their smiles in the last one


Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Words: 909

Warnings: Implied sexy times, one curse word, Bucky is a suave lil shit  (now there’s two)

A/N: I saw the last two lines on Pinterest and I couldn’t stop thinking about Bucky…..

also can we appreciate this gif his smile is worth all the burpees in the world


You move to press the snooze button, but a strong arm prevents you from going too far.

“Where you going?”  Bucky gripes.

“I have to get up babe, I’m training this morning.”

Stretching your arm in a futile attempt to stop the irritating buzz, you yelp as your boyfriend takes advantage of your ticklish underarm, then he gathers you back in his arms.

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New romantics (Prologue)

A/N: Okay peeps, this is the prologue of my new series. I loved writing the PT Diaries so much that I decided that I wanted to write a new series. This one is going to be based on Charlotte Reed, Mitch’s best friend (yup, expect a loot of Leafs making appearances). Please, let me know what you think of this!

Word count: 949

Warnings: none, I think.

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“Hello Mariam –” I hear my best friend’s voice from my room upstairs and smile.  “– where is she?”

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Valentines Day- Trimberly

They hadn’t talked about it. Kim’s last few Valentine’s Days were nothing to write home about. But Trini never spoke about things like that. But this valentines felt different. So Kim was determined to make it special. Despite what the faces the guys make, as she plots to surprise Trini.

“Look you just have to do me one tiny favour” Kim said with her best pout. All three of the guys shared the same apprehensiveness, at the word ‘favour’. After a few minutes of silent arguing, Jason spoke. “What favour?” Kim smiled. “Watch Matteo and Alex, on Saturday” again more silence followed.

Kim knew what they were thinking, as she watched them huddle to discuss. Everyone knew Trini’s brothers could be a handful, if not handled correctly. She knew they were weighing up their options. “Well?” She asked

The guys turned, suddenly Zack sprang forwards seizing the bag Kim had in her hand. “We’ll watch them, if you answer one question honestly” Jason explained. Zack opened the bag, he let out a loud howl. “No lies Kimmy” he teased. Kim hated when they ganged up on her.

“Fine” she snapped. Zack grinned “Do you want us to watch the twins, so you and Trini can get busy?”

That’s it Kim’s going to kill them.

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PROMPTS 👏🙌 can I request #5, 25 ooorrr 45 for our babies pretty please!? Thank you :)

Sansa climbs into bed, but Jon lingers at the window for a long moment. King’s Landing is still new to him–still beautiful. Sansa remembers when it was beautiful to her, too.

“Won’t you come to bed?” she prods at last.

Jon turns to her, smiling. “I still have trouble believing this place is real. That it’s…”


“Aye.” He joins her in the bed, settling back against the pillows. “I know you don’t like it, but we won’t stay here longer than we have to.”

“I know,” she said quietly. “But I’m afraid we’ll have to stay here a long time.”

Jon wraps an arm around her shoulders. “No one is going to hurt you this time,” he murmurs. “There aren’t any Lannisters left to torment you, no Tyrells and no Littlefinger to use you. You’re safe now.”

“No one is ever safe,” she mumbles. “Not even princesses.”

“Hey.” He curls a finger under her chin, tilts her head up so that her eyes meet his. “You will always be safe with me, Sansa. I won’t let anyone hurt you. You must believe that.”

Sansa bites her lip. “I do. I just…”

“I know you’ll always be afraid, and I don’t blame you.” He drops his gaze. “And I know it isn’t fair of me to ask you to stay here.”

Sansa gives him a wan smile. “But you have no idea how to navigate court.”

“I don’t,” he admits. “And maybe I would have learned, but…Stark men don’t do well here, I’ve noticed.”

“Neither do the women.” She sighs, nestles her head against his shoulder. “But never mind that–we’ll look out for each other.”

He kisses the top of her head. She is a sweet and lovely woman, his wife, but he pities any man who tries to cross her.


we’re so late nights

a drabble partially derived from this line of questioning, so @roselirry, this is basically your fault

It’s probably half past midnight; Teyana can’t remember when she last checked the time, the warmth still in her bones from the beers she consumed earlier in the evening with Niall and the rest of Rookie Limelight leaving her feeling mellow and content.

