their supports were so cute omg

If Seventeen’s hip hop unit’s s/o played basketball

Request:  hi, can I request a headcanon for SVT hip hop unit when their gf is a pro basketball athlete (plays for the state or in the junior national team or smth)? like how would they support her or will they come to theor practices/watch their games and bring the boys, etc? thanks~

HONESTLY I don’t know that much about basketball BUT I’m gonna try my best!

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Seungcheol (S.coups):

  • let’s be real here
  • considering he is the leader he’d DEFINITELY force at least some of the members to as many matches as possible!! not that they would really mind tbh
  • Considering he is the leader and probably really really busy he wouldn’t be able to go to all your matches
  • but he’d go to as many as he could!
  • he’d also definitely make sure to at least text you after each match and ask how it went!
  • if he went to the match he’d definitely run up to you and hug you saying how proud of you he is!! 
  • he’d love love love to play with you! even though you’re better than him lol


  • I don’t really see him as someone who’s really interested in sports tbh
  • but duuuude if he came to one of your matches he’d get sooo into it!
  • and afterwards he’d refuse to acknowledge how he got angry whenever the other team scored lmao
  • “what? Me? no I was quiet the whole time! you probably just imagined it!”
  • cue him blushing~
  • would always buy you something related to basketball if he saw it in a store 
  • “it made me think of you”
  • would honestly be super supportive of you
  • would make sure that you don’t overwork yourself and that you ate/drank enough before and after every practice or match!


  • this boy is so amazed when you first tell him
  • would ask you so many things about it 
  • would LOVE to watch you play!!!!
  • would take any chance he could get to see you play to be honest!!!
  • would force wonwoo to come with him
  • would be so excited to see you train or play a match!!!!!
  • would be so so so happy with you when you won
  • but he’d still be very vert supportive when you lost a match!!

Hansol (Vernon):

  • omg this boy
  • he thinks you’re super duper cool!
  • like !!! wow!!! you’re so good!!!!
  • I can really see him being into basketball from the start so he’d love it if you could teach him a bit!!!
  • would think you’re super cute/hot whenever you play
  • would hug/kiss you afterwards even though you’re hecka sweaty and nasty
  • would make jokes about you being someone from hsm like troy bolton or chad or someone lmao
  • would make pickuplines relating to basketball and use it on you
  • “ If you were a basketball, I’d never pass because I want to keep you all to myself“

Feel free to request anything!!

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How would MONSTA X react if they were doing karaoke together with their friend (who is a foreign girl) and she could sing their songs and do their dances?

Hi!! This was a fun reaction to write, so here you go~


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He’d stare at you adoringly, wondering how on earth you’ve managed to learn their songs and dances well. He’d feel really grateful that he has you to support his group.

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*gets turned up with you*


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*suffocates you with his hug when he saw how adorable you were being*

“OMG that’s so cute! Please sing some more of our songs! I really love it!”

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The two of you were hanging out together at the karaoke bar for a night out and you two were singing ‘Tresspass’. Instead of singing it properly though, you two would be singing in wierd accents, mich made the two of you crack up really hard. Especially when he had a voice crack in the middle of the song.

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The boy could not contain his excitement when he saw you belting out to the chorus of ‘Fighter’ and doing the moves to it.

“Omg, she’s dancing to out song!”

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He’d jump out of the couch and would join in, the both of you busting out the moves to his song and singing together, just having fun the whole time.

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Much like Shownu, he’d sit quietly and sway along to your voice. Every now and then he’d sing a little and clap along, encouraging you to sing more.

“You’re doing great, Y/N.”

@simsparadise3 : Sorry I’m so terrible with words (hence birth is all I could come up with lmao) BUT happy birthday!!!! I did this quickly for ya, I know it’s not much, but I love you so much, you’re an amazing friend I’m so honoured to have met you >w

OMG I love you so much!! Thank you for making this Sani! It’s super cute aa, I love you. But hold up what are you talkin about?? You’re totes good with words! Some of the messages you’ve sent me have left me in tears because they were so kind.. thank you for all your love and support. You’re the bestest friend anyone could have ever dreamed of having!

