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Gamer(Jungkook AMBW Smut)

I don’t know why I keep doing this to her, but I also needed to get out my frustrations with a man who just has been trying to creep in my mind. Hopefully it’s over now. Here you go @silhouetted-beauty love you sis <3 

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BTS scenarios: You surprise them at the concert

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Kim Seokjin/Jin

People were running around and you thought that maybe after all it was a bad idea to go there. Maybe it was foolish to even hope that he’d find time for you. During short breaks between certain performances even if you saw him, he didn’t notice you. You didn’t blame him, rather felt sorry that he had to go through such a stress.

His eyes finally landed on you when rap line was performing Cypher 4. It was truly comical to watch hundred of emotions run through his face at the same time. That’s why you laughed at him. Seokjin stood frozen in place despite being called by his stylist. He lasted like that until you stepped closer. Then he woke up and erupted, his laughter so loud it made most heads turn. His hands rested on his hips in seemingly irritated pose.

“You are here! How’s that possible?”

“Normally. I got into plane and flew over here.”

Seokjin shook his head at your evasive answer, still taking in your appearance. You shook your head, doubtful whether you should wait for him or make the move yourself. He didn’t make you wait much longer, instead joining you in a few long strides.

“All the way to Japan, huh? You’re unbelievable.” You two shared smiles and embraced each other in a tight hug. It didn’t last long, because he had to go, but Seokjin couldn’t stop grinning until the rest of the concert even when exhaustion was unendurable.

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Min Yoongi/Suga

Despite it’s unpleasant decoration and too bright lightning, dressing room wasn’t as terrible as you thought it would be. People who were responsible for Bangtan’s appearance were kind and warm to you, even sharing some snacks they had with them. All of you were watching the performance on TV hung on one of the walls. Chatter was filling the lack of music when songs were changing.

The main reason why you were there? The words that Yoongi always repeated to you before ending your call- I miss you. You missed him too. Watching him on TV screen wasn’t helping your aching heart, it did the opposite. Every second felt like a century between you and him. That’s why his voice calling you out was such a miraculous sound. You turned your head in his direction, wonder displayed on your face matching his.

“Wow.” Commented Jimin, looking at you above Yoongi’s shoulder. He smiled widely at you and turned to your boyfriend. “If you’re going to stand here, can you at least let me in to welcome (y/n)?”

Yoongi didn’t answer him, pushing himself from the door to pull you to him by your hands. It was a warm hug that only pictured his feelings. Too many pairs of eyes were watching so there was no way he could go any further. His nose snuggled to the spot behind your ear to sniff, taking in your natural smell.

He let you go only when Taehyung started laughing at the two of you. Yoongi turned his head and sent younger friend annoyed glare.

“You’re interrupting.” Then he faced you again, grabbing your cheeks meanwhile turning. “We’ll continue later, alright?”

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The Mirage Heist  // Thief!Shawn AU // Part 1

Summary: Shawn is a criminal mastermind and you’re in the wrong place at the wrong time….or was it the right place at the right time?

“This just in, breaking news involving a major bank robbery in downtown today. Officials report over five hundred thousand dollars was stolen from the Mid City Bank only moments ago. Reports indicate that the culprits are on the loose and police are looking for any information on who these criminals are. They were seen pulling up to the bank in a black sedan and entering the building through the front entrance.” The news feed switches from Kelly Knight- the news reporter on duty- to a video from a phone camera within the bank.

“We just got this exclusive footage in the studio. It appears there were four or more men involved. Again, police are asking for any information you might have.” The camera zooms in on a guy with no mask on, only sunglasses and his hood.

The new feed switches to an aerial view of the bank from the News 1 helicopter. A male voice comes over the feed. “It appears the men who entered the bank have just vanished with the money. Authorities seem to be having trouble finding out just how the four men got away. It looks like the state authorities have arrived to assess the situation. More as this story unfolds, back to you Kelly.”