Niall is most responsible for the latter.

Seated in one of the folding chairs on their patio, he’s pulled her into his lap, home at last after an evening out. After the show, Niall, his bandmates, and a couple of their friends met up at a bar near the venue and talked for at least an hour and a half over many pints, Teyana tucked comfortably against Niall’s side, laughing and smiling and talking like the rest of them with his arm around her. When everyone began to thin out, Niall and Teyana said their goodbyes and then they took a cab home.

In the backseat, with his hands on her waist, Niall had whispered to Teyana that it was probably best that he wasn’t driving, because she looked so good he wouldn’t have been able to keep his eyes on the road. The line was cheesy, making Teyana rolls her eyes and she playfully shoved him over, which in turn made him laugh that stupidly adorable laugh he has, more of a cackle than a straight-up laugh, before moving close again.

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Defensive - Kenny Omega

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Let me know if you want to be tagged/untagged in any of my future writing.  Hope you enjoy!

- - - 

You felt like Barbie, a smile permanently plastered on your face ever since your boyfriend, Kenny Omega, had come from Japan to spend a week with you. Despite the last few weeks being absolute torture for you mentally and physically because of your job, he was able to make everything better by just being there with you. You had no idea how he was able to pull his magic. You could tell that he knew something was off with you, but you hoped and prayed that he wouldn’t bring it up. You wanted this week to be as perfect as possible, especially for him, and you didn’t want your work troubles to surface during time with your boyfriend. 

 As you waited for him to finish ‘freshening up’ from an early morning workout at the hotel gym, you thought back to how this whole thing started. Being best friends with Sami Zayn had its perks, and one of them was that you got introduced to all his wrestler friends. Granted, some of them you didn’t click with as well as others, but there was something about that first trip you made out to Japan to watch him wrestle that would always make it your favourite trip you ever made: that’s where you met Kenny. All those years ago, you still remember how you first laid eyes on him as he stood at Narita International Airport, waiting for you and Sami with a homemade sign that read “Generico and amiga”. 

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❧ Midnight Shadows  ; 2

 Pairing : Jimin x Y/N

 Genre : Fluff / Angst

 A/N : Sorry that it’s so short

1 | 2

‘‘Oh that’s a nice name’‘ I don’t know why people kept looking at me while I was talking to Jimin. That was really strange to be honest.

‘‘Yeah, can you leave me alone now?’‘ he says, rudely. I don’t get why was he so rude to me I didn’t do anything to him.

‘‘Fine, but one last question’‘ He looked up to me.

‘‘Just one question, and you’re never gonna waste my time ever’‘ he was very serious he never, smiled his expression was like stone.

‘‘Okay, so why are you this rude to me? What did I do to you. I never hurt you I just wanted to talk to you that’s all.’‘ I speak up more than usually my voice was pretty well heard.

‘‘You told your question. You can go now’‘ He looks back down at his book

I ran back to my room

How can anyone be that rude. Does he think I didn’t suffer enough, that I’m here. He might be depressed too but that’s not an excuse to talk to someone like that. If he didn’t like me talking to him he should’ve said that right away. He doesn’t like me. But there’s no reason that he should hate me. I mean I’m still new here.

But now I thought, why were the people so surprised I was talking to him? Maybe, he’s like this to everyone and that’s why they were surprised. Honestly, I couldn’t get rid of any thought in my head.

Why was he so rude to me?

The day past quicker that it normally would. It was still freezing cold in my room I don’t know why. I went to sleep and covered myself in blankets that I wouldn’t be so cold.

I was still thinking about life.

Honestly, that Park Jimin guy made my life worse I don’t know that it was possible to make it worse but he did it. I usually care about other people’s opinions. And him being this rude to me really hurt me. I thought we could’ve been friends.

The days went through and they were all the same. Going to the cafeteria outside, and Jimin just ignoring me. I didn’t have any friends neither did he so why didn’t he accept my company?

So I was thinking and one day I just approached Jimin.

‘‘You never answered my question though’‘ My voice sounded like I was crying a lot. Which I was in my room always. My parents never visited me and I didn’t have any friends here. I was broken.