Monsta X Reaction to your comeback dance.

Hi there cutie ♥  thank you so much for your kind words! It really makes my day knowing you guys enjoy my writting. Your support is what keeps me going, hope you enjoy!

Shownu - OMG, he would be so proud. Shownu would be your number one fan, no doubt. He’d love spending more time with you but wouldn’t hide the fact that he couldn’t wait for your comeback. Shownu would be this boyfriend that would feel proud of his girlfirend at her every achievement. He would probabily have your songs downloaded on his phone so he could listen to it whenever he wished or when you were far away from him (i wanna kill myself this is too cute). So watching your comeback dance would make him so happy that he would struggle to contain himself to not fangirl and scream your name. You know he is a dancing machine, but he’d find himself so small when he saw you perform, even if you weren’t that good or the coregraphy wasn’t that interesting, he would just picture a godess in front to him. Because at his eyes you were the best. Yap, Shownu would just be this proud boyfriend, your biggest fan.

“Jagi, you were fantastic!” * laying his arm around your waist so people knew you were his girlfriend*

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Wonho - Ohh he would love your moves XD Wonho would be singing the song all along and jamming to it, but never leave his eyes off of you. He’d make sure to tell you how gorgeous you looked when you were finished, and how badass you looked on stage. He would love how different you looked for each comeback because it would just remind him that you always looked great, no matter what you were wearing or your haircut. Wonho would make sure to tell you that. SELCAS, SELCAS AND SELCAS. Hoseok would want to remember how amazing you were and show the world how happy he was to be with such a talented person like you. About the dance… well, we know him don’t we? If it was kinda of a sexy dance, he’d ask you all the time to do it for him. If it was a cute dance or a more powerful one he’d secretly want to learn it, so he could dance it with you.

“I shouldn’t let you dance like that in front of others! They will want to steal you from me!”

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Minhyuk - He would be SO EXCITED. You know that “number one fan” thing with Shownu? Yeahh, Minhyuk would be kinda of a sasaeng, haha (no joke). He wouldn’t just jam with you when you were performing, he’d jump from his seat and start to dance like the world was ending, sing (scream) the song and raise his hands in a cute heart whenever you had an individual part. He would turn into a ball of hapiness when you entered the stage and fangirl all along. Minhyuk would find you the most beautiful person on the world and feel lucky to have you with him, he would also learn the dance, because he would watch your every performance and eventually end up doing it along. Whenever your songs came on the radio or you appeared on the tv he would run and increase the volume, screaming to everyone shut up and listen as he hugged you and kissed your cheeks proud af.

“You are the best! My sunshine dances so well!”
(you are Wonho xD)

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Kihyun - He’d be mesmerized the whole song! I see him just “waking up” when your other members were having their parts, because when you were in the center he would find you so perfect that he would probabily even open his mouth slighly at how entraced he was. When you were finished he’d cheer and clap like crazy, laughing from exitement, and waiting so he could hug you and tell you how amazing you were. I feel like Kihyun wouldn’t even know half of the other members names, he would just care about you and wouldn’t take his eyes of you as you danced. He would probabily end up on the big screen at your parts once he is an idol as well and his reaction was funny to watch, so when he noticed he was being filmed he would give a lot of thumbs up’s and make hearts with his fingers pointing to the stage so people who didn’t knew you were together end up knowing.

“How did you manage to do it so perfectly? I am so proud of you!” 

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Hyungwon - He’d be smiling the whole performance, thinking how amazing you look and how your dance was mindblowing. He would just feel so lucky for having you. I don’t think he would have a crazy reaction, he would just be really focused and smiling the entire time and blush when your moves were too much for him. When you finished the only thing he would be thinking about would be to find you and fill you with compliments. Hyungwon would find your new style for this comeback breathtaking and he’d make sure to tell you how happy he was about your success and how proud he felt about his talented girlfriend. I see him running to hug you when he notices you in the crowd after your performance, to congratulate you and to tell you how happy he was for you.

