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tsundere (m)

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⇢ resident advisor! yoongi x reader, college au

⇢ word count: 11.2k

⇢ summary: according to the rumours, min yoongi is a bad apple- doesn’t take grades seriously, drinks as if he has two livers, a certified bad boy™. when you get paired up with him for a project, you’d never expect that someone like him would have a thing or two to teach you about life itself- and how it should be lived. 

⇢ warnings: angst, smut

🎵 song recommendation: something just like this by coldplay x the chainsmokers

a/n: finally something that isn’t pwp????? :”) 

Panic races through your veins and fills up your airway, causing your breathing to double itself, chest heaving in an attempt to calm yourself down. No, this can’t be happening, you chant to yourself over and over. The clock on your laptop is glaringly bright in the near darkness of your room, and the numbers burn themselves into the back of your eyelids. When you close your eyes, the uncomfortable stinging of your contact lenses makes your eyes water and at this point they might as well be tears of desperation.

It’s not like you’ve never had writer’s block before, you reason with yourself. You just have to start writing and edit along the way. Your own voice of reason is drowned out by the anxiety that echoes all the possible consequences of not acing this paper. It’s nearly 4 am and the essay you have so far in front of you is not enough to get an A, you know it in your bones but you can’t come up with anything better either. You could just submit this as it is, but anything less than an A on this paper would pull you down from the cusp of that ever elusive first class honours. And you can’t afford to graduate with anything less than that. The very thought of it sends a fresh chill of panic that creeps down your spine and jolts your fingers into a typing frenzy, spilling thoughts and ideas onto your screen till you reach the end of the page.

But when you read over what you’ve written, it doesn’t make sense at all, just incoherent rambling sentences strung together into a never ending paragraph. In frustration you shove your laptop away from you and push back your chair, reaching for your keys and phone. Sneaking a peek at your roommate’s still form across the room, you let yourself out of the room silently, feeling your tensed shoulders relax immediately as the cool night air embraces you with open arms.

It’s a little chilly to be out in just a long shirt and sleep shorts, but since there’s no one awake to catch you dressed like this, it’s the least of your concerns for now. The balcony that is attached to your room affords a little privacy, and it’s one of the perks of occupying the corner room on this floor. The tranquillity of the cold, autumn night directly contrasts with the millions of theories and concepts running through your mind, and any attempts at clearing your mind are failing pathetically. The residential halls are eerily silent at this time of the night, and as you glance down over the protective railings, you consider how easy it would be to just climb over, just one leg over and then-

“Late night?” You whirl around at the interruption of a raspy, gruff voice sounding from behind you. Your eyes are met with a figure clothed in an oversized sweatshirt and jeans, but it’s only when you squint in the darkness to survey his face that you realise who he is.

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22 for Klance?? I want ppl to realise how strong my blue boi is

22 - “It’s not heavy.  I’m stronger than I look.”

Lance waits with Keith at the front of the dorm rooms, watching dead leaves get churned up in the cold, morning wind. Their breath comes out in visible clouds and Keith pulls his hood up around his ears. His large suitcase stands between them.

“You don’t have to wait with me.” He says.

“Nah, it’s fine. I was up. Figured you’d want the company.” Lance shrugs. He still wears his pyjamas underneath his coat. His short hair is spiked at odd angles from sleep. Keith smiles gently. 

“Well thank you. That’s nice of you.”

“Also someone said your brother was hot and I’m really curious.” Lance smirks. Keith elbows him sharply in the ribs, which only makes Lance laugh harder.

“Here I thought you were being a good friend.”

“I’m your only friend. The bar is pretty low.”

“Hey,” Keith warns. Lance’s smile falters. He presses the back of his hand against Keith’s but doesn’t dare to hold it. Not yet.

“Hey, you know I’m kidding. Hunk and Pidge really love you.”

“You’re so convincing.” Keith drones.

“I’m your roommate. It’s in my job description to sass you.” Lance bumps their shoulders. Keith concedes and laughs. He bites his lip and glances at Lance through his dark hair. His cheeks are flushed pink from the cold. Lance swallows. 

Despite their initial friction, Lance has become a valuable part of Keith’s university experience. He’s the only reason Keith has any sort of social circle, he’s the only reason his nutrition hasn’t collapsed completely… he’s the only reason Keith smiles on the hard days. Lance’s chatter and warm expressions have become a staple part of Keith’s routine, and if he’s perfectly honest, keith isn’t sure how he’ll make this christmas break without them. He sighs. Their shoulders still touch. Lance’s fingers brush against his.


But Keith is cut off by a sleek sedan pulling to a stop in from of them. The driver cheerily pushes the horn, before emerging. He’s tall, broad, and pre-maturely grey in the fringe, but otherwise youthful and handsome. Lance lets out a low whistle.

“Damn, Pidge was right.”

Keith elbows Lance again.

“Don’t talk about him like that.”

“I can definitely see you’re from the same genetic stock.” lance teases. Keith blushes.

“I’m adopted actually.”

“Huh…” Lance blinks. He tries to not look visibly uncomfortable, but he’s at a loss for words. He just nods.

“You two are still hot though. My point remains.” 

Keith groans and shoves him. He tries to distract Lance from noticing the growing blush on his cheeks. The two push each other and giggle until Shiro approaches. 

“Bro!” He exclaims, before sweeping Keith into a crushing hug. Lance had grappled with Keith enough times, fighting over the last donut or whatnot, to know that he was anything but weak. However, wrapped up in Shiro’s much stronger arms, Keith looks small and even delicate. Lance laughs loudly as Keith wriggles and shouts.

“Shiro! Stop! Put me…!” He kicks out his legs and tries to slip through his arms.

“I missed you! C’mon! Too cool to hug your brother now?” Shiro finally releases the smaller boy. Keith pouts. Lance clears his throat.

“Keith, are you being rude?” Shiro arches an eyebrow in Lance’s direction.

“What?” Keith follows his gaze. “Oh yeah! Shiro, this is my…” He pauses. roommate felt way too impersonal, but it was also accurate. Friend? No… that feels wrong. More than friend? God, that’s too strong, and he doesn’t want Lance to panic. 

“… my friend, Lance. He’s also my roommate.” Keith covers all the bases he can. He feels it accurately tells Shiro who Lance is anyway.

“Hey, I’m Takashi. You can call me Shiro.” Shiro holds out his hand. Lance shakes it.


“Thanks for looking after my brother.”

“Oh, I didn’t…”

“If Keith is still alive I know he had help.” Shiro laughs. Keith pouts. Lance grabs Keith’s wrist and rubs his finger along the soft skin on the underside. Keith sighs and feels warm.