‘‘Have you been crying?’‘ He said shocked.

‘‘Why would you even care if I was though?’‘ He tried to say something to me, but I cut him off

‘‘Why are you so rude to me? I just wanted a friend to laugh and spend time together. I never wanted to cry and feel broken. I wanted a friend that I could trust’‘ he grabbed my wrist

‘‘Look I don’t hate you, I’m not used to talking with people okay? Don’t cry because of me’‘ ending that sentence he walked away.

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"I'm sorry baby it was only a joke" liam Dunbar

Liam Dunbar - “It was a joke, baby, I swear”

“Stupid game!” Liam threw the controller of his playstation through the room and you looked away when it shattered against one of the walls. It wasn’t the first controller ending up like that and knowing Liam it probably wouldn’t be the last one either.

“Are you sure it’s the game being stupid and not you?” You curled your lips up into an amused smile and you crossed your arms over your chest while you leaned against the doorframe. “Maybe we should throw the playstation out of the house. I’m starting to think it’s a lot cheaper than replacing all the controllers you ruin because those games don’t do exactly what you want them to do.”

“The playstation stays.” Liam’s lips were forming a straight line while he looked over his shoulder. His eyes were filled with anger and when he locked his glance with yours you noticed the slightly golden glow.

“Easy, Liam, easy.” You quickly lifted your hands up in the air and walked towards him. “It was a joke,, baby, I swear, okay?” You raised your eyebrows and waited for Liam’s expression to soften. “Of course we’re not throwing the playstation away. I prefer you ruining the controllers of that thing over ruining anything else any time.”

“I don’t want to ruin them.” Liam shrugged his shoulders. “I’ve been throwing with them for as long as I remember, but now I’m a werewolf I just forget that I have a little more strength than I used to have.” He bent his head and stared at his feet while he folded his hands behind his back.

“It’s a pity we can’t ask playstation if they can’t make werewolf proof controllers.” You shook your head and Liam grinned, his bad mood quickly disappearing already. “Come…” You grabbed one of his hands and walked towards the hallway. “Let’s get you a new one so you can give this game another try.”

“I’m not playing this game anymore.” Liam shook his head while he put on his jacket. “I’ll find another game to play. One that doesn’t make me throw with things.”


Oh Crap

(Imagine that you are nine months pregnant with Raphael’s baby and suddenly your water breaks!)

You were sweeping up the lair and your favorite song started to play. So instinctively, you started to dance to it as you cleaned. Now, this would be okay and not so worrisome if you weren’t nine months pregnant.

“Hey, would you stop that? You could hurt yourself or somethin.” your husband, Raph, called from the other side of the room. You just smiled and ignored him, continuing your dancing. You heard Raph growl and walk over to you. “You’re going to break your water.”

“But that’s what we want, right? I’m one week overdue!” you said and stopped dancing. Raph just sighed and rolled his eyes.

“Yeah, I guess…but you could still fall and I’m not letting that happen! Not when we’re this close.” said Raph. He said that last part a little softer and gentler. At that you just sighed and smiled up at him. You were about to speak when you felt a pop in your abdomen and liquid rushed down your legs.

Raph noticed and his eyes went wide. “(Y/n)!! Holy shit did your water just break?!” Raph panicked, his voice suddenly rising at least 10 pitches.

“…The dancing worked!!”

msamberpriley I was telling all of the girls at our brunch on Sunday that whenever I feel like I can’t do something that needs to be done or whenever I let certain insecurities about my body or the way I look overtake what I KNOW to be true about me, I watch my old dancing with the stars videos! I know that may sound stupid or maybe conceited 😳 but honestly, it was one of the hardest yet rewarding things I have ever done in my life. The body type that this world refuses to accept actually won a competition using this same body. People watched, enjoyed, and actually VOTED! I still to this day can’t believe I did it. So I had a hard week last week and the girls wanted to watch the videos on sunday and I just smiled, and I came home tonight and I thought 💭 why do I have to live in the past to get that feeling 💭?!? Dancing makes me so happy, so why not just dance whenever you feel down?!? So tonight, I DID! I put on my fave jam right now “Distance” by Omarion and I danced until my legs gave out 😂 I don’t care that it may look silly or off, I just got my life celebrating and using this body to make myself happy. I wanted to share the video and that moment with you to encourage all of you to do the same. So many of you tell me that me just being me encourages you. Well, I want you to know I have mountaintops and valleys but I am always climbing and making my way through life with as much joy as I can create! I challenge you guys to do the same! Turn on a song and just dance or sing or do something to celebrate YOU this week! Something positive that makes you happy or makes you feel beautiful! Tag me in it if you like 💜 ok time to ice my knees now, I think I got ahead of myself trying to drop it low 🤣 goodnight y'all ✌🏾

