their storylines are so similar

A Halloween Terror

Okay y’all so I’m feeling even more edgy and angsty today. I’m going to be in a real mood for the next fews days, so I apologize before hand. Now I want to say, after this, I will post my first request! I’m also thinking of removing and reposting ‘An Accident’ in a month or so because its got a similar anxiety storyline to this one. But don’t fret, I’ll post a second chapter along with it! (Also, this is taking place during the filming of Season 3, so about a year in the future?

Pairing: Finn Wolfhard x Reader

Warnings: Anxiety (again!), depression, just all around sadness, but with a happy ending.

Words: 1172


Reader’s P.O.V ~

   As I woke up, an immediate sadness washed over me. I remembered the date, and breathed a huge sigh. October 31st. Halloween. The day where everybody dresses up in costumes and gets free candy. Except for me. I used to love the holiday, I made the best costumes, and got enough candy to fill two pillow cases. But now, I spent the day curled up in bed, closing myself off from anyone and everyone.

   “Hey, (Y/N)! Want to come down? David made us pancakes!” Gaten exclaimed, popping into my room unexpectedly. I jumped, having only heard it, due to my head under the blanket. 

   “No thanks, Gaten.” I said quietly, trying to steady my breathing. Getting scared today was not helpful to the situation.

   “You sure? They’re really good! And they’re in Halloween shapes!” I rolled over so I was the other way.

   “No Gaten. I’m not hungry.” It wasn’t exactly a lie. I felt like I was going to throw up. 

   “Okay…” He said, the door closing. I rubbed my eyes, breathing in and out slowly. I hated this day with a burning passion. 

   It was the anniversary of my when my Anxiety first struck. Whenever I told people, they usually laughed at me, telling me to get over it and just move on. But it’s harder then that. The memories of that first awful panic attack come up, and then you loose it. I hadn’t told anybody for two years now, after that embarrassing day when all of my friends laughed at me for being a wimp. So I just close myself off for a few days, get over it, and try to go back to being the short, bubbly girl everyone knew me as.

   About an hour later, I heard the door open again.

   “(Y/N), are you up yet?” The calming voice of Finn came floating into my room. My heart flew out of my chest. “Gaten said you sounded upset, I just wanted to see if you were alright.” I heard him walk over to my bed and sit next to me. 

   “I’m fine, Finn. Today just isn’t a good day for me.” I said, hoping to have ended to conversation. But he didn’t budge.

   “Come on (Y/N/N)! I want to help you!” 

   “I’m fine. Leave me alone.” I spit out. I felt awful for treating him like this. Finn didn’t say another word, he just… left.

   Nobody came in to check on me again. A good six hours later, I got up and dressed. I packed a bag with my wallet, a flashlight, and a water bottle, and tried sneaking down the stairs. I had just gotten past the living room when I heard David.

   “(Y/N), what the hell is up with you?” He asked. I watched as the others came out of the living room, as my eyes filled up with tears.

   “Nothing, David.” I said, spinning on my heel. I barely made it three steps before David grabbed my wrist. I tried shaking him off, but his grip was too strong.

   “Come on, we’re worried about you kid!” David said. I shook my head.  

   “No! Let me go!” I shouted. I wasn’t even aware that I was crying until I heard the tears fall onto the floor of the now silent room. I took the opportunity of David being off guard and ran to the front door, slamming it behind me. I bolted for my bike, and rode off.


   I sighed as I finally stopped my bike at my destination. I was lucky enough that they had moved the filming destination to my home town. I looked around and squinted, seeing as it was now dark. The sounds of children laughter could be heard around me, happily trick or treating. I sighed as I sat at the edge of the soccer field. This is where it had happened.

   I was on my way to go meet up with my friends on the other side of the neighbourhood, to go trick or treating. In my excitement, I had decided to take a shortcut across the soccer field. 

   As I crossed, I realized how dark it actually was. I took a deep breath, telling myself I would be fine. Furthering onto the field, I got the feeling someone was following me. I turned around, only for someone in a clown costume to jump out behind me. 

   I didn’t really remember anything else. I screamed and fell to the ground. I couldn’t breathe. And then after it had stopped, I just went home and hid in my room. It happened a few more time before I told my mom, and I had gotten help.

   “(Y/N)?” I jumped slightly at the sound of Finn’s voice. Looking to my left, I saw him getting off of his own bike, and sitting down next to me.

   “Hi.” I choked out, bringing my knees to my chest. 

   “What’s going on? I promise you that I won’t laugh.” He said, scooting so that he was right next to me.

   “I have anxiety. And depression.” I explained. I looked over to Finn to see a confused and angered look on his face. 

   “People laughed at you for that?” He asked angrily. 

   “Not exactly. Tonight is the night that it first began for me, and because it’s the anniversary of it, I turn into an emotional, jumpy mess. They would laugh at me for being a loser and not going to school or trick or treating.” Finn put his arm around me, placing his hand at my waist. I felt my heart rate pick up, but for once, in a good way.

   “There’s nothing funny about that at all. In fact, that’s one of the most serious things I’ve ever heard.” Finn said. I sighed.

   “I just hate being this weak. It’s why I never told any of you.” Tears starting filled my eyes, and I quickly wiped them away. Finn pulled my hands away and looked me in my eyes.