“Well, Keith’s kept me in check too. I would have failed my exams if it weren’t for him.”

“Well that’s good. Glad he’s still focused on learning.” Shiro places his hands on his hips and beams like a proud father.

“Keith, sorry, but we’ve gotta head off if we wanna beat traffic.”

Keith nods. Shiro runs back to the car and pops the trunk. Lance grabs the suitcase before Keith gets a chance. 

“Lance, you don’t have to…”

“No, let me help.” He walks the suitcase over and hoists it up. “It’s not heavy.  I’m stronger than I look.” He winks and drops it into the back. Keith shakes his head.

“I know you are.” 

Lance sheepishly grins. He steps forward. His hands move awkwardly at his sides before he decides to gently punch Keith in the arm.

“Have a great christmas man.”

“You too.”

They share a quiet moment. Shiro counts to 10 before he interrupts. 


“Yeah, I’m coming.”

Keith and Lance share a glance. 

“I gotta…”

“I know. I’ll message you.”

Keith waves before he slips into the passenger seat. Lance stays on the curb, his hands sinking into his coat pockets, and smiles. Keith feels emptiness erupt in his chest. His hand pauses on his seatbelt. The car’s rumble vibrates underneath him and Shiro releases the handbrake. He begins to shift out of park.

“Wait! hang on!” Keith releases his seatbelt and opens the door. Shiro swears as he quickly hits the break so he doesn’t roll over his brother’s foot.

Keith jogs back up to Lance, who stands with a shocked but amused expression. 

His eyes widen further when keith kisses him.

It’s quick and chaste. A light pressure and hot breath. Keith pulls away and Lance blinks.

“I uh…” Keith’s eyes dart to the side. “I want to talk to you about…. about something when I get back.”

Lance’s shock fades and he melts into a wide grin. He tips Keith’s chin up and kisses him. A bit longer. His eyes closed and his hand just barely cupping his jaw. He pulls away and brushes Keith’s hair out of his face. He’s always wanted to do that and it sent a thrill through his stomach. 

“I’ll call you tonight. I can’t wait until you get back.”

Keith beams. He bites his lower lip.


He starts to walk backwards and fumbles with the car door handle.

“I gotta…”

“Go! I know!” Lance laughs.

“We’ll talk!”

“We’ll talk.” Lance nods. 

Keith slips back into the car and barely notices the movement of them pulling away and driving down the road. He’s too lost in his own happiness and thoughts. 

“Soooooo…. not just a friend then?” Shiro teases.

“Shut up.” Keith rolls his eyes.

“My bro’s all grown up!” Shiro wipes away a fake tear.

“I said shut up!”



Cas reads the label and turns the tape over in his hands. “I don’t have a cassette player,” he concludes as he holds the cassette back out to Dean.

Dean gets up from the kitchen table and pushes it back toward Cas until it’s right up against his chest. “I’ve been in that truck. There’s a cassette player.”

“Well, I don’t know how to–”

“Cas,” Dean says, leveling him with a glare. “Take the damn tape.”

Cas flips it over in his hands once again, looking down at it studiously. When he looks back up to thank Dean, he finds himself alone. He looks around the kitchen, but Dean is gone.

He tucks the cassette into the inner pocket of his coat and pats it once to feel the solid weight against his chest.


“What’s that?” Sam asks jovially as he joins Cas in the library. 

Cas tucks the cassette away quickly and clears his throat. “Dean gave it to me. It’s a cassette.”

Sam looks up quickly from his computer, a shocked and amused expression on his face. “A cassette? He gave you a cassette?” 

Castiel squints at him. “Yes?”

Sam looks down at his keyboard, huffs a short laugh, straightens up a bit in his seat. “What’s on it?”

“It says his top 13 Led Zeppelin traxx, ‘tracks’ with two x’s,” Cas recites from memory.

“You haven’t listened to it yet?”

“I…no, I haven’t.”

Sam nods as he says, “Well, uh, you should. Dean doesn’t just–he doesn’t even let anybody touch his tapes, man. That’s…a really big deal that he gave you one.”

Cas presses his hand to his chest. “I’m not sure he meant for it to be a big deal.”

“Yeah, well.” Sam shrugs. “Listen to it, at least.”


Cas is sitting in his truck, holding the tape in his hand, staring at the radio and wondering where to put the damn thing.

The passenger door creaks open and shuts. Castiel doesn’t look over.

“Oh fuck, I was wrong,” Dean says with a small laugh. “There’s no cassette player in here. C’mon.” He doesn’t wait before getting right back out and heading over to where the Impala is parked on the other end of the garage.

After a moment, Cas follows him. He hesitantly gets in on the passenger side and hands the tape over to Dean.

A couple of seconds of silence pass before the music quietly pours through the Impala’s speakers. Dean leans his head back against the seat and puts his arm up on the backrest of the bench. His fingertips brush lightly against Cas’ shoulder.


Cas can’t quite hear all the lyrics, but he knows it’s something about being lonely and missing someone and he wants to ask Dean when he made this tape, who he had in mind when he made this tape, who this was really meant for, but the words get stuck in his throat.

As the music washes over him, he closes his eyes and leans his head back as well. After a minute, a hand brushes through his hair and Dean begins to hum.

Cas opens his eyes and looks over, and Dean’s head lolls to the side as he gives him a lazy grin. 

“You like it?” Dean asks, his hand still carding through Cas’ hair.

Cas prefers his own music, but maybe he could get used to this as well. “I like it,” he concedes.

“Good,” Dean replies, his head falling back against the seat once more. “I could sit here all day.”

Cas scoots a little bit closer to the driver’s side. “I could, too.”

Flowers and Inks

Prompt: “I work at a flower shop and you’re a tattoo artist from across the street and you always come in here to practice drawing flowers and you’re really hot” AU by @aesocias.

Word Count: About 3,900.

Warning(s): Swearing, cheesy flower symbolism, all the fluff.

Author’s Note: Modern AU; Sirius Black x Reader. I’m just going to admit that this isn’t my best work and I’m sorry. But I hope you enjoy, nonetheless! Working on a Remus one next. :)


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EXO (OT12) - Reaction to You Being A Foreigner Who Knows Their Native Language

When he was telling Jongdae what a beautiful woman you were when you were sitting a table away from them at a café he did not expect you to come up to him later with your number saying “You aren’t so bad yourself, handsome.” The shocked expression on his face amused you even more, “You mean you understood me?” You giggled, “Obviously, I learned the language before coming to live in a foreign country. Call me sometime, yeah?” You gave a wink and left him standing there speechless.

