their so close off and on screen

For his eyes only

Because our sin-namon roll Yuri Katsuki cannot see without his glasses, I just want to point this out.

You guys know that in Yuri’s intro, we ‘assumed’ that Yuri’s seducing stare was directed at Victor, because REALLY, who else is he trying to seduce?

But as episode 6 showed, Yuri can’t see shit without his glasses, even if what he’s looking at is in front of him. So, unless he leans close, he can’t see something properly and he’s looking at something blurry.

And I’m basing this off of Skate America 2016, but at the side where the skaters wait to hear and see their results, they have a small screen in front of them that displays it. So it is not impossible, that where Yuri and Victor are seated, there is a screen, most likely under the flowers.

So coming back to the intro thing, Victor, who is standing outside of the rink, is hard to see, even if Yuri’s in the middle of the rink.

Therefore, when he is doing these actions:

Episode 5: “On my love” Yuri’s FS theme finale

Episode 5. Please know that Victor didn’t call him during the scene below, so when he looked back, he was fully expecting Victor to be there.

Episode 6: “In regards to love: Eros” Intro


BECAUSE THAT IS ALL HE NEEDS: VICTOR’S ATTENTION. And if that is not couple goals, what is? These two are the ultimate power couple that just brings out the best in each other.

i love tarjei and henrik’s friendship so much. like yeah, they have to make out and gaze lovingly at each other on screen, but offscreen they aren’t afraid to show off their friendship? They’re not all “no homo i don’t like this guy that much i just interact with him bc it’s my job and we aren’t close otherwise blah blah” they post nice pictures with each other and talk about how much of a nice time they had filming, and have often been spotted hanging out outside of the show, etc. henrik went to tarjei’s play that he was in and we got that pic of tarjei visiting henrik at work??? like?????

Talks Machina stuff (pre-Alpha; if anyone has a subscription feel free to add on!):

  • The mics go live briefly five minutes before the episode starts, so everyone starts whispering secrets. Sam: “I’m gonna kill you first, Vax.” Liam: “Do you promise?”
  • Hanging on the side of one of the monitors: “Brian will not let me leave. Please send help.”
  • @critrolestats is run by only four people, and that never fails to amaze me.
  • As always, shout-out to @thesingingbadger for coordinating over a hundred volunteers, holy mackerel.
  • Andrew talks about how people have requested things like how often Laura and Travis have burped on-screen. Laura immediately burps off-screen. Andrew: “I’m not tracking it! I’m not tracking it!”
  • There have been close to 400 NPCs so far.
  • Re: All Work No Play, Sam, with mounting terror the longer he speaks: “By March 15th, we will record a new episode????” Liam: “Well now we have to do it!”
  • Sam and Liam were sure Kash and Zahra were dead. Laura: “But they’re so badass!” Sam thinks Matt probably rolled to decide. “He rolls for everything! He probably rolls to decide what to have for breakfast.”
  • Laura has an elaborate plan to have the flying carpet follow her around in case she falls off. Sam suggests something along the lines of a windsurfer.
  • Laura and Liam randomly drop into a drawl for a while. The y’alls are plentiful.
  • Vax doesn’t think he was being reckless. He knew it wasn’t the safe thing to do, but thought it was needed. Liam: “In the past, Vax has done plenty of dumbfuck things”, but Vax doesn’t think this was one of them. It was partly backing up Keyleth, but mostly stopping Raishan from casting the spell. Liam: “Ultimately she’s a genocidal maniac, so–” Laura: “Keyleth or Raishan?” Brian: “Wow.”
  • Laura: “We all knew we were putting our lives on the line for that,” and that didn’t change when the Raishan fight started.
  • Liam thought it was iffy—it could’ve gone either way with a couple of rolls changing—but without the benefit of hindsight, of course Vax thought it was the right call.
  • Scanlan’s death and everything leading up to it is taking a toll. Everything after Kaylie showed up has been darkened and shadowed by his new responsibilities and not wanting to repeat the mistakes of his dad, and everything’s “snowballed into a big jumble of emotions and feels.”
  • Laura, shaking Sam: “SNAP OUT OF IT, SAM, DON’T DO IT”
  • Liam: “Vax is on his way up and Scanlan’s on his way down, and they’re passing each other.”
  • Laura mentions that their characters can’t know about what’s going wrong with Scanlan because he’s so good at deception.
  • Vax was taken aback by Scanlan’s behavior, but it’s only been a few minutes in-game, so everyone’s still high on adrenaline and nobody’s had a chance to have it register yet.
  • Brian: “What do you think, Sam?” Sam: “…about the conversation with Vax?” Brian: “No, about the superbowl.” Sam: “Oh, okay. How about the… Panthers… is that a team?”
  • Liam is amazed because he thought Sam legitimately knew “10% of football”, but in reality Sam just googles enough to mess with Travis.
  • Sam finds this plot interesting because he doesn’t know what Scanlan’s going through right now personally, but he wants to figure it out. He knows Scanlan would probably be lashing out more than anything, so that’s what he’s going through.
  • Liam points out that they’re drawn to conflict and butting heads because it lets them stretch as actors; it’s done on purpose.
  • “For Vax, one of his greatest strengths is his loyalty to his sister. One of his greatest flaws is his loyalty to his sister.” Punching Percy was partly Vax being an asshole in the moment, and was at least partly outside of what Liam would’ve felt was a reasonable response. But it served the story and the character in that moment.
  • Right now, Scanlan is only thinking of the next five minutes and the consequences haven’t started sinking in yet.
  • Liam and Laura are pretty convinced Scanlan’s headed for an alignment change. Sam’s not so sure. “In the moment, I’m just the bad-decision guy, I’m not the evil-conniving-I’m-fucking-with-Jarrett guy.”
  • Vax feels like his family’s lives are in service for so many others; he’ll react more strongly to Vex’s death more once the dust has settled, but right now there’s so much responsibility on all of them.
  • Vex’s reaction to her first death was to kind of seize the day and live life to the fullest, but now her reaction is: “…shit.”
  • Laura points out that things happened so fast that there hasn’t really been time for any of them to process any of these traumatic experiences. Vex’s first death was quiet with everyone completely focused on her and reacting around her, but the second one was, in Laura’s words, “JUST BLOOD AND FIRE AND KEYLETH’S IN LAVA OH MY GOD”
  • Liam realizes that Vax was unconscious and doesn’t know that Vex died.
  • I’m just gonna mention my delight that Sam immediately and matter-of-factly says that there will be a “next campaign”.
  • Sam re: Travis’s up-for-anything gameplay style: “He’s DTF, guys.”
  • Vex and Scanlan would both try drawing something from the deck. Vax wouldn’t, unless they were all at full health in the mansion in a relatively safe situation.
  • Travis wants Grog to get the cards back from Vex.
  • Laura thought of the bathtub thing on the spot and was just hoping the conversation wouldn’t go too long. Liam: “90 seconds.” Laura: “Vex is very talented.”
  • Laura thinks Vex enjoyed finding the flying carpet more than the bath. Everyone is a little scandalized.
  • Liam is asked about the bath. Laura immediately pokes him and goes, “Yeah, did it make you uncomfortable?”
  • Liam: “I’ve been the president of the Laura Bailey fanclub since 2006. That said, just as a counterpoint, HOW DARE YOU HOW DARE YOU HOW DARE YOU”
  • Liam realized how much he actually thought of Laura as a sister when he was legitimately grossed out.
  • “It’s Schrodinger’s tub.”
  • Laura thinks Raishan’s looking for more than a cure.
  • The twins were asked what professions they would’ve gone with if they’d been accepted into Elven society. Laura immediately says Vex would’ve been some kind of ambassador because she loves being in a position to persuade people. Liam thinks Vax would’ve been a really bad soldier, because he thinks most of the way Vax wound up being was a result of being kicked around a bit, and without that impetus he wouldn’t have had much of an interest in doing anything well after having been taken away from their mother, regardless of how nice their father was in this hypothetical version of their backstory.
  • Laura, re: Sam tattling about the carpet’s origins: “Was it for honesty’s sake or just to fuck me?” Sam: “…more the latter.”
  • Sam thinks Scanlan might inspire the rest of the party differently moving forward.
  • Brian messes with everyone’s names on the outro as always but says Andrew’s name correctly. Laura: “He got the real one?” Brian: “He deserves respect!”
Opening Texts in an LDR
  • Me: *Opens Skype with shaky hands* *sees 6 new messages from dominant*
  • Me: *Talking to stuffies* Okay guys, we can do this. I'm gonna read all these messages without getting worked up! *Opens chat*
  • Sir: Hi baby doll.
  • Me: *Shuts off phone screen* *Screeches happily, wiggling about* Gahhh he called me baby doll. *Grabs pillow and hugs it close* *Turns screen back on and continues to read*
  • Sir: I liked that outfit you showed me. You're so pretty.
  • Me: *Shuts screen off again* *Grabs every stuffie on my bed, heart pounding* Lord, I'm such a coward, but I'm gonna need all of you to read these messages. *Opens messages again*
  • Sir: I miss you like crazy.
  • Me: *Screams into my pillow*
  • Sir: I love you to the moon and back darling.
  • Me: *Falls onto bed exhausted and happy before replying with way too many emojis*