   “You are not weak, (Y/N). You hear me? You are one of the strongest people I have ever met. Don’t ever tell yourself you are weak.” As I looked in his eyes, I saw this look of pure sadness in his eyes. 

   “Finn? Can I tell you something?” I asked, feeling a sudden burst of courage. 

   “Anything.” He confirmed with a little nod of his head. Then, I ldid what I had been wanting to do for two years. I leaned in, and I kissed him. I felt him kissed me back softly as he wrapped his other arm around me. We broke apart a moment later.

   “I really like you, Finn. You’ve always been there for me, and you didn’t laugh at me when I told you. Your my best friend.” I said, smiling shyly. He smiled back at me.

   “I like you too, (Y/N/N).” He kissed me again, before getting up, offering a hand. “What do you say we go home, yeah?” I nodded.

   “Yeah. Let’s go home.”

Michelle Dockery on Losing her Fiance John Dineen to Cancer

She and John Dineen, an Irish public relations director, had been engaged for a year when he died of cancer, aged just 34. “I don’t have the vocabulary to describe what it felt like. And what it still feels like. It is…” She breaks off. “Sorry, give me a minute.” In the long silence she composes herself. “I’ve never been more committed to anything in my life than to him. So at the time everything just shut down. Work, everything. Work didn’t matter. You suddenly become an [oncological] expert. This stuff becomes your world, and that of course was my priority.”

Even when his prognosis became terminal, “I never lost hope. No. I’m not exaggerating when I say that John did not complain once, never, not once, and that gave us strength. It’s what keeps you going, that positivity – to never lose that hope for a miracle. I couldn’t have done it any other way.” Her other priority was keeping Dineen’s condition a secret.

“John was a very private person, and the hardest thing was keeping it out of the press when he was sick. It took a lot.” She issued no public explanation for pulling out of a London stage production of Les Liaisons Dangereuses (she was replaced by Elaine Cassidy), set her lawyer on to tabloid reporters doorstepping the couple, and just about managed to fulfil her commitments to the ITV period drama, even though “one of the difficult things at the time was the parallels with Mary. It was just baffling, and still is to me, that my character’s storyline was so similar.”

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Saw your personal post of your bookshelf and was wondering if you have any more books recs? (That is not Neil Gaiman's nor Terry Pratchett's 'cause I already added all of their books on my tbr list lol). I genuinely love your taste.

ahahaha I’m very flattered to hear that you trust my taste, thank you friend!! Definitely, definitely start with Discworld and Good Omens but here are some of my other all time favourites and some books that just stick out of the general mass to me, in no particular order:

the Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas - just an excellent freacking novel that somehow carried through as my main comfort book since childhood, I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve reread it at this point but the last time was last December and boy does it just never lose its charm. Don’t get intimidated by the length, it reads very well (even my 9 year old self didnt find it boring hahaha) and the multiple interwoven storylines although complex are easy to follow.

Of Human Bondage by Somerset Maugham - tbh I didn’t expect to love this book as much as I did but it won me over, it’s a quasi-autobiographical coming of age story about a shy boy with a club foot going through many of life’s ups and downs and trying to find the meaning in it. Maugham’s writing style is just lovely and it’s one of those books where you’ll find incoherent thoughts, fears and other emotions that youd usually brush off and not even bother to acknowledge staring back at you perfectly put into words and you just feel understood.

The Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov - Easily an all time favourite. Religious satire, if you enjoy Good Omens, check this one out next. Premise: the devil comes to soviet-era Moscow, does some people-watching and throws a party. Bulgakov wrote it to be a caricature of soviet society but I think it nevertheless passes the test of time and will be enjoyable to anyone. As far as translations go, I checked out the Burgin & O'Connor one a few years ago and recommend that one, I found it does the book justice.

I, Lucifer by Glen Duncan -  Another religious fiction. To be entirely honest I’m not yet done with this one but halfway through I do already love it enough to recommend it. Lucifer is offered a chance at redemption, the condition being that he has to take over the body of a writer who had just committed suicide and live a virtuous human life as him, with a trial period of a month to decide if he wants to commit to it. So he decides “fuck it I’m just gonna have some fun and also write a book about what’s it’s like to be me”. It’s profanely hilarious, witty and very thought provoking.

The Humans by Matt Haig - Similar premise to the last one actually, but in this case an alien takes over a scientist’s body and the book is his observations on humans. Not to sound dramatic but tbh this book cheered me up during a very unpleasant time in my life, it’s maybe nothing too elaborate and special but made me look at some simple every day things in a different light, and reading it just felt like a very good, long and comforting hug.

Momo by Michael Ende - Just a really sweet, whimsical and lighthearted tale about Time, Death and the dangers of capitalism. It’s a short childrens’ book that really sticks with you for a long time after you put it down and I strongly recommend it to anyone.

Century by Sarah Singleton - I generally have a huge weakness for cyclic storylines, and this one is just so aesthetic. I find it very similar in mood to a lot of Gaiman, like the Graveyard Book, Coraline, the Ocean at the End of the Lane. It’s melancholic, creepy, beautiful, has a nice steampunk-ish mood to it and the kind of plot that is better discovered as you go rather than described beforehand.

The Book of Lost Things by John Connolly - This one is a bit on the “Edgier” side of fairy tale retellings that I’m usually strongly against, but BoLT struck a chord with me fsr. It’s very reminiscent in terms of atmosphere (and kind of plot too) of Over the Garden Wall. If you like the “more serious takes on fairy tales” genre, check it out!

