doesn’t translate to the general audience. 

The fact that the author writes Cersei as a misogynistic character because she has internalized all the misogyny the men around her have subjected to makes sense because women are capable of that, but apparently Cersei was also a psychopath all along? The woodswitch tells prophecises her fate in her friend’s presence so she kills her that day and never regrets it? So what is so subversive here? When Jaime and Cersei’s dysfunctional attachment to each other is a product of both of them, why does Jaime come out looking better? Because he has a backstory and a time of innocence that isn’t involved with some psychotic behaviour. So when people don’t accept that women who are more feminine aren’t done as much justice as they could have been done in this book series, they’re denying this trend here. 

It’s Susan being locked out of Narnia heaven because she likes “lipstick and boys”. It’s Eve being punished for the original sin because she is inherently evil. Not as individual characters but as a collective whole for being feminine/courtly characters that then end up with added layers. But the author’s tendency is there because of culture. I mean I get that he might have been making a caricature of courtly “goodness” but there’s a difference in how the male and female characters are approached.  

It’s not the same with what he’s doing with Dany as a hero that becomes a villain story because Dany doesn’t start out looking like a flawed character but a victim of men and while she wears dresses, along the way as she uses her wits and then immense power falls into her hands too quickly, she is associated with war and surrounded by male characters who revere the strength she represents with her dragons and command. It’s one of the reasons she would be a successful antagonist because she didn’t start out evil or as a bad apple. 

They didn’t have to be less flawed but if they were given a motivation that guided their behaviour, GRRM would accomplish what he’s been trying to accomplish much better. If he could do this with Jaime and Theon, why not Sansa? D&D obviously handle it worse, but it clearly shows that a man wrote this in either versions. Only a woman who understands how such family dynamics work could write otherwise. That’s partly why so many Sansa and Catelyn fans argue in their favour because underneath what was written is a history of their voices in such domestic situations going unheard.

Why wouldn’t someone in this family have an issue with their mother being scorned with the presence of an illegitimate child? Place it out of the context of this universe and you realize, while no fault of Jon’s, this kind of lack of nuance in two women behaving this way supposed to mean mostly classism when it could be classism being an after-effect of this shows the lack of being able to encapsulate a woman’s point of view. The ingredients were all there in this situation and they weren’t used right as much as the author wanted to accomplish much of it. Write flawed female characters and deconstruct their problematic behaviour later because anyone can be problematic, but understand where it comes from. Otherwise, people continue to miss the point being made and you lose opportunities to add more to your characters. 

I hope one day someone pulls a Wide Sargasso Sea on this and writes that or rewrites that if they’re up to making another adaptation one day by enhancing the story, not reducing it further. But before that he needs to finish first. Don’t get me wrong. He does a lot of things right in terms of layering of the fantasy genre with plot and politics, but they aren’t immune to other forms of problematics like racism and sexism. It’s just a lot more subtle and says more about the culture he grew up in and the culture we still live in. 


MARY, MARY i don’t know how I only just saw your pupdates but I have to reply like this BECAUSE SOME OF THEM LOOK SO MUCH LIKE MY DOG

This is Gimli ^^ He was a Romanian stray found by the side of the road just like your puppies when he was about a year old. A rescue group brought him over to the UK so he’s my baby now. This picture doesn’t show it all that well and I can’t find a better one but…

Some of those little pupper photos you took, look so much like teeny tiny versions of him??? I’m half wondering if you found long-lost relatives of his or something (we unfortunately know nothing of his history, we can only guess at what breeds he might be and we don’t know where abouts he was found but???).

Aah anyway, your puppers are adorable, huge well done to you and your boyfriend for rescuing them and I hope they all find great homes <3

Book Asks

Rules: Complete the qualities with books you’ve read or want to read (novels, plays, stories, etc.) then tag some friends.

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Almost But Not Quite Entirely French Romanticism Edition!

Book I Love:  Les Mis is perhaps too obvious, so Champavert, which is like “your actually funny and eternally high-key furious antifa friend starts doing the class reading and derails three lines in every time to expound on how this is really about the Violence Inherent in the System and why don’t we just stab Caesar  and OH YEAH the plot–” and I know that’s not everyone’s Idfic but lemme tell you it is mine and I didn’t even know it before I read that book, I love Champavert the way a lot of people love Jupiter Ascending, like wow this is a glorious overblown trainwreck but it is the glorious overblown trainwreck  of my soul. 