 "You look stunning Y/N! Your performance was amazing! “ *HUGS*

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Jooheon - Our Jooheonie would try to keep his image and not fan girl that much. But he would be lip syncing all the parts he knew and jam to your parts in a really subtle way. He wouldn’t look at anyone else but you because at his eyes you were the most beatiful woman he had ever seen. Once you were finished he would stand up and clap proudly while showing everyone his cute dimples and giving away how happy he was to be watching you rock the stage. I swear, this boy would think of you as DA QUEEN of that shiz, he would just be so entraced by how good you looked and how great your dance was, that once you got to him, he’d hug you and kiss you on the cheek telling you how amazing you were and how much he loved you.

” OMG, You look so gorgeous! I feel intimidated.“ 

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I.M - Changkyun would be waiting all day for your performance, and would be always trying to catch your eye during your performance. Before you entered, I see him going in circles and peeking at his tip toes to try to find you in the crowd and see how you looked for your comeback. He’d be as loud as Minhyuk, not giving a fuck if people were looking at him and would try to dance along with you in your parts and scream your name like a true fangirl. Changkyun would find you the best and be proud that his girlfriend was having so much sucess on stage that he wouldn’t be thinking at anything else but you, the rest of the night. I feel like he would probabily get you some cute gift, like a little plushie or some flowers, because to him, this would be as important as it was for you.

 "You were perfect, but I think I can do it better.” *trying to do your dance moves but failing completely*

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~This boys are so cute I can’t xD this was fun to write!


Feel free to send me more requests! I also write for BTS, EXO, B.A.P, GOT7 and Infinite if you’d like to request other groups.



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HOLY SHIT! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! That gif is literally me when I found out that 2000 beautiful people in the world were following this blog. To be completely honest, me and Lil Lambie never thought we would get this far. We never thought we’d get over and hundred followers, yet here we are. So thank you for supporting us and reading our imagines. All of you cute beans make our days better than we thought possible. Remember that you can always contact us on our personal accounts that our linked in our bio. We love when you guys reach out to us and we love being in contact with you cuties!

Since 2000 is a big number we are doing something special! We will be doing ships with any fandom (that we are into) for a limited time. We will make another post giving more details on that and what will be happening! We would have done some sort of drawing for a special imagine, but we already have a lot of requests that need to be written and requests are almost open anyway! So once again, THANK YOU AND WE LOVE YOU LOVELIES SO MUCH!!!

-Lil Laddie


Guys I just noticed something (not really but, it’s kinda silly tbh,,,)
You guys remember these scenes from episode 1 and 9, right? How Munakata wanted to say something to Chisa( but decided not to) and Juzo wanted to say something to Munakata (but he didn’t let him finish because oh well, godamn you despair)

//Before anything, I want to say that I shipp both couples, ok? This is not made to attack anyone ;v; //

So, I have no clue what they were trying to say to each other, ok, it may be be something not that serious, maybe it was just some words of support ok. I don’t have any idea what they wanted to say, lemme get this straight

But I remember that in episode 1, after it aired, some people were already saying that Munakata and Chisa were in love and that Munakata was going to confess to her or something, but he didn’t.
And everyone was like “omg, I shipp them, just a cute couple. I bet they love each other, I hope to see more of them omg so kyoot~ He was goinf to say that he loved her waah~” (Not judging, I thought this too)

But in this last episode, we say a “similar” scene, where Juzo wanted to say something to Munakata. But I saw people saying like “Oh no, no way he was going to confess or something. Why would that be? Why are you assuming that he is gay(for Munakata)? It was OBVIOUS that he had this thing for Chisa, and he probably was jealous of Munakata.”

Well.. Juzo maybe didn’t wanted to tell him something that big in the first place, maybe it was more words of support or something, maybe some information that he got, we have no idea. For all that we know, maybe it was nothing personal-

But, it made me wonder. Why did people assumed right in that moment that Chisa and Munakata had a thing/crush, but with Juzo and Munakata it isn’t like that? I mean, Danganronpa has a pretty diversity of characters, in all shapes, colours, personalities, why not make a gay character, out of the common “gay anime character”? I mean, we already have Teruteru, who’s pretty much bissexual/panssexual to me, why not make other character with other sexual orientations, right?