Luhan:                                                                                                                Luhan was walking around China when he decided to stop at a local street vendor for some food. When he was ordering, some girls recognized him and starting freaking out. “Can I just eat in peace for once.” You were standing behind him in line and said, “So you are why those girls are going crazy?” He turned expecting to see another native but instead noticed you were a foreigner. “Yeah,” He gave a sly smile, “I’m kind of famous.” You gave a look of amusement. “Anyways, why are you so damn good at Chinese?” You giggled, “I’m kind of a good study.”

Kris (Yifan):
While enjoying the nightlife that comes with living in California, Kris found himself in one of the many nightclubs. He received a phone call about a movie role in China and of course proceeded to speak in Mandarin. You being a bystander ended up hearing the conversation. “You are an actor?” You asked fluently in the language he just spoke. “Yeah I am,” he smiled then gave a confused look, “You speak Mandarin?” You smiled and started walking away, “Maybe we can speak more after dancing.” Kris gave a sly smile and followed you to the dance floor.

Waiting around at an airport can be quite annoying, it is even more annoying when your flight doesn’t leave when it is supposed to. A message rang out over the loudspeaker and you heard one of the men in the group of guys waiting for the same flight as you ask, “What did that just say?” in Korean. You responded out loud without thinking, “That the flight will be delayed until the storm stops.” He turned to you in response with a smile, “You speak Korean?” “Yeah,” you laughed, “I actually lived there for a few years when I was younger. Sorry to budge into your conversation.” He gave you a gracious smile, “No harm done, my name is Junmyeon. Care to talk a bit while we wait?”

Yixing looked up at the rollercoaster his friends were in line for and started mumbling how crazy they were to himself. “Not a fan of roller coasters either?” You asked casually in Chinese as you were waiting by the gates for your friends too. “More so of getting hurt,” he responded as he turned to face you. He had a confused look on his face to see that you were in fact not Chinese. “I did some studying abroad if that is what you were wondering,” you said with a smile. He nodded and gave a little laugh. “I am Zhang Yixing,” he said with one of his signature bows he did out of habit. “Y/N,” you said in response with a little bow of your own, “Ready to watch this horrifying sight together?” He smiled and you both turned back to watch the enormous metal contraption run its course.

Baekhyun and Chanyeol were walking around taking in the sights that New York City had to offer when they decided to make a bet and see if they could get a girl to say they were cuter than the other. Not expecting you to know their native language Baekhyun came up to you and gave a simple “Hello” in English. As you heard Chanyeol calling out words of encouragement in Korean you decided to respond with “Annyeong.” When he realized that you could speak in his own language he gave a giggle and a finger wave. “Do you mind playing along in helping me win a bet?” You smiled, “If I get your name first.” He gladly offered his name as you took his outreached hand and walked over to fool his friend.

When your uncle asked if you could bartend for the night at his restaurant you were hardly enthused by the thought of creepy men flirting with you over the counter. However, when an attractive bunch of foreigners walked in things seemed to be looking up for you. You heard them chatting in Korean so you decided you use your multilingual skills to ask them what they wanted to order. One of the guys, who you noticed to be very muscular under his shirt, was automatically overjoyed and didn’t seem to care about ordering at the moment. “What else do you know?”

Chanyeol and the boys were at a party in Busan when he noticed you across the room. He assumed that you wouldn’t know enough Korean to hold a conversation so he ended up just staying where he was. However, when you walked over and started talking to him he couldn’t hide the smile that formed on his face. “You really know Korean!” he said after you two had been talking for a while. “How else would I be able to talk to such a handsome man,” you joked and he laughed.

When they said there would be a new make-up artist he was surprised to see that you were a foreigner. As the boys introduced themselves one by one his shy smile broadened when you began a conversation with him. “Your Korean is really good,” he said reassuringly. “I try,” you said as you both laughed, “I could still use a little bit of teaching.” He perked up at the thought, “I could help you when I have free time.”

Tao was browsing the men’s ware at a popular clothing store when you heard him asking his friend something about the color he should get in Chinese. “I would go with the red one,” you said, “it will make a statement.” Tao turned to you and the fashionista within him responded, “that is what I was thinking too.” Your skin tone was a dead giveaway that Chinese was not your native language. “Where did a pretty girl like you learn Chinese?”

When out in Seoul for the night walking his dogs he did not expect to talk to a foreigner. “They are so cute! May I pet them?” You said in fluent Korean. Taken aback it took him a moment before he smiled and said “Yeah, of course.” He grinned as he watched you interact with his kids. When you stood back up he offered for you to walk with him. “You can walk one if you’d like, I’d enjoy the company.” He was very interested in getting to know you.

Even when on tour this boy needs his bubble tea fix. When you offered to help him order after seeing that he was struggling a bit, he was surprised. After you ordered for yourself he ended up paying for your drink. “You really didn’t have to,” you said shyly. “It’s no big deal, besides I want to know how you speak Korean so well.” You sat with him and ended up joking around and talking for a while.

I tried to make each situation different. I hope you guys like it. :)

Call Boy (Taeyong x Reader x Yuta)

Rating: M

(A/N) Someone please take my computer away from me, this is a perfect example of what happens when I stay up too late. Anyway, how are you guys? This was supposed to be a Daddy type smut, but it got WAY OUT OF HAND. Idk what possessed me while writing this lol But shout out to my homeboy SoMo for being my soundtrack while writing this, Hide & Freak is a blessing.

ps This was the only gif I could find of them together, I’m so shook #STOPYUTA2K16

Part II

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The bright summer sun blared overhead, not a cloud to obstruct its rays as people walked through the busy street, enjoying their weekend as best they could. It was the type of warm weather that felt good for the first few hours you were outside, but quickly wore off as the sweat began to collect uncomfortably on your lower back. That morning when you leisurely woke up to the smell of coffee brewing in the kitchen, you’d checked the weather app on your phone, eyes bulging out of your head at the nearly triple digit number. 

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Bad Boy (Part 1)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes/Reader.

Warnings: SMUT. Excessive use of pet names, mentions of bruises and small cuts, oral sex (fr), unprotected sex, slight spanking, instead of his metal arm Buck-Buck has a full sleeve of tattoos, he’s hot. This is for the second part.

Word Count: 1336.

Rating: 18+


So I sent ans ask for @bucky-plums-barnes Sinful Sunday about Bucky having a full sleeve of tattoos and being the kind of guy your parents always told to stay away from, @ryverpenrad said they’d write another version of this, so I’m tagging them and my wives @sexylibrarian1 and @thecrownedrose Because I love them!