“In light of this situation, reports that no one was injured during the robbery have come in. Officials say the security alarm was hit sometime after the culprits were already inside the bank. No reports as to why it was not hit sooner. We will be back as updates come in. This is Kelly Knight for News 1.”

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Failed Tough Skin

My first post, and a huge rant.

11/11/17 Customer was a bitch and complained about my face to a manager. Never cried before and I broke that record today

I have worked in customer service for about two years now. A year in fast food and this last year at two retail stores (one for pets and another for crafts). I normally deal with bitchy or straight up mean customers with an iron smile, but I finally cried today. This lady came up, looking like the crabby “get your manager” bull I knew she’d turn out to be.

Anywho, she immediately complains about the fact that she’s been inconvenienced by having to go around the store multiple times to find something. It’s the holiday season. There’s about 7 new people starting here and they’re not going to know a lot. There’s not enough radios for each one to get help.

Not good enough. I guess my face was smug (I was pursing my lips trying not to frown). And she asked for a manager which of course I obliged. Told my manager her petty ass story and that I was giving her attitude and making fun of her problem. Manager said sorry to her, and after she left, I was told that “making faces was not acceptable” in front of a huge line of customers. I tried to swallow my pride but I ended up making some old woman worried about the fact that I was tearing up. Had to run to the back before I full on cried.
I already submitted by leave notice, but I’m staying until Black Friday.
Fuck. Customers.

Home Sweet Home (Steve Harrington x Reader)

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Prompts: With golden string our universe was brought to life, that we may fall in love every time we open up our eyes. We will call this place our home, The dirt in which our roots may grow. Though the storms will push and pull, We will call this place our home.


(Y/n) silently unpacked the last box trying not to disturb Steve. Who was sleeping just a room over in their new bedroom. She smiled slightly as she found one of her favorite photographs nestled at the bottom.

Her chest suddenly felt warm and fuzzy as she pulled the photograph out. In it Steve’s head was thrown back with a smile spread across his face as he laughed at something stupid she had said that day. She had just managed to snap it before he calmed down and called her a dork for acting that way.

She let out a soft chuckle at the memory and sat the photo down on the table. She froze slightly as she heard shuffling behind her, but relaxed slightly when familiar arms wrapped around her waist.

“Good morning,” Steve mumbled pressing a kiss to her shoulder before setting his chin there. “What are you up to?”

(Y/n) chuckled as she put her hands over his and leaned into him. Her eyes flickering over the room realizing she had finally unpacked everything. “I was unpacking,” She hummed quietly as if raising her voice would ruin the moment. “You were supposed to sleep longer.”

Steve’s whole body shook as a chuckle escaped him. He somehow managed to pull her even closer making her sigh slightly. “Sorry…. But what do you think? Isn’t our home great?”

(Y/n)’s heart fluttered at Steve’s words as it finally sunk in. They graduated and now they were living together. This was their home…. She turned around and wrapped her arms around his neck. Her eyes softened at the lazy smile on his face. “As long as your here any place is great,” She mumbled. Her cheeks slowly turning pink.

Steve pressed his forehead against hers letting out a soft laugh. “God I love you,” He mumbled. His eyes held nothing but tender love and care and sent the butterflies in her stomach in overdrive.

Despite how long they’ve been together he easily sent her heart racing. “I love you too,” She mumbled.

Steve smiled and pressed his lips against hers. Both of them ready for anything, because they’ve found their home.


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We Were Eletrified

October 12th, 2016

The club lights are wild, the music loud, but my attention is on him. My friends speak to me, but I can only look at him. A few meters apart, he laughs with the guys, but his head turns to glance at me from once in a while. I know he’s feeling it. Feeling this. The slight smile on his lips when our eyes meet is calling me over. Telling me to make a move.

This game we’ve been playing for the whole night is honestly making me impatient. I think we got to the point where we realised it’s not just a friendship and that makes things awkward, so we haven’t properly talked yet.

Since we came from the concert I’ve been watching him, thinking about the things we could do, but at the same time kicking myself I know anything else would complicate everything…but there’s something pulling me to him.

And I can’t stop it.