Is anyone gonna talk about the fact that all Daryl’s scenes contain some form of Jesus, even like here when he was in the background. Come on, they’re literally just trying to squeeze Jesus in the shot in anyway they can. I’m probably just noticing this because I ship them but Jesus is LITERALLY watching Daryl’s back. This can’t be a coincidence that they have so much screen time together, I feel like they’re setting the foundations for them to get closer. What do you think?

I don’t have the gif but at the end when they all walk off JESUS AND DARYL ARE STANDING RIGHT NEXT TO EACH OTHER, I literally thought they were holding hands at one point, considering they’re not even that close, they do like each other’s company.

anonymous asked:

do you think lance ever cries?

where did this come from …

short answer: yes

long answer: definitely absolutely yes

i assume you mean during their time in space rather than in general, and my answer is: yes. lance has definitely cried at least once off screen. we saw him basically tear up in one of the earlier episodes of season 1, so it’s pretty obvious he’d be a crier. what i think is interesting though, is that he recognised he was pretty upset and close to tears and removed himself from the situation. like … he didn’t want to bring everyone’s moods down (and perhaps wanted privacy as well) so he just left.

lance is very good at being emotional. he doesn’t shy away from how he’s feeling (he confronts his securities by vocalising them – see ‘escape from beta traz’ in s2) and is always pretty honest. i know the fandom likes to say that lance bottles up his insecurities, and to a degree he probably does, but he’s also been shown to vent. again, beta traz showed us that when he vented to a yupper who was a complete stranger to him. (so was coran in the prev. mentioned s1 ep). like ???

anyway, i’m getting carried away but yes, lance cries. and it breaks my heart because he deserves the world.

as a side note, i like to believe he has a pretty quiet cry. none of these big messy sobs, because he gets homesick a lot and didn’t want to be teased in the garrison so he tried to keep his pain on the DL until hunk, his roomie, was like “bruh, it’s ok. i’m not gonna judge. want a hug?”. 

I’ve been thinking about this scene a lot: 

Originally posted by graveyard-whistler

 and it had me thinking… what was the rest of their bodies doing? I’m pretty sure they were actually laying down, and not just standing next to each other with a rotated screen… so, obviously link wasn’t laying perfectly on top of rhett, that would be uncomfortable and Link most likely would’ve fallen off. so the only thing other than that was Link was straddling him. he must’ve had his legs… around…rhett’s….waist….. and they were close I’m talking CLOSE. touching. probably a little rubbing… i mean, it was either that OR Link rested one/both of his legs between rhett’s… either one is good with me


So…um…merry chirstmas? lol

I’m so late omg…

But I really hope all of you had very nice and happy holidays. ♥

The son family sure had! Enjoying the christmas market and it’s delicious treats. I made all their scarfs red because I like the idea that Chichi made them all matching ones from the same wool. x3

I love how Chichi is looking at Goku (she is so cute ♥) so I put a close up in for more details.

Oh btw I looked at the image from my phone and it looked overly saturated but it looks fine on my PC. So if the saturation seems off to you could you tell me? Then it might be some wrong settings on my PC screen. Ty ♥

Imagine: FaceTiming Jungkook

Jungkook’s V App Live got me feelin’ some feels. So, I did a new thing. 

Imagine being in a relationship with Jungkook and FaceTiming him every night when he’s off traveling with the boys, not home with you. He would always be so happy to see you, even through the screen. His eyes would light up and he would flash you his cute little bunny smile. Every time, he would get a little close to the screen and make sure you could hear and see each other. 

His favorite thing to do would be to listen to you talk about your day with him: all your ups and downs while he’s not there to share them with you, especially the small trivial stuff, the normal stuff. He would want to hear about how you had to wait too long in line to get a damn hot coffee or how you accidentally stepped in too many puddles and got your socks wet. And every single FaceTime, he would make sure to eat so that you wouldn’t worry about whether or not he was properly taking care of himself. (Plus he would know that you secretly like to watch him eat. He’d have noticed the way you look at him when he’s happily filling his stomach with your cooking back home). 

Then, it would be his turn and you would ask about how his day went. He would re-enact almost every part of his own day for you, and you would love seeing him so animated to talk about it. It would make you so happy for him that he is living his dream, and it would make you forget about the distance between the two of you. He would sing and be a goof and serenade you from across the world.

Surely, every once in awhile, there would be pauses in the conversation as you just shuffle around at your desk, idly organizing papers or something, and Jungkook would just sit there and admire you and tell you he loves you. Just randomly.

When you have something to show him, he would get all up close to the camera and make sure to pay attention to what you’re talking about, whether it’s the latest project you’ve just proudly completed or you’re asking his opinion on what lipstick color you should buy next. He would hang on to every word that you speak, and value anything you have to say. 

Jungkook would even tell you all the terrible jokes that Jin said that day and try not to laugh, but end up laughing anyway at how bad they are.

Finally, when it’s time for one of you to go, he would hold up the camera real close and try not to be too sad. He would say goodnight and give the camera a kiss and quietly tell you he misses you before ending the call.

Gif Credits: @mylordae @sweaterpawsjimin @fyeahbangtaned

Hwarang :: Sam Maek Jong x Reader :: Part II

Thanks to everyone who waited and sent me nice encouraging messages! :) I felt bad for making you all wait so I made sure this chapter was extra long! 6505 words for you! I hope you enjoy :) 

Read Part 1 here!