Book I Hate:  aaaagh Horace. It stands out to me here because I don’t think it’s a bad book!  I totally see where it’s Relevant to My Interests and Sand was Doing a Thing and oh help I’m probably going to have to read it again  but my god, reading that book was like swallowing mouthfuls of living wriggling worms whole. The Life and Times of an Abusive Shitlord, told by an apologist, what fun. Jean Laraviniere was the only thing that got me through that novel, my god.  

Book I Think is Underestimated: Mlle de Maupin, really. There is A Lot going on, there, and I think it gets largely buried under the admittedly very…there…discussions of theater and the general annoyance a lot of people feel towards d’Albert (WHICH IS FAIR, I hasten to say.) 

Book I Think is Overvalued: Okay I GET that it was a Moment in Literary History and certainly I love the architecture and printing essays and Pierre Gringoire is a wonderful failure of a person, but Notre Dame de Paris has been Vastly Improved by every major adaptation I’ve seen, largely because the book is, and I say this only after lots of consideration, not very good.  It’s so much easier to make it better (give Esmeralda some agency! remove even some of the antizyganism!  Stop whatever you’re doing with Fleur-de-lys , just…yeah.) that I think people actually remember it as being  better?? is my only explanation for some of the commentary I’ve seen about it. 

Book I Want to See in A Movie Version:….Howard Zinn’s People’s History of the United States. Or maybe I want to see it in a miniseries. Either way. 

Last Book I Read/In Progress: Count of Monte Cristo!:D  It’s fun! I’m excited to see where it goes! I could do with 90 percent fewer gratuitous mentions of sexual assault! I’m really worried about Albert, who is a bit of an utter goober but doesn’t deserve whatever the Revenge Sandwich Man has planned! Tension!

Book or Saga I Want to Finish: Journey to the Orient! I always enjoy reading it (unexpectedly, tbh, because I mean….look at the title, I was ready to be appalled and disgusted, but Nerval is just so…Nerval) but it’s proving to be a very Installments read. 

Book or  Saga I Don’t Want to Finish: Discworld. I’ve got Shepherd’s Crown sitting on the shelf and I just….I don’t wanna. I’m not ready for it to be Over. 

Next Book: Probably Toilers of the Sea! Or maybe 20k Leagues, since I’ve got that open in my Kindle reader…

The Worst End:  …I’m still super bitter about Ninety Three. >_<  Like just….everything that happens after Gauvain goes into the cell. All of it. No. I totally get what Hugo was Doing and Going For and N O P E. No! No. I feel like I can’t say more without super spoilers but: No. 

TAGGING IS HARD, uh, @vapaus-ystavyys-tasaarvo, @spacestationtrustfund, @mayleavestars, @soilrockslove , anyone else who might be interested please do! 

EXO’s reaction to you translating their song to your own language

Anonymous said: Exo reacts to you translating their song (you choose which) into your language and sing it. But they don’t know the language. Thanks☺

Thank you for the request! I hope you enjoy it! And I’m gonna make it more on the “humor” side than serious.


Baekhyun: “Wait….. Do I know that song?…..” *realizes* “Ohh…”

Chanyeol: “Nice song, I like it!” *totally knows what you did and likes it*

Chen: *sends you a look that means he thinks it’s super cute*

D.O: “You translated our song so you could sing along better?” *cute giggle* “That’s so adorable!”

Kai: “But that’s our song? Since when did it come out in a spanish version?”

Kris: “Why History though?….” *doesn’t like the song history much*

Lay: *sings along and doesn’t notice that he doesn’t know the words*

Luhan: *too busy looking at himself to notice*

Sehun: “Our version is much better.”

Suho: “It’s… It’s….. ” *GIF*

Tao: *detects growl from miles away* “I hear my jam”

Xiumin: *notices it’s their song* *likes it* *raises eyebrow at you*

Cuz .. they’re inspiring. And…c'mon - that look?!?!?!!?

“It’s much more fun when you know the steps.”

He honestly couldn’t believe she said that. 

The camera crew didn’t either - but then again…they were now used to her taming his notorious temper. 

Two months together…and it consistently amazed him how she could reach inside and just…calm him. 

He didn’t like to think about it being over. About it being almost the end of the journey. 

So he didn’t. 