“Do I have to be the one to call him over?” Lily said as if I wasn’t there, making Martha and Suki chuckle.

“Is it that obvious?”I ask them, letting my head fall back.

“Huhum.” Cara smiles as she speaks, placing her hands on m shoulders.”Grow some balls and go for it. I’m pretty sure he won’t mind.” With a playful tap on my ass, she dismissed me.

I take one last sip of my drink and place it down on a table. With a nod and a deep breath, I walk to Joe. He notices and walks to me too. I reach him half-way and say nothing. Neither does he. But that feeling is still here. I want to act on it so much, but we’re in the middle of a crowded room. I know some eyes are on me. And on him. A lot of girls have been looking at him, and it’s been affecting me more than I want to.

“Taylor.” The sound of my name coming from his lips makes everything around us stop. For a second, it’s like it’s just me and him there. I’m breathing heavily, still not able to say anything.

I look around and grab his hand, pulling him through the crowd to the back of the club. In a darkened room, we are, at last, alone. 

“God, yo-” I stop whatever he was about to say and kiss him. Hard enough to release all the impatience and frustration he has been causing me.

He pushes me against the wall, keeping his hands on my waist as my fingers wander around on his hair. His lips are soft and rough at the same time, taking mine captive like it’s a matter of life and death. Our breathing becomes heavy in a matter of seconds and all the worries I had before vanished. 

I let my teeth sink on his bottom lip and we pull apart right after, with our foreheads touching. “Well, it was about time.” I whisper and he smiles. Even in the dark, his blue eyes are bright.

“We should go back inside.” He says. He lets one of his hands go through his hair, while the other remains on my waist. Once he lowers it, he cups my face. “Someone’s gonna notice our absence.” Yet he kisses me once again, a couple more seconds are lost, but his lips taste so good.

I look at him. I really don’t want to go back there.”Do you wanna go somewhere else?” I hear myself say.

He seems surprised by my proposal. “Are you sure?”

I nod. I want him. Badly. And I don’t want to think about the consequences of it right now. 

He responds by holding out his hand for me to take. Before doing so, with a giggle in between, I wipe the traces of lipstick from his lips with my thumb. “We can go now. ” I say and he smiles at me, taking my hand.

We walk outside and I manage to make eye contact with Martha on the way, who smirks, shaking her head. I smile back at her and change my attention to Joe. His grip on my hand is firm. He looks down at me, the corner of his lips raising, his blue eyes assuring.

In one of the cars parked in the driveway, are my bodyguards. When they notice I’m approaching, one of them exits the car and opens the door for me and Joe. We get in the backseat. “Where to Miss Swift?” Brandon, who’s in the driver’s seat asks.

“My place.” He nods to my response and pushes the button that makes the division go up.

I gaze at Joe and he grins. I look out the window, trying to contain the eagerness to jump on his lap. It becomes a hundred times worse when I feel his hand move to my thigh, his fingers under the hem of my skirt. I breathe in, felling the rush of his touch on my skin. 

Dear Lord, make the car go faster.

Up in my room, nobody’s stopping us now. The lights are low as I close the door behind me, leaning on it. I undo my ponytail and throw the hair tie somewhere just like I had done with my boots. I cross my arms as Joe walks to me. His body lean and confident. The blue in his eyes a shade darker.

“If you want us to stop, say it now.” He warns grabbing me by the waist and pulling me closer. His lips are close and sensation of his fingers touching me over the fabric of my top is impossible to ignore, which makes it hard to even think. “What if you regret it?”

I shrug, moving my hands to his neck. “I’d regret it more if I let you walk away tonight.” It’s true. Can’t hold it back any longer. This ‘pretending to be friends’ thing has lasted for too long.

“That’s what I hoped you’d say.” He smirks and tucks my hair behind my ear. “I’ll make it worth it.” Leaning down, he kisses me so urgently, taking me by surprise and pressing against the door. I let a whimper out involuntarily, and I feel him smile. Men and their ego.

