their relationship was so interesting

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when does yuma say shuu is his bestfriend in dark fate? i need to look for it and read it lol im so interested in reiji and shuu's relationship as well when they start understanding each other. in the drama cds they actually open up sort of. i think it was the vs one where they had a lunar eclipse and they were being honest

yuma calls him that here and shu also calls him his friend here! there’s some stuff about shu and reiji in yuma’s endings too :D

and it gets me every freakin’ time too….”answer me, shu, as my best friend”…

i think one of the most realistic scenes in season 3 is the one in ep 3 where Isak and Emma are talking about their favourite music on the couch, and Isak is showing off a bit. he’s been listening to a lot of nas. when you want to feel close to someone, you listen to their favourite music. it’s only been a week since Even introduced Isak to nas, but here he’s acting shocked that Emma hasn’t heard of him, illmatic is only like the best album ever made, come on, everybody knows that, ill as in ill and matic. this is just so relatable to me, because i feel he’s not really just talking about music or nas, he’s also talking about Even and Even’s music. he has this huge crush that he can’t say out loud, to anyone. he can’t talk about the way his eyes shine when he laughs, or the way he smells, or how funny his jokes are. the stuff that is on your mind all the time when you’re 17 and falling for someone, he can’t talk about any of it. he is alone. but he can talk about Even’s music. he can brag about Even through nas. oftentimes people try to appear knowledgeable about music when they want to make an impression on someone, but Isak’s not trying to impress Emma because Emma is already too impressed. he’s trying to distance himself from her. he’s sitting on the couch with Emma, yet all his thoughts are on Even. so he tells Emma about nas because he can’t tell her about Even. these seemingly mundane yet emotionally revealing scenes are one of the reasons i love this show.

The Descendant & Attraction

The opposite of the ascendant, the descendant rules what type of person we are attracted to, the characteristics we look for in a s/o, and can even go so far as to determine what kind of relationship we may have.

Aries- Aries descendants are attracted to aggressive, confident, fun-loving people. They like individuals who are blunt and direct with their opinions, but not to the point of impoliteness. (They are, after all, Libra ascendants.)

Taurus- They tend to be drawn to people who are set in their ways, loving, and sensual. Also may look for individuals with a bit of money. The type of person to go after a doting sugar daddy.

Gemini- Intellect! Mental stimulation! These people want a strong mental connection with their lovers. Depending on their venus, they may get bored easily in relationships, so interesting, multi-faceted individuals are a must.

Cancer- They want an emotional lover. Depending on both their moon and venus, they may have a lot of emotional needs for their s/o to attend to. Kindness and compassion are sought after.

Leo- Leo descendants want a partner that shows them off. Confidence and individuality are a must, and generosity is appreciated. They’re interested in creative lovers who are loyal and will be extra attentive.

Virgo- They’re drawn towards well kept, stable partners. Tend to look for people who are caretakers and often give to others. They look for analysts and people will a clear, decisive head on their shoulders.

Libra- Libra descendants are attracted to intelligent, charming people who know how to maneuver social situations. (This is me, and my gf is smart as all hell, and has a way with words that is incredible.)

Scorpio- Goes after the bad boy/girl. Drawn to secretive, “deep” lovers. Interested in people who are magnetic, possessive, and sexual. Likes very intense relationships.

Sagittarius- Interested in intellectual philosophers. Sagittarius descendants tend to go after travelers, or adventurous people. Most of their relationships may take place away from their home and be fleeting.

Capricorn- Here’s our other sugar daddy placement. They want an ambitious, stable lover who is able to provide for them. They want someone who’s strong and able to tend to their emotional needs.

Aquarius- Aquarius descendants tend to be attracted to people outside of the social norm. May goes after lovers who are strong spoken and opinionated that turn out to just be arrogant.

Pisces- Very confused when it comes to relationships and s/o’s. They’re usually drawn to people who are toxic and/or suffer from substance abuse issues. Want to “save” their partner.