The Secret History by Donna Tartt - This book is just. So damn immersive and picturesque. When a scene is described you feel as if you’re there. It’s basically a book about a murder that isn’t focused on the investigation but rather on all the events and characters involved in it, it’s more an aesthetic experience than a far reaching story. I fell in love with Donna Tartt’s slow pacing and long descriptions and awfully pretentious but tragically likeable characters.

the Chronicles of Amber by Roger Zelazny - An imo outrageously underrated sci-fi/fantasy series by a friend of George Martin’s, about a dysfunctional royal family fighting for the throne of their world. It’s a bit convoluted and would be long to describe but the world building in this series is absolutely incredible and very unique and different from most high-fantasy, I strongly strongly recommend it to all fans of more popular series like LoTR or ASoIF or Name of the Wind.

Night Watch series by Sergei Lukyanenko - Modern fantasy book series that I’ll forever have a soft spot for. The set up is that among regular humans there are some called Others that can manipulate energy and cast spells, and basically have varying levels of supernatural powers. These are divided into the Dark Ones and the Light Ones and both sides try to keep up a balance of good and evil in the world by surveying one another. That one too is a bit complicated to explain but it’s really interesting and the stories touch up on lots of different topics and have lots of fascinating reflections about morality done in an entertaining way through endearing and marvelously flawed characters. Here though, I don’t know how well the translation was done, sorry about that.

A general author recommendation is Christopher Moore’s stuff!! I’ve been making my way through his books to ease my Discworld withdrawal pains, and while I do still prefer Pratchett by ten miles, Moore’s books are genuinely laugh-out-loud hilarious and endearing.

So you know how we’ve all complained about the current phase of repetitive storylines in which the characters cheat with their ex? What if there is actually a reason? Let’s skip back a few months, to just a couple of weeks before The Incident…

  • Laurel makes a pass at Marlon, her ex, who pulls away before Sandy walks in.
  • The Incident occurs with Robert and Rebecca, his “ex”.
  • Adam makes a pass at Vanessa, his “ex”, who pushes him away.
  • Carly shares a kiss with Matt, her ex.
  • Marlon makes a pass at Laurel, his ex, who pushes him away.

But - prepare for the SSW Theory talk again - this pattern actually started months ago. It started the moment Rebecca arrived in the village, just a couple of days before SSW

Rebecca made a pass at Robert, who walked away.

Then we reach November…

  • Ross makes a pass at Vic, who pushes him away.
  • Robert and Rebecca share a kiss (although we know the real reason for this).
  • Paddy and Rhona share a kiss.

The odd one out in all of this? The Incident.

So why the need for this repetitive cycle of storylines? My guess is that one of the reasons for the most recent situations is to make The Incident stand out.

I’m just going to point a few things out here:

  1. Marlon said he would have cheated if Laurel hadn’t stopped him. It’s safe to assume this would have been the case for Adam with Vanessa, too.
  2. When Adam confronted Ross, Vic ended up in hospital. It was then that she revealed she thought she might be pregnant, found out she wasn’t and had the nurse tell her she was probably stressed. It was this that prompted Vadam to try for a baby.
  3. There has been children involved in each of these. With the exception of Ross and Vic (although, who knows what the future holds…), but they have both been involved in a “Who’s The Daddy?” plot

     - Robert and Aaron are currently (supposedly) facing the prospect of Rebecca’s “baby”.

     - Rhona and Paddy have maintained their friendship because of Leo.

     - Carly and Matt came back together because of Billy.

     - Adam believed he was the dad to Vanessa’s child, Johnny.

     - Marlon and Laurel’s marriage reached breaking point with the arrival of Donna and April.

     - Adam is the biological son of James and Moira.

Which brings me to;

Every single one of these characters was integral to SSW.

  • Robert and Aaron
  • Rhona and Paddy
  • Marlon and Laurel
  • Vic and Adam, who have been supporting and paralleling Robron since Rebecca’s arrival, including during SSW
  • Carly, through association with Marlon
  • Rebecca, having instigated Robron’s plot during that week
  • Ross, having instigated James and Emma’s plot that week…

Because it was Ross finding out about James kissing Moira that began this whole cycle. “The Cheating Cycle”.

James and Emma, who Robron have paralleled so closely towards the end of this SSW cycle. Even to the extent of Ross being the one person to know about Robert cheating with Rebecca, like he did James and Moira. Ross, Mr Plot Twist himself, who has been involved in both Robron and Vadam’s plots - which are so intricately tied together

For me, there are far too many overlaps between all of these storylines for it to be a coincidence. So what is the major difference between all of these plots of near-misses and The Incident?


Rebecca is the difference.

Why have so many similar storylines run at the same time, with Robron’s in the middle and continuing throughout? To highlight the difference? Or perhaps to suggest that this storyline is not as different as it seems..? Perhaps some of this is to pinpoint that there really is a twist coming after all…

Conclusion? The Theory rises once more.

Perhaps Robert really didn’t sleep with Rebecca, after all.

But I’ve purposely avoided mentioning one other “cheating with an ex” incident which occurred during this SSW cycle, and has perhaps been the other storyline to continue running throughout - but with all of us unaware, including the characters…

Pete slept with Moira.