Daily Reedus #8

I love Norman’s amazing bromance with Sean Patrick Flanery. Those two together could make an entire room of women faint with just one smile. I love how playful they are and how much they just enjoy each other’s company. It’s so great to see a good example of a friendship that’s strong enough to last past the end of their shared projects.

I wasn’t familiar with BDS until I began watching TWD. Once I fell in love with Daryl, I began to research what Norman has done before the show. That’s how I stumbled upon the BDS universe and the perfection that is Flandus. 


Sapphire Glow || Draco Malfoy x Reader

Prompt: You’re a Ravenclaw, and the only person to out best Draco Malfoy in everything (aside from Hermione of course) and it has gotten to the point where Draco is absolutely fed up with your success and has a little chat with you. 

Words: 1044

Warnings: Ravenclaw reader, half-blood reader, draco is salty af, and reader is too sweet for their own good. 

Author’s Notes: In honor of the 20th anniversary of Harry Potter, here’s a little reader insert. Just a little quick short one, future ones will be better and longer I swear. 

The mellow whisper of breeze kissed your ears as you sat beneath a tree just a little outside of the school grounds - the free zone roam about of safety. The crisp turning of slightly yellow-aged pages soothed you as your eyes found themselves scanning over every inked word. You smiled as you delved into the sweet world of wonder, a passing relaxation drifting you away from reality.

“[Last Name!]” A shout startled you, making you jump and look around for the caller. You sucked in a breath once seeing Draco strutting in your direction, eyes narrowed and full of venom. You lowered the floating tea cup and lowered your book onto the grassy floor with your bookmark in place.

“Hello Draco,” You smiled warmly, a grin he thought was far too sickeningly kind. Plus, the usage of his first name set him aback. He huffed and stood directly in front of you, eyes darting down to get glance at your piling stack of books.

“I swear you’re worse than, Granger.” He murmured before clearing his throat, crossing his arms over his chest.

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Locked up - Nick Amaro

Nick Amaro x Reader

Imagine: Visiting Nick in jail.

Spring was blossoming and the cold weather was slowly fading away. The sun shone brightly with birds flying through the blue sky. Nick wasn’t sure if it was the warm weather, but he felt like his mood had improved. Nick had gotten coffee before he headed into the precinct. As he walked by the same fountain he would always walk by, he spotted a familiar face.

It was the same woman that caught his eyes from the last couple of days. She had warm brown eyes and rosy lips. Her medium length brown hair blown around from the light breeze. He saw her yesterday with a cup of coffee in one hand and a phone in one hand. She was pretty much falling asleep on the bench. He couldn’t hold back an amused smile as he recalled her head nodding off. 

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Why this is important…

Spencer being a normal adult and being able to smile is gold. 

We need to see that these characters can have a normal life. We are saying goodbye to them and they have become a part of our family, so we need to know they are going to be okay.

The idea that the baby might be one of the girls, takes the feels factor up a notch. I would love for the little girl to be Emison’s but I wouldn’t mind if she were Spencer’s, Aria’s or Hannah’s. Last I checked, all of them are having sex so it is possible that the baby could belong to any of them. Just saying…

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Number 4 for tododeku please!

Kissing fic meme

Forehead kiss

Midoriya leaned his head against his hand tapping his pen against the table in the main room muttering quietly to himself about the work he had been trying to finish for the last twenty minutes. He had taken up working alone to get some notes written out as well as the few sheets of homework Aizawa had given the class on one of the days he missed by accident.

