their smug expression


-Anon request

It was just meant to be a simple deal between you and Jordan Hitch- the city’s number one arms dealer on the Black Market- but things didn’t always go as planned, did they?

“We agreed on ten, Hitch!” you growled at the man who sat behind the desk, casually tossing a stress ball shaped like a woman’s breast between his hands. You were standing in his -hmm- office, in the back of the strip club he owned. It was untidy but clearly meant only for his particular clients.

“Yes, well,” he shrugged, a smug expression plastered on his face that you just wanted to smack right off. Maybe with a chair… “If you truly desire my products, you must pay what they’re worth.”

Narrowing your eyes, you snarled, “They’re worth ten and not a dime more.”

He stopped playing with the ball and placed it firmly on his desk, his expression hardening. “Don’t talk to me that way, bitch,” he snapped, glaring at you.

The two men either side of you grabbed both your arms suddenly. In shock, you struggled against them and spat at Hitch as he came over to you.

“I don’t appreciate women acting out of place,” he told you with a steeled look.

Inhaling deeply, you braced yourself and he swung back and punched you right in the face. You knew you were going to have a whopping great bruise covering your eye by tomorrow- something Jim would flip out over immediately.

After Hitch seemed satisfied, he settled back into his chair with the same smug smile on his face. You left quickly, shrugging off the two men who tried to stop you.

Racing out of the filthy club, you exhaled and closed your eyes as soon as you were outside in the cool night air.

Rolling your shoulders, you swore and punched the wall several times- bruising and cutting your knuckles- before turning on your heel and beginning the brisk walk back to your flat.

 Hitch threw his head back and laughed at what one of his men had said. They were drinking in a booth while a young girl- clad in little other than tight fitting lace underwear- danced on the table in front of them.

Without warning, Hitch felt himself dragged from the plush seat and into the firm grip of someone behind him. His two men faltered in their rescue of him when they caught sight of his attacker.

“Evening, Jordan,” Jim Moriarty greeted in a sickly voice, his upper lip curling. “Do I really have to hear it from double agents, now, before I hear it from you, when my dear old Y/N pays you a visit.”

“She-she,” Hitch struggled, Jim was bending his arm back to lengths it shouldn’t reach.

Jim growled. “She, won’t be doing business with you anymore, Jordan, needless to say,” he spoke menacingly into his ear. “But, trust me, I will.”

“Jim?” you called, finding your boyfriend sitting in usual chair by the fire.

He smiled up at you. “Hello, Y/N,” then, “What happened to your face?”

“It was nothing,” you rushed, dashing over to him and cupping his face with your hands. “Just a little fall I had,” you lied before capturing his lips in a soft kiss he quickly deepened, possessively.

When you broke apart, he replied nonchalantly, “Alright, then.”

Frowning, you eyed him warily. “Wait, what? I-I thought you’d freak out.”

With a silent shrug, he just smiled and stood up. “Tea?”

You followed him through to the kitchen, eyes still narrowed suspiciously. “You’re really just going to leave it there? No…no nothing?”

Then it clicked.

“Oh, Jim,” you chastised, folding your arms. “What did you do?”

He looked at you over his shoulder and raised his shoulders in an expression that said ’he deserved it? Please don’t tell me off.’

Shaking your head in disbelief, you breathed a quiet laugh and kissed him on the temple. “I love you, you psychopath,” you mumbled into the crook of his neck. “And tomorrow, if there’s anything left of him, we can go back again and show him how well we do deals together.”


It was unlike any argument that you and Klaus had engaged in before, although this one started the same way it ended with one storming out.

“We have this fight every single time love, I am who I am and if that bothers you so much no-one is forcing you to stay”. Klaus stated, as he had done so many times in the past.

You watched as he looked on smug and proud of himself. “Do you know what your problem is Klaus, you always have to be right, you always have to be the man who has the last laugh. Well I hope you’re happy, because I’m done”. His smug expression fell as he watched you leave the compound, completely frozen unsure of what just happened.