But you’ll notice they don’t have the connection of a child… Unless Moira is pregnant. And Pete finds himself in a “Who’s The Daddy?” storyline, and Rebecca’s “pregnancy” really was just a red herring to cover up the real storyline all along.

Because these are the only two cheating plots that the narrative has told us went that far… But just like Rebecca did with Ross, Moira slept with Cain two days later. And let’s not forget, we didn’t find out until a few weeks later that Moira and Pete actually went beyond the kiss that we saw… Where the episode ended, just like Robert with Rebecca

I, personally, don’t think it’s impossible for this to be setting up for us to find out a few months later that Robert and Rebecca never slept together at all.

Maybe this is all coincidence and The Theory will never rise onscreen, but once again I find myself choosing to believe that these connections stem from a plan. And that some variation of The Theory really will rise

Mobile Masterpost

Hello there, thank you for visiting and I hope you kick back and enjoy yourself. This is a list of all that I have written so feel free to explore depending on however you may feel:) Whether you are in the mood for some erotica, fluff, romance, drama, I have them all here :) Just click on the links leading to my Multi-chapters, One Shots and Drabbles and any feedback, even for completed stories would be greatly appreciated!

Tom Hiddleston and His Characters


Tom Hiddleston

1. The Boy I Was Going To Marry [completed]

Genre: Drama, Romance, Mentions of sexual situations

14 years ago, Mickey and Tom met for the first time and fell in love but were separated.  What happened? 14 years later, they meet again but Tom is about to marry someone else.  Can two people who have never truly left find their way back to each other?

2. Dandelion

This is a series of Tom Hiddleston one shots.

It started off only with ‘The Morning After’ but after getting so much encouragement, it has snowballed into a series.  I’ll list them according to the timeline I’ve written them in as I think it would make more sense to read it in that order.  Shy, virginal OC meets Tom the actor and sparks fly in a most adorable and sexy manner!

3. On The Seventh Day [ongoing]

Genre: Comedy, Fluff, Mentions of sexual situations

Written for my lovely reader, Susannah.  Susannah is a nurse and Tom is a shy and smitten man.  Fluffy things ensue complete with lame jokes!

4. Happiness? I Do. [ongoing]

Genre: Angst, Drama, Romance, Erotica

Everyone knows the making of a happy ending.  it starts with ‘hello’ and it ends with ‘I do.’ Or does it?  What happens in between?  What happens after?  When Tom and Wednesday said ‘I do’. they believed it was their happy ending.  but 3 years down the road, everything has fallen apart.  That’s when they learn that ‘I do’ encompasses a lot of things, that marriage is hard work and just because two people love each other, it doesn’t necessarily mean they can make it till the end.  now both of them have ask themselves if it is worth it to hold on or is it time to let go?


1. You Had Me At Loki [completed]

Genre: Drama, Romance, Erotica

Based on my one shot, Surrender.  Arwynn is half Midgardian and Asgardian and has loved Loki since she was 9.  When she finally becomes his chambermaid, they become lovers but will Arwynn ever get her happy ending with this arrogant, demanding and jealous God?

Here is Surrender.  Also found below in one shots.  Just to be clear, Surrender is in no way part of You Had Me At Loki.  I wrote it as a compact stand alone piece but because it was so well-received, I decided to write You Had Me At Loki, changing things and expanding.  So, the storyline is very similar but please read the two separately :)  Surrender is just for you to get a feel of the entire plot of YHMAL :)

2. How To Love A Writer [ongoing]

Genre: Romance, Drama, Erotica

This is a series of Loki one shots that began with ‘How To Seduce A Writer’, inspired by the piece by Neil Gaiman.

OC (unnamed thus far) is a virgin who is also a struggling writer.  When faced with rejection due to her lack of real life experience, her path crosses with Loki’s who is condemned by Odin to repent on Midgard.  Knowing that the OC holds the sole key to his escape, he whisks her away to an isolated mansion.  And so, with both parties holding intentions of their own, they enter a game of love and seduction. Her, for her writing and he, for his escape. However, it isn’t long before it becomes very clear that despite their resistance, perhaps love isn’t quite the game they had thought it would be after all.


Miscellaneous one shots, unlike the series Dandelion :) I have everything ranging from erotica, fluff, baby, emotional to comedy.  I hope you enjoy them! :)


I wrote most of these when I was away on a holiday and queued them up hidden in ‘gift boxes’ :) If you know me, it’s hard for me to write short pieces but I had a lot of fun doing these and again, they range from erotica, comedy, fluff and surprising twists ;D I hope you enjoy them! :)

Lee Pace and His Characters

Multi One Shots


1. Uilwen

When mortal Uilwen shares one forbidden night of pleasure with King Thranduil, she despairs to find herself torn between saving her Father and giving into the dark and pleasurable demands of an arrogant King.  What will she choose?  And more importantly, will she have a choice?

2. Come To Me

A follow-up to Uilwen above. When Thranduil beckons, will she yield?


Ned the Piemaker

1.  Blossom

Our hero meets the girl of his dreams in a flower shop, only to ind that he loses his wits and tongue and dissolves into allergic sneezes around her each time. On the 57th day, out of patience, our heroine finally takes matters into her own hands. Will something finally blossom between them?

Not Enough - One Shot

Summary: You and Steve have a bad break-up, and you wind up running to Bucky for comfort.