The sun seeps through the translucent film of the screen walls, it was warm. Really, really warm. I opened my eyes and I realized that the heat was not only radiating off the rising sun but also from Ji Dwi who was cuddled at my side. His arm was folded under my head, serving as a pillow while his other arm was wrapped around my waist holding me close to his body. I could feel the blood rushing to my cheeks at his close proximity, his chin rested on top of my head while mine was nestled into his neck. He was so warm and cuddly…if only I could see his cute sleeping face. Carefully and very slowly I peel myself away to get a peep but instead I received a surprise when his grip tightened and pulled me closer into his chest. “Just stay for a moment longer,” he mumbles into my hair. I smile into the collar of his hanbok, “I wasn’t leaving. I just wanted to see your face.” At that he shifts lower so that we were face to face. Being so close I could admire how perfect his face really was. From his long lashes, perfectly round almond eyes, sharp sculpted jaw and shaped eyebrows. “Wow,” I breathed out loud which he smirks at, “What’s wrong? First time seeing a handsome man?” I roll my eyes, quickly turning over so that he faced my back. His breath fans across my neck as he chuckled, “I’m just teasing.” “No, you’re just annoying,” I correct as his arms found their way around my form again, pulling me back towards him, “And really cuddly” I muse allowing him to nuzzle his nose against my ear. “We should get up. It won’t be long before the intensive training starts to prepare you for that stupid…really stupid unnecessary spar in a weeks time,” I explain but it falls on deaf ears since he made no effort to pull away. “Ji Dwi!” I whine with a laugh trying to sit up but the man-child was not having it as he playfully flops on top of me. “G-Get off! Stop!” I scream with giggles in between the kisses he placed on my face and along my neck. Let’s just say it was a very compromising position to get caught in when the wooden door flew open to reveal a very alarmed and ‘ready to kill a man’ aura radiating off of Seyeo. Besides the embarrassing situation it was funny to see his shocked face with his sword ready in his hand when he realized what he interrupted. “I told you it was time to get up,” I teasingly scold Ji Dwi which he replies with a small smile. He rolls off of me and into a seated position then he proceeded to stare intensively at Seyeo, almost impatiently waiting for him to leave. “Seyeo, you are going to catch flies if you don’t close your mouth,” I casually say with a stretch. To my surprise, he doesn’t even reply or say a sarcastic remark before turning on his heel and hastily running off to god knows where. “Now where were we…” Ji Dwi hums, gently pushing me back onto the floor. “Hmmm…waking up to go to practice?” I suggest which he immediately tuts at, “Then what?” I smile knowingly as he lowers his face towards mine, planting a firm and sweet kiss onto my forehead. He pulls back slightly and looks up with knotted brows as if in deep thought, “I can’t seem to remember.” “Wow…such a dork. Just kiss me properly,” impatiently I cup his cheeks to pull him forwards. “Okay,” he agrees planting a kiss onto my nose. “Not there.” “Over here?” he inquires placing one onto my cheek. “No!” I laugh squishing his cheeks. “How about here?” he tries again with my other cheek. “Ji Dwi!” “One more try?” he chuckles, finally placing a firm one onto my lips. I laugh hugging his neck tightly, “I wish we could wake up every morning like this.” He nods in agreement, “I’m sure I can do something to make that happen.” “Then I’ll look forward to it! But let’s get you to practice now, okay?”


I join beside Seyeo who was watching the Hwarang set up for their sword practice. “So this is where you ran off to,” I tease taking a seat closely beside him. The male rolls his eyes and pulls out a parchment of crispy rice from his hanbok. “I wanted to surprise you with your favourite but I guess you surprised me instead. You know you could’ve told me so I wouldn’t have barged in like that!” I burst out laughing, realizing how embarrassed he was about the whole over deal, “You know we didn’t do anything right?” He breathes out almost in relief, not before quickly snapping a, “Yeah you better haven’t done anything!” I groan at his brotherly protectiveness, but all was forgotten when I remembered the crispy rice in my lap. Which I happily and quickly ate. Taking my last bite the Hwarang finally started their more intensiveness training in preparation to the fight taking place next week. Seyeo whistled beside me, “Wew, look at your man go!” I look up to find Ji Dwi showing off some really impressive moves, “Oh shut up you!” “Oh, he’s looking his way!” Seyeo exclaims excitedly and with no shame started waving at Ji Dwi which caused the corner of his lips to pull up. Not missing a beat Ji Dwi flashes me a wink before focusing on his sparring partner. “Oh what a cutie,” Seyeo sighs mockingly which I easily ignored since growing up with this annoying child that seemed to be the best option to shut him up. Observing the Hwarang carefully it was obvious as to who were the most skilled of the group, and much to my dismay I could easily tell that the sweet younger member, Han Sung, struggled to keep up. He wasn’t particularly horrible, he just needed a bit more practice. It was difficult to watch his sword constantly fly out of his grip since in a real situation that would’ve meant that he died…at least seven times in the last fifteen minutes. I couldn’t possibly watch him get killed at the sparring event, sending him with his current skills would just be suicide. So by the end of practice I thought of a solution to help Han Sung out, and importantly not to accidently hurt his feelings.

As the males started to put away their swords on their respective racks I walk towards Han Sung who sat defeated on the dirt ground. He was panting and out of breath but what took me back were the tears that started to well in his eyes. “Han Sung, you did great today!” I smile patting his head gently. He looks up with a pout, “Really?” I hum in agreement, “Of course! I was actually wondering if you could show me a few moves.” He blinks in confusion, “But you are already so good. I saw you the other day beating the other Princess and Ji Dwi.” He had me there, I guess I should give him a little more credit for being sharp when he wanted to. After a short moment of silence I nervously scratch at my temple, “But there’s always room for improvement right Han Sung?” Which to that he nods with his usual bright large smile. I nod contently, “Now that’s the spirit! Come on teach me something!”

Sam Maek POV

After practice I was looking forward to spend some time with (Y/n) seeing that we had the day off to relax. Apparently, it was part of the new practice regimen, practice intensively for three hours straight and rest for the remainder of the day. However, she seemed to be occupied. After putting away my practice sword I walked towards her usual observing spot but only her personal care taker was there. I follow Seok Hyeon’s line of vision to see (Y/n) gently patting Han Sung’s head. “What’s she doing?” I ask curiously plopping down beside Seok Hyeon. He cocks his head a bit in acknowledgement of my presence and explained, “(Y/n) couldn’t stand watching Han Sung fight like that. She knows he’s going to get hurt or worse, killed, at the spar so she’s trying to help him practice. Obviously without being obvious that he sucks.” I chuckle at the situation, that was something she would do, “So even when the situation is so dire she’s scared to hurt his feelings?” Seok Hyeon laughed with a scoff, “Yeah, so she’s using the excuse of asking him if he could show her some of his awesome moves.” I watch her and I found myself smiling like usual. From the way she watches Han Sung lovingly, the elegant sword movements, how she tenderly held Han Sung’s arms to help him get in proper position…it was all so perfect. She is definitely the Queen every Kingdom was waiting for. “Hmm…you are staring intensively are you jealous of the boy?” Seok Hyeon mused and I chuckle at that, “What? No of course not.” “That’s good. She already made up her mind that she wont be marrying the King so if that doesn’t prove her loyalty to you then I don’t know what will.” For once I broke my gaze from (Y/n) to look at Seok Hyeon with evident shock, “She said that?” To which he nodded at, staring intensively into my own eyes, “She told me that after her fourth encounter with you. She is extremely fond of you. You know if you end up hurting her I will kill you.” I chuckle at his threat, “I wouldn’t dream of hurting her, ever.” “I’m serious. I will kill you…excruciatingly slowly and painfully. Like I will skin you piece by piece,” Seok Hyeon explains never breaking eye contact. I was glad that (Y/n) has someone like him to watch over her, she was strong and smart but it put me at ease knowing that there will always be Seok Hyeon closely beside her to protect her if I wasn’t there. If she ever needed protecting that is, everyone here knows she’s deadly with her bare hands, let alone with a blade. Well maybe everyone but Han Sung as I could see how excited he was on the field to show (Y/n) some of his moves. “Look (Y/n)! I will teach you this move next!” The young Hwarang will exclaim before presenting some very off technique slash, which would then follow a, “Oh what if we did this instead? I think it would be much cooler!” (Y/n) would add just as excitedly. Call me blinded by love but she was absolutely perfect no matter what light you shine on her there was no imperfection to be seen. I didn’t even realize that they stopped sparring until the Princess started walking towards me. No wait towards Seok Hyeon. I wasn’t upset or anything. “Seyeo! Do you mind if you could go get Han Sung some jerky from town for doing so great?” She asks with a hand on Seok Hyeon’s shoulder, which he immediately accepts and gets up. Now that he was gone I look up from my seated position to see her smiling at me, “What’s up with your face?” “W-What’s wrong with my face?” I nervously ask attempting to cover it with my long sleeves which caused her to giggle and pull my hand away. “You look bothered, Ji Dwi.” Which I immediately reply with, “Why does he have a cute nickname?” (Y/n) snorts and slaps me upside the head, “Don’t be like that…my King~” she sings planting a soft kiss onto my cheek. I could hear my blood pumping in my ears and my heart skipping a beat at what she just called me. I couldn’t even reply as she quickly gets up and returns to help with Han Sung’s training. If only she knew the weight of her words.