He moves his lips to my jawline and I tilt my head slightly, letting out a gasp when I feel his tongue move to the crook of my neck. Amazed by the wonders of his talent, I give in to his touch.

I grab the hem of his shirt, pulling it off. My hands shoot up to his chest, exploring and feeling his skin. I connect our lips once again and slightly push him, making him walk back until we reach the bed. His hands roam to undo the zipper of my skirt, and as it falls to the floor Joe doesn’t wait and takes off my top.

When I’m left in my underwear, Joe breathes in. A reaction that leaves me more comfortable. He smiles and whispers. “You are beautiful. So beautiful.” I can’t help but run a finger down his jawline. I look him in the eyes and as softly as I can, I join our lips, trying to share through touches all the emotions he’s making me experience.

He takes off his dark jeans, holding onto me right after. He presses his body to mine. His hands go around my back, reach the hook of my bra and undo it. Slowly he pulls the straps down my shoulders. Once he takes it completely, he throws it away. 

Then, without a second thought, he grips my thighs and raises me up. I circle his waist with my legs, my bare chest against his. “I want you so much.” He admits and I know it’s true because I can feel the pressure he’s making in between my thighs.

He turns us around and gently lays me down on the bed. The anticipation is killing me, but I don’t have to wait much longer. His lips press against mine. I almost sight into the kiss. Lips and tongue moving with each other. Slow and steady. His grip on my ass and my hands on his back.

For the rest of the night, he held onto me like no one had ever before, making me feel things I didn’t know were possible. Making me feel beautiful and wanted. Kissing every part of my body. Touching me carefully and gently, letting out bodies move along in synch, not worrying about anything but pleasuring each other.

I just hope no one heard the…noise.

We now lay in bed, my head on his chest and our legs tangled up with the sheets. He has one of his arms around my shoulder and the other one under his head. My fingers move up and down his chest, watching as it rises and falls softly.“I can’t believe we just had sex.” A smile beams on his face as he looks down at me and I hide my face on his neck. 

He chuckles at my reaction, changing our position, so he hovers over me.”Wanna do it again? Just to make sure it was real.” He asks and I giggle when he kisses the tip of my nose, my cheeks and then my forehead.


I look at you and I feel that comforting warmth.

Everytime our eyes meet I feel at ease.

I keep watching you smile and wonder how much time I have left until the love fades,

until you realize that I’m not good enough,

until you find someone better.

But right now I’ll just look at you and not think of the times ahead.

Even though I know everything will end one day I want to believe that we are an exception.

I hope the distance will never grow.

I hope that bonds last for eternity.

I hope that somethings should never change.

I love you too much and it’s scary.


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A drabble when Demon!Thomas touches Angel!Readers wing :0


Morning light was barely breaking, you laid on your stomach, feeling the soft sheets against your bare body as the cover draped just below the small of your back. Your wings were aglow with sunlight, each feather beautifully unique. Relaxed, they fell to your sides, creating a blanket for yourself. Your paradoxical lover, Thomas laid on his side, propped up on one forearm, taking in you. Truly a magnificent sight to behold. With a smile, he watched as you stirred from the sun greeting you through the window, warm rays coming across your face, causing you to bury your face into the fluffed pillow beneath you.

“How is it,” Thomas whispered, “even this early in the morning, you are so divine?”

His fingertips stroked carefully up and down your spine, giving you shivers from his contact. His skin still warm with lust from last night. Shifting your hips, you curved your back with his touch. Giving a low chuckle, Thomas was completely mesmerized by your wings. Stemming from your shoulder blades, they were soft yet strong, gentle yet tough, protective yet embracing. A sense in him to touch them came over him, but he couldn’t decide if it would appall you or satisfy you. 

“Angel,” Thomas leaned in, kissing between your wings, “sweet, angel.”

“Hmm,” you purred, turning your head his direction, taking in his lovely figure, sheets swooping down to his hips. 

“Tell me, what’s it like?” Thomas laid by your side, you turned to face him. 