New Orleans at night was wonderful, the music, the people, the city itself all came to life. The constant buzzing in your pocket was starting to get in the way of you enjoying the nightlife, pulling it out you weren’t surprised that Klaus name lit up the screen - 15 missed calls and 7 voicemail’s.

Deciding to listen to those voicemail’s, each one after the another said the same thing, expect for the last one. “Y/N I know you’re angry at me love, I was being a jerk and I apologize. But please I beg you to put your anger to the side for one moment and call me back, I need to know you’re safe”.

Klaus wasn’t always the easiest person to be with, but there were rare times just like this one that he revealed he had a good heart. So with that in mind you set your anger aside and went back home.

Divided Sky (m)

“‘I’m Seokjin, it’s nice to meet you.’

You reach for another magazine next to the towering filing cabinet to block his smug expression, ‘Alright, like I’d want to remember that, you soc.’

‘If it’s that hard to recall you can always call me ‘babe,’ just saying.’”

Synopsis: An unfamiliar face strides into your shop and with a single flash of his pearly whites, you know you are in trouble. Who would have known that this charming stranger is one of the socs?

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Pairing: Soc!Seokjin x Reader ft. Greaser!Taehyung (Outsiders!AU)

Genre: Fluff/Smut

Word Count: 7098

Warnings: smut smut; oral & car sex on the hood tho

A/N: and it finally happened. i’m really iffy ‘bout this, hmmm. this is a touch of fluff, sprinkle of smut, and a large dose of sass // hugehugehuge thanks to seokstop, @yoongimnida

i also have another outsiders!AU here w greaser!kook :’)

Another day, another run through of the same routine.

You wake to the slam of a stack of run down magazines on the counter of the cashier, head shooting up from the shock. Letting out a yawn and rubbing your eyes, you are not yet fully awake to comprehend your uncle’s straining voice and, what appears to be, harsh words toward you. He rushes to another customer and your vision begins to clear by the second. People scurry in and out of the garages while non-workers stand on the side, watching their vehicle be attended to by your uncle and his crew. Like always, the shop is packed and hectic, every being occupied with tedious deeds. The atmosphere never seems to rest in the shop and neither can you. Despite all this, it is just another day to you.

There is no problem with daylight burning away as you spend most of your life breaking sweats at your uncle’s auto-repair shop, and it isn’t an issue when problematic customers are dwelling in the sea of their own anger, lashing out on other workers over petty scenes. However, there is a problem with a couple of your customers-or to be exact, a couple of groups that go by Greasers and Socs-and their rowdy behavior plus the childish feud between the them is irksome. Especially when there is a Greaser and Soc within proximity of the building.

You are not one to bother in their immature tactics that cause them to clash against one another; in fact, you never bat an eye their way unless it is work related. Growing up under your uncle’s wing, he taught you how to be independent and strong, to not care about those who don’t genuinely care about you, and to never be quick to trust another since every being has two faces. The Greasers and Socs, two separate batches that each appear to have members with two faces-a perfect fitting of what your uncle told you to take precaution about. Of course a handful of them have tried to toy with you, attempting to nudge you to join their “gang,” but you would always respond with the same statement: “I have standards.”

Perhaps it is your method of curving past them or shutting them out that drives their vexation to the edge, but nonetheless they cease to leave you alone. After all, your uncle’s repair shop isn’t known for being the best in town for no reason.

Considering the days and weeks you work from dawn to dusk you would expect yourself to recognize every citizen in this titillating town, even if they only dropped by once or twice, but that isn’t the case this time when a man dressed in a pastel pink polo strides into one of the garages, sunglasses hanging from the high button, khakis delicate by the thread, and a sly grin sketching.

He raises his hand in the air as if a lost child. “Is anybody here?”

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Behind Closed Doors

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Summary: Negan constantly shows his liking to you around your father, Rick, knowing it gets under his skin. You, on the other hand, are intrigued by Negan so you approach him while he stays with you and Carl when your father goes scavenging for the Saviors. 

Warnings: Language, Negan’s vulgar mentions.

Your father called out your name from downstairs causing you to groan in annoyance.

”I’m coming, dad.” You shouted back while you sketched the final part of the drawing.