Prompt(s): (Anon request) -91,87,56,4• Angsty as hell, just like One Last Time, but like… no happy ending
91. “Tell me you need me.”
87. “Stay awake.”
56. “I’m late.”
4. “I’m too sober for this.”

Warnings: Swearing, let’s talk about sex baby!, SO. MUCH. ANGST. Don’t expect to leave this with a smile.

Word Count: 2890

Author’s Note: Ok, dear, I will make this angsty as hell, and while I considered writing an alternate ending to One Last Time at the time I was working on it, I think I’m happy with that story, and don’t want to touch it. So I will give you this similar storyline, but everyone suffers. How’s that?

Originally posted by undercoverfandoms

You were used to the fighting by now. You’d been with Steve for a few years, and at first it was incredible. He was so sweet and attentive, god he loved you so much, and you were completely swept off your feet. He could be so unbelievably charming. You loved how he made you laugh, he was so sweet and naive sometimes. You loved how he was protective and you knew you were safe when you were with him.

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“and also because you hoped
      his hands were trained enough
              in taking away the numbness ”  
                         (credit to queergladers​ for poem)

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Going along with what the other anon said, I loved Sara telling him they would talk after she fixed him up but she didn't make it sound scary or foreboding and when they did talk she didn't get angry. She listened to him, believed him, and continued to give him love and support. And I feel like we don't see that a lot when we get storylines similar to this.

yes!! the situation was handled so beautifully and realistically. she, understandably, had questions for him, but she understood that the priority had to be getting him better. and when it finally came time to talk, you’re right, she didn’t get angry, she didn’t accuse him of anything. she was calm and and patient, she was understanding. 

we really don’t get to see this a lot on tv, where two people are so forgiving and patient and just… kind to one another. they accept one another, flaws and all. and it’s truly beautiful. and it’s such a stark contrast to the relationship with jacob, so it becomes even more important to see their wonderful, healthy relationship in contrast to that awful, toxic one. 

Kingdom Of Olaven Spreadsheet

It is here!! I have worked on this so much and for so long, but I am happy to announce that I am finally finished with this and will be working on the first chapter! I’ll be putting stories that aren’t contained in the main story on here along with short teasers for each chapter, and then you can read the full story on AO3 (which everyone can read so don’t worry if you don’t have an account!) I will share a link to each chapter, and will tag people in it so you won’t have to guess when the next chapter is up. 

To preface, this is very Game of Thrones inspired. Those books are my absolute favorite (the show can choke lmao) so there may be some similarities in storylines or names, especially places. 

Final thing, a few of these sigils and banners are actually from an artist named @tapla. I messaged them and they allowed me to use their designs. Any house with a * next to it you can find on this post.

Taggin (if you want to be added or taken off just message or ask me me)- @ohnojustimagine @thedeboniardevistation @nikkisawas @specialagent-dalecooper @theprestigious0ne @vipervenomisgoodforyou @freekmode @laziestgirlintheworld @tvrnbvckle @helluvawriter @ambootyos @thewriterformerlytaggedas @leelakoiwolff

Here is the map! 

Also, a little help for this outline. It makes sense to me, obviously, but it might be complicated for some people. So:

  • Category
    • Person
      • Husband/Wife/Child

House O’Reilly (Vreya)-

  • Sigil- Red dragon on a black background
  • Saying- Fire and Fury
  • Family Members-
    • James O’Reilly, King of Olaven, Warden of the Seas and Skies, Master of Fire and Earth, Commander of Dragons.
      • Queen Kazumi O’Reilly (formerly of House Okada)
      • Crown Prince Kyle O’Reilly, age 18
        • Bobby Fish, Prince Kyle’s personal guard
      • Princess Joanna O’Reilly, age 13
      • Prince James O’Reilly, age 10
      • Prince Jeremy, age 4
  • King James’ Siblings-
    • Jacqueline Cole, Lady of Daffield
      • Darrius Cole, Lord of Daffield, King James’ brother-in-law
      • Danta Watanabe, age 20, Lady of Blacktyde
        • Takaaki Watanabe, age 24, Lord of Blacktyde
        • Tetsuya Wanatabe, age 3
      • Adam Cole, age 19, heir to Daffield
    • Jeremy O’Reilly, killed in the Battle of Mistmoore, leaving behind no heir or widow.
  • King’s Knights-
    • Ser Dalton Castle
    • Ser Mark Briscoe
    • Ser Jay Briscoe
    • Ser Alex Shelley
    • Ser Chris Sabin
    • Ser Jay Lethal
  • The King’s Council-
    • Yujiro Kushida, Master of Coin
    • Colt Cabana, Master of Spies
    • Hiroshi Tanahashi, Master Magi, Head of the Spires of Knowledge
    • Christopher Daniels, Master of Ports
    • Kevin Kelly, Master of Law
  • Sworn Houses-
    • Daniels (Sigil: Blue eagle with an Ankh symbol, on a red background)
    • Cabana (Sigil: Large blue circle, red smaller one, the smallest is yellow on black background)
    • Lethal (Sigil: Red background, silver vine, and black flowers)
    • Briscoe (Sigil: Black background, green shield, and a brown chicken)
    • Shelley (Sigil: White eagle on a black background)
    • Sabin (Sigil: Black eagle on a white background)
    • Fish (Sigil: Two jumping silver fish on a blue background)
    • Cole (Sigil: Gold cross with a crown on top, over a red background)