Taking in his gorgeous features, you brought a hand up to the side of his face, resting it sweetly against his warm skin, swiping your thumb across his cheek, you smiled. Your eyes sparkled, knowing it was wrong, but feeling as though it war right. 

“What what’s like?” You whispered lovingly. 

In return you saw a gentle smile from your lover, “to have wings.”

Laughing only a moment, you kissed his lips softly, “freedom.”

Thomas brought you close, by the waist, kissing you deeply, but tenderly. Your wing fell against his forearm as his hand settled in the middle of your back. An even stronger desire to touch your wings surged throughout Thomas feel the purity and softness against his skin. You nuzzled your nose into the crook of his neck, wrapping your arms around him, pressing yourself against him as much as possible for warmth. Swallowing harshly, Thomas knew what he wanted, but also thought of you. You were so happy right where you were, in his arms, why did he want this so badly? Perhaps it was simply due to the fact that wings were something he could never possess. Thomas ran his hands up your back, not to your shoulder blades, instead he took his hands of you, before carefully touching your wings. Noticing you jolt at his action, he took his hands away. 

“It’s-” you spoke, “it’s okay, they’re just sensitive, to me, I mean…please be gentle.”

“I promise,” Thomas nodded, noting how you curled further into him wanting to find grounding. 

Petting your wings, he felt a sense of comfort, trust and a power like none other. His fingertips smoothed your feathers, making sure to avoid scratching them with his nails, he went slowly, as you desired. He moved all across your wings, taking in the sensation. A rather shocking surprise did happen as he came closer to your shoulder blades. He accidentally touched your most erogenous area, he never expected your reaction. 

“Thomas!” You breathed, sensually, nails digging into his shoulder blades.

Edward wraps another performance as the Penguin, bowing deeply as the audience boos him. One deep bow and a quick change under the cover or darkness later, he’s back in a sparkling green suit, bowler tipped forward on his head. Boos yield to cheers and he smiles so widely his cheeks hurt, gesturing to Grundy in acknowledgement and for more applause. They both exit the ring while the crowd is roaring; it was never a good idea to let the spark die down before you left. Edward can swear he feels someone pinch his ass on the way through the crowd, but that’s not really a concern right now. What matters is getting to the bar, where someone will inevitably pay for his drinks and pay attention to him.

He’s three grasshoppers in, and the blonde guy who’s bought the last one is already looking more attractive than he had when he introduced himself. He leans into Edward’s space and whispers something about ‘more private’, which is fine by Edward, since his glass is newly emptied. They don’t leave the club, getting preoccupied in a hallway, where the blonde starts to unbutton his shirt and kisses his neck.

“Ed,” a stern voice says, interrupting their moment. “I need to talk to you.”

“I’m busy,” Edward slurs, sloppily kissing the blonde on the mouth to demonstrate precisely what he’s busy with. She can wait until after Edward is done.

“I don’t care,” Lee says, heels clicking down the hall as she advances. She grips the blonde’s shoulder, pulling him off Edward. “Get lost.”

“What’s your problem? He’s having a good time—” Lee punches him, hard, grabbing Edward’s bicep and dragging him away without pausing to see how the blonde was affected.

“You need to stop doing this,” Lee says, dragging Edward into the room dedicated to patching up fighters. “Are you even being safe?”

“Yes, mom,” Edward says, rolling his eyes. “I’m just enjoying my fifteen minutes of fame here.” Lee sighs and pinches the bridge of her nose.

“Look, I’m all for liberation and having sexual autonomy, so I’m not shaming you here, alright? I just think you need to consider that your habits are becoming very risky,” Lee says, crossing her arms. Edward hiccups in response, and she sighs again.

“Did you even know there he was taking you?” Lee asks, disappointment in every syllable.

“Nope,” Edward replies, finding enough articulation through his drunkenness to pop the ‘p’.

“Edward,” Lee says seriously. “This is probably a better conversation for when you’re sober, but I’m going to level with you. Stop pretending you’re okay, because I know you’re not. This behavior isn’t okay, it’s concerning.”

