their tweets are so adorable

From Hanyu Yuzuru

To Kazuki ★ 

Thank you for everything at The Ice Osaka (literally translated as “I was in your care at The Ice Osaka).
I’m looking forward to meeting again as rivals someday in a competition! *laughs* Kazuki, ganba!! (Shortened form of ganbare aka hang in there) 

- From Hanyu Yuzuru

Kazuki Tomono (Team Japan Junior Singles skater) tweeted about finding this card whilst cleaning up before the new year. 

"At that time I was simply happy reading this, but now that I think about it, it’s amazing that it’s hand written. (^^;
I appeared in The Ice in 2012 i think?
Then I was a novice so it’s been a long time since.
I wonder if I grew a little (since then)”

He later added this was his precious item.
(He actually appeared in 2011 lmao)

Courtesy of Kazuki Tomono’s personal Twitter

A zimbits Fic

Check, Please! (In the restaurant sense. Not the hockey sense)

Pairing: Zimbits

Jack Zimmermann just wants to impress his boyfriend. Too bad he tried way too hard and Bitty doesn’t really know how to handle it. It’s a good thing milkshakes fix everything.

The restaurant is gorgeous. It’s absolutely breathtaking. It’s everything that Eric expected from a fancy restaurant, but Christ Almighty it’s the most expensive establishment Eric’s ever set foot in.

“Sweetpea, you didn’t tell me it was going to be this fancy! I would have worn something nicer!” Eric whispers to Jack as their waiter escorts them to their table. Their table that Jack reserved for them weeks in advance! Jack had literally been planning this date for months and Eric was so awed by his dedication that he didn’t bother to look up the restaurant beforehand. It’s obvious now that he should have.

“You look great, Bits, trust me. I think you’re dressed appropriately. They haven’t kicked us out yet, eh?.” Jack says and the corners of his lips turn up into just about the sweetest smile Eric’s ever seen. Eric would swoon if he didn’t know that Jack was only saying that because he was trying to be a good boyfriend. Eric compares his outfit, the same suit he’s worn to every formal event since he was eighteen, to Jack’s outfit, a sleek brand-new tailored suit that probably cost 10 times as much as Eric’s. There’s really no comparison, Eric is under-dressed.

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anonymous asked:

Pretty sure I wandered into your "Lido Deck" by accident but hoo boy I never want to leave. Took me a while to familiarize myself with your lexicon ("IFH"? "DSC"? Initials that ruined my favorite candy?). Anyway, after going through the videos, the interviews, and the masterpost of flirty tweets I gotta say: these two were so adorably naive. And the cast and crew seemed to bask in it in the olden days. Finally caught up to ECCC and present day. This ship is one of a kind. I'm cackling.

In honor of International Women’s Day, I want to piggyback on Anon’s lovefest and give a shout out to all of the wonderfully smart, funny, snarky, sincere, talented, generous, formidable ladies who make up our little corner of the world. I’m grateful for the camaraderie, laughs and connections, and couldn’t imagine wasting waaaaaaaay too much of my damn time with anyone else. xoxo


Rebecca Mader and Nestor Carbonell bump into each other at LAX.


(I’m not sure Norma would understand though… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)