their super affected faces!!!

NDRV3 Guys+Kissing HCs

This a continuation of the last post, which has the girls in it. If you want to read that, here it is:

So like last time, this is more of an, ”asking to kiss the NDRV3 girls” feat. PDA, but I hope you enjoy regardless. Under the cut, because it’s long.

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tarahatesauthors  asked:

How do I get over monophobia and autophobia. I've had both since I was like ten.

Pets? Regular pets, therapy pets, support pets, service pets, pets are great for this? I think? They’re not people technically, but they’re a presence. I’d suggest breeds known for being super affection and always in your face. I mean, always in your face.

Weighted blankets sound like they’d be divine for this, maybe try and get one of those?

Youtube videos, preferably vlogs or let’s plays, or any videos where someone is talking to “you”. You hear someone talking, you know who it is, you know where they are. It helps create the illusion of not being alone in a building.

-Lou the Lobster