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Fili x Reader: No One But You

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(Author’s Note: Awwww, goodness, I couldn’t help but smile and stuff when writing the last part.  Special thanks to the awesome person who sent this request! I hope that you like it!

Request: He (Thorin or Fili) is injured really badly in the battle of five armies and reader finds him and sings to him no one but you - erutan thinking that he is going to die. He doesn’t and after he recovers they share they feelings to one another

Also, gif is not mine! Credit to original owner!)

   “Fili!” you cried, racing forward to kneel beside your friend and comrade in the snow.  There was no mistaking the splatters of blood and the way he seemed to be gasping for breath.  He had been terribly injured during the confrontation with Azog.  The Company had originally thought him to be dead, but you had gone to see him because somehow you just knew he wasn’t.

  Your hopes were raised upon seeing him alive only to be dashed at the realization it may not stay that way.  Carefully resting his head on your lap, you gazed down at him with tears blurring your vision.

    “Fili, can you hear me?  I’m here,” you told him.

   “It’s…cold,” he shivered.  You took one of his hands in yours and tried to rub warmth back into it, tearing your gaze from his for only a moment.  “I’m…I’m glad you’re here.”

   “Don’t worry, I’m not leaving your side,” you assured him.  

    He took a few more deep breaths.  “Will you do something for me?”  His voice shook from pain and emotion. 

   “Of course.”

   “Will you tell Thorin…and my brother…that I’m sorry.”

  “Don’t talk like that,” you told him firmly.  “You’re going to make it out of this.  I’m going to find you some help, and everything is going to be fine.  You’re going to be fine.”

   He didn’t voice a reply, only winced from the pain.  As you watched him slowly getting worse, your feelings for him plagued you.  How could you have gone the entire journey and reclaiming of Erebor without telling him how you really felt?  Certainly, it wasn’t the right time for that now…

   “_______,” he spoke up, his voice quieter.  “There’s something I need to-”

   “Shh,” you hushed him gently, though your heart fluttered at the realization of what he was about to say.  “Save your energy.”

   He returned your feelings.

   You couldn’t think of what to say.  The right words never came.  The only way for you to tell him what was on your mind was to…

   “See the summer’s light,
   round with rays so bright
   fading out of sight
   melting in night

  As the song poured out, Fili looked up at you curiously at first.  Then, he closed his eyes and smiled, as if he could picture the scene the song spoke of.

   “ Hold me unto you
   No one but you
   No one but you
   Hold me unto you
   No one but you
   No one but you

   You paused at how quiet he had become, wondering if perhaps it would be better if you remained silent for a while and enjoyed the moment.  His blue eyes opened, reflecting the pale sky.

   “Please, don’t stop.”

   You smiled at his gentle request, and continued,

   “All the world is dear
   when my love is near
   Oh to linger here
   Far from all I fear

   Love is like sailing by moonlight
   Reading the stars, navigating by night
   I know tomorrow I’ll be closer to you
   You are the one that I want  
   No one but you

   See the morning light
   round with rays so bright
   waking from the night
   brilliant is the sight.”

   The last words of the song left your lips and hung in the cold, winter air for a moment, and neither of you spoke.  You knew he understood what the song meant.  And now it seemed you found out too late that he felt the same.  His hand found yours once more, and the two of you clung to that moment, unsure if you’d ever have another…

   “Oi! There they are!”  Dwalin’s voice hollered across Ravenhill.  You looked up to see the entire Company on their way over.  Thorin’s gaze fell on his nephew.

  “He still breathes,” he reported.  

  “Out of the way!” Oin shouted, pushing past the others.  “Let me have a look!”

   A sigh of relief escaped you, rising up in a small cloud of heat in the frosty air, as you scooted aside to let Oin do his job.  Fili didn’t seem to be doing too well, but having the others there gave you comfort.


   You stood alone on a ledge overlooking the City of Dale.  The people were already beginning to rebuild and make a more permanent home there now that Smaug was defeated and the orc armies had been conquered.  You could see the people, looking like tiny dots, going back and forth along the bridges and stone walkways of the city.  A part of you wanted to help them with the work, but you felt your duty still lie with the Company.  Erebor was your focus.  Dain and his people from the Iron Hills ended up staying, and more dwarves poured in even though it had only been a few weeks since the battle against Azog.

   The dwarvish fortress’ gate loomed behind you.  Guards were posted at the newly-repaired wall.  It was amazing to meet the friends and relatives of your Company, but you had not become accustomed to spending so much time in a mountain with so many people crowding the halls.  Every now and then, you liked to take a hike in the rocky area between Erebor and Dale.  Since the people that occupied both cities were so busy with repairs and rebuilding, no one bothered you.

   “You shouldn’t be out here all by yourself,” a familiar voice said from behind.  You whirled around to see a certain blonde-haired, royal robe-clad prince making his way across the rocks towards you.

   “And you shouldn’t be out here at all,” you retorted worriedly, hurrying to his aid.  “You should be resting and letting your body heal.”

   He gratefully accepted your hand, wincing as he glanced down and tried to maneuver over a large boulder.  “I have not set foot outside my room since the battle, and it is driving me absolutely mad.”

   “It’s not worth reopening your wounds,” you fussed.

   “What about you?”  He ran a thumb over a gash from the battle that had begun to heal over on your arm.  “I don’t see you resting.”

   “Well, I’m not the one who almost-” you cut yourself off, unable to even finish that sentence.

   “Died?” he finished bluntly.  “I’m well aware.”  

   You turned your gaze back to Dale, unsure of what to say next.

   “I’ve been thinking about that a lot, actually,” Fili continued, catching your attention.  “That battle…It made me realize there are so many things I could’ve lost.  My family, my people…you.  I should have told you this sooner, but…I care for you.”

  “And I care for you,” you told him with a soft smile.  His blue eyes locked with yours, and he leaned in…

  “Ow…” he winced, a hand reaching for his collarbone in pain.

  You put a finger to his lips, gently pushing his face away with a giggle.  “You’ll have to wait until you’re better.  But for now…”  You placed a quick kiss on his cheek, making him grin.  “That will have to suffice.”

  “I can live with that,” he chuckled.  “Let’s head back before it gets dark.”   

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