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Relentless | Calum Hood Series Pt.10

Originally posted by disconected-of-this-world

                                                   Part T E N 

Request: Being the cousin of Ashton Irwin was exciting, especially when invited to their tour to hang out with his best friends. You found yourself becoming fond of Calum Hood, who finds you annoying from your constant appearance. But what would happen if you stopped giving him that attention?

Word Count: 4.5k +

A/N: ahhh im sorry in advanced! this isnt extremely jealous!cal but it is there! i hope you all arent disappointed in me ahaa i really hope ya’ll enjoy this and please get it to 100 notes, as usual ! xx

Parts: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty. [DONE]

                                                    I M A G I N E 

Dublin, 19:35 P.M. 

The Jeep full of you and the band finally began pulling over by a large home. It was lovely from the outside, seeming lavish with beautiful stone tiles and sugarcane plants. But it was extremely lively with bodies hanging around it, music blasting from the windows, and lights of all sorts beaming out. 

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@sidriel said:  Imagine finding out Lucifer has a ticklish tummy.

Words: 344

Warnings: None.

(Hope you like it! This is such an adorable idea ^_^)

Looking slowly upwards, your eyes went wide as they locked on to Lucifer’s, a mixture of shock and amusement evident in your expression as you waited for him to speak. His jaw flexing and straining as he stared down at you, ignoring his previous reaction and threatening you with a look for you to do the same.

Antagonizing the devil might seem like a terrible idea to some, but given your present situation, that was exactly what you intended to you. Your lips hovering over his stomach, you lowered yourself gradually back to his skin, gently kissing the very same spot that had elicited such a unprecedented reaction.

Inhaling sharply through his teeth as they audibly ground together, Lucifer’s back arched and his arms tensed, barely restraining himself from smiting you then and there. His chest heaved as he angled himself away from you as far as the bed and your weak grasp would allow, the threat in his gaze darkening immeasurably.

“I never pegged you as the ticklish type” you teased, crawling back over to claim the spot on his stomach again, softly nibbling at it this time.

“A flaw in human design, I assure you” he replied quickly, clearly not as amused as you were at finding what he likely perceived as a weakness, while you just thought it was adorable.

As you tried to attack the spot again, his hands shot up and clamped around your biceps, holding you steadfast in place without hurting you in the slightest. It was one of the many things that thrilled you about being with Lucifer; his ability to utterly decimate you, but his control and determination not to.

“You seem awfully fond of torturing me in this way,” Lucifer began, flipping you onto your back with a single swift movement, one so fast that you lost your breath in the process.

“What do you say I return the favor?” he concluded, eyes raking over your skin as if plotting where your ticklish spots might be.

The prospect of tickling had never sounded so promising.

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Mafia!Jungkook Imagine Pt.3



Imagine your a police officer trying to arrest a mafia boss… A quite special one. In the end, nothing goes like planned… And suddenly he’s your boss.


Mafia!Au, and a little bit of everything?

Part 1// Part 2// Part 3// Part 4

The brown haired guy stood up and slowly walked to the door. You shuddered,  finally noticing how cold it actually was. You tried not to think of anything. You tried not to think about how your life as a sniper would be. Suddenly, you saw that the Mafia guy had turned around and was looking at you with a strange expression. Now you where the one raising one eyebrow.

“Ah, and (Y/N)… I’m not supposed to tell you, but… As soon as I leave this room and tell my boss about your decision, the bomb in your parents house will be activated.”

You felt your heart drop as your eyes grew wide in shock. He walked on, grabbed the doorknob and opened the door…


“Wait. WAIT!!!”, you screamed in panic.

The guy turned around, smiling in triumph.

“Welcome to the Mafia, (Y/N). I’m Jungkook and I’ll be your teacher for the next months.”


The next thing you knew, you woke up in a quite normal, clean room. No weapons, no dangerous looking people, and- at least seemingly- no cameras. Not that you expected all those things, but you had to make sure. You didn’t remember how you got here, maybe they used drugs… In the end you probably didn’t even wanna know. There was nothing you could do- Besides then waiting for someone to get you out. And it wasn’t going to be the police, even if you hoped so. You stood up and walked up and down in the small room. Maybe it was like a hostel room or something, they wouldn’t bring you to an actual Mafia building, would  they? In the end you still were an police officer! You searched the room for anything suspicious, or at least a hint, but you couldn’t find anything. Just an average hostel room. Without a phone, of course. That would’ve been way to easy. 

You thought about Jungkook and his words. Teaching you? What the hell was he going to teach you? You already knew how to handle a pistol and you weren't going to let him teach you how to kill people. Definietly not. You sighed. It’s not like you were actually going to be a part of the mafia… Right? Hopefully you would know soon. Right now there were way to much questions flying around in your head. But even more importantly, you had to find a way to escape.

Suddenly, without any warning, the door swung open with a loud bang. You jumped. What the hell!? Didn’t that person know how to knock? Did they come to hurt you?  You turned around,a little bit scared but also curious about the person. You somehow expected Jungkook to be standing there, but that wasn’t the case. In fact, a blonde, young girl was standing in the doorframe. She seemed way to young for the mafia, not even the tons of dark make up would hide that. But there was something about her that seemed strange-  like, really out of place. She was smiling widely. She didn’t seem dangerous at all, not like someone who’d kill people. More like… a bunny? Before you could say anything, she spoke up.

“Hey there, I’m Lisa. So your the newbie? I’m kinda new too!”, she said, still grinning. You didn’t know why, but she seemed quite nice. You couldn’t help it, you instantly liked her. You stared at her until you realized she was probably expecting an answer. 

“Yeah, I guess? I don’t really know…”, you answered, shrugging your shoulders.

Lisa just kept on smiling. She probably knew everything about you anyways. At least she seemed to know why you were here.

“So, (Y/N)! Jungkook told me to get you. Your lesson is going to start soon. But, If I’m honest…”, she said while eyeing you up and down,  “You can’t go like this. I’ll give you better clothes.”

With that, she simply walked to the closet, leaving you perplexed. You hadn't even checked the closet yet, thinking about it. She took out a black, tight jeans and a black tank top. Without saying anything she gave you the clothes. Then, she motioned you to change. However, Lisa didn’t turn around. She was just standing there, looking at you with a more and more confused expression. Would she be, like… watching you? That was quite strange. You didn’t even know her.

“What are you waiting for? Jungkook’s waiting. Can’t say he likes to wait.”, Lisa said with furrowed eyebrows.

“Can you just turn around?”, you asked awkwardly.

Lisa laughed quietly, making her nose crincle a little bit. She was getting kind of strange. But what did you expect? This wasn’t just some random hotel and she wasn’t just some random girl.

“I mean, sure, I can! But the two of us will be getting pretty close. There’s simply no other way. So why don’t why start right now?”.