Leaning forward he started writing till the feel of someone tapping his shoulder made him jump and drop his pen, looking up he smiled widely up at Todoroki who almost looked concerned for his well being. “’ve been studying for to long why don’t you take a break?” He decided to sit dowb beside the freckled boy looking at the papers on the table.

Some of them were notes he had been writing about their classmates while the other ones were his classwork he still hadn’t completed, reaching out Todoroki collected the papers setting them aside looking to the other when he started to protest but went quiet and nodded his head a little.

“I..sorry Todoroki, I didn’t realize how caught up I had gotten! I guess I should be taking a break.” Midoriya laughed quietly rubbing at the back of his head with a wide smile on his lips making Todoroki smile and lean over to get a hit closer.

Reaching out he gently pushed uo Midoriya’s bangs and pressed a soft kiss to his forehead that had the freckled boy stuttering and blushing furiously. Leaning back he raised his hand to his mouth to cover the little snort he made from the other being so flustered by his actions.

“T..Todoroki?” He mumbled out deciding to lean over and brush Todoroki’s hair from his face returning the forehead kiss that had the two of them blushing and trying to hide their laughter behind their hands.

Here’s the reply to @donottouchmeyoumuggle ’s second prompt (#2. “I’m not saying I’m gay, but I would be if they were asking.”) This one gave me a bit of trouble, but I had an idea for another fic, so I decided to combine that idea with this prompt.

Yamato was tired. The interview had lasted longer that it was supposed to. The fan meeting before that had been hell. He was tired. He wanted to go home.

“Unfortunately, this will be the last question, Yamato.” The female interviewer’s peppy-trying-to-sound-sad voice cut through the haze in Yamato’s brain.

The blond musician straightened his posture and put on a killer smile. What was she talking about? Unfortunate? More like very fortunate, and about damn time.

“This question is about the female singing group, Lovely Lights. If they were to ask you out—separately, mind you; you’re not allowed to be dating them all at the same time!” Yamato forced a laugh to accompany hers.

Gods he was tired of being so fake all day.

“Anyway, if they were to ask you out, would you agree?”

“I’m not saying I’m gay, but I would be if they were asking.” Yamato mumbled, before his eyes widened. Had he said that out loud? On the radio? During a live streaming?

Well, shit.

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Reyes Appreciation Week - The Sad Goodbye

Ah, this is cheating a bit as some people will have read this, but I’m late to the party so…

This is part of a series of drabbles I’m working on, and is the final chapter of that series.

I’m sorry.


Her hand trembles as she pulls down the thick, heavy-bottomed glass tumblers and lines them up on the kitchen counter, pouring out a generous splash of the golden liquid before walking slowly into the cosy lounge where he sits silently on the squashy armchair, gazing out of the window. She hands him one of the glasses and he looks at it quizzically.

“It’s Mount Milgrom,” she tells him. “Took me years to track this down.”

Reyes smiles, his eyes somewhere far away. “I thought I’d seen the last bottle of this,” he says, and her heart jumps.

“There was another, apparently.” She smiles back at him, although his attention isn’t on her.

“Shared it with Ryder,” he says, as if he hadn’t heard her. “Where is she, anyway? Haven’t seen her in a while.”

Julia’s smile wobbles and slips, her eyes filling with tears. He hadn’t called her Ryder in years. She takes a deep, rattling breath.

“She’s not far away. She’s waiting for you, Reyes. You’ll see her soon.”

“Good. I love her, you know?”

The sob catches in Julia’s throat and she makes a noise like a strangled hiccup. She tears her gaze away from the old man in front of her and stares at the wall.

“I know. I’ve heard she loves you very much, too.”

“Oh, have you now? I’m glad to hear it. She talks about me, then?”

Julia drags her gaze back to his, meeting his rheumy eyes with her wet ones.

“All of the time. You can’t stop her.”

He smiles wider then, his eyes crinkling even more in the corners, and sniffs at his whisky. “Good stuff, this. Ryder’ll be mad when she finds out.”

Julia chuckles, a low broken sound. “I’m sure she’ll forgive you.”

“That woman would forgive me anything.”

