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i;m so stressed out i cannot wait until the weekend then i get to sleep i’m sorry guys i’ll try and show you what i;ve been working on when it;s done i guess

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does anyone on the SMH team get migraines? What does a bad migraine day look like? (i just got over the actual worst migraine ever still a bit dead but I can look at my screen now)

YES my boy rans gets stress migraines periodically. when he was little it was worse, and sometimes he would stay home from school bc “momma it feels like my brain is screaming.”

bad migraine days for rans look like: hours spent with his blackout curtains drawn, all lights off, head under the covers bc light Hurts. counting down the minutes until he can take another dose of excedrin. 10 mugs full of hot tea with honey and milk. being so bored (bc no tv, no music, no computer) he wants to just go to sleep, but he can’t bc his head hurts so bad. sitting in a bath so hot he can barely stand it until the water goes lukewarm. holster texting “keep it down in the haus today plz ranzy has a migraine” to the groupchat and then curling around him in the bed silently. finally falling asleep and praying that it’s better in the morning. the next

Ten REALLY Quick Breakfast Ideas for Non-Punctual Students

Before I start: breakfast is very really super important to get enough nutrients and brain food for your day. You will not do as well on your APUSH test if you do not grab at least something to eat before you leave. You can eat half of these during your commute to school; just, please, eat something and stay healthy my fellow bloggers! A cup of coffee is NOT breakfast.

1. A banana and a granola bar. Potassium and fiber! What a power couple.

2. Overnight oats. Great for brain food and literally scrumptious I could eat 7 servings.

3. Mash up half an avocado and throw it on a piece of bread/toast (I shake some pepper on mine, but to each their own).

4. Handful of berries and a handful of granola (I am very very guilty of literally throwing one handful in my mouth, chewing for ten seconds, and then throwing the other in my mouth to get out the door by 7:30.)

5. A small bowl of cereal. It’s filling.

6. Banana bread. It’s not too nutritious, but it’s super easy to make a loaf on Sunday and take one slice a day for a week. Just make sure you store it in an airtight container so it doesn’t get stale.

7. Vanilla (or your favorite) yogurt with some almonds or berries or granola in it. It’s good for you, it’s filling, and it’s quick.

8. Builder’s Clif Bars. They are the most filling thing on the planet and they take 45 seconds to eat. I have to thank these bars for getting me through countless tests.

9. Cut up some fruit the night before and eat a measuring cup or two before you head out.

10. Throw some ice, frozen berries, yogurt, and a banana in a blender and you’ve got yourself a filling smoothie to drink during your first class.

Remember that all of these are super versatile and can be switched up or changed to match your lifestyle and tastes :)

Dear high school seniors,

Please please please stay strong. This time of year is tough for a lot of us for different reasons. Some of us are been rejected from all colleges and others are getting into their dream schools but are denied financial aid. Whatever the situation is please remember that your self-worth is much greater than this and where you are accepted (or not) does not reflect who you are. Please stay positive and remember that whatever is meant to happen will happen and you are worth so much more than some number on a paper. 

Yesterday, one of my discussions sessions was talking about the fear associated with wanting to be a math major, but not thinking of themselves as ‘math people.’ 

I told them I was never ‘math people,’ that I learned trig at age 23, calculus at 24, higher math at 25, and started graduate math at 26. Being ‘math people’ is a decision, and it’s never too late to decide to be just that. 

…Then they asked me what I did before age 23, and I told them about my law career…

…They expressed surprise that I had walked away from a very well-paying career to go back to school, then stayed in school after finishing my program. 


…I might have gotten too real. I say it all the time on here, but I said it to them:

There is nothing more important to me in this whole world than their understanding of mathematics. It is the reason I exist. It is everything to me that they will, in this lifetime, witness mathematics as I have come to know it. It is my life’s work that they meet this beautiful, indescribable thing that I love with all I am and everything I will ever be. I quit my career to dedicate all my time to it, traded my house for a one room efficiency so I could afford tuition and books, lost my marriage because my spouse didn’t support my decision to do this, and it was still a steal of a deal because what I got in return is the most valuable, important thing I could ever possibly do with my life. I’d live in a gutter and eat sticks and leaves and think myself a king as long as I could teach calculus all day and work on research all night. As long as I felt like I was doing a good job and my students were building a better understanding of mathematics, as long as I was ever refining my understanding of the inner workings of this incomparable abstract creature called mathematics, I would feel like a millionaire. 

I told them also that they already are math people. We talk about math all day, and we teach each other in the process. They bring new problems that I had never considered before, challenge me to think in different ways, and (for crissake) help me improve my shitty arithmetic abilities by keeping me in consistent practice. They make me a better mathematician, and it my greatest privilege and joy to think that I help make them better mathematicians, too. 

…Anyway, there were some interesting expressions on faces in that room, so they might think I’m a lil’ cray. But I don’t regret that, because I like to think it was obvious already (both that I am cray, and that I care a LOT about their learning calculus). My students deserve educators who feel that their learning of the subject matter is the most important thing in the entire universe, because it is. 

Weirdest doctors note ever

So during our stay in elementary school, my twin got a severe, permanent stomach problem. It caused vomiting, but wasn’t contagious in any way, I’m proof of that, we’d share drinks and food, and I don’t have the issue. She developed this problem in the middle of the school year, and as everyone knows, puking is an automatic call home to be picked up. So she was puking almost daily because school food severely irritated her stomach until we got it more under control. As a result, she was nearing the point where our parents could be fined for how much school she was missing.

The solution? A doctors note allowing her to puke during school and not get sent home. The school could not call anyone until she had a fever as well.