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NDRV3 Guys+Kissing HCs

This a continuation of the last post, which has the girls in it. If you want to read that, here it is:

So like last time, this is more of an, ”asking to kiss the NDRV3 girls” feat. PDA, but I hope you enjoy regardless. Under the cut, because it’s long.

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BTS comforting you

Request: How BTS would comfort their significant other when they’re feeling insecure??? ~anon

Jin: Jin would probably bring you some food and drink. He would want you to talk about it on a full stomach, because he would find that it would make the situation better for the both of you. He would then listen to what you have to say and get everything out of your system.

Suga: I think Yoongi would just talk to you, like always when there was a problem. He would sit down with you and would want you to let out all of your worries. He would try to help you were he could and give advice,but I think he would mostly listen to you.

J-Hope: Hoseok would be super affective. He would hug you a lot and shower your face with kisses, maybe even doing a little aegyo here and there. He would want you to feel better and notice how bizarre he thinks your insecurity is, because he thinks you are great.

Rap Monster: Namjoon would want to talk to you, finding out what exactly the problem is and where it came from. He would want you to say everything you want to let out before talking himself and trying to logically explaining that you have nothing to feel insecure about.

Jimin: I see Jimin as the most insecure member and knowing that you felt the same way would make him quite sad, not wanting you to look down on yourself that way. He would give you a big hug, whispering compliments and that you should be more confident.

V: I think Taehyung would try to get you to laugh and be happier. His goal would be for you to feel better and not think about your worries and insecurities. He would act really weird and crack some jokes. If you liked being tickled, he would do that aswell.

Jungkook: I don’t think our maknae would be that good with words in this situation, so he would probably want the two of you to cuddle. He would hope that you would loose these bad thoughts if you felt how much he cared for you. He would also whisper how perfect you are.

tarahatesauthors  asked:

How do I get over monophobia and autophobia. I've had both since I was like ten.

Pets? Regular pets, therapy pets, support pets, service pets, pets are great for this? I think? They’re not people technically, but they’re a presence. I’d suggest breeds known for being super affection and always in your face. I mean, always in your face.

Weighted blankets sound like they’d be divine for this, maybe try and get one of those?

Youtube videos, preferably vlogs or let’s plays, or any videos where someone is talking to “you”. You hear someone talking, you know who it is, you know where they are. It helps create the illusion of not being alone in a building.

-Lou the Lobster