“There’s nothing wrong with my behavior,” Edward says, crossing his arms defensively. “You’re just jealous ‘cause you’re having a dry spell.” Lee has had enough. She slaps him across the face. Maybe that will sober him up enough to realize how monumentally stupid he’s being. At least Edward has a brain-to-mouth filter when he isn’t intoxicated.

“Ow,” Edward whines, cupping his cheek.

“You need to face the facts!” Lee snaps. “You’re not going to get over Oswald by sleeping with every guy in this club.”

“I am over him!” Edward snaps. “I am so over him!”

“Distracting yourself with sex and alcohol is not what most people would qualify as being ‘over’ someone,” Lee points out. Edward is infuriated, mostly because she’s right.

“Well I—” Edward begins, finding himself at a loss for words. He’s pathetic, isn’t he? Tears spring forth and he can do nothing to stop them, a helpful part of his brain cheerfully chiming in that alcohol is a depressant, after all. “I don’t know what else to do.”

Startled by his own confession, Edward buries his face in his hands and sobs. What is wrong with him? He jumps at a touch to his back, then relaxes into it; Lee is rubbing gentle circles there with one hand.

“We’ll figure it out, okay? In the meantime, dial it back on the boys and the booze, alright?”

Edward nods, laughing a little at the absurdity of the situation. “Doctor’s orders?”

“Doctor’s orders.”

“Less boys and booze, check.”

- At least we found out early on, before the fleas spread all over the house.

Therese tries to keep a positive outlook on the situation. Jeremy - not so much.

- Yeah, but now your Mom thinks I can’t even take decent care of my own dog.

- No she doesn’t. You said so yourself - stuff happens. And Mom is a bit dirt-phobic, so she just overreacted.

- Maybe. I still can’t believe your Dad bought us a new stove. He’s a really cool guy.

- He is. He was the one who convinced Mom to accept the fact that I was moving here. 

Jeremy smiles.

- I’m glad he did. We wouldn’t have met if you’d stayed in Sunset Valley.

- I’m glad I moved here too. I love our little family. Even if our little baby decided to be adventurous last night.

Jeremy nods.

- Yeah, strange, isn’t it? He’s usually terrified of everything. To imagine that he ran off… I wonder what caused that. Anyways, you’re all clean now little dude.

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hi shay! now after its all with joe out there i keep going back to the super saturday concert for clues and she was so happyyyy and you now can tell that was reputation Taylor all the waaay!! the look on her face when she sings the i remember it all to well part, the one part that used to be heartbreaking and hard to sing she is just, you can see in her mind she is going: i forget their names now!! lol she was soo happy and in love already!!!

Yesss!!!! She was so relaxed and happy that night and I remember being so happy for her and seeing that she had gotten over the mess that was last year and was singing along to ATW with a smile on her face but little did we know she was going home to Joe’s arms and was happier than ever ❤️

Graduate’s Escape

Chapters 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8  and 9

Chapter 10

A smile broke out on your face as you walked through to your kitchen and saw the roses. You couldn’t help but count them up, touching the petals of each one delicately as you confirmed there were definitely ten. Last night couldn’t have gone any better. The connection between you was now on a totally different level. Everything felt that little bit more certain. You knew his feelings for you matched yours for him. The sex last night was totally different too. It was intense. Slow. Loving. You gazed at each other deeply, your bodies held tightly together. Your kisses were soft and tender. It was like you had all the time in the world. The lust for each other was just as strong, and you failed time after time when it came to holding back your orgasms. Taron knew exactly what to do to push you over the edge and took great pleasure in satisfying you. You were too obsessed with each other to sleep so spent hours laying face to face, taking in every single tiny detail. The silence between you wasn’t awkward, but it didn’t usually last long. You’d happily fire off whatever questions came to mind, discussing everything from outer space to Christmas traditions. So as you stood in your kitchen now, wearing nothing but his shirt, everything seemed to be as perfect as the ten roses symbolised.

“Come back to bed.” You felt Taron’s arms wrap tightly around your waist as he spoke softly against your ear.