Well, in the end, maybe they both have a thing for Chisa, maybe Juzo just has a loyal/strong friend connection with Munakata, maybe there’s no romantic interest at all whatsoever, we may never knoww

I might just be reading too much over this
But, I’d like to read what you think???


A/N: Someone requested this to me and I forgot to save their message. I’m so sorry to that other person!

Pairing: Reader/Dan

Scale rating: Much Fluffy

Summary: Dan and Y/N reveal their relationship to subscribers. It gets mixed feelings.

You really didn’t understand. You understood that there were lots of Phan shippers out there. You knew Dan and Phil didn’t care about it. You honestly didn’t care either. You knew nothing was going on between the two friends. That was mostly because you and Dan started dating ages ago. You both tried keeping it a secret because you worried about reactions. Every video you did together, every time you hung out, it remained a secret. You felt back lying to your subscribers when they’d done so much for you. Yet, you didn’t know whether they’d accept it or not. Phil said that you two shouldn’t hide your relationship. The dark-haired boy understood the hesitancy, yet thought it was stupid to keep it.

‘It’s like diving into a pool. You won’t know if it’s cold unless you jump in. That’s what my mum says anyways.’

That’s when you both made “Secrets w/ Y/N”. Dan disguised it as a ‘telling secrets’ video. He talked about how he’d broken a vase and blamed it on the family dog. You told people how you’d secretly stolen your teacher’s answer book so you could cheat on a test. The video was filled with embarrassing stories and funny reactions. Then, Dan ended the video with a bombshell. He said he’s secretly dating someone. You acted as if you didn’t know and asked who she was.

“Well, she’s this really amazing girl with (your hair color) and pretty (your eye color). She and I have a lot in common. We hang out a lot and do stuff together all the time. I feel so different when I’m around her. She makes me feel good about myself. I spend less time in the black void that is an existential crisis and more around her. I can tell her anything and she doesn’t judge me,” he said. “I’m pretty happy with her.”

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There’s been so much positive LGBT representation in anime lately

First the gay character in Sakamoto Desu Ga? who has a crush on Sakamoto but not in a “haha he’s gay!” way but in a cute way (like when he was getting his food from him at the job he worked at he asked for a smile with the meal it was SO CUTE. And his friends were all supportive OMG)

But theres also the new (and super popualre) anime Kiznavior who has a MAIN CHARACTER that is gay (or maybe bi idk). She formes a relationship with a girl who has a terminal illness, but breaks up with her in fear that she might fall in love with her, because she thinks if she does, seeing her die would hurt too much. Her friends don’t mind at all, they’re totally OK with it. And it wasn’t revealed in a “WOW YOU LIKE GIRLS?!?” way it just kinda was showed casual and they were just like “really? ok”. A queer main character who’s personality doesnt completely surround the fact that they’re queer BUT still recognizes the fact that they’re queer. 


This shows that the whole world is becoming gradually more progressive, not just America, and that makes me really happy :)

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Ok so Davey is like jacks bff bc Bros (dis is pre relationship) and he's more nerdy but always supports jack at his games. He's like head reporter for the school paper (my school does not have this so idk how this actually works) and is very close to Kath who is the chief editor. Ive read some fics were he has anxiety and I kinda like that? But I'm not sure? I like nerdy Davey bc yes, and I like to picture modern Davey with glasses (that jack loves 😂)

Davey definitely has anxiety, that’s a blanket hc for me and OMG DAVEY IN GLASSES THATS SO CUTE he and Kath are definitely fuckin best friends they gossip about Sarah and Jack

klefkitoyourheart replied to your post “I’m so glad you guys also recognize how much of a mess Fates was and…”

I know this is weird but the only thing I believe Fates did right was how they handled Oboro’s characterization. I’m hoping that future games can handle the “I’ve got a crush on my boss” archetype.