Julia feels the tears well over, running down her cheeks in itchy lines. She scrubs roughly at her face with the heel of her palm. “She would.”

“She’s quite something, you know.”

He lapses into silence again, then, his tired eyes staring into the distance as he sips at the amber liquor. Julia’s hands are shaking as she takes big gulps of her own. She suddenly doesn’t know what to say to this man, her lifelong lover, and a complete stranger.

When she returns to the kitchen for the third time and finds the bottle is down to its last quarter of liquid, she knows it’s time. She digs out the small blue pouch from the bottom of her skirt pockets. It takes her several attempts to get it open, her fingers clumsy and gnarled.

She hears Lexi’s voice in her head as she stares at the pale yellow powder inside.

“No, absolutely not, Ryder. I save lives, I don’t take them.”

Julia had felt a spark of anger, then. “Well are you going to save mine, then? Or his?”

Lexi had sighed. “It’s not that simple, Ryder.”

“It is from where I’m sitting. This isn’t living. You would deny us even our dignity, because of some misguided belief about the sanctity of life? Fuck, Lexi, we’ve all killed people before. This isn’t the same at all.”

Lexi had gazed at her sadly, and begun to grind up the roots and herbs.

The powder is fine, like talcum. It floats into the two glasses in a dusty puff, and dissolves quickly when Julia pours the rest of the whisky over it. She sniffs and takes a tiny sip - all she can smell or taste is the smoky woodiness of the rich liquor. With slow steps, she carries the glasses through to him.

“This is the last of it,” she says cheerily, holding out his drink.

Reyes stares at it but makes no move to take it. His eyes are clouded but his expression is clear. He looks serious.


Her name on his lips makes her wobble, and she sits down quickly on the floor before she can drop the glasses. She stares at him, open-mouthed, waiting for him to continue.

His gaze drops to hers as she sits at his feet.

“I know, you know.”

She can’t speak; it’s as if her throat has completely closed over inside.

His voice is thick, as if he’s talking through a wool sweater. “It’s okay. I love you.”

She hands him his whisky and they clink their glasses together. Finally, she finds her words.

“I love you too, Reyes. I always have.”

They tip the tumblers back as one, and she blinks as the heat of the liquor burns her throat, swallowing it down in thick, violent gulps until the glass is empty.

He rises slowly to his feet and offers her his hand. It takes her almost a full minute to stand to meet him, and she shuffles into his arms rather than spins there, but as they move slowly around the tatty room - crowded with all the things they have gathered over the past half a century - she only has eyes for him. Everything and nothing has changed since they danced together in the dingy back rooms of Tartarus all those years ago.

He hums an old jazz tune under his breath as their bodies sway together across the bright red rag-rug that Cora’s daughter had made for her fiftieth birthday.

When she stumbles, he leads her to the over-stuffed couch they’d had for years, put together with a patchwork of velvet and leather. He had always hated that couch - an eyesore, he said, an ugly abomination - but he tolerated it because she loved it. They sit there together now, catching their breath, feeling the first wash of dizziness sweep over them. She feels the heavy weight of his arm across her shoulder. It sits there dully, as though he doesn’t have the energy to support it.

She leans back into him, and they both fall back against the cushions, as they used to do when sprawling there after a long session of lovemaking. This time, though, her breathlessness has nothing to do with love, and everything to do with the other, the thing she cannot bear to name.

She’s not ready. She’ll never be ready, but it’s time. It’s been a good life.

The last thing she sees as her eyelids flutter closed is his gaze, his faded eyes still holding the same look of love they always had. The last thing she hears is his voice, soft and low.

“I’ll see you soon.”