Normal POV

Now knowing Han Sung’s strengths it was easy to help him hone into techniques that he could naturally execute. To be very honest I was just as out of breath as he was, “Do you want to take a break Han Sung?” He excitedly shakes his head with a gigantic grin plastered on his face, “No I’m having so much fun! We can take a break once Seok Hyeon is back with the jerky!” I return his smile genuinely happy that he was finally getting into the spirit of sword fighting and finding his confidence, “Okay, that sounds like a plan!”

Practice ensued for probably half an hour more before Seyeo returned with a large parchment of jerky, probably enough to fill up the entire Hwarang. Sitting under the shade of a tree I asked Han Sung to start unpacking the food while I went to invite Ji Dwi over to join us. To my surprise he had plans, “Sorry, I have to go see someone. But I will see you in the evening okay?” I frown but nodded nonetheless, “Okay…sorry that I didn’t get to spend more time with you on your day off.” He chuckles at that and combs my hair back with his long slender fingers, “Don’t be sorry. You were working hard with Han Sung. Enjoy the rest of your day, I’ll see you tonight.” Reluctantly I pull away from his embrace to allow him to go on about his day, “Bye be safe, okay?” To which he nodded with that charming smile. By the time I made it back to Han Sung he was already happily enjoying his share of jerky. I plop down beside him in the shade, safe away from the blazing afternoon sun. It was a nice comfortable silence that enveloped us, so I was quite taken aback when Han Sung spoke up suddenly. “Thank you for helping me,” he shyly smiles scratching his cheek, “I know you were just trying to help me and it makes me really happy.” It’s not even an understatement if I said that my heart just about exploded. “Han Sung…it’s no problem at all. I wanted to help you. I don’t like seeing you upset over something so trivial like sword fighting.” He pulls a funny face, something between a pout and a smile, “Can I tell you a secret?” I quietly nod and he sighs, nibbling on his jerky. “I wished I was born a half blood instead of my brother.” My heart swells up at his confession, “May you tell me the reason why?” “He’s great at everything unlike me…but he isn’t allowed to do anything because of his blood. While I have the blood but I’m useless I can’t do anything right. Maybe if he was the true blood our family’s lineage wouldn’t disappear. God knows it’s going to end with me.” “Oi! You aren’t allowed to speak of yourself like that!” I scolded with a frown, “You will succeed if you keep trying hard and so will your brother! I promise, once I take my throne I will remove all hierarchy and allow anyone to work at the palace as long as they are passionate and hard working. Please continue to try your hardest with your brother, the time will come very soon.” Han Sung’s face lights up, “Wow so cool!” I laugh and pat his head gently, “No…it’s the right thing to do and about time. Blood shouldn’t decipher what an individual can or cannot do. Their actions should be accounted not something that no one has control over, like blood lineage.” He male hums with a closed eye smile, “I can’t wait for you to rule then. Serving you would be really fun with my brother, (Y/n).” I tut at that, “Silly, you won’t be serving me. We are equals, friends even. I just wish for everyone to work along side one another…no serving of any sorts.” “Ji Dwi is very lucky to have you love him (Y/n),” Han Sung suddenly states changing the topic. “J-Ji Dwi?” He hums with a nod in approval, “Although the King would miss out on someone like you, you make Ji Dwi very happy and he’s usually like a rock.” I laugh at that, “Like a rock?” Han Sung nods and joins in with the laughter. “I’m glad you are feeling better, Han Sung. Shall we continue to train for the days coming?” The male nods happily, “I would love that!” “Alright then. Just on one condition, always try your best.” With that we sealed our deal with our pinkies.

Sam Maek POV

Even though it was tempting to stay with (Y/n) and Han Sung I couldn’t ignore the nagging feeling I had that I needed to talk to my mother. Although our talks usually end up fruitless I still found myself trying to reason with her anyways. I walk into the empty throne room to see her perched on her throne…my throne. “Sam Maek, what are you doing here?” she asks surprised at my random visit, “It’s still light outside someone can see you.” “Mother, I wasn’t happy with you trying to marry me off to one of the Princesses, but I made my decision,” I say ignoring her previous inquiries. Mother chuckles softly covering her mouth, “Oh Sam Maek…” she coos getting up from her seat. She started talking again once she walked up to me, “You never had a choice as to whom you were going to marry.” She says with knotted eyebrows but I knew her enough to know that there was no concern behind her actions. “Then why did you bring Princess (Y/n) here if you wanted me to marry my sister.” She smiles shaking her head, “I honestly thought she would just make Princess Sook Myung look even better, besides a friendship to guarantee an alliance with Goguryeo is intelligent. I’m surprised that you could take a liking to someone like Princess (Y/n).” My blood started to boil but I knew I had to keep my anger at bay, “Emotions aside, marrying Princess (Y/n) makes perfect sense. It creates a stronger alliance with the Kingdom of Goguryeo. Your narrow minded decisions has lead Silla to being the smallest of the three Kingdoms.” Mother furrows her eyebrows and reaches out a hand to cup my cheek, “Get rid of such silly thoughts regarding Princess (Y/n). It’s not going to happen. You are to marry Princess Sook Myung and it’s not up for discussion.” I turn my head away from her touch, it felt toxic, “For my entire life I obeyed your every order, however this time I cannot follow through of what you ask of me. You can send me away again, isolate me, deprive me of my throne, but you will not take her away from me.”

The walk back to the Hwarang house took longer than it should have, maybe because I took my time thinking about the event that just unfolded. The talks with Mother were usually like this but I felt uneasy that I told her so much about my feelings. She was controlling and consumed by fear which makes the most dangerous of people. “I missed you!” The sweet voice I learned to love called out. I look up from the ground to see a small blur running towards me, instantaneously engulfing me into a bone crushing hug. “I know you were only gone for only a few hours but I missed you already…can we go to Okta together? A bunch of the Hwarang are going!” she grins up at me excitedly. I gaze into her large round eyes and I found myself smiling as well, “I will accompany you anywhere, but I think it’s better if we stay inside tonight if that’s alright with you.” Without further questioning she nods contently and pulls me along to the small pond located at the back of the Hwarang house. I lower myself and sat down on the rocky surface beside the water, “Come here,” I softly coo pulling her into my lap. She quietly snuggles herself into my hanbok and rests her cheek against my shoulder.