Luckily, she turned around anyways and you  quickly changed your clothes, checking them for anything strange before wiggling into them. You were happy to finally have fresh clothes, you definietly didn’t expect to get some. They were quite tight, but that was probably normal, looking at Lisas outfit.

“I’m ready, Lisa… So, what now?”.

Lisa just nodded and took your hand, pulling you out of the room. You didn’t make the effort to close it, there wasn’t anything in there anyways.

She leaded you trough a row of lonely corridors. You were actually in a small hotel, but it appeared to be abandoned. The wallpaper was already removed from some parts of the wall and the carpets were stiff from dirt. Great. That wasn’t helping you at all. You couldn’t remember any abandoned building in your city. At least you knew it was evening, since the sun was just going down and the last golden sunbeams were drawing flickering patterns on the floor. If your heart wouldn’t pound like crazy, maybe it would’ve been pretty. But in the end you were being kidnapped and some strange mafia guy was probably trying to make you kill people. You weren’t looking forward to meeting him at all. Yes, maybe you should just try and run from Lisa. But she really seemed to know this building, there was no way you could escape right now. Maybe you should try and get her to trust you. Maybe she could help you out.

After what felt like an eternity, Lisa and you entered a big hallway. At least it was big compared to your room. The dark red carpet here looked way cleaner than in the rest of the hotel and warm, yellow light from some plastic candlesticks made the room appear somewhere near cozy. You heart was still pounding. It was so loud, there was no way Lisa wouldn’t here it. She turned around to you and pointed at a big wooden door.

“This way. This room once was the dining hall, now rookies get trained there. Jungkooks waiting. I think he’s alone, the others are already outside or in their rooms. Just in case you need me, my room is number 233. You’ll… find that somehow I guess. Bye, (Y/N). Good luck.”

You quickly nodded, and before you could ask anything or say thank you, she ran off. Amazing. Now you truly were alone. But you were quite sure running away made no sense. Especially since they didn’t make a big deal out of the black cameras that were installed everywhere.You would’ve no chance. And with that, there was only one option left.

Go trough that door. Face your kidnapper. And let him teach you god knows what.


The door was quite heavy, but you were able to open it. You closed it behind you, trying to be as quite as possible. You didn’t want to to get more attention than necessary. You looked around the big room. It was painted white and the floor was made out of dark wood, but the walls seemed to be isolated with a soundproofing material. God, you never knew the mafia was that advanced. The police didn’t even know half of the truth. They actually thought, the mafia was only hanging around in dilapidated, old houses near the city. That’s what you used to believe. But in fact, they were training rookies in proffessional soundproof rooms. Nobody would believe you, even if you told them!

Besides a few chairs at the side of the room, it was completely empty. No tables, no sofas, nothing. It didn’t seem like a place to learn shooting. And you couldn’t spot any blood on the walls. You had to check, just in case. Maybe you were a little scared too. Who wouldn’t be? The scariest thing was, that the room was completely lonely. No people. Especially no Jungkook, even though he was supposed to be here. You stepped further into the hall. Where would he be? He couldn’t hide in here. Should you go and search for Lisa? Or try to run away?

“GOT you. Watch out, cop girl. Your potentially dead now.”

You couldn’t restrain a high pitched scream as a cold hand landed on your shoulder. You spun around and jumped away, just out of reflex. Now your heart was truly going wild. Where the hell had he come from?

“Jungkook. Damn, can’t you announce yourself like a normal human being?”, you asked, still a little bit out of breath from the shock. He just watched you with an amused expression. His hair was messy, and instead of the suit he was wearing at the bar, he was know wearing black sweatpants and a white shirt. You had to admit he wasn’t even that intimidating, and he was actually really handsome. He looked like a normal young adult. You just wished you could punch that evil smile out of his face.

“Where did you even come from? Did you stick on the ceiling?”, you asked, trying to hide the fear that was still lingering in your bones.

The smile on his face grew even wider.

“Maybe. So, (Y/N). I see you already grew some confidence. But for the next few hours, you better just forget about your funny little attitude. Your head needs to be free from thoughts, you need to concentrate.”

You silently scoffed.  Was he actually telling you to not be confident?  Not like you were in the beginning. You just acted like it.

“What if I don’t?”. You didn’t even know  where those sassy words came from. They just came to your head. Considering the situation you were in you should’ve probably stayed silent. Maybe it was because you hated to be bossed around. Maybe because you were scared for what was to come.

But Jungkook wasn’t really angry, he just shrugged his shoulders.

“Not my choice. May hurt a little bit though, sweetie.”

Oh god. What in the world was he planning to do? You didn’t want to concentrate, right now you just wanted to get out. And get away from him. You took a step back. Jungkook just came even closer and started talking.

“As you already know, your training as a part of the mafia starts now. And since I’m not dumb enough to give you a weapon, we’ll start with physical training. You need to be prepared for everything, even as a sniper. Well, I just don’t know how advanced you are. So shall we just start and test that? It’s easy. Just try not to get hit.”

You gulped. Was he joking? Physical Training? Like, punching and kicking and stuff? You eyed his arm muscles. Jesus. There was no way  you would even last 5 seconds fighting against him. Your eyes grew wide as he slowly came closer. He wasn’t joking at all. You didn’t need to think about your next step. There was only one way for you. Ignoring the fact that you were really making a fool out of yourself, you just tried to run away to the other side of the room. He may be strong, but was he faster than you?

“Oh come on, that’s not fair. Don’t act like a scared bunny.”

The next thing you knew, he had thrown you over his shoulder. Damn. He WAS faster than you.

“What the hell are you two doing? Play tagging? Can I play along?”.

The sudden deep voice startled you and you wiggled yourself out of Jungkooks sharp grip. A young man was standing about 5 metres from you, holding a file. Big glasses were laying on his nose. He looked like a scientist. A big, boxy smile made him look really cute.

“No, Taehyung… I told you I have to train her. What are you even doing here, aren’t you supposed to mix drugs or stuff?”

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anonymous asked:

Romantic prinxiety Where Roman and Virgil don't get along but the theater needs another singer for there musical legally blonde ( if you haven't seen it before you can change it I just love that musical ) Virgil does it because he needs his grades up in theatre class. Virgil winds up playing Emmett and Roman plays Elle ( he's the only one who can hit the right notes and they don't care he's a boy ) they have to rehearse the kiss and turns out that they like it more than they thought they would

I love this prompt and it took a while to get enough time to sit down and write this, but I like how it turned out.  My school put on Legally Blonde last year, so I was familiar with it, but still needed a little refresher.  I also changed up the prompt a tad, but hope you enjoy!