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Since the bullet point thingy was so fun last week - by the way thank you for that - can we maybe get one of what boyfriend Shawn entails????? 😬😬(I KNOW I KNOW IM SORRY ILL STOP I COULDNT HELP MYSELF

Oh boy okay

  • First couple of weeks would be a little shy. Hand holding. Forehead pecks. Those caught glances with blushed smiles. Not yet completely comfortable in the affection as he gets used to you being his. 
  • But alone the affection would be easier. Pulling you over to lay against his chest while you watched TV. Playing with your fingers absentmindedly. The kisses slow but excited cause they’re still new. 
  • Reassurance. He wouldn’t be shy to tell you that he’s really happy you’re together now. How much he likes you and wants you there. 
  • After he got comfortable in knowing you aren’t going anywhere the affection would be far more free. Coming behind you. Touching your hip with his fingertips and kissing your hair. Leaving his lips there and wrapping his arms around your shoulders. 
  • He’d lay his head in your lap and want head scratches and back scratches. 
  • You’d sit on the back of the couch with him between your knees to give him shoulder massages while he did his steam breathing treatments. 
  • Lazy nights at his place. Blasting music and helping each other cook dinner. Pausing to whip your faces towards each other and shout lyrics. Dueting with a wooden spoon. He’d wiggle his hips against you dancing from behind while you were at the stove. 
  • Drunk nights in with board games. Laughing at him for getting so competitive he’d start yelling.
  • Piggy backs to bed. 
  • Spooning on the couch. Not always the little spoon. Sometimes he’d curl back against you so you could kiss the back of his neck and scratch his stomach. 
  • Lots of ass attention. Tapping your ass when you got up off the couch to get something or walked by him. Hand in your back pocket while you strolled. Hands on your ass while you stood between his legs. Full palmed spank when you’re teasing and wrestling around.
  • Making hotel rooms home when you’re there. 
  • Laughing at him when you came into a hotel bathroom to find him resting his chin on the top of the shower head cause he’s too big for the stall.
  • Leaving him with a blanket that smells like you and the last shirt he wore coming with you. 
  • Long days spent exploring new cities, holding finger tips or pulled into his side.
  • Being pulled down hallways in arenas and pressed against the cool concrete walls for slow deep kisses. Pulling his body in by his sides. His hands on your face. 
  • Listening to him play guitar and figure out chords and melodies. Knowing you had to stay quiet and let him figure it out himself without giving your opinion and closing your eyes content when he found it. 
  • Holding his hand while he drove and sang to the radio, pulling your knuckles to his lips to kiss and sing against. 
  • Lots of selfies together for him to have when you weren’t there. 
  • Running to him when you haven’t seen him in awhile and letting him pick you up and fling you around. 
  • Arguments that would make you boil over. Cause his voice would stay calm and stern when you’d raise yours and he’d ask you why you’re yelling. But they’d always resolve without walking away. And he’d hug you to him and make sure you understood where he was coming from or that he was sorry if he was wrong. 
  • I love you’s freely and often. 
  • Wanting to take care of him because he takes care of you just as much
  • Missing him like crazy
  • Him not being able to handle it when you called in tears cause it’d been too long
  • Never getting over your pride. Always shouting and clapping and singing along at the shows you attend because it never gets old for you how amazing he is. 
  • He’d listen carefully to every dream or idea or thought you had. But he’d be honest with you always. 
  • Remembering the little things you’ve said to him because everything you say to him is important to him.
  • Getting fed up with how stubborn he can be
  • But so much playfulness and love.
Ain't That Crazy

I don’t believe anyone requested a tag, but I know @starrykid loved the last one and @princeyandanxiety is awesome so yeah you guys shall be tagged. If you want to be tagged in the next one or any others just tell me!
Warnings: Mention of homophobia, kicked out at a young age (13 and 17), hummm I think that’s it. Oh, nightmare mention.
Pairings: pta dads/logicality, kind of background, more like middle ground prinxiety, and background tag team (aka Pranks/Missy)

“Grandpa, Grandpa!” Steven shouted, running at his grandfather.

Austin grinned at him.
“Sven! You’re here at last!” He shouted, picking the young boy up, “How’s my favorite grandson?”

Steven squinted at him, still smiling, “It’s Ste-ven! And I’m your ONLY grandson!”

“Oh, that’s right! Stephen. My bad.”

“Grand-/pa/, you know my name! Stop being a silly!”

“Is that what I’m doing?” He chuckled, "Being a silly?”

“Yes.” Steven said firmly.

“Dad! How’re you doing, old man?” Peter asked.