As you dropped your pencil against the finished project, your cheeks began to feel heated. It was of a familiar man with scruff on his face, wearing a leather jacket that complimented his broad shoulders while a smug expression rested upon on his face.

You were unknowing doodling a drawing of the most hated man; Negan.

You felt sick your stomach at the idea, quickly hiding the drawing in the nightstand drawer beside you.

If your father found that, he would skin you alive. Though, who wouldn’t blame him?

You waltzed downstairs to find your father pace around the dining room with beads of sweat resting against his forehead causing you to instantly frown.

“Dad, what’s wrong? Is it?..” The ‘it’ you implied was the man himself.

He quickly shook his head, trying to reassure you as he placed his hands along your shoulders in sympathy.

 “I just have to leave for a while to scavenge for them, sweetheart. I know you’re responsible enough to look after Carl considering you just turned twenty two last week.” He chuckled softly causing you to crack a slight smile as you glanced down at the gift he gave you. It was your mother’s ring he kept till she passed.

“Be careful.” Worry was imbedded in your voice as you pulled him into a tight bear hug, fearful of his safety.

Now ain’t that shit fucking sweet?” Both of you jumped at the sudden voice, instantly turning around to find Negan standing in the doorway with Lucille draped across his right shoulder.

Your father was clearly pissed because of his sudden entrance while you were dumbstruck in the presence of Negan.

You instantly felt the adrenaline as his glance met yours.

“Mmm.. What a damn doll. Every little inch.” He responded as he circled around you with lust in his eyes making you bite your lip to keep from blushing.

From the corner of your eye, you could see your father clench his fists.

Negan smirked before chuckling dryly at his anger, finding it amusing to know he could lash out any minute, giving him the excuse to threaten the hell out of him. He knew using you or Carl would do the trick and he would apologize and be back with no back bone what so ever.

“What the hell are you going to do, Ricky?” He taunted as he stood in front of him while your father avoided eye contact. “Kick me in the balls for complimenting your smoking hot daughter? I think not.”

Your father finally looked him in the eye with his jaw clenched.

“Aw shit, there you go giving me that fucking stink eye again. The same damn look your one eyed son gave me. Small ass world.”

“Why did you come? You ordered us to go scavenge for you and your group.” He inquired as he stood in front of Negan with his arms crossed.

Negan slouched back before facing him with a toothy grin. “I came to see if you and your minions were following orders, but with the way it looks, your ass is still here with no goods in your hands. Now, go and get the shit for me.”

His tone began charismatic then led to a demand as he gripped Lucille, staring at your father coldly.

Rick quickly glanced over at you with worry written across his face. “I-I can’t leave her-”

Negan guarded you, his tall figure making yours disappear. “I’ll keep her company, daddy o. Go and get my shit.”

“Dad, it’s okay. You need to go. I’ll be fine.” You reassured him with a slight smile to calm his nerves.

He had to do what Negan said or he would obviously be killed or someone else would. You weren’t going to let him risk that, and deep down, you were excited for the man you drew in your notebook to stay alone with you without the rest of the group or your father to be here. Carl would be up in his room most of the time so it’s not like he’d care.

He finally let out a shaky breath before shooting Negan a deadly glare.

“I love you, baby girl.” He lightly kissed your forehead before shutting the door from behind, leaving you with a dangerous yet attractive psychopath.

Your heart began to pound. You were actually alone with Negan.

You cleared your throat as his eyes traveled across your body.

“Do you want a drink or something?” You were raised to be polite and you were always used to giving your guest a beverage or a snack, but asking Negan?

You felt embarrassed as you fiddled with your fingers nervously.

He licked his lips before facing you with a smirk plastered along his face.

“Kitten, I want something and that something is you.”

You blushed as your eyes met the floor. “How about you go up to my room and I bring you some of my dad’s whiskey?”

“What a bad girl taking her daddy’s whiskey,” He smirked causing chills to run down your spine. “I’d like to get to know you better, (Y/N).”

He whistled Beethoven as he walked upstairs causing your cheeks to redden.

You equally poured whiskey into two shot glasses before walking upstairs, passing Carl’s room until an arm jerked you backwards causing some of the liquid to spill onto the floor.