House Orys (The Highlands)-

  • Sigil- Red phoenix on a green background
  • Saying- We Rise
  • Family Members-
    • Lyris Orys, Lord of Castemere
      • Esta Orys (formerly of House Castle)
      • Lyrissa Orys, age 15, betrothed to Prince Kyle
      • Elmon, age 9, heir to Castemere
  • Lord Lyris’ Siblings-
    • Brandon Orys, Lord of Stonehaven
      • Tessa Orys, Lyris’ sister-in-law (formerly of House Blanchard)
      • They have yet to produce an heir
    • Arianna LeRae, Lady of Duskenhall
      • Alred LeRae, Lord of Duskenhall, Lyris’ brother-in-law
      • Ayda Tonga, age 20
        • Married to Tama Tonga, age 23, heir to Hammerhorn
      • Claire LeRae, age 16
      • Candice LeRae, age 16
      • Brandon LeRae, age 12, heir to Duskenhall
    • Cassandra Ohno, Lady of Sunpike
      • Kadence Ohno , Lord of Sunpike, Lyris’ brother-in-law
      • Kassius Ohno, age 21, heir to Sunpike
        • Maria Ohno, age 20 (formerly of House Rowe)
        • Damon Ohno, age 3
        • Dena Ohno, age 3
      • Adelaide Ohno, age 16
      • Hyram Ohno, age 12
      • Lyric Ohno, age 9
  • Sworn Houses-
    • Blanchard (Sigil: A silver diamond on a dark blue background)
    • LeRae (Sigl: A winged pink pig on a sky blue background)
    • Ohno (Sigil: A golden shield on a dark green background)
    • Elgin (Sigil: A silver horned skull, black outline, and a blood red background)
    • Hanson (Sigil: A pair of crossed ornate silver axes on a teal background)
    • Rowe (Sigil: A gold eagle on dark red background)
    • Castle (Sigil: Green peacock (little blue accents) on purple background)

House Omega (Galed)-

  • Sigil- A dark grey skeleton wing on a white background
  • Saying- Heart and Mind
  • Family Members-
    • Kenny Omega, age 24, Lord of Starfall Hall
    • Both parents are deceased.
  • Lord Kenny’s Siblings-
    • Kenny is an only child.
  • Sworn Houses-
    • Fale (Sigil: A black sword on a white background)
        • Rhodes (Sigil: White bird, red beak on a blue background)
        • Page (Sigil: Black tree with a single noose on a purple background)
        • Tonga (Sigil: White gorilla face with red lines on its face on a black background)
        • Scurll (Sigil: Red crow on a white background)
        • Jackson (Sigil: Pink buck on a blue background)
        • Takahashi (Sigil: Black lady figure on a yellow background)
      • Sigil- A golden lion with a crown on a white background.
      • Saying- The Rain Will Always Fall
      • Family Members-
        • Kazuchika Okada, age 21, Lord of Sunscape.
          • Dessa Okada, Kazuchika’s mother (formerly of House Tanahashi)
          • Dai Okada, Kazuchika’s father, too sick and frail to rule.
      • Lord Kazuchika’s Siblings-
        • Kazumi O’Reilly, current Queen of Olaven
          • King James O’Reilly, Kazuchika’s brother-in-law
          • Crown Prince Kyle O’Reilly, age 18
          • Princess Joanna O’Reilly, age 13
          • Prince James O’Reilly, age 10
          • Prince Jeremy, age 4
        • Hana Kushida, Lady of Lightning Spire
          • Yujiro Kushida, Kazuchika’s brother-in-law, Lord of Lightning Spire
          • Nobu Kushida, age 7
      • Sworn Houses-
        • Tanahashi* (Sigil: White lion with antlers on a gold background)
        • Kushida (Sigil: Orange lightning bolt on a blue background)
        • Goto* (Sigil: Black tiger with a sword through it’s head on a purple background)
        • Nakamura* (Sigil: White horse with a crown on a red background)
        • Ishii (Sigil: Grey pitbull on a red background)
        • Ospreay (Sigil: A red osprey with white wings, on a blue background)
        • Ibushi* (Sigil: A blue phoenix on a white background)
      • Sigil- A red and white skull on a black background
      • Saying- Patience and Calm
      • Family Members-
        • Tetsuya Naito, age 25, Lord of Moonfrye
          • Lord Naito refuses to marry, preferring the company of his sizeable harem.
      • Lord Naito’s “Siblings”-
        • Lord Naito is an only child, but he presents the Lords from his sworn houses as family.
        • Seiya Sanada, age 20, Lord of The Coral Isles
        • Tetsuya Bushi, age 21, Lord of Felwood
          • Emi Bushi (formerly of House Storm), age 18, Lady of Felwood
        • Takaaki Watanabe, age 24, Lord of Blacktyde
          • Danta Watanabe (formerly of House Cole), age 20, Lady of Blacktyde
          • Tetsuya Watanabe, age 3
        • Hiromu Takahashi, age 17, heir to Rone Hall
      • Sworn Houses-
        • Sanada (Sigil: A gold half moon on a black background)
        • Bushi (Sigil: A black and red samurai helmet on a green background)
        • Watanabe (Sigil: A black scythe on a purple background)
        • Takahashi (Sigil: A black and white cat on a red background)
        • Shibata* (Sigil: A white wolf with it’s mouth tied shut on a grey background)
      • Saying- Men Will Bow
      • Sigil- A golden crown, surrounded by silver stars, on a burgundy background
      • Family Members-
        • Io Shirai, age 20, Lady of Queensport
          • Momo Shirai (formerly of House Bushi), Io’s mother, the former Lady of Queensport
          • Hanso Shirai, Io’s father, former Lord of Queensport
          • As is tradition in House Shirai, the Lady of Queensport will not marry until she has been leading for five years.
      • Io’s Siblings-
        • Mio Shirai, age 18
          • Betrothed to Matt Jackson
        • Kairi Shirai, age 16
          • Betrothed to Ryu Hojo, Lord of the Sunset Gate
      • Sworn Houses-
        • Storm (Sigil: A dark grey storm cloud with a white lightning bolt on a red background)
        • Hojo (Sigil: A gold compass on a white background)
        • Iwatani (Sigil: A white butterfly on a blue background)
        • Kimura (Sigil: There red cherry blossoms on a black back background)