“Ahhh, the prankster prodigy returns, only to drop off his only child for some trip.” He teased. He looked at Steven, “And he never comes to visit his dear old dads, right, Stevie?”

Steven nodded solemly, “A real tragedy.”

Peter fake glared at him, “And you say Pa is the dramatic one.” Missy, his partner, came up behind him and wrapped their arms around his waist.

“That’s because his is, you should visit your dads more often, they rock, and we should go. Don’t want to miss our plane.“

“Ahh, Miss. The voice of reason. I knew I liked you.” They rolled their eyes and kissed their son’s head.

“Ewwy, Xeita. You’re gonna give me cooties!” He waved them away. They smiled and backed off. “Wait! I need hugs!” They laughed and hugged him and Austin. “Xei-a you crushing me!” Peter laughed. “Daddy! Don augh!”


“Grandpa, will you tell me another bedtime story like you did yesterday?” He was staying for a week while his parents were on a business trip.

Austin smiled, “Sure. What story do you want to hear? I’m guessing not the story of Papa Roman and me, right?”

“Mm-mm. Tell me about about Great Grandpa Logan and Grunkle Patton.”

“Ahhh, now /that’s/ a story. You know,” he sat on the bed and tucked Steven in, “they called them crazy when they started out.”


“Said 17’s too young to know what love’s about. They’ve been together 58 years now. Ain’t that crazy?” He cleared his throat and started using his “bedtime story” voice.

“He brought home a mediocre amount of money each week.
They bought a little two bedroom house on Maple Street.
Where he blessed him with six more mouths to feed.”

“The dogs!”

“That’s right. Yeah, that’s crazy.”

“Just ask him how he did it, he’ll say pull up a seat.
It’ll only take a minute, to tell you everything.
Be a best friend, tell the truth, and overuse I love you.
Go to work, do your best, don’t outsmart your common sense.”

“Hey! Great Uncle Lo and Grunkle Pay say that all the time!”

Austin nodded, “Thats right! He does.”

“Is that where you got it, Grandpa?”

“Yep!” He said before continuing. “And love like crazy. And you know, they called him crazy when he quit his job.
Said them home computers, boy they’ll never take off.
He sold his one man shop to Microsoft.
And they paid like crazy.”

“Is that why they’re rich?”

“It’s exactly why they’re rich. Just ask him how he made it.
He’ll tell you faith and sweat.
And the heart of a faithful man,
Who never let him forget. Be a best friend, tell the truth, and overuse I love you
Go to work, do your best, don’t outsmart your common sense.
And love like crazy.”

“I like this story.”

“Me too, but that’s only half of it. They called him crazy when they started out, because back then, in our small town, homophobia ran rampant. Great Uncle Lo and I had to move out as teenagers. We moved to-”

“Austin! Because the city had the same name as you, right?”

He chuckled, “That’s right. I was 13, so this was a very long time ago, and I thought it was a sign. Turns out, it totally was. That’s where Patton lived. See, they met online, that’s how Lo realized who he was in the first place.”

“Great Uncle Logan is like Xeita, right?”

“Yeah! He is. Did he tell you that?” Steven nodded, “Cool! Okay, so then-”

“Aus, come onnnn. Come to bed. You know I can’t sleep without cuddles.” Roman called.

“Oh, be quiet, old man, I’m telling a story here.”

“We are the same age!” He retorted indignantly.

“Yeah, be quiet, old man. I’m being told a story here!”




“… snrk.”


The two in question burst out laughing and Austin finished the story.

“They called them crazy, but they’ve been together fifty-eight years now. Ain’t that crazy?” He told an on-the-verge-of-sleeping-but-wanting-to-hear-the-end Steven. He kissed him on the head and went to bed.


He smiled at his husband, “I love you, but you can totally sleep without cuddles. You’ve done it before, dork.”

“Oh, just get over here, Hot Topic.”

“As you wish, Princess.”

“… You wanna watch ‘The Princess Bride’, don’t you.”

Austin jumped into bed, literally jumped, and nodded enthusiastically. During the test of wit, they heard the familiar sound of feet running from a nightmare and to their safe bed.

Austin chuckled, “Right on schedule. Ain’t that crazy?”