Shahi has always had incredible chemistry with whomever she is working opposite on any show, but never to the degree she had with Acker. Both are incredible actresses on their own, but paired together on screen they delivered some of the most stunning moments of their careers. Their chemistry gave birth to the relationship between their characters and their joint commitment to nurture that relationship made it something truly special that will live on in the lexicon of pop culture until the end of time. You absolutely can’t talk about either character or either actress without mentioning the other because these parts richly intertwined them. For years, and likely decades, to hear the mention of one will elicit a reference to the other. Their hard work and dedication to Shaw and Root has forever bonded them in ways I doubt they could have fully comprehended when this journey began.

im about 50 pages into hammer of thor, and already the words heteronormative, transgender, and gender fluid have been used, in correct context, and in fact in reference to a specific character, who is shaping up to have a major role, with a direct statement from the protagonist himself that being trans is not unusual or new to him, and hints that said gender fluid character could be said protag’s love interest, in this book, written by a popular mainstream YA author, published by disney, and honestly when have we ever been so blessed

official reylo quotes compilation
  • “You have compassion for her.“
  • “And this moment where she is about to, for the first time, be confronted by Kylo Ren, a character who she’s going to have a very interesting relationship with moving forward.”
  • “So the idea here is that Kylo Ren’s gotten inside of Rey’s head, sees that she has seen the map and is now letting go of the droid as his goal, and focusing just on her. And clearly you think, well he must be able to just extract the information he wants now. But because he’s taken her, you get a sense that there might be something else going on here.”
  • “One of the new relationships that we were focusing on was between Kylo Ren and Rey. They’ve never met but he’s heard of this girl. And so, now comes a moment when their meeting is inevitable.”
  • “You’re going to have the bad guy, who’s probably dressed in black. You’re probably going to have a castle, and a prince and a princess, if you’re looking at a fairy tale.”
  • “This is the moment of course where Kylo Ren learns about Rey. And now, these two disparate pieces come together.”
  • "But when his mask comes off, you see Adam Driver, and he just looks like a sort of prince.”
  • “And we’re back in the forest with the story we really care about, the focus of the story which is Rey and Ren.”
  • “Landing on Takodana, Kylo confronted the young woman who’d escaped from Jakku with BB-8 – and found himself puzzled by a strange connection he felt with her.”
  • “But both captor and captive were surprised when Rey found herself able to sense Kylo’s own thoughts – including his conflicts and doubts.”
  • “He sensed his destiny and Rey’s were somehow intertwined, but how?”
  • “But to the surprise of both, Rey found Kylo’s own mind open to her as well. She saw that the seemingly fearsome warlord was vulnerable, filled with conflict and pain.”

these are all from the sw databank, jj’s commentary, or in the case of first one, the novelization


Echo is one of the most lethal and badass warriors of them all. She hails from Ice Nation and is fiercely loyal to her clan. That’s why her relationship with Bellamy is so interesting. Bellamy can reach Echo in a way no one else can. And what makes it even more interesting is he’s the enemy. This relationship continues to challenge Echo throughout season four. - Tasya Teles


“Twitchy as Jesper was, with or without his revolvers, he was at his best in a fight, and she knew he’d do anything for Kaz.”


Whoniverse: Class Appreciation Week – Day 5 – Favorite Relationship: Quill and Charlie

They are both victims of circumstance.  She is more of a victim than he.  He has the power–a power that he has no qualms about abusing.  He doesn’t see her or acknowledge her as a person.  But he never asked for this.  They are bound together against both their wishes.  The arn forced them together.

But it runs much deeper than the arn.  The minute the Shadow Kin attacked Rhodia–when both their worlds were destroyed–a new bond was forged between them.  The histories of their people and the nature of her enslavement prevented either of them from recognizing it on a conscious level, but it was there: an inextricable link–a bond stronger and deeper than the arn.  The bond of survivors.  The bond of two people with no choice but to live with the sacrifice.

I saved you. And I saved you.