“What the hell are you doing with dad’s whiskey? He told us not to touch it, and what’s he doing here?” Carl spat with disgust in his voice.

You rolled your eyes, “Carl, he told you not to touch it. I’m not underage so I can drink what I want. Anyways, he’s here because dad left to gather supplies for them.”

Carl scoffed, “And you’re having a casual drink with him up in your room? If you haven’t noticed, he has a sick crush on you.”

“Carl, I can take care of myself. I’m an adult. Might as well entertain our guest.”

You walked into your bedroom to find Negan with the drawing you sketched in his hand causing you to drop both the glasses of whiskey on your carpet.

“I- um..”

He cut you off with a smirk along his lips, “ You know,” He removed his leather jacket. “I thought you were just a good girl who obeyed her daddy, but shit, this tells otherwise, sweetheart. Knowing you laid your sweet little body on your bed while drawing me is oh so satisfying.” 

Your heart pounded as anxiety rushed through your veins, and your legs felt like jelly as he spoke to you seductively.

“Don’t be shy, sweetheart. Come over here to me.” He cooed with his arms in open access.

“Boss!” Simon called from downstairs causing Negan to hiss in anger.

“What the fuck does he want this tim-”

You cut him off as you jumped into his arms, wrapping your legs around his waist as your lips pressed against his hungrily.

He groaned in satisfaction against your lips as he dug his nails into your flesh, his gloved hands gripping your waist as his lips continued to brush against yours.

He pulled away to face you with a sly smirk, “You gonna tell your daddy about this, sweetie?”

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You quickly shook your head causing him to chuckle. “To be continued.”

He placed his finger along your bottom lip, dragging it down slightly.

I ordered a Negan shirt and phone case and I’m legit so hype. Hope this was a good imagine, guys!

fluffy secret

drabble request

65. “I have a secret”

genre: fluffy drabble

characters: bf!jungkook x reader

“I have a secret.” Your boyfriend, Jungkook blurted out, right as the ending credits to the movie you two had finished writing rolled. You were resting on his chest with his arms wrapped around your neck, his other hand playing with your free fingers. It was Saturday night, the night Jungkook would invite you over to his place and you’d relax and watch movies to release the stress from the week. Tonight was Jungkook’s night and you were watching a superhero movie that you were sure he’d picked out for one of his nights a month ago.

You turned to look up at him, raising an eyebrow when he remained silent. “Well? Are you gonna tell me?”

“If I told you it wouldn’t be a secret now would it?” His smug expression made you roll your eyes, pushing away from him with playful intentions.

“Secrets don’t make friends” you pouted, crossing your arms over your chest.

“Good thing I already have all the friends I need.” Jungkook grinned, tapping your nose with his index finger. You frowned and pushed your elbow into his chest. He grunted loudly, cutting off his obnoxious laughter that you adored. Although you weren’t so fond of him currently. Secrets and surprises weren’t one of your favorite things. You liked being aware of everything and Jungkook knew you well enough to know your pet peeves. Which is exactly why he made it a habit to try and surprise you at least once a week. There was the time he showed up to your apartment out of the blue with the largest bouquet of flowers you’d seen in awhile. Another time he pulled out a pair of tickets to a daytime cruise for Valentine’s day. Though you both got sick from the not so well cooked seafood platter you shared, you appreciated the thought. Jungkook was more of the planner in your relationship, randomly thinking of date ideas then expecting you to tag along without any warning —which you always did. You would often try to plan similar dates but Jungkook insisted that he enjoyed your home cooked dinners and relaxing movie nights more than anything.

“You’re gonna figure it out anyways… I just don’t want you to be upset.” He spoke out, snapping you out of your thoughts.

You raised an eyebrow, turning your attention to him fully. “Why would I be upset?” You asked, confusion clear as day on your face.

“Well,” he froze after you both heard movement coming from his cracked bedroom door. It sounded like someone tapping on the door. You turned to face Jungkook, staring him down as he smiled sheepishly. “I kinda—” Before he could finish his sentence the door creaked open, though no figure walked out like you were expecting.