That awkward moment when Pretty Little Liars and Arrow had a similar storyline… and PLL handled it better.

So on PLL on season 3 we find out that Ezra got a girl pregnant in high school, and because of his mothers intervention he thought that the girl lost the baby, but really she paid the mother off. Same thing happened in Arrow.

In PLL Aria, the father’s current girlfriend, found out that he had a son, and then the mother asked her not to tell the father yet, so she keeps quite. Eventually the father finds out through other means, and is mad at Aria for about a scene. He finds out that the mother asked her not to tell him, and he recognizes the terrible position she was put in and forgives her (he has to leave for a while to get to know his son, but they stay in a relationship).

In Arrow, Oliver founds out that he has a son, and the mother doesn’t just ask him to keep quite, but tells him that if he doesn’t he’ll NEVER see his son again. Felicity finds out because the son gets kidnapped. She makes a situation that doesn’t involve her and breaks up with him for at least a year and a half. The mother tells Felicity that Oliver specifically wanted to tell her, but Felicity still makes the situation about her.


How Zhurrick informs Korrasami

“Was Korrasami ‘endgame,’ meaning, did we plan it from the start of the series? No, but nothing other than Korra’s spiritual arc was. … Varrick and Zhu Li weren’t originally planned to end up as a couple either, but that’s where we took the story/where the story took us. That’s how writing works the vast majority of the time. You give these characters life and then they tell you what they want to do.
- Bryan Konietzko, “Korrasami is canon,” December 22, 2014 (x)

Shortly after the series finale was released and the show’s creators hadn’t yet confirmed the intention of the ending, some fans rightly interpreted the Varrick and Zhu Li wedding scene as a framing device for the final shot of Korra and Asami in the glow of the spirit portal.  This post by heartlighting is thoroughly comprehensive on this.

But there’s more than that. There is a lot more than that. There are countless scenes where the Zhurrick narrative echoes or informs the Korrasami narrative. This post isn’t about just the finale. This post is about one love story that played out over the course of the series. It’s a story that Bryke felt so compelled to tell that they gave it to us twice.

Here are a few points I should make before you read through the parallels:

  • Varrick and Zhu Li are secondary characters; Korra is the protagonist and Asami is one of the other major characters.
  • Varrick and Zhu Li are a comedic pairing; Korra and Asami are a dramatic pairing.
  • Zhurrick is a heteronormative romance; Korrasami is a same-sex romance.

Because Varrick and Zhu Li are secondary characters, comedic and straight, the showrunners had more liberty to depict a Zhurrick romance.

Note: The rest of this post is GIF-heavy.

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anonymous asked:

I started writing an epic fic last year that involved a kitten. At one point Dean was forced to hold it (the character it "belonged" to was a bit like Jack.. quiet, kinda literal and not-understanding-certain-turns-of-phrase, so when Dean said to her "you've gotta give us something" (meaning 'talk to us') she offered him the kitten. At another point Cas put the kitten in his coat pocket.. and at another point Charlie (who is NEVER dead in any of my fics) re-named it "Agathion the Fearless Claw".

(cont..) I abandoned the fic and will very likely never go back to it or publish it anywhere so I’m happy to share those specific fic spoilers with you. The storyline with Jack this season is so similar to my unfinished fic in tone and intent anyway it seems pretty pointless now. (I think it’d be fair to say I got “Kripke’d”. If that’s the correct use of the term..?)

There’s never any reason to not return to a fic or enjoy writing a story! Several things in my fics have ended up in canon, including angels, demons, and hunters having to join forces to save all of their existences. And correcting canon is always necessary and great! Heck, I’ve done it twice now and still have an alternate S9 fic brewing in my head, along with Becky and Cas’ apartment having full blueprints.They also have cats.

Your fic sounds fun! I wouldn’t give up on it! Write and post it!

(Send me an Ask about anything!)

The Wayne Girls

Imagine if the Batboys we know in love were a bunch of girls? I’ve discussed with people that I like genderbenders not because you can put them in slutty outfits or whatever, but because I like experimenting in how the world would subtly change with the little tweak. Ok so I started this AU as a joke and I cant help but play with it some more because it’s kind of fun and I’m trash it’s interesting to see what traits would change, not really in the characters themselves, but how people perceive them.

