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I'm sure it's been asked before and can't really be answered definitively until we get more information, but do we know the answer to the question posed by the Reapers in the emerald witch Arc as to why Ciel can see them? I'm sure it's either because of Sebastian's contract with him but I'm also wondering if it could be related to the theory that Undertaker is one of his ancestors and therefore the reaper blood is in his biology. I was curious if you had any thoughts.

No I don’t believe we know why! That’s a pretty big mystery, I wouldn’t have thought too much on it if Sebastian hadn’t looked so concerned after it occurred.

Pretty perplexing. I don’t have any ideas which haven’t already been said, I’m not even a big subscriber of the ‘twins are 25% shinigami’ theory’ but it would definitely explain what was going on in that scene… and I really don’t have another theory for it; so suspicious!


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