Omg this is so true! I absolutely loved how they handled Oboro. Oboro was a great character and I always paired her and Takumi, I loved them together…their supports were well done and very cute!!

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gunnyyyy ! they included your art in ASC !! I literally gasped when I saw your drawings! congrats!!! :D

hi anons! omg thank youuu! ;u;

i really have to thank everyone for the amazing support and cute notes sent to me regarding asc! you are all so lovely and sweet for taking the time to send me your messages! im honestly so thankful to have such great people around who encouraged me to submit in the the end and i’m so glad i did! ;;; also, it was such a blessing to be in the company of so many extremely talented artists that were also featured in the segment. some of my close friends as well as people i admire were among many of artists that had their work shown.

on top of that, im just so shocked that people even recognized my art in the first place?? it all feels very surreal and im so grateful to be on the receiving end of such kindness ;;;

to all of those who sent me messages off anon, please check your inbox as i have written/in the process of writing you all individual notes! ♡♡♡

thank you again ;;;


ok so during autograph session at highlight they made us wait in the cold outside and immediately upon entrance bts was sitting there lol and i was like wow much ethereal aura around angels, but ok so we enter and the first i see is taehyung and he has cute glasses and i say ‘hi!!’ and he says ‘hi!!!!’ back really cutely and scrunches up his eyes and has that block smile wow very cute. next was jin and he was very cute and i said hello to which he returned. then it was rapmon and omg i was like fuuuuuq because they were surrounded by security guards and there was a strict no gift rule and i heard a lot of people couldn’t get their plushies and other gifts to the boys. so at this point i had brought some radio station stickers [from the station i work at - addendum: i have been playing bts+rap line solo stuff for like 2 years and i wanted to show them some support] so i wrote the name of my show, my cohost and my dj name [dj seoul sista and dj yolo ono!!], and the time of our show this quarter on one of the stickers. at this point i’m in front of mon and i’m like oh my GOD he’s so HANDSOME. and i was very like ‘fuuuuq’ bc of all the security guards everywhere. there was one behind me, like two behind the table, two on the ends, and 3 in the distance. and i take the stickers from out of my jacket pocket and put my hand on the autograph table (we weren’t even allowed to touch the table) and said “hey rapmon” and he was like ‘yeah?’ and i said ‘ i work for a radio station and have been playing you guys music. i brought you some of these’ and i put my hand down and slid them across one of the posters he was signing and he CATCHES THEM omfg he fucking caught them all smooth before they slid too far and put them IN HIS POKCKEAHGOAIWEHG his pocket… and is like ‘thats really cool thanks :)’ and im like 8))))). 

then it’s jungkook and he looks so sleepy and i say hello and he smiles all cute, poor bb was exhausted i think. then it’s jimin and i say ‘hi how are you!’ and he say ‘hi! good :3′ and then it’s yoongi and surprisingly enough he says ‘hey!’ to me first, and i was taken aback and i was like ‘hi! how are you?’ and he responded in korean and i was like ‘wat’ but i didn’t say that i was more like ‘cool :)’ LOL then i twas jhope and h ewas so happy and i said HII and he was like HELLOOOOO back and his mouth was a literal smile

i luv them

hello hello today is the 31st!! 2017 is fast approaching and i just wanted to take the time to thank the people on tumblr who i met, befriended, and gained support from! there are so many people in this community who have given me love even when i was a much smaller studyblr, gave me advice, guided me and made studyblr such a fun and friendly place to be!! i cannot be thankful enough, so here’s a small note of appreciation to anyone who’s ever been kind enough to pay me any attention (◡‿◡ฺ✿)

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Civil War
  • Everyone: Tony No
  • Tony: Tony yes
  • Everyone: Steve yes
  • Steve: Bucky no

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I think it would be so adorable if you drew a short comic of daichi and suga walking in on kageyama and Hinata kissing and kageyama starts saying "PLEASE DONT TELL ANYONE WERE IN THIS KIND OF A RELATIONSHIP!" But then kageyama notices daichi having his arm around suga bc they were just kissing and kageyama says "wait are you in a relationship like us too!?" And after that kageyama and Hinata get relationship advice from them and they ask them a bunch of embarrassing questions

screams that’s super cute, like

p-please don’t tell anyone!!