“I will in a minute, I was just getting us some breakfast.” You replied as you relaxed back into him, gladly receiving his kisses against your neck.

“It’s fine, I’ll order it and get it delivered here. I’ve got to get back to my training diet anyway so I can’t be bad today.”

“You train too much, surely you don’t need to be in such good shape for press stuff anyway? It’s not like you’re filming.” You spun round in his arms and ran your hands over his stomach and down the defined V shape of his hips.

“You’ll miss it when it’s gone.” He giggled. “I’ve got to re-shoot the topless scenes for Robin Hood in a couple of weeks and I don’t think they’d be happy if they had to CGI-in my six-pack!” You laughed together at the thought. “I do need to talk to you about the next few weeks actually… come back to bed first though.” He gave you his best come to bed eyes as he took hold of your hand and started to back away.

“Wait, what’s happening?” You resisted his gaze and allowed your hand to drop from his.

“Come to bed.” He ordered again.

“Just give me a clue first?”

“Am I going to have to sing to you again?” he raised his eyebrows at you as your face gave away how much you liked the sound of that idea. “The song will be your clue.”

“I’m listening.”

“Close your eyes and I’ll kiss you, tomorrow I’ll miss you, remember I’ll always be true. And then while I’m away, I’ll write home every day, and I’ll send all my loving to you.”

“All My Loving – The Beatles. Classic!” You walked towards Taron and kissed him quickly. “Your voice is insane.” He slapped you playfully on the arse as you made your way back into your warm bed. “So when do you leave?”

“First thing tomorrow morning.” You felt the smile on your face vanish for the first time in 12 hours.

“But I thought… you said the re-shoot wasn’t for another few weeks?” you questioned.

“It’s not, but I’ve got more Kingsman press to do in Asia.”

“So how long are you away for?”

“3 weeks of press, then I’m back for a day, then off to Budapest for the Robin Hood shoot for 2 weeks.” Taron explained calmly. He was watching your face closely as he waited for your reaction. Your heart felt as though it had jumped 50 feet off a cliff and plunged into the Arctic Ocean. “Please say something?” he asked quietly.

“That’s…” you sighed, finally looked away from him. “Over a month. Without being able to see you, or hug you, or kiss you.”

“Or fuck me.” He added to your list.

“Taron.” You gave him a sideways glance at his insensitive comment.

“Sorry. I don’t know what to say to make this situation any better… I’ve been pretending it wasn’t happening, but I couldn’t not tell you when I leave tomorrow.”

“Stop saying it!” You pulled your hands up to the side of your head.

“I’m sorry, I know it’s shit timing. I’m gonna miss you like mad, but I don’t have a choice here Y/N.” You could feel the guilt radiating from Taron as he hated himself for upsetting you.

“I know, it’s ok. It’ll be ok. I just need to get my head round it.” You tried to pull yourself together for his sake. “We can still text and facetime and stuff. It’s not the end of the world and you will be back…eventually.”

“I will.” Taron confirmed strongly. “It’s mad, I didn’t expect to feel this strongly this soon. I just want to spend every single minute I can with you today. I don’t care what we do, I just want to be with you.” He reached out for your hand but you slapped it away playfully.

“Soppy twat!”

“I’m serious!” He protested, his eyes looking that little bit more hurt than the rest of his face let on.

“I know, and it’s adorable but I have work later and I bet you haven’t started packing yet.” You tried to lighten the mood and subtly change the subject. Confessing your own feelings back was a big step, and although you’d hinted towards them last night there was no way you could say them out loud. Especially not when you weren’t going to see him again for 5 weeks.


Taron had stuck to his word and didn’t leave your side for the rest of the day, even joining you in the shower for some extra fun. Usually someone being that clingy would have put you right off, but when you knew it was the only physical contact you’d have for the immediate future you were happy to indulge. It was a good job Emily was opening up the bar this evening because you were now definitely going to be late and you hadn’t even said your goodbyes yet. There was a nervous silence as you both walked down the steps to exit the apartment block. Taron’s taxi was already waiting outside.