As the camera crew left the studio, he and Meryl were taking a much needed break. He was ecstatic that they were gone - while he understood the nature of the beast, so to speak, he hated making those packages. He didn’t necessarily care about how it made him look to the public really, but he worked so much better when the cameras were gone. His head cleared, he breathed easier, and he relaxed. 

And he could do this. 

She wasn’t surprised when he grabbed her. She knew she was going to be paying for that comment somehow, and his version of payback included her up against the mirror, legs around his waist as he completely devoured her mouth. 

As far as she was concerned, Maksim Chmerkovskiy was the very best kisser in all the history in all the world. 

She wanted to kiss him like this from now until…forever. 

He pulled back from her mouth slowly, his eyes - the emotion there no doubt matching hers - and…


“Having fun yet?" 

You ever get struck by the fact that season 2 CS and season 6 CS are like watching two different people interact, and yet they’re the same? 

You look at them now and they’ve both grown and matured and become better versions of themselves while also retaining their core characteristics, which is how it should be: not having to change who they are but finding someone they feel safe enough with and inspired by to progress alongside. It’s such a natural evolution of their relationship and them as individuals, and there’s so much history there at this point that I sometimes wonder how they even got to this place

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Ok so what if Rose, Ten, Donna, Jack and everyone else got stuck in the real world and they're confused bc apparently their live is just one big tv show and in the end they get back home but before they go back while there still stuck in the real world they Google the actors that Play them out of curiosity and watch funny interviews, talkshows etc. just for the hell of it

“Oh, great,” the Doctor groaned as he looked around. “We’re in that universe.”

After towing the Earth back to it’s proper location, the Doctor had noticed that walls were closing at an alarming rate and had dropped Jackie off immediately. What followed was a teary farewell between mother and daughter and several promises from Jackie that her little brother will always remember his big sister, and they quickly flew the TARDIS back through the void. Except halfway there the TARDIS had emitted a whine and had fallen through another hole, which was where they were now stranded.

“What universe?” Jack asked as some people gaped at him. He smiled back charmingly.

“The center universe, or so they think,” the Doctor grumbled and threw the magazine down with a sigh. “This universe has the ability to look into other universes. Oh, they don’t quite know that, but when they dream up a story or create a book or movie, that always means that in some universe, that exact story exists. Bloody annoying the lot of them. Last time I landed here I kept getting swamped by fangirls.”

Rose giggled. “I thought you would enjoy it.”

He sighed. “Not really. This universe is… different. It gives Time Lords the shivers, because whenever they create a new world that place exists- but you will never find that world until that person creates it.”

They paused and let the implications sink in. “So they… create universes?” Sarah Jane asked.

“In a way, yes. Of course, some universes already do exist, like ours, and they are only able to get glimpses of them; not the whole story, but enough to create their own version of the tale. But others are created simply by their imagination.”

Donna shivered. “I don’t think I like the implications.”

“Which is why my people avoided this universe as much as possible,” the Doctor sighed. “I looked myself up here out of curiosity once and the things they thought I did…” he shuddered. “There’s a difference between fiction and make-believe. They had a lot of my history all wrong.”

Rose squeezed his hand. “How long until the TARDIS is better?”

“A few hours. Luckily the holes in this universe are stable so it’ll be easy to slip out again. Just… stay out of sight and if someone calls you by another name, don’t respond and pretend you’re someone else.”

They broke apart, not willing to stray far from the TARDIS but curious about this universe they found themselves in nonetheless. Rose and the Doctor wandered over to the nearby park and sat down on a bench, staring silently across the grass.

“How accurate is their portrayals?” Rose asked, quietly.

He shrugged. “Sixty percent? Hard to tell. I haven’t been here in a while, and I left as soon as I could.”

“Do you think they… they knew about Canary Wharf?”

“Oh, Rose,” he sighed and pulled her closer. “It’s possible. They tend to get fixed points pretty well. But there was… I couldn’t save you. I…”

“It’s ok,” she whispered, then smiled up at him. “Come on. Let’s go find a store that sells your supposed history, and we can laugh about it later.”

He smiled back. “Want to go cause a scene and mess with our look-alikes?”

“Never got to play the evil twin before,” Rose giggled, and they were soon dashing off, hand in hand and together, as it should be.

I actually think Tumblr’s version of history is so much better than the actual fact of history because it basically amounts to “white people stole everything from POCs and basically took over the world despite being objectively inferior in every conceivable way.” Like if that isn’t the most inspiring underdog story I don’t know what is.