don’t worry, don’t worry, it’s oka- kageyama what’s with your face… daichi, i think he’s dying

(let’s see if i can draw something like this omg i love daisuga + kagehina interactions so much)

Happy 5th birthday to my blog!

ok so my blog turned 5 and i wanted to make a little appreciation post because i love you and your blogs all so much, i’ve changed fandoms and urls so much in the past five years but most of you have stayed and i met so many new people and i became such good friends with a lot of you and you’re all amazing!!! (i put it under a cut bc it got way longer than intended whoops)

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Something's I'd like to talk about in episode 10



Third of all: Yurio and Otabek gettin the friendlys on.(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Forth of all: Phichit is the best supportive friend you could ask for.

Fifth of all: Yuri, how scANDALOUS WERE YOU?!

Sixth of all: Rip JJ for no one taking him seriously.


Eighth of all: Yurio. Find some chill lil dude.



Episode 10 has changed me and my life.

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Can I request a bts reaction where their girlfriend is a idol and they haven't see each other in two months due to tour so they surprise their girlfriend during a fan meet and she see them and she run towards them and wraps her legs around them and doesn't want to let go so she has them sit on her chair so she can sit on their lap while meeting her fans and their relationship is public? Please

This was so cute omg. I hope you enjoy!


He wouldn’t mind at all because he missed you to. He’d rest his head on your shoulder while you paid attention to your fans and went about your fan sign like normal. He’d play on his phone unless a fan spoke to him and he’d be his charming self. He’d really appreciate your fans that were supportive of your relationship together and would tell them so.

Originally posted by bts0726


He wouldn’t be a fan of this at all. He liked showing you affection when it was just the two of you. He was okay holding hands or having his hand on the small of your back in public but lap sitting at your fan sign? That was a bit too much even if he missed you a shit ton. He’d grumble about it but really couldn’t do anything since you were sitting on him. He’d be playing on his phone the whole time and ignoring you and most of your fans. Only if someone asked you something super embarrassing about your relationship he would react. “Yah!” He’d be sure to get you back later.

Originally posted by sugutie


He would laugh at you and the fact that it was obvious you missed him so much. He missed you too but he was shy to show it in public. He’d let you trap him for a little while. But when he wanted to get up and you wouldn’t let him he’d fuss at you. You knew he didn’t mean anything he was saying so you just happily continued your fan sign. He’d lean in half way through and whisper in your ear that you’d be sorry for trapping him later.

Originally posted by pjims


He’d love that you were so affectionate in public with him. He was happy that you weren’t afraid of being associated with dating him and you both could be open about your relationship, it made things slightly easier when he could show his affection for you in public. He’d laugh as you trapped him in your seat at the fan sign and keep his arm around your waist the entire time. He’d be engaged if your fans talked to him or asked about your relationship.

Originally posted by bts0726


He would laugh and try to push you off his lap. He missed you like crazy too but he was shy. He was happy your relationship was public so he could show you affection when he wanted to but also didn’t want to give the haters anything to work with. It was a delicate balance and he worried about your images. But you were unconcerned and he was trapped. So he just made the best of it but was more quiet then usual. 

Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin


He would just cling to you, he was perfectly happy being your chair for your fan sign. He missed you like crazy for the two months you were apart. It wasn’t what he expected to happen when he surprised you but he was definitely going to go with it. He was engaged with your fans and was playful with the ones who commented how the two of you were such a cute couple. He’d constantly do aegyo and try to get you to do it too. And he’d sing your songs loudly, rocking you on his lap as he did.

Originally posted by fykimtaehyung


Nope. He’d stand up with you and set you on your feet before leaving, but not before stealing some snacks that some of your fans had given you. He didn’t mind that your relationship was public but so much affection publicly was a little embarrassing. So he’d have no problem leaving your ass at the fan sign and coming over to your place later so he could show you in private how much he missed you.

Originally posted by apgujeon