“I guess this is goodbye then…” you mentally kicked yourself for stating the obvious.

“Yeah.” He agreed as he pulled you in for a tight hug. “I promise I’ll reply to your messages as soon as I can.”

“Me too.” You squeezed him back.

“I really think we’ve got something good going on here. You’re a special one and… I just want this to work.”

“I’ll be here when you get back.” You pulled back from the hug so you could kiss him quickly. “Don’t you worry.” Your quick kiss wasn’t enough so a second tender kiss was shared. Then a third.

“Just don’t go giving your number out to any more guys at work, ok?” he joked as he released you from his arms and made his way over to the taxi.

“No promises!” you called back cheekily as you started to walk in the opposite direction.

1 hour||Wendy

Requested: Oh and also, theres a reaction “how whould you wake red velvet” and i whould like to know if you could write a scenario based on wendy’s reaction ~i cant deal with her in those pajamas in their last lieV~

↠ Admin:Mirae

Wendy stirred in her sleep. She rolled over and slowly opened her eyes. Her hand reached up and rubbed one eye as she began to sit up. Her back pressed against the cold wall, she turned and looked down at you. A small smile made its way to her face. She let out a yawn before moving to sit on the edge of the bed. Her feet pressed down on the cold wood floor. Wendy made a face at the feeling.
Quickly she stood up and ran to the bathroom. Her hands reached out and turned on the water. Wendy proceeded to brush her teeth. Once she was done she walked back into the bedroom. You were bundled under the blankets in a deep sleep. Wendy giggled at the sight. She took out her phone and quickly captured a photo. With a satisfied smile, she moved back towards the bed. She sat back down and reached her hand out to your face. Gently she brushed your hair out of your face.
“Y/N, it’s time to wake up,” she whispered lightly. You made a face and moved your legs. Wendy rolled her eyes.
“Y/N, wake up,” she said louder with a pout. Slowly your eyes open. You stared at the ceiling for a little bit before turning your head to look at Wendy. She smiled down at you.
“Hi sleepyhead,” she said lightly. You smiled at her face. Your hand reached out and hed her cheek
“How do you look so beautiful when it’s the morning?” you asked with groggily. Wendys cheeks heated up at your words
“What do you mean?” she asked cocking her head to the side. You let out a groan as you sat up. Your back pressed against the wall and you yawned.
“You look outstanding,” you simply said while turning your head to glance out the window. Wendy dropped her head down at stared into her lap. She bit her lip
“Do you want to do something today?” she asked moving farther onto the bed.
“Um, like what?” you asked happily. Wendy put her finger to her chin and thought for a moment
“Let’s go shopping,” she said raising her eyebrows. You rolled your eyes and stretched.
“Alright, that sounds fun. Now?” you asked looking over at her. Wendy nodded her head rather fastly
“Well, we have to get ready first. I’m not going looking like this,” she said gesturing to her entire body. You laughed before leaning in and placing a soft kiss on her cheek
“You look fine Wendy,” you reassured. Wendy laughed and lightly punched your arm
“Alright, enough flirting,” Wendy sat up and made her way out of the bedroom
“Be ready in 1 hour,” she yelled from somewhere in the apartment. You smiled to yourself before attempting to get out of the bed
“Alrighty, alright. 1 hour,” you yelled back walking into the bathroom.

In Your Footsteps: Part 14

You’d never dreamed that something like this could ever happen to you. You had everything…your dream job, a loving boyfriend and the perfect life. But, all that would change with one note and your life would become a living nightmare.

Masterlist (x)


You only flashed him a small smile as you released yourself from his hold, reassuring him that it was no one important. It was horrible to keep such a big secret from your boyfriend, but the last thing you wanted was for him to overhear the news on a phone call.

His curious gaze followed you as you disappeared into the bedroom, wondering why you were acting so strangely. However, you refused to meet his warm brown eyes – knowing that you would break under their questioning.


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Eraserhead Week: Smile

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