“Uh, Jungkook what the hell is—” Your sentence was cut off my a bark and you gasped, realizing it was a small puppy that managed to nudge the door open and escape his room. The tapping noises seemed to be his small paws scratching for attention.

“I got a dog. Surprise!” Jungkook cheered, lifting up the multi colored husky. It’s blue eyes seemed to light up once it realized it was receiving some attention. “His name is Snow, isn’t that funny?”

You blinked as Jungkook grabbed your hand and guided it over to pet the puppy—who you now knew as ‘Snow’. “When?” Was all you managed to blurt out, stroking behind it’s ear. The puppies eyes closed in bliss as Jungkook smiled down at him, kissing his head.

“Yoongi. His brother is allergic to him I guess. He didn’t have anywhere else to put him and pounds are so cruel Y/N. I couldn’t let this cutie get sent there.” You smiled at Jungkook’s sweet words, knowing his heart was far too big to allow Yoongi to send the poor puppy to places unknown. “I’ve only had him for three days, I was gonna tell you but I figured I should just wait till you came over this weekend.”

“Hm,” You hummed, taking Snow in your hands as he accepted you with ease, snuggling into your warm touch. “I’m not mad. I just wish you would’ve told me the day of so I could’ve been over here playing with him.” Jungkook apologized and chuckled, watching you with a gentle smile.

“So I guess this means we’re parents.”

You chuckled, patting the puppy on the head. “I guess it does.”

“So I guess this also means we should move in together. Y’know,” he paused, pointing at the small puppy. “So he doesn’t grow up in two different households, that could be tough on him.” You laughed as the puzzle pieces came together in your head. Jungkook seemed to be the con-artist of the year.

“Jungkook, you really could’ve just asked me to move in with you.”

anonymous asked:

How would the guys react if their s/o was introducing a friend (with permission from everyone) and after introductions she points to her turtlebae and is like "that one's mine" with a big smile on her face



“Aand this one,” you pat Leo’s chest. “This one’s mine~”

His eyes widen and his mouth slacks slightly at your words, registering what you said. Once it seeps in, he gives a bashful smile, hanging his head with his hand on his neck.

Yeah, yeah I am…💙”


“And finally, and I saved the best for last, Mikey don’t give me that look- we have Raphael. This hunk’s allll mine.”

He doesn’t miss a beat and lands a firm hand on your ass with a grin. He hauls you into his arms with a smug expression and one nod of his head.

“Hell yeah I am, an’ don’t ya ferget it.”

MIKEY “And here we have a triple threat; brains, brawn and a dazzling personality, Mikeyyy. Yeah but don’t get too close honey this one has my name on ‘im already.”

He chuckles and wraps a hand around your waist with a cheeky grin. His eyes are sparkling and inside he is absolutely losing his Goddamn mind but he keeps it cool for your friend.

“Oh, babe we can have that tattoo arranged…what? I’m serious!”


“And! Here we have our genius boy Dondon,” he salutes in a goofy fashion. “He’s smart, cute, and absolutely all mine~” He stumbles backwards a bit, eyes wide.

His hand tightens into a fist as he uses all his mental strength not to squeal. His face breaks into a dorky grin and you two end up just grinning at each-other until Raph rolls his eyes and makes a gagging sound.

“Shut up Raph, Y/N’s introducing her boyfriend.”

NTJ Stare
  • ENTJ: Yeah ISFP tells me to not look him in the eyes when I'm talking because apparently I have an intimidating stare.
  • INTJ: Mhm. You wouldn't believe how many times I've been told that.
  • ISTJ: Yep, you guys are scary. I do the same thing except I don't think I'm as...intense.
  • INTJ: You're just not as smart
  • ISTJ: Shut up INTJ. At least my ego isn't as big as yours is. I'd be crushed under it.
  • INTJ: *smug expression*

Doing some character shenanigans, featuring my Aequis, Shirk and Dahlia, and Halfcanter, Feldspar.

Aequis are mine, but Halfcanters are the brainspawn of @nhyworks.

Aaaaaand back to the grindstone!