Normal POV

Being so cozy and warm I started to drift off, but the nagging feeling regarding how strangely Ji Dwi was acting tugged at the back of my mind. “You know if something is bothering you Ji Dwi, you can tell me. I’m here to listen.” He momentarily remains silent threading his slender fingers through my locks, it took a few seconds of silence before he collected his thoughts and found his words, “I’m alright…just promise me one thing, okay?” I lift my face away from his neck to clearly into his face, it was obvious that something was tugging at the back of his head as well, “That really depends on the promise. If I can’t keep it I won’t lie to you.” He chuckles at that, “What I ask of you is quite simple, I wish for you to stay on Hwarang property. If you leave I will personally accompany you. That’s all I ask.” His proposal was strange indeed. It wasn’t something he would usually say, especially since he clearly knows how capable I am of protecting myself. “I have to be accompanied by you? Not even Seok Hyeon?” I inquire causing Ji Dwi to immediately nod his head, “I know you are capable of protecting yourself but I need you to do this for me. Please.” I silently nod, wrapping my arms around his now relaxed form, “Thank you (Y/n).” He strokes my back in slow circles, relaxing me enough to doze off.

I lost count of time, only realizing that it’s evening when the sun started to set into the horizon. Pulling back from Ji Dwi I stretch popping multiple joints, and I groan contently at the shift of tight muscles in my back. “Sorry I fell asleep,” I groggily chuckle getting off his probably now numb lap. Ji Dwi softly smiles, “That’s alright. I don’t mind being your pillow if that means that you are well rested.” I scoff with a shy smile in response, “No matter how sweet that was it was also excruciatingly cheesy.” Holding out my hand Ji Dwi takes it and pulls himself up and I was definitely correct about his legs being numb. The next second I knew we were both tumbling into the pond screaming, although the screaming didn’t last long as loud hearty laughter took over almost instantly. “You should’ve seen your face!” I exclaim pinching his cheek between by thumb and index. A mischievous glint sparkled in his chocolate brown eyes, before I could warn him not to he scooped water into his hands and splashed my face with it. “Bleh! Don’t you guys clean your bloody laundry with this water?” I spat but it was fruitless as he ignored my complaint and legitimately showered me. “Oh you’re on!” I growl tackling him into the pond where he slips and ended up pulling me along with him. “I’m soaking wet thanks to you!” I frown, “I just took a shower a few hours ago too…” “Come then let’s go take one together,” he winks cheekily causing a loud gasp to leave my wide hanging jaw, “Aish! Ji Dwi ah you can’t just say those things!” I stutter evidently flustered by his dirty teasing. He chuckles softly, caressing my cheek with the pad of his thumb, “You are so innocent it’s adorable.” “What? No!” I shake my head vigorously, “It’s all your fault for thinking such impure thoughts!” Throwing the blame onto him I cover my flushed face with the now wet sleeves of my hanbok. “Well we are going to get married no? Won’t we do so eventually? I’m just suggesting a head start,” he smiles innocently and I shake my head with a tut, “Please say you are joking!” Ji Dwi chuckles and leans forward, planting a soft warm kiss onto my forehead, “I’m just teasing. You are so easily flustered it’s quite precious.” I shake my head stubbornly never once breaking the intensive eye contact from him, “I’m not easily flustered! I am a proper Princess who is aloof and wears a face of unchanging stone!” “That sounds like something you can read from a scroll in etiquette lessons given from your mother or nanny.” “Well…you’re not wrong,” I burst out laughing and it was music to my ears when he joined in.


After taking a shower, alone, I must add. I snuggle into my mattress with Ji Dwi closely beside me. “Are you really going to stay the night with me?” I ask hopefully which he nods in confirmation, “You mentioned this earlier on the day that you wanted to wake up every morning like this.” I nod contently holding him close to my body as did he to mine. “Can you tell me stories about yourself so I can fall asleep listening to your voice?” I ask closing eyes. His index finger drew circles into my shoulder blade while he pondered, “There’s nothing really interesting about me. How about I tell you about my favourite story that I heard growing up?” Without opening my eyes I nod and snuggled closer into his chest so that my ear was pressed against his chest, so close that I could hear his even breathes and the strong beat of his heart.  

There was once a boy who was born with powers. Powers that allowed him to do whatever he wanted and everyone had to listen to him. His mom didn’t want him because of that so she sent him very far away where his powers couldn’t touch her. Growing up he never knew love or where he belonged as he never had a home. One day he finally decided to embrace his powers and return home. When he went home he finally met the girl that showed him what love meant. Even though he kept his powers hidden he ended up getting many killed just by getting near them, so he’s terrified that he will hurt her one day. Despite the paranoia he opened his heart to her much against his mother’s wishes. He finally found happiness and he was terrified.


Throughout the story I could feel his heartbeat quicken and in all honesty it made me curious, “Was that by any chance a real story?” I quietly ask and he shook his head with a light chuckle, “Of course not. It’s just a story I heard growing up.” I nod thoughtfully and in relief, “That’s good…I don’t know what I would do if that was really happening to someone. That’s so sad.” “What would you do if it was true?” Humming in deep thought I tightened my hold on him, “I would hug him sooo tightly!” Ji Dwi hugs me just as tightly, “You have a good heart.” For all my life I always heard that from others but I never really understood what made me different from the rest, “No I’m only human…I don’t understand why people always tell me that. Doesn’t it make sense though? Why treat someone poorly based on circumstances that they were born with. They can’t help it!” Ji Dwi pats my head in a soothing manner attempting to calm me down, I don’t understand why my emotions were bursting left and right I was usually pretty good at holding it in. Maybe the talk with Han Sung earlier made me feel more defensive about the topic. “Having a good heart should be the norm but it isn’t. That is why you are praised (Y/n). We need more people like you in this world. Especially those who will be leaders,” he explains warmly caressing my (h/c) locks, his voice cracks, “I need people like you in this world.”

“I shall make a promise with you like I did with Han Sung, once I take my throne I will make it all right. I’m going to destroy the True Bone hierarchy, it’s only good for dividing people within a Kingdom and we don’t need that when true success is where everyone is equal,” taking a deep breath I continued, “Does that sound promising?” Ji Dwi never gave me a verbal response but the sealing of our lips meant much more than a ‘yes’. “How can you just break away from traditions so easily? Don’t you fear the results in doing so?” He questions showing his genuine concern but peaking interest to my proposal. “There is nothing more to fear than the injustice that is ruling our every action and thought. I will take the risk of being hated and threatened to make my Kingdom right.” Ji Dwi nods satisfied with my answer, “Very well, then I’ll be there with you every step of the way to make that happen.” “Then I cannot be anymore sure that everything will work out with you by my side!”

I wasn’t sure when I accidently drifted to sleep but when I opened my eyes it was already bright out. That was strange that I ended up sleeping until this late, the sun was already high up in the sky. What was even stranger was that Ji Dwi didn’t wake me up…and importantly Seyeo who never let me sleep past two hours after sun rise. Over sleeping I was groggy but I needed to get ready to help Han Sung with sword fighting, and hopefully be able to get a quick meal in before that. Throwing on a navy blue hanbok and some gold accented embellishments I quickly left my single room, no matter how much I didn’t want to admit it I wanted to dress better to impress Ji Dwi even though it was silly. He would never care about such materialistic factors but nonetheless it made me happy to wear nicer clothes once in a while. Running into the dinning hall I quickly grab a steamed bun before joining the last few minutes of the intensive sword training. My eyes caught Ji Dwi glancing over to me so I waved gleefully at him which he responded with a small smile and a nod. When they ended I quickly joined Han Sung to keep up with my promise. What I didn’t expect was his dramatic pouty face, and that he didn’t voice his problems immediately. “W-What’s wrong Han Sung?” I nervously ask dipping my head to get a better view of his face. He whines with scrunched up features, “You weren’t here to watch me at practice! I was so good!” I laugh whole heartedly in relief that he wasn’t upset over something serious, “I’m sorry Han Sung, I slept in. I’ll watch you tomorrow okay? I promise.” He raises a brow and holds out his pinky finger, “Promise?” “Promise.”