Stick to the Script

Fandom: Sanders Sides
Pairing: Prinxiety, platonic Moxiety and Logince
Warnings: physical injury (nothing graphic)

Summary: Someone must’ve said Macbeth because they’re going to need a new Emmett.  Virgil is volunteered for the role and neither he nor Roman are too happy about it.

Tagged: @existental-crises @jordisama @here-to-vent @irish-newzealand-idian-dutch @novagalaxy4real @thomas-must-get-to-sleep @emo-space-trash @evanisonfire @lollingtothemax @all-the-fand0mz

The stage was crazy this time of year, it wasn’t quite tech week yet, but the theater was bustling with students learning their lines and dance numbers. Virgil watched from behind a curtain on side stage as Roman and Logan performed their lines.

“Oh, and getting one of Stromwell’s daily quotes right is almost as important as acing the mid-term,” Logan recited.

“But you didn’t hear it from me.” Virgil finished under his breath.

“I still don’t get why you didn’t try out.” Virgil jumped and turned to face Patton, his heart racing. Damn, they really ought to get that kid a cowbell.

“Trust me, you don’t want to see me on stage,” Virgil said, crossing his arms. “I’m better back here as SM where there’s order and no surprises.”

As if on cue, there was a loud crash from the stage followed by a long, agonizing moan.

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cathyminnix  asked:

Ugh, too hard to choose just one, but Number 18 and Sterek, please?

18. “This is… exactly what it looks like.”


this list

Also on AO3

Derek is ready to be home. He’d had a long day at work and just wants to curl up on the couch with Stiles and relax. Maybe drink some tea. As long as he’s with Stiles and doesn’t have to move he doesn’t care. He loves his job but today had been rough. He never knew owning a bookstore could be so stressful.

Derek walks into the house, feeling so worn down that his senses aren’t at the level they should be. If they had been he would have heard the extra heartbeat in the house and been better prepared for the scene he’s greeted with.

Stiles is sitting on the floor with Lydia’s daughter Genevieve, or Evie as they call her, across from him. He can’t fully see what Stiles looks like but he can only imagine what his front looks like given the state of things from the back. There appears to be a tiara on his head and a sheet wrapped around him.

“Stiles?” Derek questions.

Stiles jumps up, whirling around to face Derek with wide eyes, “This is… exactly what it looks like.”

Derek grins at the sight before him. Not only is Stiles in a sheet with a tiara placed on his head, but his face is covered in makeup. “What are you supposed to be?”

“He’s a princess,” Evie says, moving to stand in front of Stiles, “and since you’re here you can be the prince that saves him.”

Derek kneels down in front of the eight year old, “And what are you supposed to be?”

Evie straightens her back, jutting her chin out, “I’m the dragon that’s holding him captive.”

“Is that so?”

“Yes, and if you want to save Stiles you have to defeat me.”

“Excuse me,” Stiles says, “I’m more than capable of saving myself.”

“You’re trapped in a tower Stiles,” Evie tells him, “Derek needs to defeat me in order to get the key and free you.”

“Well then, I guess I’ll just have to defeat you then,” Derek says, “you better run dragon.”

Derek stands up and Evie runs off, leaving Derek to chase after her. He could easily catch her but he lets her run around the room, keeping a safe distance between them, the two of them laughing happily.

After a few minutes, Derek’s swoops in and picks a screeching Evie up into his arms, spinning around while she laughs, “I believe I have defeated you dragon.”

Evie nods solemnly, “You have. Now you can get your princess.”

She gestures for Derek to put her down, walking over to where her toys are once she’s on the floor. Derek glances at Stiles to see Stiles’ eyes already on him, a fond smile gracing his lips. Evie returns to Derek, something held in front of her. Derek bends down to her level, allowing her to whisper in his ear, “You have to have a gift when you rescue the princess.”

Derek nods, “Of course. What do you have for me?”

She trusts her hand out, opening up her fist and dropping something into Derek’s waiting hand. It’s a plastic ring, “Mommy said you needed to buy Stiles a ring so you two can get married. Now you don’t have to because you have this.”

Derek smiles at her, looking to see Stiles watching the two of them his expression a mix between shock and amusement.

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A Dangerous Game (Suho Mafia!au fic) Chapter 17 - His Kitten (M)

Warnings: smut, slight daddy kink 

Ch. 1, Ch. 2, Ch. 3, Ch. 4, Ch. 5, Ch. 6, Ch. 7, Ch. 8, Ch. 9, Ch. 10, Ch. 11, Ch. 12, Ch. 13, Ch. 14, Ch. 15(M), Ch. 16Ch. 17(M), Ch. 18Ch. 19, Ch. 20, Ch. 21, Ch. 22, Bonus Chapter


“We know where he lives and we’re ready to go grab him as soon as you give the go ahead,” Minseok said, sitting across from him. Junmyeon’s back was to him as he sat staring out his office window, and though he couldn’t see his face, Minseok knew exactly what was on his mind. “We met, what…ten years ago? And in all that time that I’ve known you no chick has ever gotten into your head.”

“I fell in love…” Junmyeon finally said, “It’s the worse thing that could have happened.”

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Gasoline: Chapter 12

Members: All
Words: 2,855
Genre: Gang AU
Warnings: mentions of torture/murder/death, drinking and being drunk, probably distressing themes, angsty?
A/N: I hope this is alright!! It’s a lot of dialogue and a bit slow paced but I like how it turned out I think? Anyway, enjoy! (also I’m staying at a hotel so i have bad wifi, ill try and get to asks/messages/etc when I can)

Chapter 1 ,  Chapter 2 , Chapter 3 , Chapter 4 , Chapter 5 , Chapter 6 , Chapter 7 , Chapter 8 , Chapter 8 , Chapter 9  , Chapter 10, Chapter 11 , Chapter 12 , Chapter 13

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Alienation was replaced with a sense of belonging, pride. My place here earned. Ten had lead the way back to base, largely silent as we stuck to the outskirts of the city. The sun had long since set when we returned, morning rapidly escaping as it bordered afternoon. Taeyong had ushered us in with his steely glare, our recount of what happened accepted with an obscure nod. Soon enough, I’d collapsed in bed, ready for sleep to envelop my consciousness.

Triumphant yells broke apart the peaceful sleep, footsteps clanging on the metal flooring outside my door.

“I got it!” He yelled, footsteps echoing on the metal floor. The red, setting sun shimmered below my curtains, piercing the peaceful darkness of the room. My feet hit the floor, heavy and unrested.

“Can you shut it?” I asked, head stuck out the door, eyes bleary and unfocused in the light.