So Bruce and Alfred will be the same in this AU. Parents murdered, vengeance sworn, and Batman is born. It is all the same until, one night early in his career, he goes to a circus and soon after takes in little circus orphan. Be warned, I’m going to launch into a seriously long essay under the read more. Sorry, I’ve been playing with this for a week and it’s just needed to come out.

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I dont understand why JKR would make draco the very first magical child harry ever meets - like i dont think the longbottoms and potters was as close in Canon as in fanfic - have them be so obsessed with each other and build their storylines to be so fuckig similar, two sides of the same coin, but they dont even end as friends? Harry just pities him and understand and draco is just grateful??? Bullshit, he doesn't even focus half as much on Ginny as he does Draco.

it’s like that feeling when you really need to sneeze and you feel it’s gonna be a good one and then just when you’re about to it disappears

anonymous asked:

theyre literally just villanising all the moc? like even though i never really liked bellamy i can acknowledge that his character had so much potential? and they were like lmao nah fuck that lets make his a psycho mass murderer. they made pike trump 2.0 and the ones they haven't [lincoln] they just killed?? woc are continually being treated like shit. sure theres heaps of poc on the 1oo but none of it is good representation?? everyone is villanised or tortured. diversity =/= good representation


Theory: Mona is a twin!

I know we’ve all thought it at one point but after Marlene tweeted that we will be “seeing double” soon since the twin story is on its way, I decided to finally put the Mona theory into a post.

Book spoilers: Alison and Courtney were twins. Courtney was locked in an institution because of Alisons manipulative behaviour. When she saw the opportunity to switch places, she took it. When Alison was released she killed her and took her rightful place back as Alison DiLaurentis.

So what if the do a similar storyline with Mona.. or the exact same one?

1. Nerd Mona may have been so tormented that she ended up in a mental institution because of Alison. Monas twin may have took over her life, had “glamour boot camp” with Hanna, and set out to take revenge for her sisters downfall. Becoming A. This would mean that Nerd Mona is still alive and Pretty Mona is dead; killed by new A.

2. Mona was sent to radley after her A reveal. She seemed very affected, very… zombie like.. then all of a sudden she was better. Her twin may have been released while pretending to be Mona and the real one is still locked up. Monas twin was killed by A but the real Mona that Hanna was friends with is alive and still in Radley.

3. Pretty Mona has a mental condition. She saw an opportunity while at a home visit to pretend to be a nerd and take over her twins life. Nerdy Mona was sent away to a sanitarium because pretty Mona convinced her parents that she was nerdy Mona and vice versa. Pretty Mona pretended she was going through glamour bootcamp so she didnt have to remain physically nerdy like her sis. The real Mona came back to rosewood and killed her sister for impersonating her and having her locked up all these years. This is the ultimate betrayal.

anonymous asked:

Sometimes I feel really guilty for liking John Green's books, because of how much criticizm they get. I agree that the storylines tend to follow a similar pattern, but so what? I love them anyway, yet I feel ashamed to express that love. I've also heard people say that his books portray women in a sexist way, which, as a feminist, makes me feel like I should criticize and dislike them just as much as everyone else does...

Say it loud and proud, my darling. 

Who gives a flying fruit cake what other people think. If YOU like the books then YOU shouldn’t feel anything else but adoration and love for them. Why would you waste your time trying to dislike a book you LOVE to please other people? You could be reading John Green book instead. 

If someone does criticise you for reading those book then give them a wonderful display of your middle fingers and walk away because you don’t need them in your life. What you really need is to read books that YOU like.

It’s all about you so don’t let someone else make an opinion or choice for you. 

Route Review: Minato Okouchi's Main Route

Above the cut may contain minor spoilers. Major spoilers are below the cut.

  • Minato is near impossible to read or predict, if only because he flips between hot and cold at the snap of a finger. He’s confident–borderline arrogant, even. And sometimes he’s outright rude, yet he sometimes does go out of his way to be genuinely kind.
  • The humor is spot on, the route is altogether fluffy and cute. A good pick-me-up, if you need it! Doesn’t necessarily pack any emotional punch, and the storyline itself isn’t especially involved.
  • If you like arrogant, tsundere-esque guys, then this guy should be perfect for you. Definitely play the prologue beforehand to see if the storyline even piques your interest. It’s most similar to Office Secrets, so if you enjoyed that, you should like this.

At first glance, Minato appears to fit his trope quite nicely. But then he suddenly seems like a mishmash of a bunch of tropes. It’s curveball after curveball with this guy. Is he nice, or is he a jerk? That’s really an interesting question–he’s totally unpredictable. One minute he’s being rude, then he’s flirting, and suddenly he does something nice. All in the course of the prologue, so you can imagine how he is in his actual route.

The route itself is pretty solid inasmuch that it keeps itself contained basically to the introduced plot, carries itself through to the end, and gives us a conclusion. The problem is that it starts without a bang, and ends much the same way. So it's cute, but it’s not anything exceptional or impressing, either.

Perhaps the best selling point of the route (or the game) is MC. She has some cute monologues, adorable commentary, and witty retorts that she hands the guys. She’s not afraid to speak her mind, and she’s pretty straight to the point.

Rating: 7/10

More beneath the cut, spoiler heavy.

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