After practice Han Sung mentioned jerky and that’s when I realized that I haven’t seen Seyeo all morning. Which was very odd since he was usually always by my side unless I was with Ji Dwi. Slightly concerned was an understatement I searched the entire Hwarang house for my best friend to no luck. Even asking around no one had a clue to where he went. Sighing in defeat I returned back to my temporary room to collect my thoughts that were spewing with, very unlikely, but worse case scenarios regarding the mysterious disappearance of Seyeo.

Plopping down by the small table I noticed a small envelop on the usually empty surface. Cautiously I opened the envelop to reveal a folded note that held two sentences that immediately caused my blood to run ice cold. If you want him back in one piece go to the Inn. Fear not, every hour you make me wait I will send a piece of him back to you so you won’t be lonely. I couldn’t hear my surroundings as my quickening pulse drowned out any sound in my ears. Scrunching the note I threw it back onto the table along with all the accessories I wore. I was going in for a fight regardless of this person’s intentions, there would be no room for treaty after having the nerve to send me such a letter. Strapping on two swords at my hip I didn’t waste any time dashing out of the Hwarang house. There was a nagging at the back of my brain saying that I should’ve told someone, someone like Ji Dwi but I didn’t have time to dwell on it as I already weaved my way through half of the capital nearing the Inn. Out of breath I made it to the entrance, it was hard to calm down as anxiety took over. What a waited for me on the other side of the paper wall? I just prayed that Seyeo was in one piece and alive. Taking deep breaths I wrap my hand around the hilt of one of my swords and it instantly evened out my ragged breaths. With both swords in hand I slammed the door open with the hilt of my sword stepping in and I saw red, literally. A ceramic pot collided with my temple and blood quickly bled down into my vision. With my impaired I blindly waved my sword, allowing me to slash my assaulter’s arm. It was hard to process anything with a blurring vision but I could make out a bounded Seyeo on the ground. “Let him go,” I order pointing my sword at the man who stood behind him as he drew his sword and held it against Seyeo’s throat. “Drop your weapon or I’ll drop his head,” he hisses. I was reluctant to, of course, I was a fighter and I wasn’t one to be cornered helpless. But I instantly dropped my swords when Seyeo winced when the blade at his neck dug into his skin. Instantly I was shoved into the ground by the man I attacked earlier, successfully smacking my injured forehead into the ground. I held back my scream and took deep breaths, I had to collect myself, if I let fear consume me now I would be useless to Seyeo. With my cheek pressed against the ground I steal a glance at him and I was relieved that he wasn’t missing any body parts. Our eyes lock momentarily and he whispers, “You shouldn’t have came.” “And you shouldn’t have gotten kidnapped you idiot,” I spat back. We could’ve continued to bicker for another ten years but we both fell silent when the sliding door opened.

Biting my lip I raise my head and sat up straight, trying my best to ignore the plitter platter of blood droplets on the hardwood ground that continuously oozed out of my head. “Sorry I had to do that, I know it would be hard to keep you still if you didn’t suffer a serious injury,” a familiar voice coos. A soft hand lifted my chin and there was the Queen in all her glory. “What’s the meaning of this?” I ask evenly and she smiles her usual smile that never reaches her eyes. “My son wants to marry you and I can’t have that. He insists that he will follow you to the end of the world so the only way I could think of to solve this issue is to remove you, completely.” I scoff with a light chuckle, “That is absurd, I never met the man.” The Queen tilts my head side to side which really didn’t help with my pounding headache, “I really don’t see what he sees in you Princess…no Queen (Y/n).” I smack her hand away and instantly I felt cold steel against my neck, “And I demand you to let me and my servant go.” It was the Queens turn to laugh, “That’s where I have the upper hand. He’s not your servant, he’s like a brother to you,” she waves her hand and one of the men swung his sword towards Seyeo’s neck. I scream and grasp onto her hands, “No please! I’ll do anything. Just kill me he has nothing to do with this. Send him back home, he won’t tell anyone about this. He will say that I got sick and passed…just…don’t hurt him.” The sword never met with Seyeo’s neck and hot tears streamed down my face in relief, I could see him in my peripheral and he was shaking his head begging for me to just leave him. I close my eyes so I couldn’t see his tears, I never seen him cry before and I didn’t want to now. “I offer you my head, hang it up wherever you please. Just promise me that you won’t hurt him.” The Queen smiles, “Of course, I’m understanding. Just be good for me and I won’t hurt him. But I warn you, pull anything and his head will hit the floor faster than you can beg.” Gazing at her unwavering face I nod and sit up confidently, “I understand.” “However,” she starts, “Since you caused me so much trouble I won’t kill you so easily.” I silently stare into her eyes as she tugged at my hanbok causing the fabric to slide off my shoulders, “My son always listens to me, and it upsets me that he will ignore my orders for someone like you.” I grasp the fabric against my chest to keep it closed, trying to save the little dignity I had left. Seyeo pleads for the Queen to stop when she held a whip in her hand. “Please your Majesty, can he leave the room before we start?” Without an answer she flicks the whip, surprising me when the skin on my back split. I squeeze my eyes shut, biting my lip. Not allowing me to catch a breath she threw back her whip and slashed again. I grit my teeth, refusing to show weakness, refusing to cry or scream. By the sixth slash I felt light headed, by the tenth I started to shake but I still refused cower away. She stops for a moment, “Why aren’t you afraid?” Sitting up right once more I try to speak evenly, “I don’t fear death, the only fear I have is to see people like you rule.” I say lifting my head and turning slightly so that I could see her fuming face, I smirk at her, unwavering as she brought her whip down once more. Out of anger she grabs the discarded sword from the ground and brings it over her head. Spitting out the blood that collected in my throat I smirk up at her once more, “People who live in fear are the most dangerous. And you are the perfect example of that your Majesty. I feel sorry for Silla and it’s faceless King.”

She lowers the blade and I finally allowed fear to consume me, I closed my eyes.

Metal clacked against metal, the final blow never came.


A/N: I decided to make it a skype video-call instead because something about bangtan watching you sleep makes me swoon…

Jin: He’ll be a bit worried about how much you’re tiring yourself out without him by your side, and he’ll quietly watch you sleep at the other end of the connection while wishing he could be by your side.

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Suga: “I sacrifice my sleep time for you, jagiya, and you fall asleep on me?”

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J-Hope: He’ll want to hug you so bad because you look so cute dozing off in front of your computer. Like Jin, he’ll just let you sleep knowing how tired you are.

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Rap Monster: /blinks because he can’t believe how quickly you fell asleep while he went off-screen to get a cup of water/

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Jimin: He had meant to surprise you, but you must have been exhausted to fall asleep during a skype call. Smiling to himself at how cute your sleeping face is, he closes his laptop and steps out of the car to stand in front of your apartment block…

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V: Will scream to wake you up.

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Jungkook: This lil’ bun may think you died at first and is Jungshook until his hyungs tell him that you’ve probably fallen asleep.