“Woah, you look worse than the guy I’ve been grilling,” Yuta scoffed, massive grin still plastered on his face. At least now, it looked genuine. It reached his eyes, curled into a precious curve that could almost be benevolent, if not for the bloodstains on his shirt, and putrid smell he seemed to emanate.

“Like you look any better,” I rolled my eyes, head rest on the doorframe. “Just be quiet for a few more hours?”

“It’s nearly seven in the evening, and after what I just found out Taeyong’s going to want to see everyone,”  Yuta’s eyes gleamed, excitement unconfined in the orbs as a devilish hyperactivity spilled over into his mannerisms. He tapped the railing impatiently, like a child on a sugar rush- but probably with more malevolent thoughts racing through his head.

I groaned, exasperated. “Of course.”

“Clean up, rookie, I’m sure you’ll want to be squeaky clean after killing that other Cobra,” Yuta mocked, clearly amused by my shocked expression. “I heard, it sounds like your just as bad as me.  Good job though, we should work together sometime,” his voice was almost sing-song, eyebrows raised suggestively as he took his leave down the steps.

I closed the door, an unsettled feeling in the pit of my stomach. Murder usually wouldn’t be talked about so casually, nor congratulated. The vicious excitement Yuta showed for it certainly wasn’t natural. Yet I didn’t find myself disgusted, nor guilty.

I’d become more like them, and it didn’t scare me. It felt right, the revenge I’d wanted for my brother, the years of grieving over my parents finally being brutally reclaimed. 

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days of dark - ( magnus/alec | pg13 | 3/? | 30k+ )

“Hey, Magnus,” he says, aiming for some semblance of normality. His fingers still aren’t co operating and he struggles with unlocking the door, before a warm hand settles over his and takes over the task for him. 

“You obviously had a wild night yesterday,” Magnus teases, his pleasant tone jarring against every emotion in Alec’s body, “if your hangover’s still this bad today.” 

Alec peels his eyes open and lifts his head. “What?” he asks, unfocused. This close, Alec can see the exact cycle of Magnus’ expression through amusement to shock to concern. 

“Alec?” Magnus asks, his other hand coming to rest lightly on Alec’s arm. “What’s happened?”



I wrote this lil while ago and wasn’t sure if I was gonna post it but why not? I’m not gonna tag people or anything it’s just gonna be a something until I finish the imagine I’m workin’ on! 

Dean walked into the kitchen, carrying a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, intermittently taking bites. He was walking pass the counter when all of a sudden, a loud ka-chunk rang not two feet away. Dean lurched at the sudden sound, tossing his sandwich half way across the room with a loud yelp. Not a millisecond passed when he reached for his gun that was tucked in his jeans, pulling it out and pointing it where the sound came from, a small metal box. His eyes landed on a toaster that now had some golden brown toast poking out of the top. 

Dean sighed, relaxing. He looked to his left and saw you in the doorway, staring at him with a confused and shocked expression, amusement twinkling in your eyes.

Dean opened his mouth like he was going to explain himself, but nothing came out. He waved his gun slightly and tucked it back in his jeans. 

“Toast, Dean. Vampires, werewolves, and demons don’t got a thing on you, but toast?” You made your way over to the delicious-smelling food and pulled them out, careful of the heat it radiated.

Dean sighed and rolled his eyes at your comment. He looked around the kitchen, seemingly aimless to you. Your eyes followed where he finally stopped and you stuck out your bottom lip in faux pity. Dean padded over to it, picked it up with a very disappointed look and mumbled, “My sandwich…” Dean’s shoulders slumped as he tossed it into the trashcan on his way out of the kitchen.

Truth or Dare | Jonah Marais

A voice that I’ve heard all over social media for years screams through the Team 10 house.

I smile to myself, realizing I’m going to meet Logan Paul today.

“What’s up?!” Logan yells.

He enters the main room, vlog camera in hand.

“Here’s baby brother Jake,” he shrieks, smacking hands with his sibling. He will no doubt add a loud slap sound effect to it later on while editing.

I’m extremely surprised when five teenaged boys follow him in.

After a second of pondering, I remember them to be the Why Don’t We boys. Logan reached out to them after attending one of their concerts and they hang out together all the time now.

I don’t recall his name, but the tallest one standing in the back of the group locks eyes with me. I look away, praying he doesn’t notice my face flushing red.

“Yo, bro, I hope it’s alright if the boys hang out here while we record,” Logan says to Jake. He then flips the camera around, talking to his audience.

“Record what?! You’re gonna have to wait and see! Yaa YEET!” he shouts.

I have to hold back a laugh at how fired up he is during literally every second of the day.

“Yeah, the boys hanging out is fine. Everyone else in the house is out right now, so feel free to do whatever,” Jake tells the boys. 

I’m hoping that he doesn’t remember that I’m here, but his eyes flick around the room and he spots me sitting on the floor against the wall.

“(y/n), come here! Wow, I feel like a total jerk for not introducing you yet.”

I’m hesitant in standing up, feeling the eyes of the tall - and very hot - stranger watching my every movement.

“Come on! Get up and over here!” he says, waving me over.

I rise and make my way over to the younger Paul brother.

“Logan, boys, this is (y/n) (y/l/n).”

I send them all a closed smile and raise my hand in greeting.

Dang, why are you so awkward?

“(y/n), this is my older brother Logan.”

I nod, even though I already know.

“And then you’ve got Daniel, Jack, Corbyn, Zach, and Jonah,” he recites, pointing to each as he goes along.


The boy grins at me when I make eye contact. Just like before, I look away, flustered.

“I pretty much made the team leave so that she could look around the house in a calm environment and see if she wants to join our little family,” Jake says.

The boys nod, understanding why I’m here, before Logan reminds his brother that they need to get a move on with recording the video they have planned together. Jake agrees and they move to the backyard. Logan pauses in the doorway and yells, “Yo, (y/n)?”

“Yeah?” I call, speaking for the first time.

“Always be aware of your surroundings. The guys lose control when they’re in the presence of a young girl.”

I hear him laughing before the door slams shut. A chorus of scoffs and chuckles sound from the group to my left.

I look at them, wide-eyed. Most of them send me reassuring smiles.

“Seriously, don’t listen to what he says. We can control ourselves,” the one in the front with short brown hair and stunning blue eyes says.

He walks past me, probably going off to explore the house. The boy with a head of curly hair starts to follow him, but stops in front of me.

“Most of us can control ourselves. I would watch out for the baby-” he points to a boy with brown hair- “and the giant-” gesturing to Jonah.

He smiles and sets his hand on my arm, probably noticing the uncomfortable look on my face.