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So, apparently, this needs to be said.


One thing you need to know before reading this.
1. I am a professional actress (film and theater) who has dealt with some of the issues being discussed in the Outlander fandom….. Minus the popularity piece, I am not famous.

*clears throat* Here we go.

On screen lovers do not equal off screen lovers and social media is not an accurate portrayal of real life.

Lemme say it again for the ones in the back.



Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heugan have a wonderful working relationship, something they’ve often and openly discussed.

This is like winning the lottery, folks. It happens, but it is so very rare. Lots of co-stars claim to be friends or even be really close, but you can tell when they don’t really mean it. Sam and Caitriona mean it.

They have to do HOURS of rehearsal and filming of a script/story that requires them to be not only physically bare with an entourage literally hovering over them (that boom mic, and therefore boom mic operator, gets stupid close folks) but emotionally bare as well. This is not easy. It takes 100% of them every single take, every single rehearsal. Sam and Caitriona have figured out what each other needs, what they need to give or do to make sure their partner can give 100%.

This does not come naturally to most actors. You notice the ones who it does come naturally to, because they repeatedly make great art. It doesn’t matter the role size or film genre, they. make. great. art. You know who I’m talking about.

But then we, as actors, have to leave the set or stage. Over half of our being is still mentally/emotionally there. Its part of our subconscious wherever we go. Once a project is complete, we can store some of it away; but before completion, it is constantly with and a part of us.

What we do off screen/stage is as vitally important as what we do on to create the performance we need. Every actor needs something different. Sometimes that’s daily contact with our scene partners, sometimes that’s no outside contact, but that balance is always unique to an actor. Finding that balance is on going. What the balance was last season might not work for this season. Heck, what the balance was for one EPISODE might not work for the next. That’s the struggle of being an actor, folks.

They are in the midst of filming season 3. They are on “vacation.” Do not begrudge an actor for refueling or balancing different than you would have.


Social media is a monster. It gives you a glimpse of someones personal life, but is a distorted view of reality. Its simultaneously what they what they want you to see and a distraction from what they don’t want you to see.

Then you add in other people with different agendas and it all becomes one big mess. Take twitter with a grain of salt, folks.

This has been your friendly neighborhood Outlander PSA from an actor.
We will now return to our regularly scheduled tumblr programing.

Stiles Imagine - Research

Word Count - 376

Had to post this XD

You were laying on Stiles’ bed bored. He sat at his laptop typing away hurriedly while writing notes at the same time. You were currently laying on his bed staring at the ceiling with books surrounding you. You hummed a soft tune as you fiddled with your hands.

You looked over to Stiles curiously.

‘I wonder what he’s looking for this time’

You sighed before rolling so your front was facing him. You quietly slid off the bed and walked over to his seat. You pulled the chair out, as he was sitting way too close.

“Y/N, what are you doing.”

You continued to hum the soft melody as you walked over and sat on his lap. Stiles looked at you confused before wrapping his arms around your waist and putting his head on top of yours so he could also read. You looked at the computer screen reading what it said. 

‘ They may differ in names and in origin, but they are all considered to be precursors of death. In this article, we are going to know all about this mysterious and superstitious creature called the Banshee as we explore its paranormal roots as well as the scientific facts that can be used to explain this particular entity.’

You shook your head guessing that he was helping Lydia with something. You turned slightly, moving so he had his head on your shoulder and you were straddling him. You slowly moved your fingers through his hair still humming.

“I’m trying to study.”

“And I’m trying to not be bored.”

Stiles sighed before picking you up and laying you on the bed, him laying beside you right after. Stiles mumbled something about being bored before pulling you towards him with a small smile on his lips. 

“The things I do for you.”

You laughed softly before actually singing the song instead of humming. 

“And I will fall for you
And I will fall for you
And if I fall for you
Would you fall too?”

That’s how you guys fell asleep that night.You singing soft songs while tangled up together.

Sherrif smiled when he walked into the room before turning off the lights and leaving the door ajar slightly. He shook his head before walking away.

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Tv Camper

First background
I work at a local popular mexican restaurant. We normally close at 10 pm but because of winter we close at 9pm. So this couple comes in just before 8 and order im not woried people usually leave after 30 min and I’m already cleaning the seating section so i thought the were gonna leave soon.

I had a section closed off and was sweeping and mopping the entire time the man is looking at me while his wife is looking at the tv. She had her jacket on the table like a pillow. They completely finished their food and sat there while i clean looking at the tv.

I clean all the way around them leaving their section for the end. 5 before 9 i close and turn off the sings. Now normally people start getting their stuff and make the signs off them leaving right. Wrong!!! They just stared at me while i finish the last section the entire restaurant is picked up and cleaned. So i ask my co-worker for the tv remotes we have 2 screens that display adds and a tv so i turn of the screens and the tv and this dude gets mad. Hes like wtf its not even 9. I respond sir we are closing. They both get mad and leave i open the door for them and he asks for my name and i give him a fake name.

He apparently told my mamager that i had turned of the tv at 8:30. Wtf dude go home if you wanna watch tv.


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Can you do a Chris Evans imagine based off of the trailer for gifted? - anon

A/N- So I wasn’t sure if you meant something along the lines of the reader is cast alongside Chris, or like if the plot happened to Chris in real life with the reader as his niece or just someone he knew? So I went with the first xx

You had been working on the movie gifted for close to a month now and it was your dream cast, you all got along and clicked instantly at the first reading which meant that the chemistry on screen wasn’t forced and flowed naturally unlike other movies you had been apart of.

Everyone was lovely, McKenna was quick witted and despite her being a child and you an adult you often hung out together between scenes. It was hard to think about the fact that when the movie was over you wouldn’t be working with them all at the same time again, but if you were lucky you would get to work alongside at least some of them in the future.

Chris had become one of your closest friends on set, he was funny and caring and it was hard not to be friends with him. It was even harder to put aside your growing feelings for him, what ha started as an innocent crush had developed over the course of filming and it was really putting a bummer on your lifestyle because it seemed like everything reminded you of him.

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I’m not sure if anyone else has said anything about this but.. The pictures are from the intro to Volume 3. Team RWBY and JNPR are holding hands together and the first one to go is Pyrrah, she was also the first one of JNPR to die. Next to be let go is Nora and close behind her is Jaune. Last is Ren who seemed to linger there a bit before finally going off screen. I may be reading too much into this, and I hope I am because I’d hate for this to happen, but I feel this could be the order of team JNPR’s deaths. I guess it’s sort of too early to tell since so far only Pyrrah has died..but I don’t know. I feel like this scene had some reason to it. They’re all together and one by one team JNPR was taken away from the circle and the next scene was team RWBY sitting, backs together, looking upset or distraught or defeated, whatever you want to call it. But that’s all, just wanted to share my thoughts in case anyone else was thinking the same thing or something similar to that.

Out of My League Part 3 // {Brett Talbot Imagine}

Out of My League // {Brett Talbot x Reader}

~PART 3~

Warning: Feeling offended, Kissing.

A/N: This is the last part so I won’t be writing more parts of this mini series.


Brett dropped you off and you went back home,

You looked back to him as he winked at you making you blush before driving off as he sees you reached your house.

You go to your room and close the door, you lay on your bed look up at the ceiling.

Not too long after you came home you felt your phone vibrating,

Y/B/F/Ns name appeared on your screen.

You answered.

“How was it?” You best friend said in a quite enthusiastic tone.

“I-It was amazing, I mean he was so nice” A smile started creeping upon your lips as you remembered your date.

“And did you kiss?”

“Well Y-yeah, I guess so”

“I want all details!”

“Fine, We were walking up and down the street and it was getting cold so he gave me his coat and next thing I knew his lips were on mine” You said shyly.

“I told you you two fit each other”

“Okay I guess you were right, I’ll talk to you tomorrow I’m exhausted”

“Fine love struck” She said sarcastically.

“I am not love struck!”


“I swear I hate you sometimes”

“Thanks I love you too”

“Good night Y/B/F/N”

“Good night Y/N”

You hung up and went to sleep.

The next morning as you are walking to school a car pulls up next to you honking to get your attention,

You turn your head to see Brett driving.

“Need a ride?”

“I’d love one” You said getting into the passenger seat.

The ride was quite silent but you kept catching Brett sneak glances at you, You then feel his hand coming closer to yours, holding it, intertwining with your fingers.

You smile to yourself as you rest your head on his shoulder.

You both reach the school and as you get out of his car you notice people already starting to talk about you two.

“What is he doing with her?” You hear a girl whispering to her friend.

“I don’t know but he is way out of her league”

You turn your look down from those girls,

Brett comes towards you facing you slightly lifting up your chin so you would look at him.

“Don’t listen to them, they’re just jealous”

You gave him a small smile as he held your hand and you two walked into the school.

Not too long after you enter the school the looks kept coming towards you, you could feel them judging you and you couldn’t help but try to think that they were thinking of you.

You reach your locker and Brett leans on the locker next to yours.

“Are you okay?” He asks in a soothing voice.

“Yeah I’m fine” You said trying to avoid eye contact.

“No your not, Tell me whats wrong”

“Everyone is judging me for you being with me, I mean.. Its not the best feeling you know”

“Trust me I do, but ignore it. You have me and I won’t let anything hurt you”

“Besides, They’re probably just jealous since you you’re dating such a handsome guy”

“Oh so now we’re dating?” You ask sarcastically

“Is that a problem?” He said with a smirk plastered on his lips.

“I don’t know, should it be?”

“Well, if I’m dating you its never a problem”

He said leaning towards your face for a kiss,

His soft lips brush against your sending shivers down your spine.

Both your lips pull apart and you soon notice a couple of girls looking at you both, you then looked back at Brett.

You wrap your arms around his neck pulling his lips to yours kissing him passionately.

“Oh so now you’re making out with me?” He said grinning at you.

“Is that a problem?”

“Never is” He said before kissing you again.

The bell breaks your kiss and you two part ways to your classes.

All day you kept getting stared at, judged.

“I heard they made out this morning”

“She’s a total loser compared to him”

“What are they even doing together?”

“I can’t believe HE likes HER"

You tried your best ignoring it but this started getting personal.

It was lunch time and you were sitting with your best friend gossiping about what not.

“I mean people keep judging me”

“That must suck”

“It does”

Suddenly you feel someone gripping your hips from behind , you quickly turn to see Brett.

“Oh My God you scared me” You said jokingly giving him a small hit on his arm.

“And it was fun doing so" He said giving you a kiss on your cheek.

“I’m gonna leave you two alone” Y/B/F/N said winking at you before taking off.

“So how are you doing?” he asked

“I guess I’m okay”

“Hey, I’m here if you need me”

“I know” You said giving him a small kiss.

After lunch you were at your locker and Brett was couple feet away from you with some members from his lacrosse team.

As you were taking out some of your books a girl from your grade approached you, her name was Brooklyn; you didn’t know much about her but she was quite popular and from what Y/B/F/N told you Brooklyn had a thing for Brett.

“You know, I don’t get what he sees in you.

He’s way out of your league, why do you think he would actually date you”

You tried ignoring her, looking away.

“You can look away but I know you hear me.

Brett doesn’t really like you, You’re just a another loser thinking she’s special”

“Can you please go”

“Aww, Am I upsetting you? Do you finally realise I’m right?”

Brett has been hearing the conversation all along, and he’s furious.

“You think he loves you don’t you? Well guess what, you’re just another fling for him” She said banging her hand on the locker next to you causing you to jump little, your vision starts getting blurry and you feel the tears coming to your eyes.

Brett has had enough and he quickly came over to you two pushing Brooklyn against the wall.

“Leave her alone Brooklyn”

“I didn’t do anything, she needed to know the truth Brett”

“All the things you said were lies, and i’ve got some news for you too, I love her; and I care about her and I don’t give a shit what you think about it”

Brett stood away from Brooklyn and came towards you, you were quite in shock of what just happened.

“I love you Y/N and I don’t care what anyone else thinks about that” He said holding your hands in his.

“I love you too Brett”

Brett looks over to Brooklyn as well as to some other people who gathered around you, He cupped your cheeks and pulled you into a long, loving kiss.

“Your mine Y/N and I won’t let anything hurt you”

You smiled at him biting your lower lip.

“Lets get outta here” You say grabbing his hand leading him away from the scene, as you two walk down the hall Brett lays his arm around your shoulder and you put your hand around his waist.

“So now you love me?” You said jokingly.

“Y-Yeah, I guess I do”


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I apologize for the delay!! Things have been chaotic;; Things were crazy in Seoul, and our flight actually ended up being moved so we were an extra day where we had to scramble to make accommodations. I apologize!! Anyway, I’m sure most of you know why I was in Seoul ~ ToppDogg had a meet up for producers who had helped them with their comeback!!

There was a Makestar Project for them recently that ended in December, and for the top ‘Thank You’ for those who helped reach the highest tier, they held a 'Thank You’ banquet for. Myself and two close friends went, and we got to meet with them and speak with them AND their manager. I know a lot of you have had questions for your favorite boys!!

First off, there were some messages that were sent to me off anon that had personal experience and turmoil, so I’m not posting those screen caps. I DID, however, show them to the members - and I asked the manager to translate to the members who weren’t best with English. (PGoon actually gave me a good story with this one). I wanted to let you know I DID get to show the members most everything, but there were some language barriers for some, and when that happened myself and the director tried to bridge the gap, and they got the message and were extremely touched.

I wasn’t sure how many were staff and how many were fans at first. It was set up like each table was a continent - Korean ToppKlass was at one table, Chinese ToppKlass at another, Japanese ToppKlass, then United States and Australia ToppKlass shared a table. There were 4 Americans, 3 Australian’s, 3 Japanese, and I’m not positive for the Chinese and Korean but there were roughly 5 each at the tables?? Personally, we had 2 translators - their Marketing Director and their Manager. No lie, their manager is actually one of my favorite people. New bias Wrecker tbh. He was super cool and BJoo bro’d with him a lot, it was really great.

We mostly got to hang out with Wizard Line and A Tom. I’m assuming it was because we were probably the most outgoing fans there. How things worked was basically it was a multi course meal, and the members would get up and move around between the courses. Hansol and Xero especially kept moving everywhere (Mostly Xero. He actually knocked a few things over.)

I spoke to the Manager personally about when their comeback was scheduled, and he said as of now they’re getting things planned to start recording and writing and stuff, so he’s hoping to have it by this time 2018, Spring at the latest. Honestly, with First Street just coming out, that isn’t bad.

To the Anon who asked about First Street and what the albums title was referencing/about, I’ll post that in Nakta’s story. Also, as we’ve posted, we got each member gifts, and I’ve had a lot of questions on what those gifts are - I’ll list in each members story!!

After everyone ate, they handed out certificates and did pictures, then they wandered freely when all the food was cleared to hang out and get selfies/talk to fans/etc. It was an extremely up close experience, and I’m going to list each member individually with mine and my friends’ recollections