“I’m kidding. We’re all kidding. They’re really sweet; don’t be scared of them,” he says gently.

Then he walks off, leaving me with the youngest boy, Jonah, and Corbyn.

Corbyn and - I think his name’s Zach -start a live stream on YouNow so Jonah and I are left alone to sit on the couch.

He begins talking to me, and little by little, I feel the outer shell of my shyness slipping away.

When the Paul brothers come back inside, Logan announces that he and the boys need to leave. I’m extremely disappointed by this; two hours was not nearly enough time to spend with the boy I just met.

“Dang,” Jonah says as everyone grabs their belongings and heads to the front door, “time passes too quickly. I wish I could talk to you more.”

I surprise myself when I say, “Do it, then.”

He looks confused by my statement.

I pull out my phone, open a new contact, and hand it to him. Catching on, he takes my offer in stride and enters his number, grinning.

“Don’t leak my number,” he says. I laugh gently.

“I won’t,” I assure him. “If I decide to join Team 10, don’t leak mine.”

About a minute later, we’ve said our goodbyes and Jonah joins his friends.

I don’t look over to them, but I catch when Logan grabs Jonah’s upper arm, stopping him.

“You gettin’ it on with her, bro?” I hear him say. Jonah laughs and hits the older boy in the chest.

Out of the corner of my eye, I see him lean forward and whisper something to Logan. I wish I could know what he’s saying.

The group walks out the front door in a mess of chaos and noise. They’re laughing and talking, hooting and hollering.

Just as I think the door is going to close, Logan shoves his head back in and grins at me.

“By the way, Jonah thinks you’re hot.”

He slams the door shut.


Over the next few weeks, Jonah and I talk over text almost every day.

From the moment I saw him, I was attracted to his sense of style, smile, and the overall charisma of his personality.

As the hours of getting to know him pass, I’m drawn to his humor, kindness, and care for others.

I’ve never been one to fall for guys quickly, but I fall in love with Jonah like I’ve known him my entire life.


Somehow, the Why Don’t We boys and I happen to arrive in the parking lot belonging to Logan’s apartment at the same time.

I’m shaking with anticipation by the time I get out of my car; this will be the first time I’ll see Jonah in person in a month and a half.

The boys stumble out of their car. I walk across the pavement towards them, awaiting the moment when the boy I love appears.

Finally, Jonah climbs out of the vehicle, shoving Zach’s shoulder playfully and telling him to hurry up. He’s laughing when our eyes meet.

He rushes to me, picks me up, and spins me around twice. I’m grinning and laughing like an idiot when he puts me back down on the ground.

“I missed seeing you,” he says.

I stare up at him, at a loss for words until someone nearby clears their throat.

I pull away from Jonah to see all four of his best friends staring at us with expressions mixed between shock and amusement.

Minutes later, the six of us are sitting in Logan’s living room while he vlogs and explains the basic rules of the truth or dare game we’re about to play. Let’s just say, I’m not thrilled.

It doesn’t turn out to be as bad as I thought it would be. I laugh to the point where I’m crying so many times, I don’t think it’s healthy.

Jonah’s turn has come and gone several times without any mention of me or relationships, so I don’t worry when it comes again. That is, until Logan declares himself to be the one to think up the next set for him.

“Alright, Jonah. Truth or dare?”

The young man with the mess of blonde hair looks at me and I catch the glimpse of a smirk on his face.

If Jonah says dare….



I let out a silent sigh of relief, but then realize, you know what, this option may not be much better.

“Do you think (y/n) is hot?” Logan asks, no hesitation whatsoever.

Oh. My. Gosh.

My mouth drops open.

I expect Jonah to be embarrassed, but instead, he laughs.

“Yeah, I do,” he says.

The boys flip out, yelling, jumping over pieces of furniture, and running around in an eruption of madness.

Jonah doesn’t look at me as he laughs at his friends, probably on purpose. He knows me well enough by now that his attention on me would only turn me a brighter shade of red than I already am.

It takes a very long time for everyone to quiet down and when they do, it’s my turn.

“(y/n),” Corbyn says, “truth or dare?”

I shake my head.

“Truth,” I sigh.

“If you could date Jonah, would you?”

The room drops into a silent spell. My throat swells and my heart rate quickens. I clench my fists and train my eyes straight in Corbyn’s direction.

“Yes, I would.”

I’m not surprised when the room spirals into chaos once again.


Night has fallen by the time the boys and I leave Logan’s.

I walk across the parking lot in the dark, hearing the sounds of the boys getting into their car.

“(y/n)!” I hear.


I turn around just as he stops jogging, reaching me.

“What I said back there… I hope that didn’t offend you or anything. I didn’t mean to degrade you by saying you’re… well, hot. You are. You’re beautiful, but you are so much more than just that. I also really hope that if you don’t feel the same way as I do-”

“Wait, what?” I cut in, taken aback. “You… do you have feelings for me?”

He rubs the back of his neck and smiles.

“I have since the day I met you.”

I can die happy now.

“Me too, Marais,” I say.

His eyes light up and he moves closer to me.

“So, about what you said earlier… if I asked you out on a date, would you be interested?”

He grabs my hand and slowly intertwines his fingers with my own.

“I wouldn’t just be interested; I’d say yes,” I say, my voice quavering.

This is not happening.

“Well, then, I think I should take up on that offer,” he says with a grin.

All I can do is nod, stupidly and beautifully taken aback.

“Also… I really want to kiss you right now.”

Somehow, I find my courage.

I cup the back of his neck with my hand and pull him even closer to me than before.

“Then do it,” I whisper against his lips.

He wastes no time getting rid of the small distance between us.

Fight For Peace [ M ] Pt.1

Originally posted by mintokkies

Genre: Gang AU, Smut, Angst

Pairing: Gang Leader Jaehyun x Gang Leader Reader

Words: 2,206

Special Appearance: the members of Pentagon

Warnings: Dom!Jaehyun, Dom!Reader, Lots of fighting for dominance, mentions of blood and violence, future major character death

You scanned your surroundings, the worn out warehouse reeked of dead mice and gunpowder. Men, you thought, rolling your eyes at your rival’s incompetence. You made your way further into the infested building, turning around every second to check if your fellow gang members followed you, keeping a crouched stance. You maintained your low profile, covering your mouth with a red bandanna. You reached the end of the corridor, placing yourself in front of a barn door; tracing your hand on the wooden carvings of gang member names. Your men crowding around you, scratching against their palms in anticipation. Reaching for the door handle, the cold metal sending chills down your spine, gripping it tightly and pushing down slowly; a gunshot sounded through the corridor, stirring your men from their gaze.

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